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Praying for a Pebble Standard Issue
Last Monday at 2:59 AM

Google Bard dominates the conversation starters in tech circles for another week and the Android Police podcast is no exception as we get some early off-kilter responses that are sure to amuse and bemuse at your dinner parties. Similarly, some former Pebble employees are thinking about some names for a small phone they want to make. And if Meghan Trainor isn't out of your head after nearly a decade, well, get ready to be reintroduced with our Pixel Tablet convo. What a week, y'all.

03:31 | Once a Bard, Always a Bard

How to use Google Bard to...

The Gang Talks About BlackBerry

For, like, a hot second. And not before we get through a flood of Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 intelligence from the past week. Also on the docket, a Samsung non-controversy, a real Samsung controversy, a new Samsung phone, and... just a lot. It's everything, everywhere, all at... okay, maybe not so much that. No multiverse here. Just a lot of tech talk on the Android Police podcast.

05:11 | Eight is Great

Big Pixel Fold and 7a leak suggests a summer full of new Google hardwareGoogle's Pixel Fold might just avoid the pricing pratfall of past foldablesCheck out...

The Best Phone You Probably Can't Get

Whip out the Dole Whip and relax with the Android Police podcast! This week, we cover the usual grounds with the I/O event announcement and more progress on Android 14. Spotify plans to clean up the mess it's made out of its app with a tiny cotton swab, YouTube cleans up its language about bad language, and Sonos shapes up with some speakers coming out of its comfort zone. All that and more in the next 54 minutes.

04:52 | Google coverage

Google I/O 2023 is set for May 10thAndroid 14 Developer Preview 2 is here for Pixel phonesYou can now...

MWC 2023 - Rizzer (sic)

Will, Manuel, and, for the first time, our editor-in-chief James gather for a debrief round robin after a week of MWC 2023 coverage. From spotting Carl Pei at the Unihertz booth to destroying Motorola's rollable phone concept with facts and logic(?), the team's got a lot to talk about. Too bad our expensive audio recorder doesn't like our expensive SD cards. Or that we didn't have a Mini-USB cable. Despite all of that, we hope you enjoy this episode of the Android Police podcast!

OnePlus 11 Concept hands-on: This mobile cooling tech isn’t for saleOnePlus's folding phone is official, an...

What The Frenchy Firmware!?

Our Zachary Kew-Denniss joins the Android Police podcast this week to express all the things that have finally gone right for him in the world. By that, we mean getting a Galaxy flagship phone that doesn't have an Exynos chip in it. Plus, more chat about YouTube Premium, Android Auto, and the uncanny valley of Spotify's AI DJs all in this episode!

01:44 | The Curse of Exynos

Will the Galaxy S23 series mark an end to Exynos? Samsung's Texas-sized answer is 'no'Samsung Galaxy S23 review: A small success

20:27 | Googsoft

Google is bringing Magic Eraser...

Samsung Isn't Willing to Make The Right Upgrades

Is this a hot take? We don't really think so. For all the changes, the abacus flicks, the eraser shavings that have been spent on moving from Galaxy S22 to S23, Samsung has failed to change some of the fundamental flaws it has carried for years on end. We discuss that issue plus we find the joys and discomforts of the Oppo Find N2 Flip, find our feelings for the milquetoast OnePlus 11, and — first and foremost — laugh at the simulated pain and suffering that artificial intelligence has wrought on itself thanks to Google and Microsoft on this edition of the...

Bing Gets a Ding on Google

It's a full house on the Android Police podcast this week as our Manuel Vonau fills in for the vacationing Daniel, friend of the show Mishaal Rahman joins us to break down Android 14's first developer preview, Google breaks down trying to explain what its AI applications do, and Will tries not to break himself cramming in some thoughts on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and OnePlus 11. Like a good tarp, we cover a lot of ground.

02:03 | Android 14 DP1

The Android 14 Developer Preview is here, get it right nowAndroid 14 timeline revealed: Six releases before it’s stableGoogle an...

Galaxy Snore 23?

Iterative may be boring. But will the small details matter enough to get people talking and buying a new Galaxy S phone this year? With Unpacked out of the way, we're talking with XDA TV's Alex Dobie (who's had a lot of chat time with Daniel and Ara) about whether Samsung has made its case for an upgrade to the people it needs to convince. Get ready for a full 44 minutes of Galaxy S23 discussion!

Apologies for Ara's audio for most of the episode — the RAM suck that is Chrome affected her file, but that's fixed in th...

