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By: Michael Clive & Pat Dardis

WARNING: Straight Talk, Knowledge, Voices, History, Comedy & Common Sense ahead! 😱 Hear what happens when USA's #1 Conservative impressionist; Comedian, Michael Clive, joins Businessman & Ex-Politician, Pat Dardis! 👍 Two professional, Conservative guys in their 50's with a LOT of unique life experiences & observations. You won't hear Conservative conversation like this, anywhere else! News, Politics, Entertainment, Commentary, Impressions, Comedy and Serious talk, all combined with sobering facts, honest opinions & reality. A fascinating take on News, History, Entertainment and Events with politics, front and center!

Interview with Canadian blogger Brad Salzberg. Trudeau is a Communist!

As our neighbor to the North, what Just Trudeau is doing to the Canadian people is outrageous for a Western country. He is jailing citizens, Christians and Catholics for merely speaking up while protecting violent gay and trans extremists? Yup, he is. You won’t believe what our neighbor has been doing to their citizens & children, but China and the East LOVE their self destruction... Democrats destroying people the same way, here in America. 🤨Brad Salzberg’s posts about Trudeau's Communist trickery and more can be read on Substack.

Insane Politics & News, Saturday March 18, 2023

Trump says he’ll be arrested on Tuesday • USA’s Voting system has not been rectified • Uranium stolen in Libya • Biden to drill oil in Alaska? • France raises Social Security age/riots ensue • CA tries for Reparations AGAIN! • Democrats are like German Cockroaches • SVB Bank collapse • Arrest warrant issued for Putin • Protesters shut down Conservative speakers again • People Clive knows affected by crime • 70’s TV crime shows had the same messages as today • African Press Corp member ousted because he “Pressed” for answers • More Border nonsense!

Insane Politics & News continues, Friday, March 10, 2023

Disney cancels “Zippity Do-Da” song • Americans who don’t want to work • International Woman’s award goes to a Trans man? • MLB comes at DeSantis over diversity • Tucker Carlson releases more Jan 6th footage • Hardcore Liars always double-down • FTC goes after Musk and Twitter • Psycho threatens to kills people on a plane • Mexican Cartel kills American tourists • Ukrainian Soldier executed • George Soros lives in NY? • Vinyl Records outselling CD’s • American colleges pushing wokeness and Islam.

Interview with Heavyweight Boxing Legend, Gerry Cooney! 🥊

Candid, fun & informative conversation with an American Boxing Legend! Gerry Cooney competed from 1977 to 1990, and challenged twice for world heavyweight titles in 1982 and 1987. He fought Larry Holmes for the world championship in June 11, 1982. Gerry has met everyone from Sinatra to Stallone! A lot of funny ball-busting between us all in this. 🤣 That's how we used to have fun in America before the woke crap started. 🤨

Insane News & Politics, Friday, March 3, 2023

Canada going dark – persecuting Christians • CA Teachers being fired over secret student gender changes • The number of single men is on the rise – Why? • Student Loan bailout goes to Supreme Court • NBC Reporter on hit list for reporting truth in Crimea • Lori Lightfoot is OUT!

Another insane week of News & Politics, Saturday, February 25, 2023

People stranded in blizzards with electric vehicles • Where do the raw minerals for E-vehicles come from? • Clive’s theory on wind turbines killing whales • Democrats destroying the earth in the name of Climate Change • The injured vaxxed may exact revenge • Truck Drivers are awesome people • The REAL meaning behind Pete Buttigieg’s fake last name? • Biden goes to Ukraine • Early America like a new relationship • ‘Black History Month’ seems more like ‘10 years’ • Biden & Hakeem Jeffries get a taste of their own medicine • Why Dems run from questions • Marianne Williamson is back • George Soros compared to Biden • Dardis report on Katie Hobbs, AZ caught cheating the elec...

Interview with FBI whistle-blower Nate Cain 🤫

Nate is a cyber security expert who was contracted with the FBI to upgrade their vulnerability management system. One day, he overheard a conversation about some Hillary Clinton crimes, and… you’ve GOT to hear his story! It’s a fascinating interview with an amazing, God fearing man and true America patriot looking out for the rest of us; while our own government is & does the opposite! 🤨

Massive Train derailment in East Palestine Ohio & more!

