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By: Misha Yurchenko

Practical career advice from leading experts and coaches. Hosted by Misha Yurchenko, former tech recruiter and founder of the #1 career coaching platform,

How To Be Your Authentic Self in a Job Interview
Last Wednesday at 2:23 AM

When all eyes are on us, it's easy to fall into people-pleasing and avoiding conflict, all at the expense of hiding our beliefs and personality. So how do we bring our authentic selves to stressful situations like a job interview? In today's conversation, career coach and former Uber leader Neda Jafarzadeh shares her tips to bring your best self to the interview.

Neda was a Career Coach Manager at General Assembly, where she coached over 500 people seeking a new career path. She's designed and managed leadership and development programs for leaders of all levels – including executives – at Uber...

Investing in Supercars, Building Strong Relationships at Work, and Job Tips on LinkedIn Hacking
Last Wednesday at 1:48 AM

Today's guest is Tokyo-based Romen Barua, a serial entrepreneur and content creator. He likes things in twos: he runs two startups, has two beautiful daughters, and two shiba inus. He was formerly a recruiter helping some of the worlds coolest tech companies like Amazon and Uber. We had a casual chat and covered a lot, from advice on how to build a strong network, using LinkedIn to find a job, as well as how to use supercars as investment vehicles.

You can connect with Romen and check out his businesses below.

Tokyo Supercars: https://www...

The Importance of Self-Promotion to Advance Your Career (Without Bragging)

Today's guest is Margaret Buj, an experienced recruiter and interview coach who specializes in helping professionals to get hired, promoted, and paid more. She has 16 years of experience recruiting for global technology and eCommerce companies across Europe & the US, and in the last 15 years, she's successfully coached over a thousand people to get the jobs and promotions they really wanted. She recruited for companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Avanade, Expedia, Typeform, Box, and King, and she's helped many clients get into companies such as Amazon and Facebook as well.

Recognized as one of the Top Career Influencers...

The Art of Pushing Back and Saying No at Work

Rhidima Khurana is a seasoned product manager leader who has held roles at leading companies like Meta, Google, Flipkart, Yahoo and more. As a career coach and mentor she has helped hundreds of people bag jobs at Shopify, Google, Meta, Affirm, Coinbase, Sofi, Robinhood, and many Series A/B/C startups.

In today's conversation we go over the power of saying NO and pushing back at work to advance your career.

Want help to prepare for your PM interview or learn how to be more assertive at work? Book a time to chat with Rhidima...

How to Ace the Google Software Engineer Interview & Why LeetCode is Not Enough to Prepare

Welcome to Episode #2 of The Loop, the podcast where I unpack practical career advice and insights from experts and coaches. Today's guest is former Google software engineer, Phil Verghese. Phil was a Tech Lead and Manager at Google for 12 years, and most recently, he led the Google Photos Android core team and was part of the team that did the initial launch of Google Photos. Google Photos has over 1 billion monthly active users.

Prior to his work on Google Photos, he was on multiple teams including Google Now, Google Mobile Maps, Google's Aerial Imagery team and the...

Insider Tips to Nail Amazon's Behavioral Interview

Welcome to episode #1 of The Loop, the podcast to help you grow in your career! Let's get this bad boy on the road.

Anna Cseke is a tech recruiter who has helped countless people get jobs in leading tech companies, including Amazon. She was a tech recruiter for Amazon and recruited people in seven different countries across sales, marketing, product and more. Today she's a behavioral interview and career coach with a stellar track record of getting people hired into their dream jobs using a blend of mock interview prep and actionable feedback.

You can...