Small Blue Pill for Your Dock In A Box

The best things you'll hear on the Android Police podcast can't be scripted. We swear. In the prelude to Galaxy Unpacked, we chat about potential Pixel Tablet delays, the sound of a OnePlus Pad, and the bad, bad things Google has done across the advertising market, Google TV, Android Auto... it just piles up. Join us.

03:10 | Absorb this information

Google Pixel Tablet plans get streamlined as latest rumor goes all-in on ProHere’s your first look at the OnePlus Pad

13:32 | Not in a buying mood

Smartphone shoppers said 'no thank you' to last ye...

You Can't Make Compost Into an iPhone

We are the trash compactor of tech podcasts this week at the Android Police podcast as we whistle past Stadia's headstone, wobble between Samsung and Qualcomm's big partnership with the Galaxy S23, graciously evaluate Apple's mini-show of the season, and then throw it all away in a compost bin, replete with expensive subscription service. This will be the most enjoyable dumpster fire of an hour you'll spend this week. Enjoy!

04:41 | Vale Stadia

Will Google Stadia be missed?Google's Stadia Controller Bluetooth upgrade tool has arrivedNvidia cranks up GeForce Now’s frame rate big time with new RT...

Marques Had To Microwave This Take

Because it's pretty cold. But we'll get to that in due time. Also on this episode of the Android Police podcast, we round up our finds so far on Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2, let the Galaxy S23 color us unsurprised, and tie it all up with a pretty bow from Nothing because the present ain't worth it. We have to pace ourselves; it's packed a show.

04:13 | In Google

31 new emoji hit Google Pixels with Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2Android 13 QPR2 Beta 2 can force-theme all icons on your home screenGoogle's upcoming eSIM tweaks put users in control, not carriersSkagen...

ThinkPhone meets Pee Pebble

Our Stephen Schenck and Taylor Kerns have been trapezing across Las Vegas as CES 2023 rolls along and they were kind enough to drop by the Android Police podcast for a few minutes to give some thoughts on what they've seen so far from the likes of Razer, Withings, Lenovo, and others. Plus, Ara and Will cover Pixel 7 shatterings and Android Auto matters. It's all on this first episode of the year!

Apologies for the rough and choppy audio in the early portion — we had to take up our backup file for Stephen and Taylor's bytes.

0:15 | CE...

This Episode is Presented in 4DX

What do we use our technology to read, listen, and watch? Will and Daniel share their top picks across cinema and TV for what they ranked highly in 2022. It's Christmas — what else are you going to listen to? Happy holidays and we'll see you in a couple weeks to cap off CES.

‎Will Sattelberg’s profile • LetterboxdAvatar: The Way of Water (2022) | ScreenRantSpider-Man: No Way Home (2021) | ScreenRantThe Fabelmans (2022) | ScreenRantTop Gun: Maverick (2022) | ScreenRantEverything Everywhere All at Once (2022) | ScreenRantNope (2022) | ScreenRantThe Batman (2022) | ScreenRantJackass Forever (2022) | ScreenRantConfess, Fletch | ScreenRantTar (2022) | ScreenRantAftersun (2022) | ScreenRantAndor (2022) | ScreenRantYellowjackets (2021) | ScreenRantStation Eleven Ending, Real Meaning & Book Changes Explained ( Trek: Strange...


This week, we can't help ourselves. A billionaire who's in way too deep with a $44 billion waste of time has once again proven that he can't handle a little heat from journalists. Will he get out of the kitchen anytime soon? Preferably without burning the house down? That plus our first look at what features Pixel phones might get this spring, our picks for the Best of 2022, and so much more! It's the Android Police podcast.

04:15 | Where's Elon?

Free Speech On Twitter Doesn’t Apply To Journalists Who Cover Elon Musk (

13:04 | QPR2 St...

Big Dolphin Energy

This week on the Android Police Podcast, a case of artificial intelligence-induced Seasonal Affective Disorder and yet another cold have stricken at least one member of the team. It'll make talking about the latest Pixel Feature Drop, some Pixel Fold rumors, and those crazy Lensa profile pics a lot more interesting. Best enjoyed with a recommended dose of DayQuil or NyQuil.

03:01 | Drop the Feats

December Pixel Feature Drop has Clear Calling, a free VPN, and new Recorder tools for Google's latest phonesGoogle Pixel Fold animations offer best look at the foldable yet

37:00 | Machine Lightning...

