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By: Danielle

It is time to share my story. Starting a podcast was never on my to do list. So much has happened in my life over the last year alone, all of which deep down I now know has happened for a reason. This podcast will feature short episodes that feature stories about "Life After" my divorce, trying online dating again, homeschooling my daughter, moving to a new state, parenting challenges, loss, completing graduate school, starting a business, and more all at the same time. Maybe something I share can remind you the listener that you are not alone. Or my...

Life After...Facing My Singleness
Last Friday at 7:00 AM

This week while I was moving, I had constant reminders of my single status. I was reminded of the frequent moments where I try to hide from feelings of being weary of doing things and life alone. I survived the week, but during the struggles I tried to take the time to remember who/what my hope and faith is in. It is easy to feel bitter and resentful at times especially during this season of weddings, graduations, baby showers and other celebrations. I have to remember that though this season of singleness has lasted longer than I would...

Life After...Being Prepared (Podcast Guest Sarah Barton Mitchell)

This episode features special guest Sarah the owner of Pantry Independence. Sarah discusses the importance of preparing for and planning for the inevitable. One way to do this is by creating a food storage. The events of the last couple of years has taught us the importance of setting things aside for emergencies, especially food. I learned a great deal during this episode and was reminded that I can still plan and be prepared for the ups and downs of life even on a budget. Enjoy!

Life After...Discovering My Strengths

This episode features one step that I have been taking to get unstuck in my life and to also boost my self-esteem. I have learned that we don't have to go far before we are reminded of things that we can't do. Instead, I want to focus on the things that I can do well. To focus on my strengths that I can use to help and be a blessing to others. I was also taught that talking about my strengths and gifts was considered boasting, but as an adult I am learning that I do have a lot...

Life After...The Money Date (Special Guest Michelle With Wallet Therapy)

Two of my goals this year is to get my finances in order, and to not let my finances control my life. Which is easier said than done. Today's guest is a financial coach, and she provides tips and tools to help us make better decisions regarding our finances. May you learn new information and enjoy this episode.

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Wallet Therapy

Life After...Overcoming (Guest Topher Trivette)

I am excited to share this episode with you. Our special guest shares just a small piece of his story of his journey as an orphan to finding out how much he is loved by God. Topher shares about how he went from asking "Why God" to "God How Can You Use My Story to Bless Others"? May his story be an encouragement to you. 

Life After...Starting Over

What are some areas in your life where you are starting over? Starting over can be hard. For me it is easy to focus on the negative parts of starting over, but what if I decide to be intentional about looking for the benefits of starting over? Starting over can help you to rebuild and reset. What are some ways that starting over can be a benefit in your life or in your current situation?

Life After...Financial Journey (Podcast Guest Michelle)

I am excited to introduce our next podcast guest Michelle with Wallet Therapy. One of her goals is to help people change their relationship with and mindset about money. She also wants to help more people become debt free. When speaking to her it does not take long to see that she is passionate about helping others take control of their finances, and help people embrace financial freedom. More information to follow regarding Financial Coach Michelle. Episode coming soon!


Wallet Therapy

Life After...College...Going Back To School

The focus of this episode is some of the reasons why I decided to go back to school as an adult. 

Life After...But God

Today I got some not so good health news regarding my daughter, which just added to the mountain of other things that are happening in my life at the moment. During this time, I am not sure what steps to take next. The phrase "But God" is in the Bible over 30 times and usually signifies a shift or reminds us of how God can redeem even the most seemingly impossible situations. Regardless of what you are facing may you been reminded that things can turn around. That God is not done yet!

Bible Verses

Psalms 73:26...

Life After...College...Freshman Year

Traumatic is the word that I would use to describe my freshman year. So much happened during this time, but years later I am learning how to forgive and let go of past hurts from others. Freshman year was full of tears, changes, growth, and self- discovery. 

Life After...Entrepreneurial Moment...Taking Your Business to the Next Level

During this episode I discuss a few steps that you can take to level up your business. I am currently taking these steps to further invest in my business. Enjoy.


-Hiring a social media manager
-Revamping your website and business cards
-Taking professional headshots
-Hiring a virtual assistant

Life After...Overcoming (Podcast Guest Episode)

This promo is a brief introduction to my special podcast guest Topher. During the conversation I was encouraged to hear his story of moving past abuse, trauma, abandonment, and more to serve others. I don't want to give too much of his story away, but this guest will share words of encouragement and reminders that we can overcome even the most difficult times in our lives! Episode coming soon : )

Life After...Not Going Back

The focus of this episode is those moments in our lives where we want to return to situations, people, places, and more that overall are/were not good for us. I reflect on the struggles that the Israelites faced as they left captivity and as they started to lose hope. There were numerous times when they stated that it was better to be back in captivity than to have to face and go through the wilderness. May this episode be a reminder to not go back, but to more forward to something better. 

