My Town Hustle

29 Episodes

By: Jared Perry, Sam Tuten, & Bret Allphin

My Town Hustle is an in-depth look at the people, products, and processes that make your small-town work. Focusing on entrepreneurship and creative economies, My Town Hustle explores the ideas that make our cities special.

EP 29 - Better Public Engagement
Last Tuesday at 9:10 PM

EP 28 - Asset Based Development

EP 27 - 'Growing Up Poor in America' - Our Reaction

EP 26 - The 30 Min Consult - Pedestrian Safety

EP 25 - Broadband

EP 24 - I Don't Believe in the Brain Drain, Change. My. Mind.

Housing Affordability v. Affordable Housing

Happy Holidays / End of Season 1

EP 21 - Ideas for your Town (Session 2)

EP 20 - Financial Impact on School Levies (Part 1)

EP 19 - Port Authorities, not just Boats, but Buildings & Jobs too.

In this week's episode, we interviewed Jesse Roush, Executive Director of our local port authority, Southeastern Ohio Port Authority. Jesse talks about his organization, how it can be an economic development tool in communities, challenges that our area faces, and his goals moving forward. Tune in to learn more about these types of organizations and ask yourself, does your community have one?

EP 18 - Can Trash Be Pretty?

In this week's episode, Sam and Jared will discuss trash. Yes, that is right, trash. From trash cans on the sidewalk to trash dumpsters in the alleyways, there are some cool ways that trash is being collected and stored in your downtowns.

EP 17 - Ideas for your Town (Session 1)

In this week's episode, Jared and Sam explore a variety of ideas that you could use in your town. These ideas are ones that both Jared and Sam are particularly passionate about. From making your city more child-friendly to the redevelopment of alleyways, listen in as they explore what a life would be like if these ideas would come true in their own community but also yours.

EP 16 - Being a Public Servant

Have you thought about going into the public sector? Do you have a desire to help your community or you are interested in local, state, or federal government? Well, in this week's episode, Bret and Sam will discuss their own journeys to becoming public servants. What their experience has been like, how has it changed, what school was like, and so much more. We are missing Jared this week as he and his wife, Alaina have welcomed a new baby into their home. Join us this week to learn more about what it is like, why it is important, and...

EP 15 – Annexation In Cities

Do you live just outside the city?  Do you live in a community that was formed like the City of Eagleton in Parks and Rec because they left a city like Pawnee to make something better?  Are you missing out on an essential service because of where you live?  Well, in this week's episode, we'll go over annexation.  Annexation is the legal process in which municipalities can grow their boundaries into areas in which are not already incorporated into that particular municipality.  Now, there are a lot of pros and cons which we'll discuss in the episode like increase taxes or ac...

EP 14 – What Is CDBG?

CDBG or otherwise known as Community Development Block Grants.  Most communities have it but what exactly is it?  Most people might know it because either their community uses those funds for sidewalk improvements or use them to help low-to-moderate income homes with improvements.  Better yet, your community might use them for both.  In this week's epsidoe, we'll take a look at what CDBG is, why was it established, does reform need to happen?, and what we feel communities should be using these funds for.  Each State administers this block grant to local communities differently and can have different or the same...

EP 13 – TIFs in Small Towns

TIFs.  Tax Increment Financing.  What is that?  Well, most developers or city planners are familiar with TIFs.  TIFs are just one way to incentivize development in your community.  This week, we explore how TIFS are typically used in Small Towns, and from our experience, they are used in a way that goes against what they were originally intended for.  Most cities go after the big box retailers with new infrastructure which creates your "typical" on the border commercial district.  When a TIF district is established, it is used to subsidize redevelopment or other infrastructure projects by diverting future property tax increas...

EP 12 – Running For Office?

Thinking about running for office?  Well, in this week's episode, we explore the different positions in local government.  We dive into those positions as they stand in the great State of Ohio but these positions are also found throughout local governments in the United States.  Are people running to serve their community or are they running so they can have a job?  Being an elected official is hard work and when you are voting on one, it is important to be informed about what their goals are, what their vision is for your community, and what kind of legislation they will...

EP 11 – Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS?  What is it?  Well, it stands for Geographic Information System and you can find it almost everywhere now.  GIS is a great tool that provides the ability to capture, store, and display data spatially.  It is way more than a pretty map, as it helps planners, public officials, and governmental organizations make decisions based on spatial patterns and relationships of data.  If you wanted to know how many Maple Trees were in your neighborhood, you would have to go out and collect that data and place it in geographically in GIS and now you will know how many Maple Trees...

