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Get your spoons folks. Here's the scoop: Just 2 fellas with the sauce hangin and slangin.

CPS # 12 Birthday Bonanza 2023
Last Sunday at 10:00 AM

It's the 2023 BIRTHDAY BONANZA. The boys' birthdays are both in March and they split it Presidents' Day style.   This one is a doozy folks!

Rik's hangover, religion, philanthropy, gas station meth, ghosts, astral projections, sleep paralysis, birthday memories, and the passage of time

Bone Ape Tit, Enjoy!

CPS #11 NO CONTEXT Trans Pooh Bear Mukbang


CPS #11 Trans Pooh Bear Mukbang

Eleven. Enjoy the pod while it lasts folks, because this one is a doozy.  Rik is sick, and Josh is still drunk from the night before. The boys get extra creamy and talk about a few things, including but not limited to:

Birthdays, Mukbang, Pooh Bear, Strange Neighbors, Goth Kids, Transgenders, the WNBA, Football, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, etc.

Creamer discretion advised. Bone Aper Tit!

CPS #10 NO CONTEXT Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang Beef

Heyo Friends,
CPS #10 Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Cream
All the goodies from tenzo without any contexto!
Cream it up, see you on Sunday!

CPS #10 Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang Beef

It's the ten cream commandments! The boys made it to double digits.  

They delve into a few sweet topics: Running, Erik's box of old condoms, starting fights on Facebook, falling down stairs, Elon Musk, and Candy Bars. 

Dig in!

CPS #9 NO CONTEXT Vegas Threesome ft. Novo Heights

Hey friends, ep 9 with no context.  You know the drill.

CPS #9 Vegas Threesome ft. Novo Heights

What's Gucci Cream Pie Nation!? 
CPS 9, bust a rhyme, and bust a nut cuz it's about to get milky and wild.  A very special sode of CPS. Josh and Rik have their long time friend and talented artist Matthew Buck on the pod, AKA Novo Heights. Check his new EP out ON ALL PLATFORMS!

 Streaming from Vegas, the boys talk about:
Novo's new EP, music production, eating pizza, Las Vegas, train crashes, bad jobs, the music industry, tattoos, Ye West, and farting on the homeless. 

Keep it creamy, and enjoy!

CPS #8 NO CONTEXT Ron Jeremy Plows ET

Wait... it's NC8. Short, and sweet. Plenty savory. All the silky goodies of ep 8 without any context. Dig in daddio. 

CPS #8 Ron Jeremy Plows ET

Hey friends. Its 8, pick a date, and let's get creamin'.  Its gonna take 8 crazy nights to understand this sode.  Josh is a little groggy but sweet Rik's firin' on all cylinders.  Ron Jeremy, UFOs, global warming, Beavis and Butthead, South Park, all the important topics.  You heard it here first. 

CPS #7 NO CONTEXT Gay Cocaine Bear Rides Balloon

No Context Numero Siete.  

¿Quieres la salchicha de helado grande? ¿Siete noches a la semana? No hay contexto papi?

CPS #7 Gay Cocaine Bear Rides Balloon

All aboard! Sail the seven creams with Josh and Rik, and swab the poop deck cuz this one's a doozy.  Chinese Balloons, Cocaine Bears, DUIs, and Trampoline Parks.  All dongs go to seven.  Blow white and the seven creams. 7 chipmunks twirlin' on a branch, eatin' lots of sunflowers on my uncle's ranch. You know that old children's tale from the sea!!!???? 

CPS #6 NO CONTEXT Color Blind Power Slap & Baby Adults

All the sweet sweet goodness of ep 6 without any contextual relations.  Contextually inappropriate. Listeners beware. 

CPS # 6 Color Blind Power Slaps & Baby Adults

666, the number of the CREAM.  The boys get intimate in this little diddy.  Whistlin sixes, get the fudge daddio.  It's a wet and wild ride til' we're 6 feet down under!

CPS #5 NO CONTEXT Eat Your Own Ass

Five guys burgers and thighs.  NO CONTEXT, nothing to see here. Cream it up. 

CPS #5 Eat Your Own Ass

Hey friends, grab a spoon and get munchin.  High five!

CPS #4 NO CONTEXT Bo Rounds and Gym Dick's

No context Numero Quatro Mis Amigos. All the goodies of 4 without any of the context whatsoever.  You know the drill. 

CPS #4 Bo Rounds and Gym Dick's

Four score and seven creams ago, Josh got sick and worked at Dick's, Rik won Ms. Universe. 

CPS #3 NO CONTEXT Mr. Beast and Cosby Unchained

No contextual relations. Episode 3, for you and me, I wanna C-U-P... of that sweet sweet cream. No context for yo bitch ass, it's cream season son! Get a job

CPS #3 Mr. Beast and Cosby Unchained

Hey friends, we made it to 3. Two's company three's a saucy delight. Once upon a time in Creamywood, Cosby hungout with a couple of Reservoir Dongs. Strap on in for a wild ride. 

CPS #2 NO CONTEXT Transgender Keanu Reeves

No context, no shoes, no service.  Stay creamy.

CPS #2 Transgender Keanu Reeves

HEY FRIENDS. We made it through week 1, and we're still creamin' in week 2.  Back to the races with the boys.  Unplug yourself from the matrix and suck down a frosty (no Andrew Tate references in the pod)


Hey there folks. Ep 1 but no context. Put that in your dirty little cone and smoke it. Enjoy, or don't. Whatever...

The Pilot

Strap on in, its the boys first pod!