Bible Verse
Numbers 14:1...

Life After...The 3 Year Anniversary

This May marks the 3 year anniversary of my divorce. My life right now is not exactly what I expected. I am thankful for this time of healing, restoration, growth, and so much more. May you be reminded that a divorce does not have to define you. May you take the time that you need to heal, grieve, and put the pieces of your life back together!

Life After...Being Ok With Not Getting Closure

I feel like the title says it all. There are many situations in life where we will never get closure. It hurts, but we can not get stuck, and we have to keep moving forward. We may never get the I'm sorry or goodbye or even a request for forgiveness. We may not be able to control the actions of others...but we can control how we respond and our actions in unfortunate situations. 

Life After...College

During this episode I talk about things that I have learned since I stated college over 10 years ago. Things that I wish that I would have known earlier and things that I wished that I had done differently. Overall attending college has been a priceless experience. 

Life After...Entrepreneurial Moment...Considering Transitioning Out of My 9 to 5

I feel like the long title says it all ha ha. I am in the process of figuring out the timeline and how to transition from my 9 to 5 to a new business venture. I am learning that this process takes time, but there are things that I do need to keep in mind during this time of transition. It is important to set realistic goals, schedule, prioritize, knowing your limits, and having a timeline. It is also important to be flexible. I am excited for this new adventure and to make my dreams a reality. 

Life After...Being More Than Acceptable

May this short episode remind you that no matter what happens or what anyone says that you ARE more than acceptable!

Life After...College Promo

This is not a full episode but more of an introduction to my series for May. When I think about May I think about school and graduations. My daughter will be graduating from kindergarten which is sooo exciting! Many of the episodes in May will focus on my experiences in college and what I wish that I had done differently regarding college. 


-College Life & Social Life
-Choosing a Major/Career Options
-Financial Aid....
-Balancing College & Family Life
-Deciding To Go Back To School in My 30's

Life After...Long Distance Co-Parenting

The topic of long distance co-parenting is a constant struggle in my life. When it comes to co-parenting many decisions that are made will not make everyone happy. The goal is to do what is in the best interest of the child/children but those someone may be co-parenting with may not always see things that way. During this episode I share my challenges and lessons that I have learned. 

Life After...Dating As a Single Parent/While Co-Parenting

Dating was challenging enough before I had my daughter. Now I really need to make dating related decisions that keeps both of us safe, and that guards both of our hearts. During this episode I share a little bit about my experiences of navigating dating as a single parent. 

Life After....Single Parenting

This episode focuses on the ups and downs that I have faced while single parenting. Now I know that many people may wonder how I can co-parent and single parent at the same time. Even before I was divorced, I was left to parent my daughter on my own. I am still the person that "parents" her. I do not get child support or alimony and I just take things one day at a time. 

Life After...Intentional Platonic Co-Parenting

I enjoyed recording this episode as I dig deeper into intentional platonic co-parenting. This form of parenting may be an option for those that really want to start a family and have had other options not work out. This episode helped me to open my mind to different ways to set up a loving environment for a child. 

Life After....Entrepreneurial Moment...What Need Does Your Business Meet?

Hello There! Today this episode is about the importance of determining the need that your business will meet. Does your business meet a need? To some this may seem like a silly question, but I have met many people that have a dream that they want to turn into a business...but that business might not be a need in their area. Think about what makes your business unique and how you can stand out from the competition to meet the many needs of your customers. When you know the need, you can find ways to establish an effective...

Life After...Learning to Be Present

I am a planner, and it is really difficult for me to be present. It always seems like there is so much to do and my to do list seems never ending. This week I was able to pause and reflect on the brief Bible story about Mary and Martha, and was remined of taking time to spend time with God. To just "be" instead of always "doing". To find the balance being a Mary and a Martha. Enjoy.

Bible Verse 

Luke 10:38-42 (New International Version/NIV)

Life After...Reflecting On Isaiah 62:4-5

While being on another long hold while making calls at work this Bible verse came to my mind. It was a much needed reminder that God delights in us. That we are not desolate or forgotten by God. He knows our needs and want. Enjoy and be blessed! 

Bible Verse

Isaiah 62:4-5 (New International Version/NIV)

Life After...Co-Parenting

This episode focuses on the ups and downs that I have faced while co-parenting. 