OnePlusses and Minuses

December has come and we're on a merry-go-round here in Androidland with plenty to keep us busy. Whether we're bringing out our spectrometers for color critiques, needlessly bashing OnePlus (more than we have to) for its software updates, and rightfully bashing Elon Musk for using his favorite hammer to bash all his Twitter problems into shape, we invite you to come along with the Android Police podcast as we head into the last month of 2022 together!

01:16 | Radio Violence

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is finally here for you to show off how cool your listening tastes were this yearYouTube...

Is Alexa's Goose Cooked?

Yes, we're dropping this episode early this week — happy Turkey Day from the Android Police podcast. Don't mess with the bad birds.

In this episode, Will gets back from Hawaii safely and has more Snapdragon stuff to share. Also, we catch a ride on the struggle bus through Silicon Valley as the world tells Elon Musk to "soak their deck" and Amazon tries to whisper about Alexa being a failure without them hearing.

01:59 | Mahalo for the trip, Qualcomm

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has got what 2023 flagships craveQualcomm's plans for persistent machine vision feel very Google — in t...

Snappier in Gen 2

But will it be Dragon-ier? Maybe. Our own Will Sattelberg was at Qualcomm's Tech Summit in Hawaii this week for the debut of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. We're taking a quick run-through with SVP of Engineering Chris Patrick of all the things you need to know about it on this week's episode of the Android Police podcast.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has got what 2023 flagships craveOppo is first to announce a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phone, with a whole lot of collaborative swaggerOnePlus 11 is coming, featuring the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Samsung Galaxy S23 could go all-in with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Qualcomm's plans...

The One Thing Stadia Got Right?

Surprising SFX from the start! This was the title that the team played around with during the recording of this episode and it turned by the end of the session that this was not even true. You'll learn more about it from Android Police coverage later on. In the meantime, we've got old Google business, new Google business, and also our dip on the new MediaTek chip. Welcome to the Android Police podcast.

03:09 | Political birdball

Twitter ruined blue verified checks so Dbrand's like: screw it, stickers

08:09 | Pixel Ate

Google Pixel 8 leak tells us...

Matter Chatter

This week, we're settling down in our smart homes with the announcement of a bunch of gear supporting Matter, the new protocol that's supposed to unify the disparate Amazon, Apple, and Google ecosystems. Plus, a heaping side helping of Steam talk from the ChromeOS tests to our favorite games. It's the Android Police podcast.

06:18 | It's Matter Time

New smart home standard Matter is finally officially official with 190 certified devicesUsing Matter across multiple smart home ecosystems is a little complicated, but it will get betterLong-awaited Matter support is coming to 17 Amazon smart speakers and displays next monthNanoleaf...

The Tech Industry is Kinda Like Prometheus Right Now

In that it's kinda bad. That's it.

Daniel may have a cold (or something), but that won't stop him from taking down the Pixel Watch, the $449 iPad, and the massive financial wreck that is the tech sector these days. Also, Ara and Will are in there, too. And we get to talk about Android. I mean, Andor. This is what we're calling the jazz hands version of the Android Police podcast.

07:37 | Google

Google’s latest earnings confirm new hardware focus, fewer moonshots, and economic downturnGoogle needs to release a budget Pixel Watch a to be...

The Pop Social Gab Hour

The Android Police podcast is now available to own on DVD.

Sound the "pivot" klaxon as we cover Google's turning on the entire ship from YouTube to Pixel to cloud gaming and more. We might not survive the first 20 minutes of the episode.

03:16 | Down the YouTubes

YouTube Premium subscribers just got a massive surprise price hikeYouTube Music’s redesigned playlist view is rolling out widely

28:20 | Message Me This

Google is making Messages even more like iMessage, but still won't get you that blue bubbleNew Google Messages and Contacts app icons rolling ou...

Pixel Peepshow

After barely a week to review the phones and watch, we're all Pixel-pooped out. But hey, we're still more than ready to deliver you what we're thinking about the Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro, and the Pixel Watch — the stuff that actually didn't make it into our articles. All that plus some "breaking news" from Netflix (it was fresh on a Thursday) on this episode of the Android Police podcast!

03:47 | Pros talking Pro

Google Pixel 7 Review: The Most Refined Pixel YetGoogle Pixel 7 Pro review: A showcase for GoogleThe Google Pixel 7 Pro’s display draws an obscene amount of p...

