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By: Michael Clive & Pat Dardis

Authentic American Straight Talk, Knowledge, Entertainment, History & Common Sense in one show? 😱 USA's #1 Conservative impressionist; Comedian, Michael Clive, joins Businessman & Ex-Politician, Pat Dardis for some unforgettable, very honest American Free Speech about our times! 👍 Two professional, Conservative guys in their 50's with a LOT of unique life experience, knowledge & observation. You won't hear creative, Conservative talk like this anywhere else! News, Politics, Entertainment, Commentary, Impressions, Comedy and Serious talk, all combined with sobering facts, history & reality. A fascinating take on News, History, Entertainment and Current Events; with Politics, front and center!

Insane Politics & News Continues, Monday, Sept 25, 2023

It’s Howdy Doody Time! • Advertisers still shoving Africans into TV commercials… for what? • Woman found in Gator’s mouth/FL • Immigration/Border NIGHTMARE continues • Hitler’s physician prescribed what? • Democrat war against “Whites” • What some Jewish leaders are saying about ALL of us will blow your freakin mind! How do they get away with it? • The new Fetterman Dress Code in the Senate • NY Times Reporter David Brooks got a dose of Fact-Checking • Iran Hostage Trade Deal • Hunter Biden sues the IRS • Quincy TV Show; how Hollywood used to protect American customs • Small Italian island flooded with immigrants on EU boats organized by Jewish orgs? •...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Monday, Sept 11, 2023

Israel gets some multiculturalist issues of its own to deal with • Grilled cheese without butter? • Billion Dollar Corps should be forced to have live customer service phone numbers • If Climate change were a real emergency, entertainment would be the first thing cut • A sign or warning - 9/11 school kids saying “hit”, “Steel”, “Plane”, “Must” as Bush attended on that day • The Maui fires • Russia’s Luna moon probe crashes • The Natural, inevitable paths that a free society takes • Most wanted Hispanics listed as “white”? • MSM broadcast an Asian shooter as “mostly white Asian”? • MN Dem gets carjacked and changes opinion on crime • Our government plays stupid games b...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday Aug 05, 2023

The Price is Right channel! • Orchestra on computer? • Republican anti-Trump commercials • Trump’s latest indictment • Asian Americans in US Navy were spies for China • The story about Joe’s knowledge of Hunter’s biz has changed • Should the IRS be allowed to charge interest? • Riot in NYC due to social media moron • Sinead O’Conner death • Jeffrey Epstein victim suing FBI • DeSantis, Bud Light & investment funds • Biden’s dog keeps biting people • Florida’s new slave history written by black scholars, under fire • If multi-culturalism is so effective it would’ve happened thousands of years ago • Why are Jewish leaders forcing multiculturalism on others? • Just...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday July 22, 2023

Voice AI is getting out of control • Jason Aldean song compared to RAP? • Why is USA military in Syria? • Pentagon wants free abortion and travel for military • The Secret Service destroyed the Cocaine found in the White House • Blacks and Hispanics fail NYC teaching test but win a lawsuit? • Kim Kardashian Body Armor? • RFK Congress hearing on Free Speech • Transgender swimmer Leah Thompson joins Trantifa • Ring Doorbell posts theft videos • NYC College dorms now used to house illegals • Zelenskyy blames failure on the west’s delayed weapon shipments • Tucker Carlson’s Mike Pence interview • Texas spent Billions on border security that no one can see

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday July 15, 2023

A few bad Movies • Cookie-cutter acting & LGBTQ from Hollywood • Actors on strike? • Cocaine in the White House! • The Long Island serial killer • San Francisco’s Child Support Reparations • 4 people die from TikTok challenge • 3 people committed suicide jumping in front of NY subways in one day? • Afghani Interpreter shot dead by black youth • Biden tells our enemies that America is short on munitions • Cluster bombs to Ukraine? • Ukraine needs 5 million workers? • US Navy watches as Iranians seize ship • What is The Sparkle Creed? • Sexual sensation is a gift from God, not to be abused • Child rapist Larry Nassar stabbed in prison • Madonna Hospitalized for bacterial...

Political Parody - "Invest in your Grill" (Clive and Dardis podcast)

Clive originally produced this parody in 2009. Tough, financial times haven't changed much. Gold reigns supreme; if you can afford it!

