34 Episodes

By: Tristan

If you're listening, I'd recommend 2X speed + the silence skipping feature for the optimal experience. This is in fact a self-roast.

very movie review man

I ignorantly & stupidly cover the recent film, "Men", and make comparisons to other recent movies while offering spoilers.

very podcast man

It's Saturday

very medicated man

Whhhaaaaat's going on, everybody. It's your boi, very medicated man, and I'm back again with another podcast episode. I said something about Season 1 being done, but it's still going. Long live season 1, honestly. Like, big shout out season 1. S1 goes way too hard.

Very boring man

Uninspired, boring babbling. I talk about some gig app delivery stuff, getting the meds, watching some standup comedy clips, trying to stop myself from reading/commenting in YouTube comment sections, and I think that's it.

overly attached podcaster pt 2

Who even knows. Over an hour of rambling in my unenergetic voice, so it must be good.

Cough drops work sometimes

Most the time, actually.

Trauma Dumping: a hilarious thing I do

Boring mental health gymnastics

veryaloneman: what the shid is this?

this episode is better than IMDb's top rated films of all time.

What am I doing, music playlists, money

This is another episode of veryaloneman podcast. Listen to it, or don't. That'd be up to you.

Official Podcast Man: Excessive Swearing

I talk about a wasted day, yesterday, which led to weird emotions, getting drunk, and listening to the new Kendrick album. I don't know if I really talked about the Kendrick album in this episode, though. New day.

veryaloneman: the personal diary of a weird guy

24th episode. shout out kobe, but this episode doesn't showcase any inkling of mamba mentality. i talk about some things in the episode. mostly, how i fell off waking up early and completely messed up my flow. calmly keeping it pushing though.

Run this sh*t back

Do you make music playlists? What's your process in doing that? In today's episode I talk about that stuff, and it's extremely exciting. I can't imagine anyone falling asleep to it.

Soybeans, banana, dead spaces, things of that nature

Immediately broke the "trying to be funny" theme. I still try to be funny most the time for sure, but not in the absurd manner of which I spoke last episode.

Attempted Comedy

Who knows how long I'll try to keep this theme going, but I came to a realization that I want this podcast to be very focused on me trying to be funny.

Another Sunday`

Almost 9AM. What did I talk about? Schedule stuff (zzz... boring), how to pronounce "coyote", and I can't remember what else.

Feeling a light 3 on this one (shout out fantano)

This episode is worse than a Dexter series finale.

I've binge watched some TV series in my time

Yeah. I said it. I know, I know. I'm controversial. Stealing Family Guy bit? But hey, I'm not the only one. I at least admit to it, Others don't admit to it, and will tell you that they don't like or watch the show. So, look up in the stars and consider that the next time you wanna make fun of Seth MacFarlane.

15 Minutes

This episode is 15 minutes long. Andy Warhol stuff, ya know? I am not comparing myself to Andy. This episode doesn't have anything to do with Andy Warhol. Is he the 15 minute guy? That's why I'm talking about him. Anyway, this episode is 15 minutes.

Sweet 16 haha

Hey, what is this: a friggin joe rogan podcast? did i mention dmt? what are we- what is the deal?

like what haha omg

I talk about myself for a good 9-10 minutes, cows, and i forget what else. but i had to poop really badly, which fortunately forced me to stop the recording. a blessing disguised as a blessing.

Day of Overthinking

Wasn't feeling it today. It is now 5PM as I type this before I get ready to leave the house to make some money. New one tomorrow; let's get it.


in this episode i try to steer myself away from talking about myself, my own goals, etc. to focus more on random and more interesting topics whether they make sense or not. going forward, i'm going to try to go with more of a "5 minutes intro" before jumping into randomness that pops into my brain.

Intense, Heated Rants

You're listening to the morning rant podcast with veryaloneman. Be ready. It's about to get intense and heated.


in this episode i talk about some things, i'm pretty sure. but i can't confirm that information. 50 minutes of it, whatever it is though. whoah.

This MF lied about keeping it under 30 minutes

I have to poop, so I can't type up a summary of this episode.

This MF is Boring

I was so tired when recording this one. Energy low, stumbling through words, but I persevered. I also cut a good 15 or so minutes of dead space. I talk about some things if I recall.

This MF is stupid

TL;DR/Listen - I am stupid.

This is the longest episode to date. In the previous episode I had mentioned that I wanted to keep the next one (this one) to about 20 minutes. Well, I did that plus an hour. I stupidly and ignorantly cover topics, such as self-examination, cancel culture, shrooms, self-diagnosis communities, president stuff, a couple of TV series, being a dumbass, hating myself, and probably more. I wouldn't recommend listening.

Me talking to myself to get the day started; nothing to see/hear here

I had to poop, so I stopped recording. Otherwise, this episode could have been a few hours. What did I talk about in this episode? Listen to find out because I sure as hell will not be doing that. But seriously, I talked about delivery driver stuff from gig economy to Amazon to FedEx.

overly attached podcaster

in this episode i mention a song from kanye west, which kicks off a discussion about rappers' albums being released within the next month.

More Pretentious Shit

nearly 40 minutes, i spoke. unbelievable. who does this guy (me) think he is?

Shout out Earth; this one is 4 you

what to talk about, what to talk about... earth day, digging a hole of introspection or something like that, scrubs & psych characters, shaky voice, and that should about sum up everything. have a nice day.

Blue World

life, more scheduling, more nonsense.

well, well. this episode is not really worth tuning into. quite literally, it's a personal journal. best to have kept it to myself, but i have the desire to continue building a library of content. let's keep it pushing. i'm keeping with the number theme so far with the first two episodes being "first escape", and then the second one being "two deep". This one is a little more subtle, but it's the title of a mac miller song off the album, "circles" called "blue world". it is track 3 from the album...

Two Deep

omg, did you get the pun in the title? wow. that's content. this episode is bad. i wouldn't recommend hitting the "play" button. if you must, however; you can hear me ramble about: content creator aesthetics, twitch drama between people that have nothing to do with me, andrew hales, my insecurities of uploading this episode, and i think that's about it. oh, and along with the twitch drama in connection to andrew hales, i spoke on pranksters/social experiment people taking it too far sometimes.

First Escape

In this episode I go from speaking on my insecurities of being another podcaster, my terrible life schedule alongside gig economy work, the mysteriously nosy neighbor, and some more podcasts I want to do with friends. I like to ramble amongst myself.