Google's Pride and Prejudice

What's been made by Google can be unmade by Google, too. Yes, there was a big event last week that focused on refining what can be considered to be a successful hardware line. We also had a bunch of sticky notes reminding us to come back to other bits later. And then there's the juxtaposition of demise as we examine how Google continues to fail consumers with an emboldened policy of attrition toward programs like Stadia. We're riding the pendulum on this episode of the Android Police podcast.

05:11 | Pixel Phones

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro hands-on...

Not a Good Week for Mobile Gaming

And to think that we recorded this episode on Tuesday! Crack onto Thursday and Stadia goes kaput. But alas, we're here with a great show this week as people deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian and as we look ahead to more severe weather for as long as we live. We talk about how to prepare and what's coming to help on the tech side. That and a lot more on the Android Police podcast.

04:40 | Check out our Pixel Bracket!

Android Police on Twitter

15:46 | Weather troubles

How your phone can help you...

Always Actually On

Daniel walks on the edge of buying an Apple Watch Ultra, Will calls out Apple for doing a bad job of copying Android's always-on display, and Ara just wishes cases for foldable phones were better. It's a quintessential episode of the Android Police podcast and it starts with Pixel news...

02:14 | Tensor tension and Watch strapping

The Pixel 7's Tensor G2 has a lot of surprises for a boring upgradePixel Watch retail leak suggests Google thinks it can get away with Apple Watch pricingThe Pixel Watch could come in four colorways

19:23 | My Fold or Flip...

Apple Must Be High

Sometimes our work gets in the way of other work and that's what happened last week with the Android Police podcast. But we promise this week will be a heckuva one with Apple bashing, Android smashing, and some ass kicking. Get out of our way. Or get in it. In your ears.

02:38 | Apple cores

The Apple Watch Ultra is the rugged fitness watch Samsung should have madeAs Android wants to get rid of hole-punch cameras, Apple doubles down with Dynamic IslandGoogle apps want in on iOS 16's lock screen widgets and we're not at all jealous...

Booth Hopping at IFA

Berlin isn't known for potpourri, but we're making our own here with the Android Police podcast. Join the usual suspects plus our Europe Editor Manuel Vonau from outside IFA 2022 as we pick out some of the cool stuff from the trade show.

6:11 | Your starter course...

Lenovo's first 120Hz Chromebook debuts at IFA — but it's not for gamingOppo Reno 8 Pro’s third launch brings its low-light specialist camera to more marketsLenovo Glasses T1 (

20:21 | Phones in action

Sony's Xperia 5 IV is a pared-down flagship that still costs four figuresSamsung is bringing the affordable Gala...

The Cheaper Samsung is Better

Daniel is off again this week, but we have our own Stephen Schenck in with Ara and Will to discuss our virgin experiences with foldable phones of the Galaxy variety (we're talking about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4). And if that wasn't enough Samsung coverage for you, we've also got Galaxy Watch 5 chat on the way, too.

It's been a good, long week of testing and writing, so this show is just our labor of love to you, dear listener.

01:25 | Flip and Fold fo(u)rth!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: How I...

Is Android Becoming The Villain?

Google gave us an Android 13 surprise earlier this week and we have a special surprise guest because sometimes we like to show off — it's Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central! And with a show that's pretty much hardcore Google, you're in for a treat. Tiramisu, to be specific.

01:49 | Commissioner Gordon says...

Android 13 review: The update we need, not the one we wantAndroid 13 breaks automatic clipboard syncing, and Google won't fix itGoogle won’t let you downgrade your Pixel 6 or 6a from Android 13 — here’s whyGoogle’s official Android 13 statue sure looks a bit like a butt


Zac Attack on Unpacked

The Android Police podcast has been preparing for today and you get this lovely episode for our efforts. So, what's so great about the stuff Samsung Unpacked today? We have hands-on coverage and many more opinions from the usual suspects as well as our point man for Samsung stuff, Zachary Kew-Denniss!

01:52 | Zac holds up his Galaxy Z Fold 3 against the Fold 4.

14:43 | Will flips for the Flip 4

27:31 | Watch 5 has Ara feeling feelings

41:06 | Executive Daniel executive sums up the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Samsung just Unpacked the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4, the...

Pro-Pixel Buddies

This week on the Android Police podcast, we celebrate some more ChromeOS catch-ups, seek ad and tracker salvation from Google, and pick over the Pixel Buds Pro and more of the Pixel 6a.

2:13 | Daniel has some words about the Pixel Buds Pro and 6a.

Google Pixel Buds Pro review: Catching up, tuning out, and rocking onThe Pixel Buds Pro aren't even out yet, and the best colorway is already selling out everywhereSamsung Galaxy A53 vs. Google Pixel 6a: Which deserves your $450?