Life After...Online Dating Red Flags Part 1

Ohh Facebook. I promise that I am not making up these stories ha ha. So this week I was sent a friend request and hit on by a person that is not who he says he is....what a surprise right ha ha? Online dating is already hard enough without having to screen for scammers and fake profiles. This episode is about some of the red flags that you can look out for to help prevent future heartbreak. Do your research when someone shows interest in your, it is ok to check out someone's social media presence/profiles. Wisdom...

Life After....Entrepreneurial Moment...Marketing/Advertising

Money is key for your business. It takes money to start, maintain, and grow your business. Finding and getting clients helps bring in the money, but the thought of marketing and advertising can be overwhelming and stressful. During this episode I talk about some different ways that you can let people know that you have the services that they need, with the goal of getting consistent paying clients. From marketing through social media to passing out your business cards. Enjoy.

Life After...Parenting

This episode is about what I have learned in my short time in being a parent. Things that I have learned from my childhood, and deciding the type of parent that I want to be overall. 

Life After...Entrepreneurial Moment...Protecting Your Dream

Starting a business is a dream that often takes a lot of work to make a reality. Not everyone will understand or support your dream. As a future or current business owner it is important to protect your dream. This may mean surrounding yourself with people that will help you grow or work toward your dream. It may also mean not letting the negativity stop you from reaching your dreams. Enjoy!

Life After...Entrepreneurial Moment...The Business Plan

The focus of this episode is the importance of creating a business plan for your business. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like a FREE phone consultation up to 30 minute to discuss your business plan (there are no obligations/expectations after this consultation, I just want to help : ).

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Life After...Co-Dependency

I do have to admit that I am still struggling with co-dependency. It is something that I have been aware of for many years, but that I am finally ready to address. Codependency is a theory that attempts to explain imbalanced relationships where one person enables another person's self-destructive behavior such as addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. This year I am determined to heal and take steps toward being less co-dependent. 

Life After...The Detour

Most people, including me, do not like detours. They are time consuming and inconvenient. They are stressful and frustrating. Today's episode is about a detour that I have passed in my life, a detour that has been in my way for a couple of years. In this season of waiting and detours, I have been learning about the blessings in the detours. That changing my perspective about detours can make a difference on how I view and go through the detour. How do you handle detours in life?

Life After...Parenting Series

I feel like the topic of parenting keeps coming up, and I thought why not share my experiences with others. My daughter is only 5 years old (5 going on 15 ha ha) and I know that I still have so much to learn, but parenting my daughter has made me reflect on my childhood and what I want to do differently. How I want to be there for my daughter in ways that my parents were not able to be in my life both physically and emotionally. The recurring theme for some of the episodes in April will center around parenting.<...

Life After...Online Dating Part 1

I feel like the episode title says it all ha ha. I feel like my adventures in online dating could fill up many episodes, but it has been an interesting learning experience. The focus of the episode is that as you date online or in person to remember what you bring to the table, and to be aware of your dealbreakers. Every match that may look good on screen or through their bio may not be a good match for you. May you guard your heart on your quest to find lasting love. May this episode be helpful for...

Life After...Encountering The God That Sees

As a Christian there are times, when we forget that God sees us. Life gets busy and it can be hard to hear God's voice or see his guidance in the day-to-day happenings in our lives. Today's episode is about how reading about Hagar and the older brother in the story of the parodical son reminded me of God's continual presence with me. May the episode be encouraging to you. Enjoy.

Background Reading

Genesis 21:8-20 & Luke 15:25-31

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Life After...Rejection

As we all know rejection is part of life. We might not have control over rejection, but we do have control over how we view and respond to rejection. May this episode help you think about how you view rejection, and be reminded that rejection may not always be negative.

Life After...Infertility

To be honest this was a hard episode. I do want to provide a trigger warning as infertility can be an upsetting topic. I have learned that even if you are able to conceive, that infertility is not just something that you get over or something that can be pushed away. It is real, painful, lonely, and a mix of so many other emotions. I hope that this episode can be the hug or space that you need to process how infertility impacts your life or the life of someone that is close to you. Feel free to reach...

Life After...Delegating & Being At Peace With Saying No

I know that the title for today's episode is a mouthful ha ha. This week has really taught me about the importance of letting others help me carry my load (that I can't do everything on my own) and to be ok with saying no. I am a single mom (and an only child) and often everything falls on me, and I am so used to making things work. In the midst of everything going on in life I also need to make time for rest and self-care. If you don't remember anything else from this episode, please hold...