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Welcome to "The Pinch Point", the podcast that brings you all the latest and greatest from the exciting world of bowhunting and archery. Join your host, Justin Zarr, as we explore the fascinating stories, techniques, and people that make this sport so unique and exhilarating. Whether you're an avid bowhunter, a competitive archer, or simply someone who's fascinated by this incredible sport, join us each week on "The Pinch Point" for an unforgettable journey through the world of bowhunting and archery.

Ep 31. Road Hunting Laws, Lawmakers Threaten DNR Over Deer Baiting, Robin Hood Tree Cut Down
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

This week's episode gives updates on Kansas baiting laws, a man killing his roommate with a crossbow, a teen struck by lightning while hunting, and much more!

200" Buck Poached, Crossbow Murder Sentenced, & Poached Rhino Horns!

200" Poached Buck story comes to an end. The controversy never stops! Poaching, Crossbows, Murders,  & Parenting?! We've got it all on this week's episode.

Ep. 29 - Man Points Crossbow At Cops, Grizzly Mauls Hunter, Jack Osbourne Elk Hunting

The Pinch Point is back this week tackling the hot topics! A man who points a crossbow at a cop, A grizzly mauls man trying to recover deer,  people freaking out of Jack Osborne elk hunting, and much more.

Ep. 28 - Forget Arrow Weight, Just Shoot Straight!

Are you too worried about your arrow? Justin weighs in on the hot topic of arrow weight and arrow building. Don't worry though, there are plenty of poachers and politics to rant about in this week's episode! 


Who were the greatest archers in history? Did this guy really murder a guy in a parking lot with a bow? Are you really bowhunting if you're shooting past 30 yards? Find out on this week's episode!

Ep. 26 Biden Defunds Archery?

No topic is safe from The Pinch Point! We cover a bill passed by Congress that may affect school archery funding. We also tackle the future of baiting in Kansas, poaching hundreds of geese, a woman mauled by otters, and much more!

Ep. 25 DNR Violates Hunter's Constitutional Rights!

This week we tackle a hard-hitting topic of when conservation officers cross the line. A hunter's constitutional rights are violated!

Ep. 23 Hunting Myths, The Hunting Golfer, Do Minerals Matter, and Crossbow Murders!

This week we dispel hunting myths, defend a bowhunter facing criticism, find out if minerals actually work, and talk about a sad case of crossbow crime.

The Pinch Point | Ep. 23 Poaching Bald Eagles, Fawn Found in TREE, & Hunting Contest BAN!

The hunting & archery news doesn't stop! This week we cover bald eagle poaching, A fawn found hanging in a tree, New York's potential ban on hunting contests, and a plethora of other great content!

The Pinch Point | Ep. 22 World's Largest Python, Crossbow Assassin, COVID Infected!

This week we delve into the world of Python hunting, AI-influenced crossbow assassination attempts, COVID-infected deer, and much more!

Ep. 21 - Nature Calls & 195" Buck Shows Up, Snake Smuggling, Rabid Bobcat, & Turkey Attacks!

In this week's episode, we cover creative ways to smuggle snakes, a rabid bobcat attacking a camp counselor, a survey analyzing public approval of hunting, a man shooting a 195" buck with his pants around his ankles, and much more!

The Pinch Point | Ep. 20 Poaching Fines, Crossbow Crimes, & Coyote Attacks!

This week's topics include the cost of poaching fines, numerous crossbow crimes, a heroic teen who saves a boy from a vicious coyote attack, and much more!

Ep. 19 Police Poaching, Elk Blood,& CWD OH MY!

This week we try Cam Hanes, & Joe Rogan's elk blood, talk police caught poaching, and CWD lawsuits!

Ep. 18 Hunter Sues DNR, Deer Eats Snake, and a $400 Skillet??!?

A Virginia hunter is suing the DNR for trespassing on his land and stealing his trail camera, YETI releases a $400 cast iron skillet, MN spends $33 million on deer each year, and why being friends with PJ Reilly isn't really that great.

Ep. 17 Naked Witches, Zombie Deer, & Stupid People vs.Wild Animals

This week is a wild one! Witch on trail cameras, CWD hits Oklahoma, idiots taking selfies with dangerous animals, and much more!

Ep. 16 - Corner Crossing Victory! Crazy People With Crossbows & Jay Cutler Bear Hunting

Victory in court for public land hunters in Wyoming case, crazy people really do love crossbows, and Jay Cutler ironically shoots a bear and get harassed online.

Ep. 14 - Don't Do Dumb $#@%!

$10,000 Shed Antler, Man Tries to Kill Officer with Bow, Massive Poaching Ring in PA, and Watching Archery is Boring?!?!

Ep. 14 - Bowhunting Ban in Australia, Biggest "9-Point" EVER, Night Hunting Update

In this episode, Justin discusses the recent bowhunting ban in Australia, the new hunting-related legislature in a few different states, tabloids showcasing female bowhunters, and whether or not this giant buck should be considered the biggest 9-point of all time!