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday July 1, 2023

Tucker Carlson’s views have dropped since leaving Fox • Races/Cultures who don’t change their primitive ways should NOT ask others to • Riots in France likened to America’s BLM Riots • Sliders TV show from the 90’s pushed Leftist material • Crime in NYC • The trouble with A.I. • Supreme Court rules against Affirmative Action • Illiteracy compared to factory workers • Hollywood assisted the normalization of Black illiteracy • Transgenders using “Woman Face” while “Black Face” is offensive? • Titan Submarine owner was Woke, anti-White? • Trangenders in sports hearing on Capitol hill • Colin Kaepernick’s new book • The Sneaker Caucus? • Clive talks about his time with the Howard Stern Show • White Ho...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday June 17, 2023

Penn State professor caught having sex with a dog? • Blasphemous Gay Nun mockers invited to LA Dodgers game • Christians have turned enough cheeks • Portland Oregon homeless huts destroying neighborhoods • Life Coaches can be a scam for narcissists • CNN & MSNBC not showing Trump speeches? • 6 arrested in Harvard University Medical stealing/selling body part to black market • Conner MacGregor raped someone? • More Biden gaffs • Gay-Day at the White House a disaster • Bill Gates visits China’s Xi • Daniel Penny charged with Patrice of BLM resigns • What is “The Kalergi Plan”? • Races that learned from more advanced races did great • UK Muslim leaders are planning something? •...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Saturday, June 10, 2023!

Canadian fires affect America; fueling the Climate HOAX! • What is ESG scoring? • The Trump indictment! • Moms for Liberty labeled hate group? • Multiculturalism favorability in UK dropped from 80% to 5% in 20 yrs! • Ukraine status • How to protest Drag Queen Story time • Biden thinks OUR kids are not OURS? • School limits free speech in Debate class? • Physical Kid/teen interaction with other kids drops 50% • Target/Walgreen store changes • NYC has FREE Drug accessories via vending machines? • Colon Cancer doubles for young adults? • Jamie Raskin is LIAR • UK RAF wokeness • UK Labor party wants sex age of consent lowered to 10 yrs old!? • Clive’s Grandparents attended 1936 Olympic...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Tuesday June 6, 2023

We’re all expected to be business managers today? • Remembering when the Sabbath was important in America • CNN is nothing but a Gas Lighter • Lloyd Austin’s thinks he’s Darth Vader? • New treatment for Pancreatic Cancer? • Clive’s childhood wasn't blissful? • Democrats can’t be trusted • Just VOTE! • More Multiculturalism failures • NY Mayor Adams to place illegals in people’s homes? • Trans kids on puberty blockers become sterile • FBI under fire - will Reps prosecute Biden’s corruption? • Who’s legalizing Cocaine? • Memorial Day Weekend shootings in Chicago & why they happen • Baltimore Schools Failure! • ESPN Stephan Smith wants more Black awareness? • The new trend of women marr...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Monday May 29, 2023

Happy Memorial Day! • The Indian who drove into the White House • Fish Sauce? • Corrections • The DeSantis Roll out disaster • Does Voting work today? • The yearly debt ceiling drama • Baltimore suing Kia for ease of theft • Woman late to work 47 times, sues & wins • Subway criminal’s family sues • CA stoping gas stove in new homes • Dodgers re-invite Catholic bashers • Was our Constitution too weak? • NYC College professor pulls machete • More Border Security hearings • China: US doesn’t need to ban TikTok • Social Media causing record teen depression • Bible quotes about sex • Canada has gone Commy • • Target stores boycotted • Is America living in Sin? • 12 horses die in 1 month at Churchil...

Insane Politics & News Continues, Sunday, May 21, 2023

Biden’s rolls over on F-16’s to Ukraine • Illegals housed without legal capacity rules • Welfare abuse in America • Luggage thief Sam Brinton arrested again? • Are Trans people a workplace violence risk? • The man who donated too much sperm • Charging your grown kids rent • UK teens walk into stranger’s homes for TikTok video • Harry and Megan car chase in NY? • Two Teens die in Government transgender study • Murdered Tech Exec Bob Lee had hard drugs in system • Bilderberg Meeting • Young man dies from too much THC use • RAP night shooting in Kansas City • Military General wants less whites • Montana bans TikTok • The Durham Report • Th...