A Train derails in East Palestine Ohio, toxic chemicals spill/burn & Biden does/says NOTHING about it? • Another lame-ass Biden press conference • Some good and very earned Biden bashing • Tucker Carlson called Trump a Demonic Force? & more!

Topical News & Political chaos in America - Friday, February 10, 2023

Another JAM-Packed show! - Biden’s Balloon • Most Americans include Jews as White • Groups & Cultures vs the Individual • Reparations in the News again • Multiculturalism is a ruse • Biden’s propaganda State of the Union Address • FBI Congressional Hearings • Why Democrats overdress with lavish costumes • Silenced workers behind the scenes in Hollywood • FBI Searches Pence’s home • America may be too far gone • Ya can’t just say what you are, ya have to prove it! • Celebrity manipulation of Children • The Super Bowl and MORE!

Interview with Brad Salzberg - Cultural Action Party, Canada

We joined a Zoom call with Brad Salzberg from Canada’s “Cultural Action Party”, discussing the massive flaws & failures of Multiculturalism in both Canada and America. It has been forced upon the citizens as a pipe dream for societal utopia but is easily shown to have the opposite affects. After all, how would your household or business run if many unknown people were suddenly inserted without knowledge of their intentions, behavior, ability and/or beliefs? It wouldn’t run well at all and our Governments obviously know that. Multiculturalism is word trick and is essentially, as Brad puts it, “Legislated...

An interview with GioVanni Selearie

Interesting and fun conversation with a former Democrat and podcaster, GioVanni Selearie, who saw the light after witnessing Press lies about Bernie Sanders and other obvious dishonesty by Dems. GioVanni has a head full of political knowledge and he’s on a mission to inform.

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Avoiding the Vaccine, Trump vs DeSantis, Al Sharpton & much more!

Avoiding the Vaccine • Trump vs DeSantis • Why the Democrat Press is ‘suddenly’ turning on Biden • Why whites are demonized for achievement • The Trouble with Kamala • Democrats compared to the Borg • Al Sharpton makes an appearance

Interview with Survivor star, Anna Khait

We had a great interview with former Survivor star Anna Khait. Anna has had great success in her life… AFTER being born again. The former atheist and poker player is now a responsible Conservative and staunch supporter of God and Trump!

We also chat about some world events, political games, and her time undercover working for Project Veritas; all with the usual antics of Clive and Dardis. Fascinating, fun and informative!

Another crazy week of insane news AKA Democrat Reality!

Does Clive have Covid? • Biden caught with secret docs • Diamond of Diamond and Silk dies • Lisa Marie Presley dies • Clive doesn’t like Funerals • What were people doing with their time before the internet? • The days of using film was a lot of very hard work • Is technology destroying us? • Why News Channels don’t put two congress members on screen to debate? • Pete Buttigieg & other dysfunctional creeps given official status in our Gov!

New Year, New Problems!

In today’s action-packed show…

Kevin McCarthy can’t lock the votes - Harry Reid was evil - Hakeem Jeffries is lame – Buttigieg isn’t his real name – Biden’s stupid Border speech – Covid Vax Deaths – Nazi era media control – Mayor Adams on immigration – School withholds Merit awards – Arizona loses temp wall – Smoke weed, let Dems rule – email security tips and customer service etiquette! 👍

Bonus Satire - A Quick message from Santa Claus!

Santa is no dummy; he's hundreds of years old!

He KNOWS who’s been naughty, evil and corrupt but now Santa tells us what HE wants for Christmas. 🎅

Clive & Dardis wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Thank you for listening. Happy Holidays.

Bonus Satire - Trump Press Conference "Jan 6th compared to BLM Riots!"

Clive has the most realistic Trump impression on earth, but doesn’t use it to insult Trump like others. With jet engines ready to go and the Fake News ready to record; Mike "channels" Trump to address some serious issues about Jan 6th that eerily sound like what Trump might actually say, if he could get away with it. Trump’s birthday is June 14th, Clive’s is June 13th. 🤔 Astral Connection? 😉 (yes, we're kidding).

France and Morocco go to war over a Soccer Game?