EP 10 – Architectural Review Boards

Do you live in a historical district?  Do you consider your community either historic or charming?  Well, listen in to this week's episode as we talk about Architectural Review Boards.  ARBs are established through local ordinance as a historical preservation tool for historic districts either commercial or residential.  If you own property within these districts that are governed by a historic preservation ordinance than you know that you have to go before a board before you make changes to your property.  We discuss why ARBs are designed to protect the buildings, not the people.  The My Town Hustle team also talks...

EP 9 – Wayfinding

Have you ever been to a new town and didn't know where to go?  Are you even familiar with where public parking lots are in your own town?  Well, wayfinding can help with how you get from Point A to Point B.  It makes sense at an airport but why is it important in your downtown?  In this week's episode, we are talking about something as simple as a sign.  Too many can get messy and too little won't help.  We make decisions based on visual cues so why not help citizens and tourists alike navigate your community.  It seems like a...

EP 8 – Main Streets

Main Street Programs?  Do you have one in your community?  Well, we here at My Town Hustle enjoy our local Main Street program.  From one of us being a Board Member to the other being the previous Director, we couldn't be more thrilled to have our first guest on the show.  Cristie Thomas with Marietta Main Street joined us to go over all things Main Street.  Main Street Programs function to revitalize historic commercial districts and strive to build a new vibrant community in those districts.  From hosting events, working alongside property owners/developers, to drafting legislation, they can do it all...

EP 7 – Comprehensive Planning

Does your city have a plan for the future?  Have they spent some time with you, the public, on what that might look like or what your concerns are?  Well, in this week's episode, we are going to talk about Comprehensive Planning.  We go over why we think it is important, why citizens should be involved in the process, and why all public officials should use it as the guiding principle for all their decisions.  Comprehensive Planning is important for the future growth of your community.  Sometimes Comprehensive Planning can suggest big changes or even pretty radical ones at that which...

EP 6 – Statutory v. Charter Cities

Did you know there are different kinds of local government for your town? Turns out, there is! Whether you have a statutory local government, or a charter local government can change the operations and procedures of “how things get done” in your hometown. The distinction between the two often occur around a town’s stance on a particular issue but, is only ~really~ limited by general law at the state level. This episode focuses on the differences between the two forms of government along with the pros and cons of each. Who's on it? Jared Perry Sam Tuten Bret Allphin Any go...

EP 5 – Complete Streets

When you are walking down your favorite street or through the main drag of your downtown, you probably aren’t thinking, “Wow, this street is not complete”, unless you are a planner or understand what a Complete Street is. Well, it is simple, Complete Streets is a transportation policy that has reshaped, redrawn, or reconstructed our city streets from vehicle focused to all types of ways we get around. This design approach is for everyone, no matter the mode of transportation that you prefer. In this week’s episode, we will quickly go over the concept of Complete Streets as this pol...

EP 4 – Zoning

ZONES!!!  In this week's episode, we'll explore Zoning in our communities.  Zoning dates back to the earliest twentieth century and is still applied to communities today.  Although zoning laws and regulations have played both a negative or positive role in our communities, Form-Based Zoning is one tool that city leaders are using to re-imagine their communities and moving away from the separation of uses.  Zoning plays such an important part in how and why our cities look the way they do but do you know how it applies to you?  Do you know some of the differences between a Planning Commi...

EP 3 – Land Banks

Tired of looking at blighted properties?  In this week’s episode, we’ll be depositing our time into the discussion of Land Banks, no pun intended, well maybe a little.  A County Land Bank in the State of Ohio is a useful program, that establishes a private, non-profit corporation through the power of your local government, to fight vacant & blighted properties and return them to productive use in your communities.  We’ll discuss how one is established, how it can be funded, and explain to you that the reason your community may not have one is that your government doesn’t want one...

EP 2 – D.O.R.A (Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas)

In this episode, we’ll explore D.O.R.A, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas.  Did you know that in the State of Ohio, a DORA can be established to create an environment where you can walk in a particular area (your downtown possibly?) with a drink in your hand?  Listen as we discuss what a DORA is, how a city can get one, and what the pros and cons. Who's on it? Jared Perry, Sam Tuten & Bret Allphin Any good resources? State of Ohio Revised Code - Chapter 4301.82: Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas A great example of a...

EP 1 – The Who, The What, & The Why?

This episode is a quick little intro on why we decided to create mytownhustle. You’ll get to know a little about all of our hosts along with some statistical background of the community we live and work in. Who’s on it? Jared PerrySam TutenBret Allphin Any good resources? Recorded June 2020 Questions? Email us at Shout out! As always thank you to The Saylor for the hot jams. Check him out NOW on iTunes and Spotify!