Insane Politics & News continues, Sunday, May 14, 2023

Our border is obviously NOT closed as we’ve been told • The Democrat/UN plan to replace White people in America • Swedish Jewish studies decide that Europe MUST be multicultural but NOT Israel • The Russian Revolution was funded by Jews? • Why UK and France didn’t go to war with Russia/WWII • Texas Dems stop a bill that would protect children from impulsive sex surgery • Chicago forgot to include traffic sounds for the blind • Trump’s rape case deposition • $42 Billion in loans forgiven for public servants? • Biden Family Corruption case ignored by main stream media • First UK baby created with 3 sets of DNA • Everyone is...

Insane Politics & News continues, Saturday, May 6, 2023

What really killed the Dinosaurs? • What really killed Princess Diana? • Is Artificial Intelligence getting out of control? Clive’s impressions clash with A.I. • Congress celebrates Star Wars Day but not Christianity? • Some Jan 6th attendees may get 50 years prison for peacefully touring the Capitol? • Chinese migrants pushing into America • Ford announces Lincoln SUVs will be manufactured in China • Robin Williams’ true cause of death • Kids have NO use for sexual knowledge • Vivek Ramaswamy talks too fast • How Presidents talked in early days of recorded speeches • What Dems are doing to the “Child’s mind” • Illegal immigrant kills neighbors for asking him to keep it quiet so the...

Insane Politics & News continues, Saturday, April 29, 2023

Clive and Dardis leave Gettr for issues of shadow banning • Another CA Bank is collapsing • The guy who didn’t know his car finance was a lease? • Justice Alito may know who the Supreme Court leaker was • Clive’s recent ignorant store employee experience • Review of Dead Island 2 • Hunter Biden’s love child gets the cold shoulder • Biden’s latest press cheat sheet • Whoopie Goldberg and others using slave owner tactics? • US Army not honoring retirement contracts; like a draft • Tucker Carlson Fired from Fox News? • White House pushes for all Electric military vehicles? • What is America doing in Sudan? • Target stores in San Fran putting...

Insane Politics & News continues, Friday, April 21, 2023

Minneapolis calls for Muslim prayer 5 times a day? • Women-Only sports bill passed by Congress • Gay community on edge over FL death penalty for pedophilia • Massive pedophilia in Hollywood • Buzfeed goes out of business • Review of recent Congressional hearings with Mayorkas and Bootyjudge • Twitter pole suggests that people would rather live under the Nazis than the American Leftists?

Insane Politics & News continues, Monday, April 17, 2023

NJ Gov creates Bruce Springsteen Day • 100’s of Chicago Teens swarm the city • Catholic school teaches "Whites are cats & Jews are mice" • Fentanyl has now taken more lives than Covid? • UN wants to decriminalize pedophilia • Expelled Dem reps in TN have been reinstated? • Pentagon Document Leaker! • Biden visits Ireland while America burns • Trump returns to NY for another silly persecution prosecution 🤨

Insane Politics & News continues, Friday, April 7, 2023

Clive’s visit to Hope County ends in gun violence • Biden’s review of the Afghanistan pullout – “It’s Trump’s fault”? • Biden threatens to cut funding for schools that don’t allow biological Men into Women’s sports • Pro women speaker attacked by violent, hormone-jacked transgender psychos • Wealthy Cash App mogul stabbed to death in San Francisco • People who believe they can just state what they are without any proof (so why go to college?) • Canada making hard drugs legal for ALL ages? EVIL • Clive defines True Minority • Tennessee Congress expels 2 members for blatant Marxist behavior • America nearing a Travel Advisory for violent society...

Trump indictment, Trans Shooter & TikTok hearing - April 2, 2023

President Donald J Trump was indicted by spiteful NY District Attorney, Alvin Bragg on a minor misdemeanor charge changed to a felony because it’s Trump • A hormone injected Transgender psychopath shoots 3 children & 3 adults at a Christian School while Biden Jokes about Ice Cream • Transgender is not science, it’s sickness • Most Gun crimes committed by Dems & Blacks • 250 years ago Africans were still living in tribes unlike other cultures/races that were far more advanced at that time. They should want to learn not destroy • Capitol hearing with TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew who is somehow clueless about China • Should USA Ban t...

Interview with Canadian blogger Brad Salzberg. Trudeau is a Communist!

As our neighbor to the North, what Just Trudeau is doing to the Canadian people is outrageous for a Western country. He is jailing citizens, Christians and Catholics for merely speaking up while protecting violent gay and trans extremists? Yup, he is. You won’t believe what our neighbor has been doing to their citizens & children, but China and the East LOVE their self destruction... Democrats destroying people the same way, here in America. 🤨Brad Salzberg’s posts about Trudeau's Communist trickery and more can be read on Substack.