Apparently, disrespectful Moroccan immigrants in France have been acting uncivilized even though they’ve been winning. Will France throw the final game to avoid the Moroccan threats of savage violence? That and more bizarre world history/events in this enlightening episode.

Why Black actors SUDDENLY dominate 90% of American Commercials…🤯

If you’ve noticed this unrealistic & sudden misrepresentation of American population (which is what national commercials are supposed to do), here's the definitive discussion on the topic that you won’t hear anywhere else! Clive has been in advertising for decades… he KNOWS what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Democrats in DC & Hollywood glamourized Blacks talking like Slaves and then profited from the poverty and misery that the illiteracy brought. Democrats are the party of death and destruction.

Cruel Texters, South African murder rate, Border Patrol suicide & Marijuana use up 240%!

People who can’t take 10 seconds to respond to your text? South African murder rate rises exponentially after White leaders turn over the keys to natives 🤯; Border patrol suicides while Biden bike-rides; Marijuana use among KIDS rises by 240% over 20 years... ironically, anti-depressant prescriptions rose by 300% in the same time. America is in a social free fall and many not recover in our lifetime!

Many Entertainers & Actors are NOT very smart! Stop falling for it.

Clive has been in entertainment for over 30 years! He knows all of Hollywood’s trickery. Actress Jennifer Lawrence says she had the first lead action role in film history? How stupid is she? C & D break the silence, “most actors are not very smart, but have the ability to ‘act’ smart.” Remember that the next time you fall prey to it! Hollywood despises Clive for his free speech and massive talent, with the ability to expose their BS behind the scenes. Dardis has also witnessed it.

Show Promo - Clive and Dardis - RAP is destroying America's youth

USA's #1 Conservative impressionist; Comedian, Michael Clive, joins Businessman & Ex-Politician, Pat Dardis. Two professional, Conservative guys in their 50's with a LOT of unique life observations. Conservative conversation without the sugar coating!

Commentary, impressions, comedy and serious talk, all combined with sobering facts, honest opinions & reality. A fascinating take on News, History, Entertainment and Events with politics, front and center!

Bonus Satire – If Mayorkas told the TRUTH about Border Security, this is what you’d HEAR!

The Magic of impression is rarely used for serious political issues!

Michael imitates both Senator Kennedy & quisling, Alejandro Mayorkas, for some very sobering satire that not even Hollywood can duplicate. Clive has produced political audio satire for over 30 yrs in Radio. Hollywood, largely owned by Democrats, loathes Clive as a Conservative... because he can match nearly every skill they can put on display. ;) He’s “a natural” they DON’T like! 😉

Soccer Supremacy, Saudi Arabia, a Union Strike and Lions!

Dardis shares his knowledge of Unions and the pending Railroad strike. Clive talks about Democrats that are forgiving criminals, murders & pedophiles but NOT America, for past behavior. 🤨

PLUS a few other surprises! Just another ear-opening episode.

Slavery Reparations MUST be paid by inhumane, murderous Africa, NOT America!

Dems love to let “users” out of jail, but NOT so much the "dealers"; so… the original “Slavery Dealer” (Africa) must NOT be set FREE without punishment. America is NOT to blame for Slavery, Africa IS! They caged their own kind to sell as slaves to ignorant tourists. You wanna celebrate lives? Celebrate Republicans… who ENDED Slavery, while Democrats murdered to try and keep Slavery. 🤨

Ads & RAP pushed on devices we PAID for? Get OUT of our heads!

Clive & Daridis despise RAP due to its immoral & violent influence in poverty stricken areas, society, weak minds, criminal minds and innocent children. Amazon and other apps track our shopping interests to make suggestions; but music apps just keep throwing RAP and other crap in our faces, regardless of our obvious music interests. Why? Clive & Dardis know! 😉

Suddenly, American News agrees... Hunter’s laptop WAS real. DuH!

If Joe Biden never had discussions with son, Hunter, about business dealings; he'd be the absolute worst father in history!

Another, sly form of election meddling, cheating and stealing is using News, Social Media, Hollywood and “former FBI agents” to LIE for your party, in order to win.

Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood indoctrination!