Ep. 13 - Bowmar's Turkey Head Shot, Waddell Turns 50, MeatEater Buys Dave Smith Decoys

Bowmar Bowhunting's crazy slow-motion turkey kill footage, Michael Waddell turns 50, MeatEater purchases Dave Smith Decoys, Justin's Staph Infection & more!

Ep. 12 - Biden Hates Hunters! Hunting At Night? And Screw Mountain Dew.

Biden's secret "war" on hunters, a crooked outfitter in Alaska, hunting at night, wild game vending machines, and Mountain Dew pandering to hunters.  We cover some fun topics on this week's episode of The Pinch Point.

Ep. 11 - Killer Meth Deer, Shed Poaching, Attempted Murder at ALDI?!

We unpack curious reports of a woman fueling killer deer fawns with meth, a serial shed poacher in Wyoming and attempted murder by way of bow and arrow at an ALDI of all places. 

Ep 10 - Man Sentenced For Killing Bowhunter, DOG Drama and Foot Archery?

We cover a PA man sentenced to jail time for killing a bowhunter in Colorado, all sorts of drama surrounding dogs and hunting, the interesting life of a professional "foot archer" and controversy surrounding killing thousands of feral cats in New Zealand.

Ep. 9 - Big Buck Drama, Your Favorite Bows & Butt Hurt Hunters

Big buck drama in PA, crossbow arrow flies into a woman's kitchen, ND hunters love baiting deer, WY animals are dying by the thousands, and hunters are butt hurt about their favorite bows and checking people's trail cameras on public land.  We've got a doozy on this week's episode of The Pinch Point!

Ep 8. YouTube Poacher, GIANT Dead Head, Convicted Murder Exonerated!

The curious case of a poacher who posted a video of his indiscretion on YouTube, an Ohio 3-year-old finds a GIANT dead head, a convicted murderer is exonerated thanks to a true crime podcast, and should Iowa increase non-resident tag allocation?

Ep. 7: Antlers on Mice, Shed Hunter Finds Dead Body & Antler Obsession!

This week we cover scientists who are growing antlers on mice, a shed hunter in Kansas that happened upon a dead body, the number of bowhunters in the US, our obsession with deer antlers, and a 96-year-old deer hunter who is still getting after the big bucks down in Georgia.

Ep 6: Trail Cameras BANNED, Muley Freak Speaks, Airbows in Archery Season

It's been a busy week in the hunting world! Get an update from Erik at Muley Freak about his trespassing charges, Kansas bans trail cameras on public land, airbow legislation is moving forward in Oklahoma and Iowa, and a man had his arm bitten off by a Zebra! There's never a dull moment here at the Pinch Point.

Ep.5: The BEST New Bow of 2023 with PJ Reilly

Archery expert PJ Reilly discusses the Outdoor Life 2023 Bow Review, which he recently participated in.  We find out how they conduct their testing, which bow was voted the BEST new bow of 2023, and get his thoughts on the rest of the bows in the test.  

We also discuss hard-hitting topics like the cost of carbon bows, Miracle Whip versus mayonnaise, and whether or not you should apply deodorant before or after putting on your shirt.

Ep.4: Todd Graf 2023 Deer Report Breakdown

In a special "extended" edition of The Pinch Point, Todd Graf joins us in the studio to review the 2023 NDA Deer Report.  We take a look at some surprising numbers and talk about what they mean, what they don't mean, and what our feelings are on the future of deer and deer hunting in North America.

Ep.3: Muley Freak Poaching, Red Meat Allergy & MONSTER Mountain Lion!

This week we cover recent poaching charges brought against one of the Muley Freak team, a red meat allergy called Alpha-Gal Syndrome, a crossbow hunter who "accidentally" shot two German Shepherds, Derek Wolfe's interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, the potential battle between the ATA Show and SHOT Show, and a humorous tweet from the National Park Service.

Ep.2: Bear Attack, Stolen Buck, Attempted Murder With a Bow!

This week we cover the viral photo of a deer being buried by a badger, the crazy story of a stolen deer mount, Levi Morgan winning the first ASA shoot of the year, and an Iowa man charged with attempted murder for shooting a woman with an arrow.  

As always, all the latest news, information, and happenings in the bowhunting and archery community can be found here on The Pinch Point.

Ep.1: Hunter Mauled By Dogs, PSE SOLD, Addicted to Venison?

In the first episode of The Pinch Point Podcast, we cover the recent sale of PSE to Heritage Outdoor Group, a hunter who was mauled by dogs while working on his treestand, Joel Turner's appearance on the JRE podcast, a poacher who claims to be addicted to venison, and a hunter who is suing two DNR officers for wrongful confiscation of his antlers and destruction of his mounts.