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By: Your Inner Voice

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Rat Czar
09/14/2023 All of the best clips sent in by our producers! Black men south of Richmond. Rats in the city. How to talk to cops. Thanks to Janice in Arizona, Ryan in Places Unknown, Big Al in Joliet, and Bid D in AZ.

Plague Proportions
08/30/2023 #RateTheShow #ShareTheShow America is looking like the CCP more and more everyday. When the floods struck Beijing they erected barriers to prevent people from seeing and reporting on damage. Biden just did the same thing in Maui! The CCP is removing inconvenient unemployment data, Biden is doing the same thing with Covid vaccine event reporting. One thing that's different is tax policy. Democrats are desperate to slap a tax on stock trades while the CCP is rolling them back. That would be embarrassing to progressives if they were capable of feeling embarrassed. On other continents, France is...

Black On Black
08/25/2023 JEREMY RETURNS! Big Al in studio!! Special guest Covid makes an appearance. The truth is hard to find in Maui. Our elections are rigged. How long has this been going on? The chips are down in Arizona. Special thanks to our producers, Jeff in Elkhorn and Mike in Vernon Hills, Al in Joliet.

Spray And Pray
08/19/2023 We got all the updates you need; Hawaii, China, Ford, and more! Special thanks to Big Al in Joliet. #ShareTheShow!

Novel Truths
08/16/2023 Jeremy returns! Legal scholar William Jacobson of joins the show to take us through the latest Trump indictment. Plus updates on Hawaii, Niger, and Ukraine. Don't miss rap star Eminem Ramaswamy.

Flash Drought
08/12/2023 Hawaii is on fire! Africa is on Fire! Rapinoe choked! Thanks to our producers Big Al in Joliet, Jeff in Elkhorn. Share the show!

Covid Barbie
08/08/2023 Andrew's flying solo down the China rabbit hole. Is DeSantis secretly working with Disney? Is Devon Archer a spook? Thanks to our producers Big Al in Joliet and Keith in WI.

08/02/2023 China has never been more prepared for war - goodbye Taiwan, it was nice knowing you. Project Veritas burns their own tip line. Everyone should go see Barbie in the theaters and buy a ton of popcorn. That said, the movie is horrible on so many levels so be prepared for a hate watching experience. Also, don't take your kids. Thanks to our producers, Suspect 68 in regions unknown, Big Al in Joliet.

Unhappy Campers
07/28/2023 Fringe AI, Global boiling, Ukrainians murder Jews for fun, No more pointy tents on the camping trips! Putin bans trans, Trans flee Florida. Thank you to our producers Janice in AZ, Al in Joliet, Jeff in Elkhorn.


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