Community Calls

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By: ImmoralHole

standup for introverts - a prank community-based show

Episode 84 – Pranksgiving 2023 [Edited]
Last Monday at 8:30 PM

Be sure to join us for live shows on Friday’s at 10PM EST/7PM PST In the edited version of our Pranksgiving 2023 show, Milkman and Akspa call museums, hotels, restaurants, and various other daytime-only businesses and cause a ruckus across the world. WastedMemory joins us towards the end of the show with some hilarious […]

Episode 84 – Pranksgiving 2023 – Unedited
Last Friday at 4:40 PM

Here’s the full uncut, unedited Pranksgiving 2023 show!

Episode 83 – Getting lost with a microwave warp hole in the elevator shaft

Be sure to join us for Pranksgiving – Friday 24 November 2023 at 1PM EST / 10AM PST! In this fun episode, we have peculiar conversations with folks about drones spying on people, getting lost on top of elevators, microwaving urine and body parts to disrupt time and create warp holes, slip and fall […]

Episode 82 – Phone ghosts eating chicken bless the night with a goodnight queef

In this jam-packed episode, we get into some strange conversations with folks working long hours at night, in the hopes of making their existence a bit more exciting. WastedMemory and DTB conjure up spirits and ghosts via the spirit board and infect the phones with scary voices. We get a few glimpses of Snappybakes in […]

Episode 81 – The un-invited establishment spaghetti incident

In this short show (due to technical issues), we make some intriguing new discoveries into shoes, sales of meat products on other shops’ grounds, bring back some old memories to life, transfer the contents of toilets, and find out what disregard folks have for recorded business lines in the current era. Features calls by: MadHatt3r, […]

Episode 80 – How to recycle food and shoes in a dangerous pizza delivery heist

In this short show, we tried to find the right boot for bootcamp, fat people shoes, what to do with the food when we’re done processing it, what to do about a lost Miriam in a haunted house attraction, a coffin bed for Dracula, deliver a birthday-gram, find a room for our 600 ants in […]

Episode 79 – Culling the bird population with a parking lot bbq at the truck stop

In this episode, we have a lot of fun cookouts at the truck stop, while also culling the local bird population, report on the paranormal activity in our hotel room, contribute to weird phone calls, and engage in other hijinks. Individual Calls: Special thanks to our Patrons! Dwight the JanitorGordoChrispy808Dharma WheeliesMST3ClayeFancyPantsAnonymousMister TurbeauxParkmanPhone Losers of […]

Episode 78 – The Telephone Alliance of America constipates the marriage in the elevator

In this episode, we demanded people slam their phones down, as part of the Telephone Alliance of America, told outlandish stories about things moving up and down, got lost in an elevator, constipated our marriages, and got the test results. A night of hilarity was had by all participants in the Madhouse Militia! Individual Calls: […]

Episode 77 – Hygienic bowling ball spiritual cleaning in the pink subaru

In this episode, we find ourselves in bowling alleys getting beat with balls, asking hygiene questions and getting a call back about Dwight’s daughter’s Subaru. We also try to get extra peelows after someone accidentally one, try to get Miriam a room, and honor Dick Butkus. Features calls by: Wingless, Chrispy808, Cat_Astroph3, DrUnkPhD, Turbo, DTB, […]

Episode 76 – Winning the world record in aggressive pizza delivery pooping

In this episode, we accidentally leave the phone on in the bathroom and unsuspecting people can hear us, we called up a bunch of random shops, restaurants and hotels with varying results. Lots of weird calls in this show. Things get aggressive at times. Features calls to the UK and US. Features calls by: Wingless, […]