Mel Gibson spells it out but why is Weinstein the only sex abuser held accountable? The “Casting Couch” BS goes on DAILY in Hollywood. They’d never support one to make millions if they refused to go along, lie and keep the secrets of their “success”. Hollywood is a cult of creeps. Clive knows! 😉

America’s Penicillin is Made in Communist China? Now we have a shortage!

Who set this up? Who thought it was a good idea? Many illegal drug powders come from China, from Fentanyl to Anabolic Steroids, but you can bet they’re NOT obtainable IN China by Chinese citizens; only to OTHER countries, meant to poison and destroy THEIR "weak" societies.

Sam Bankman-Fried is FRIED!

How’s your crypto investment now? Fried has done to Crypto, what Democrats have done to our country. The Crypto killer pumped millions and millions into Dem campaigns; and now that they’ve held many positions, they can quickly discard him. Never trust a Democrat politician in 2022. They use, abuse and discard when finished.

Comedian George Carlin never voted?

Hey, we love Carlin too. We grew up with him; but we must keep voting while investigating voter fraud, because the Left will surely vote. They don’t have total control of voting, so we must overwhelm them by sheer numbers.

World News. Crime rises in Europe, just as in America, today. Why?

A Policeman murdered in Brussels by a Muslim extremist (not a Christian extremist).

Mass migration must be absolutely legitimate or rejected. Never go to a neighbor’s home/country as a guest or asylum seeker and create upheaval or attempt change. Those who refuse to respect others have no right to demand any for themselves. That seems pretty straight forward.

What happened to the Red Wave? Fetterman? Really America?

No Red Wave? Strangely, Republicans were “given” just enough to stay in the game. Really? Bizzaro-World must be Democrats vision of Utopia.

Pat’s phone makes a special appearance!

Bonus Satire – Nancy Pelosi’s 2019 phone call with China about Corona release date.

Some believe this scene isn't so far fetched. Nancy Pelosi caught on phone audio, colluding with China about the Corona virus release date, discussing details of how to use it on Americans and her own, personal antidote, of course. It almost sounds possible, knowing Nancy. A sort of Naked Gun type satire; I spit out my milk when it hit me like a 70's Detective show segment. 👍

Awesome Tech, Games & Cell phones are raising kids, instead of awesome Parents.

Media is literally raising kids these days. Bad parents now have a lot of new (irresponsible) ways to keep kids occupied, but are those ways are addictive to children? Clive talks about his VR experiences. He's been a gamer since the 1970's.

How Democrats used the Covid pandemic to take control of voting like a putsch from within.

Clive & Dardis further discuss how voter fraud is so easily hidden when one party owns all the media and uses a pandemic to change voting rules, not only while under Covid, but even after the pandemic is gone.

Shouldn’t voting rules have gone back to pre-Covid standards?

Bonus Satire – President Xi schools Joe Biden on Ukraine and Borders!

In this Sobering Satire, tempers flare as Joe Biden calls China’s President Xi. Xi loses his cool and schools Biden about his own American atrocities and blows the lid off of America's E-Vehicle production, all with REAL facts & examples.

Clive has been producing this unique style of satire for some of the biggest names in Radio, for over 3 decades.

Democrats: “If our policies are killing your budget, eat Spaghetti-O’s and shut up!”

Tone deaf, wealthy, controlling, Confederate Dems are telling people, "If you’re hungry and can’t afford to eat properly in Biden’s America, just deal with it!" Such compassion from the welfare party. Will they be sending government cheese to everyone? Nope, just their chosen groups. “The rest of you can suffer!”

Democrats suddenly predict voting machine hacks to explain their losses?

How convenient! Republicans called “election deniers” for questioning voting shenanigans in 2020, but Dems are now saying the same things on election eve! Why? To set up their excuse for the losses!

Clive & Dardis think the ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ (Democrats) has run out of lies, but most importantly, many more people are aware of that, now. Thanks to Trump. 👍

Democrats are plotting military action in Haiti? 🤯

Why hasn’t this been reported? Apparently, there are many untapped resources in Haiti and “certain people” want access to them. Anthony Blinken is traveling far and wide to get other countries to join US military action in Haiti? Oh, not for us, but for some wealthy Oil & Diamond grabbers to take and sell Haiti’s resources, elsewhere. Canada and others have declined. Why would Democrats be doing this behind our backs?