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Chris McConnell & Mark Wemken are the RotoBros. Two friends that play the game differently. Mark deals in analytics. Chris deals in straight forward X’s & O’s. The RotoBros is the highest fantasy-IQ podcast in the business and won't just make you a great player, Chris & Mark will make you a SMARTER player ready to dominate your leagues no matter if it's dynasty, redraft, best ball, or DFS!

49ers Backfield Routlette
Last Wednesday at 1:14 AM

Week 1 is in the books and Chris examines the results from numerous backfields to try and calm your panicky, irrational minds. R-E-L-A-X

Ezekiel Elliott Panic Room
Last Saturday at 2:14 AM

Chris & Mark discuss the outlook for Zeke after Week 1, the Ravens backfield mess, and discuss some things to watch for in Week 1

Mac Jones Overdrive

Chris talks what Mac Jones' starting QB position means for the Patriots offense and makes the case for Austin Ekeler breaking fantasy football in 2021

James Robinson boomerang

Chris is joined by Dynasty League Football's Addison Hayes to breakdown the fantasy fallout of Travis Etienne & Sony Michel. And Addison hates superflex?!?!

The One With The Sharp Strategy

The Bros are back for the most high IQ fantasy pod you'll hear. If you want tips on how to be a sharper fantasy player, this is the episode for you

Mind Of McConnell: Dynasty League 411

Chris shows you the path to creating, running, and maintaining the perfect dynasty league 

Mind Of McConnell: Bye Bye, Michael Thomas & Hello, Terry McLaurin

Chris is back to discuss the news of Michael Thomas' trade demand and what you should be doing with him in your leagues. Also, it's Terry McLaurins SZN, so buckle up! 

The One With the Fantasy Stacks

The Bros are back to discuss why stacking is a great strategy in fantasy and why you should adopt it. We also breakdown the Cardinals backfield to see if it's worth investing in 🏈🔥

Mind Of McConnell: Rankings Re-shuffle

Cam Akers, Michael Thomas, and Aaron Rodgers have shaken up the fantasy world in recent days, so McConnell is back for a rankings re-shuffle as he re-ranks his TEs, WRs, and RBs. 

Darkly Dreaming Dynasty (Chapter 4) w/ Addison Hayes

Addison Hayes from Dynasty League Football joins the Bros to discuss the  implications for the Rams' backfield, the biggest WR buys in dynasty that no one seems to be mentioning and we share our most rostered players in dynasty

"The One Where We Bury Cam Akers (RIP)"

The Bros are back and breakdown the fallout of Cam Akers' injury, discuss what to expect from Darrell Henderson and the rest of the Rams' backfield moving forward, and what's your draft strategy for RBs & WRs? 

Mind Of McConnell: The Lord Of The Rams

The day the fantasy world stood still. Chris is joined by Joe Pisapia of FantasyPros to discuss the industry-shaking news of Cam Akers season-ending injury and what to expect from Darrell Henderson in 2021, whether or not Josh Jacobs is worth your time, and how would we rank Herbert, Burrow, Hurts, and Tua. 

Mind Of McConnell: Hype Me Up w/ Addison Hayes

What if I told you that D.J. Moore is over-valued? 

Chris is joined by Addison Hayes of Dynasty League Football to discuss the hype of Kyle Pitts, Rashod Bateman, Laviska Shenault, Jalen Hurts, Najee Harris, and Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Mind Of McConnell: Ranking the QBs & TEs

Chris breaks down his 2021 QB & TE fantasy rankings

Darkly Dreaming Dynasty (Chapter 3)

The Bros discuss the 2021 & beyond outlook of D.J. Moore and the "other" rookie RBs

Mind Of McConnell: Ranking the Wide Receivers

Chris McConnell gives you his top 30 WRs for 2021 fantasy 

Mind Of McConnell: Ranking the Running Backs

McConnell dives into his first Top 25 RB rankings for 2021

"The One With the (other) Rookie Receivers"

You've heard about DeVonta, and Ja'Marr, and Jaylen...but today, the Bros break down the 2nd & 3rd tier rookie WRs not getting nearly as much love. 