Insane Politics & News, Saturday March 18, 2023

Trump says he’ll be arrested on Tuesday • USA’s Voting system has not been rectified • Uranium stolen in Libya • Biden to drill oil in Alaska? • France raises Social Security age/riots ensue • CA tries for Reparations AGAIN! • Democrats are like German Cockroaches • SVB Bank collapse • Arrest warrant issued for Putin • Protesters shut down Conservative speakers again • People Clive knows affected by crime • 70’s TV crime shows had the same messages as today • African Press Corp member ousted because he “Pressed” for answers • More Border nonsense!

Insane Politics & News continues, Friday, March 10, 2023

Disney cancels “Zippity Do-Da” song • Americans who don’t want to work • International Woman’s award goes to a Trans man? • MLB comes at DeSantis over diversity • Tucker Carlson releases more Jan 6th footage • Hardcore Liars always double-down • FTC goes after Musk and Twitter • Psycho threatens to kills people on a plane • Mexican Cartel kills American tourists • Ukrainian Soldier executed • George Soros lives in NY? • Vinyl Records outselling CD’s • American colleges pushing wokeness and Islam.

Interview with Heavyweight Boxing Legend, Gerry Cooney! 🥊

Candid, fun & informative conversation with an American Boxing Legend! Gerry Cooney competed from 1977 to 1990, and challenged twice for world heavyweight titles in 1982 and 1987. He fought Larry Holmes for the world championship in June 11, 1982. Gerry has met everyone from Sinatra to Stallone! A lot of funny ball-busting between us all in this. 🤣 That's how we used to have fun in America before the woke crap started. 🤨

Insane News & Politics, Friday, March 3, 2023

Canada going dark – persecuting Christians • CA Teachers being fired over secret student gender changes • The number of single men is on the rise – Why? • Student Loan bailout goes to Supreme Court • NBC Reporter on hit list for reporting truth in Crimea • Lori Lightfoot is OUT!

Another insane week of News & Politics, Saturday, February 25, 2023

People stranded in blizzards with electric vehicles • Where do the raw minerals for E-vehicles come from? • Clive’s theory on wind turbines killing whales • Democrats destroying the earth in the name of Climate Change • The injured vaxxed may exact revenge • Truck Drivers are awesome people • The REAL meaning behind Pete Buttigieg’s fake last name? • Biden goes to Ukraine • Early America like a new relationship • ‘Black History Month’ seems more like ‘10 years’ • Biden & Hakeem Jeffries get a taste of their own medicine • Why Dems run from questions • Marianne Williamson is back • George Soros compared to Biden • Dardis report on Katie Hobbs, AZ caught cheating the elec...

Interview with FBI whistle-blower Nate Cain 🤫

Nate is a cyber security expert who was contracted with the FBI to upgrade their vulnerability management system. One day, he overheard a conversation about some Hillary Clinton crimes, and… you’ve GOT to hear his story! It’s a fascinating interview with an amazing, God fearing man and true America patriot looking out for the rest of us; while our own government is & does the opposite! 🤨

Massive Train derailment in East Palestine Ohio & more!

A Train derails in East Palestine Ohio, toxic chemicals spill/burn & Biden does/says NOTHING about it? • Another lame-ass Biden press conference • Some good and very earned Biden bashing • Tucker Carlson called Trump a Demonic Force? & more!

Topical News & Political chaos in America - Friday, February 10, 2023

Another JAM-Packed show! - Biden’s Balloon • Most Americans include Jews as White • Groups & Cultures vs the Individual • Reparations in the News again • Multiculturalism is a ruse • Biden’s propaganda State of the Union Address • FBI Congressional Hearings • Why Democrats overdress with lavish costumes • Silenced workers behind the scenes in Hollywood • FBI Searches Pence’s home • America may be too far gone • Ya can’t just say what you are, ya have to prove it! • Celebrity manipulation of Children • The Super Bowl and MORE!

Interview with Brad Salzberg - Cultural Action Party, Canada

We joined a Zoom call with Brad Salzberg from Canada’s “Cultural Action Party”, discussing the massive flaws & failures of Multiculturalism in both Canada and America. It has been forced upon the citizens as a pipe dream for societal utopia but is easily shown to have the opposite affects. After all, how would your household or business run if many unknown people were suddenly inserted without knowledge of their intentions, behavior, ability and/or beliefs? It wouldn’t run well at all and our Governments obviously know that. Multiculturalism is word trick and is essentially, as Brad puts it, “Legislated...

