Wise Men Coaching

14 Episodes

By: Kent Nielsen

Wise Men Coaching is about the application of divine law to become and receive more than you've thought possible. It will stretch you and invite you to be one with God. In the process of living correct principles your life and physique will transform. And you will commence to do the "greater works" "in the vine" of Christ. As a 45+ year old Christian dad who has finally broken the code to vitality and trimming down. I strive to serve and assist likeminded men who are seeking Mastery through living the teachings of Jesus Christ. This podcast is a service to...

Crack the Code by Turning Your Life to the Lord
Last Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Drawing near to the Lord and turning you life to Him, opens the door to challenges, growth, and knowledge. In due time the seeds you plant will come to fruition and enable you to bless others lives—by sharing those fruits. 

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Wise Men Coaching: The Vehicle to Godly Power
Last Sunday at 1:00 PM

How to change your life line upon line. Kent holds nothing back in giving you the tools to advance to a life of Godly Power. 

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Who controls your thoughts?

You are the master of your ship and there are two sources that attempt to influence you: one that gives light and the other that takes it away.

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Have you forgotten about your health chasing things?

Shiny object syndrome is intoxicating, but not lasting. There is more to life than the next thing to obtain. 

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You are the master of your ship ...!

Are you experiencing suffering or joy? As the master of your ship, you control you ... but there is help!

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How to change your physique in Christ and a celebration of renewing health!

Change is up to you, not your circumstances. Celebrate your victories!

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How life is meant to be abundant, not to just be a good boy and die.

How there is more to life than paying bills, being a good father and husband, and then to die. Life is meant to be abundant and the power to receive that good, comes from turning to the power of God—rather than false traditions that keep you in a hypnotic trance of numbness. Abundance is to always rejoice, to be of good cheer, etc. 

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Are you hypnotized? Are you a drifter in a trance? Are you hypnotized into poor habits?

How to move from having the form of good in your life, to the power of good, even godliness. Which requires you to turn your life to the Lord—to give up your will power, and surrender to His Power ... which enables you to have vigor, life, and a trimmed down physique. 

Three referenced works:
The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis
Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill ("Hypnotic Rhythm" chapter 5 in particular)
Good to Great by Jim Collins

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God is your biggest cheerleader.

God wants you to be fit, perhaps not to run a marathon, but to be able to run and not be weary, walk and not faint. As you turn your inner thoughts to God, He will give you the power to change your outer vessel, even your physique. 

Referenced sources:
My wife's phrase in the title
Key to the Science of Theology second to last paragraph chapter 10

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Your body is a reflection of your thoughts!

If your body doesn't represent the ideal weight you would like to be, "[it] is so resilient" and "it can change, when you turn your thoughts to the Lord." At the end of the day, it starts with you. You are the one who must take ownership of your thoughts and the results you've had. Again the good news is your body is resilient and can change. Will you turn to the Lord and allow Him to purify your inner vessel and thus reflect pure thoughts in your physique?  

Referenced sources: 
- James Allen As a Ma...

Stuck ... part 2 — what are you focusing on?

Kent breaks through weight loss barrier # 2 by turning to the source. Many offer different technics and methodologies to trim down, but at the end of the day it is up to you to implement. And if you are focused on "the thing" for example weight loss, you will most likely miss out on the sustaining power to hit your ideal weight, and would have a rollercoaster experience maintaining it. Rather than focus on the thing, Kent suggests turning to the source, for man does not live by bread alone! 

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Stuck part 1 | 3 of 365

Kent opens up about a limiting belief that held him back from trimming down for over 20 years. Learn from his experience how to shatter your limiting beliefs. It is your turn to trim down.  

Kent's Link in bio: stan.store/iamkentn

The Decision | 2 of 265

Kent goes into the key component to trimming down is the decision—with his own story. He gives an update on the renaming of the podcast to The Wise Men System and concludes with connecting the dots of two of the following books, with the Midas Touch: Robert A. Russell's You Too Can Be Prosperous (chapter 4); and Raymond Holliwell's Working with the Law (chapter 6—The Law of Increase).

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More patience as a Father | 1 of 365

“The law of nature is, Do the thing, and you shall have the power: but they who do not the thing have not the power." 
Essays | Compensation | Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kent shares how to access more power and patience as a Father. The following four ideas are elaborated on: 
1. Honor
2. Slow down
3. Serve
4. The golden rule

Works referenced: 
Robert A. Russell's "You can Get What you Want if You find it Within Yourself"
Ralph Waldo Trine's "What all the World's a Seeking" 
Sterling W. Sill's "Leadership, Vol. 1"