Darkly Dreaming Dynasty (Chapter 2)

The John Ross WR archetype, SuperFlex QB values, name your MVP

RotoBros Presents: Mind Of McConnell (Ep. 2)

McConnell breaks down his stance on the "Range of Outcomes" analytic 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with the RBs"

The Bros dive into 1st & 2nd year running backs for 2021 

RotoBros Presents: Mind Of McConnell (Ep. 1)

Chris flies solo to try and figure out why Terry McLaurin's ADP is damn high, the Colts' receivers, the most underrated fantasy offense for 2021, Taylor v.s. Akers v.s. Chubb, and explains how he attacks the TE position in drafts

RotoBros Presents: Darkly Dreaming Dynasty (Chapter 1)

Sophomore RBs & WRs, Best 2019/2020 RB stash, and ranking the 2021 rookie QBs

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One With QB Value v.s. Upside"

The Bros return from a "winter break" to discuss drafting QBs for value v.s. upside, the aftermath of the Julio Jones trade, and should Daniel Jones be your QB target?

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with Carson Wentz"

Chris breaks down the Eagles' decision to bench Carson Wentz and shares his heartbreaking championship story from 2009. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where We Review the Rookies"

Chris reviews the surprising names at the top of the rookie RBs/WRs scoring lists for fantasy through 10 weeks 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One at the Halfway Point"

Chris is back and recaps the last 9 weeks of fantasy to get you prepped for who to trust and not trust for the upcoming playoff run! 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where Chase Edmonds Takes Over"

Chris is back discussing a hot topic in the RotoBros Discord chat about whether or not we should buy into Robert Tonyan. Also, what to make about LeVeon Bell, Antonio Brown, and Chase Edmonds. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where Le'Veon Bell Returns"

Chris discusses the release and return of LeVeon Bell, where he could sign, and whose fantasy value he could ruin. Also, the effects of Dak's injury and should we be buying Todd Gurley? 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where We Bury Kenyan Drake (RIP)"

Chris is joined by 92.9 The Game's Brian Gebhardt to break down a familiar (and not so familiar) crop of running backs ahead of Week 5 and give Kenyan Drake a proper burial. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where Josh Allen is Crowned"

Chris discusses the return of Damien Harris, the breakouts of Justin Jefferson & Brandon Aiyuk, and takes it upon himself to crown Josh Allen. Also, Joe Burrow is good. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One After Bloody Sunday"

Chris flies solo to discuss the monster amount of injuries and what it means for your fantasy season. Jonathan Taylor takeover week was a success but is Nyheim Hines DED? And what to make of Justin Herbert after his first NFL start. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with the Jonathan Taylor Takeover"

The Bros breakdown ALL the big rookie RB performances, the huge news that hit the Colts backfield, and tell you if it's time to panic on Saquon Barkley. 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with the Week 1 Preview"

The Bros take you through the Week 1 slate for 2020 and end the show by giving you some of their favorite plays for Week 1!

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One Where We Return from COVID"

The Bros are back! After a non-COVID quarantine time out, Chris & Mark are back at it and breaking down the Cam Newton signing, discussing some RB and WR ADPs, and which QB do the Bros believe takes that next step in 2020? 

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with the Rookie RB Roundup"

Chris flies solo to give you a roundup of the rookie RBs and what we can expect from them in 2020 and beyond!

RotoBros Mini: "The One with Buys & Sells "

Chris takes you through some (not all) of his 2020 buys & sells

RotoBros Fantasy Football: "The One with Derek Brown"

Fantasy analyst Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB) joins Chris to recap the 2020 WR draft class and they discuss what we can expect from it in redraft and dynasty.

RotoBros Mini: "The One with the Michael Pittman Hype"

Chris unpacks the hype train surrounding Michael Pittman that seems to be picking up steam as of late. But is the hype justified? 

RotoBros NFL Draft Scouting Brief: "The One With Denzel Mims"

Chris breaks down the film on Baylor WR Denzel Mims