An interview with GioVanni Selearie

Interesting and fun conversation with a former Democrat and podcaster, GioVanni Selearie, who saw the light after witnessing Press lies about Bernie Sanders and other obvious dishonesty by Dems. GioVanni has a head full of political knowledge and he’s on a mission to inform.

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Avoiding the Vaccine, Trump vs DeSantis, Al Sharpton & much more!

Avoiding the Vaccine • Trump vs DeSantis • Why the Democrat Press is ‘suddenly’ turning on Biden • Why whites are demonized for achievement • The Trouble with Kamala • Democrats compared to the Borg • Al Sharpton makes an appearance

Interview with Survivor star, Anna Khait

We had a great interview with former Survivor star Anna Khait. Anna has had great success in her life… AFTER being born again. The former atheist and poker player is now a responsible Conservative and staunch supporter of God and Trump!

We also chat about some world events, political games, and her time undercover working for Project Veritas; all with the usual antics of Clive and Dardis. Fascinating, fun and informative!

Another crazy week of insane news AKA Democrat Reality!

Does Clive have Covid? • Biden caught with secret docs • Diamond of Diamond and Silk dies • Lisa Marie Presley dies • Clive doesn’t like Funerals • What were people doing with their time before the internet? • The days of using film was a lot of very hard work • Is technology destroying us? • Why News Channels don’t put two congress members on screen to debate? • Pete Buttigieg & other dysfunctional creeps given official status in our Gov!

New Year, New Problems!

In today’s action-packed show…

Kevin McCarthy can’t lock the votes - Harry Reid was evil - Hakeem Jeffries is lame – Buttigieg isn’t his real name – Biden’s stupid Border speech – Covid Vax Deaths – Nazi era media control – Mayor Adams on immigration – School withholds Merit awards – Arizona loses temp wall – Smoke weed, let Dems rule – email security tips and customer service etiquette! 👍

Bonus Satire - A Quick message from Santa Claus!

Santa is no dummy; he's hundreds of years old!

He KNOWS who’s been naughty, evil and corrupt but now Santa tells us what HE wants for Christmas. 🎅

Clive & Dardis wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Thank you for listening. Happy Holidays.

Bonus Satire - Trump Press Conference "Jan 6th compared to BLM Riots!"

Clive has the most realistic Trump impression on earth, but doesn’t use it to insult Trump like others. With jet engines ready to go and the Fake News ready to record; Mike "channels" Trump to address some serious issues about Jan 6th that eerily sound like what Trump might actually say, if he could get away with it. Trump’s birthday is June 14th, Clive’s is June 13th. 🤔 Astral Connection? 😉 (yes, we're kidding).

France and Morocco go to war over a Soccer Game?

Apparently, disrespectful Moroccan immigrants in France have been acting uncivilized even though they’ve been winning. Will France throw the final game to avoid the Moroccan threats of savage violence? That and more bizarre world history/events in this enlightening episode.

Why Black actors SUDDENLY dominate 90% of American Commercials…🤯

If you’ve noticed this unrealistic & sudden misrepresentation of American population (which is what national commercials are supposed to do), here's the definitive discussion on the topic that you won’t hear anywhere else! Clive has been in advertising for decades… he KNOWS what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Democrats in DC & Hollywood glamourized Blacks talking like Slaves and then profited from the poverty and misery that the illiteracy brought. Democrats are the party of death and destruction.

Cruel Texters, South African murder rate, Border Patrol suicide & Marijuana use up 240%!

People who can’t take 10 seconds to respond to your text? South African murder rate rises exponentially after White leaders turn over the keys to natives 🤯; Border patrol suicides while Biden bike-rides; Marijuana use among KIDS rises by 240% over 20 years... ironically, anti-depressant prescriptions rose by 300% in the same time. America is in a social free fall and many not recover in our lifetime!

Many Entertainers & Actors are NOT very smart! Stop falling for it.

Clive has been in entertainment for over 30 years! He knows all of Hollywood’s trickery. Actress Jennifer Lawrence says she had the first lead action role in film history? How stupid is she? C & D break the silence, “most actors are not very smart, but have the ability to ‘act’ smart.” Remember that the next time you fall prey to it! Hollywood despises Clive for his free speech and massive talent, with the ability to expose their BS behind the scenes. Dardis has also witnessed it.