21:36 | Will strolls by some new Play Store policy and some lagging cookie replacement...

The Sexy 6a

The embargo's been lifted and we can finally talk about how we feel Google's new Pixel 6a has changed us for the better. That, or, we can just talk about it. Plus, other new phone launches in the next few weeks and a patch of tumult in Android launchers. All this week on the Android Police podcast!

2:21 | The hot topic.

Google Pixel 6a review: Regression is the better part of valueCheck out how Google's new Magic Eraser camouflage feature works before the Pixel 6a arrives next weekQualcomm's new chips might be what Wear OS needs to...

Does Nothing Matter?

Well, whaddya know? It's our regular episode of the Android Police podcast and we have our Europe Editor Manuel Vonau on to talk about his Nothing Phone (1) review. And you know it's super-fresh because we recorded it this morning!

2:07 | Nothing.

Nothing Phone 1 review: Premium design meets midrange everything else

20:14 | We're in Ara's hands (or on her wrists, I guess?) now...

Samsung teases One UI 4.5 for Galaxy Watch4's new keyboard experience, watch face options, and moreQualcomm teases its next-gen Snapdragon Wear chip, and we couldn't be more excited

31:19 | Will cleans it...

OSOM Sauce

We've got the sauce on OSOM, the Android startup founded by a collective of former employees who worked for Essential before Andy Rubin, facing public pressure for salacious work behavior at Google, dissolved the firm. OSOM tried to mix focuses on iconic industrial design as well as privacy and performance, but had to delay and reshape its launch product as it announced that the Solana blockchain would be backing what would be its first phone.

We dig into why with two people who are on the inside track through long chats with the company's executives: Android Police's...

Switch to Android (for the keyboards)

Every week is a big week outside of the Android space and while we can talk about those things, we at the Android Police podcast feel more equipped to be your nerdy escape. That said, please scream into the ether (or your pillow) as you need to. Also, drop a review if you can — we need some fresh feedback on our performance and it tends to matter more on the podcatchers. Thanks.

1:56 | Will, what are you angry about this week?

T-Mobile has started selling your app data to advertisers — here's how to opt outU.S. carriers unde...

The Respect to Redirect

We had a whole bunch of one-liners in this episode that I could've used for the title, but most of them were R-rated and even though our show seems to be designed with the 'E,' I'm trying to help the Android Police podcast go up in the rankings. Just a bit.

3:35 | Ara dishes on Chrome and Google Assistant reminders

ChromeOS 103 is all about bringing Chromebooks and Android phones closer togetherGoogle might be shaking up its approach to reminders on Android, starting with Calendar

18:54 | Will drives home his hatred of the Google Assistant driving...

Soul of LaMDA

On this week's show, a meditation on what one Google engineer saw in the artificial intelligence he was working on. Oh, and phones. Phones worth talking about, maybe phones worth talking down.

2:52 | It's the LaMDA segment and Dan is vibing.

Google suspends engineer who claimed that the company’s LaMDA chatbot has become sentient

23:32 | Samsung says "Fan Edition." Ara says "What fans?"

Samsung may fix the Galaxy S21 FE's biggest problem with some new hardwareSamsung may be giving up on Fan Edition phones

32:15 | Will talks about Nothing.

Nothing Phone 1: News, ru...

Apple: The Fun Company

Well, those are some words I didn't expect to put together in that order. Curveballs all the which way as we cover WWDC 2022 on the Android Police podcast. Also, Daniel is back (yay)!

3:27 | Dub dub.

6 things Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that Google did firstApple pulls an Android with iOS 16's new lock screen customizationApple is following Google's lead on cleaning up iMessage reaction textsA decade after launch, Apple Maps will support trips with multiple stopsApple's next-gen CarPlay teaser is making me anxious about Android AutomotiveApple's drag-and-drop-the-dog Visual Look Up tool is the coolest iOS 16 feature you...

Prime Pride

Happy Prime Pride Month! On this week's Android Police podcast, we stay on the Pixel beat with the upcoming phones and watch, beat down on carriers for not putting themselves to a higher standard and appreciate the heck out of newly-released Chromebooks. And Jules is back in the hot seat for one more week, but Daniel should be back and in control of things next week.

3:01 | Will is concentrated on Pixel news.

Someone listed a prototype Pixel 7 on eBay months before sales officially beginPixel 7 might end up reusing more than just the Pixel 6's cameraDon't expect...