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Suns head coaching search, Griner shines in Phoenix Mercury's WNBA season opener
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Episode 28 topics:

Is Suns assistant coach a better candidate to slide over to be their next head coach instead of Doc Rivers, Nick Nurse, Frank Vogel, and other candidates? Which of the Suns' eight pending free agents should be re-signed or let them walk? Would Brittney Griner's comeback season to Phoenix Mercury and leading the team to the 2023 WNBA title quell Suns fans' hurt from being routed and eliminated by Nuggets in the...

Did Monty Williams deserve to be fired by Suns?

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On Mother's Day discussed:

How Monty Williams changed the Suns into a winning culture, but what went wrong the past two years in their season-ending blowout losses in the West semifinals New Suns owner Mat Ishbia's role in the termination of Williams Potential new head candidates for Suns Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton possibly gone from Suns this summer, potential Suns trades

Suns in '23 Playoffs, Which NBA team had the most disappointing season?

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Predictions for Sun-L.A. Clippers series outcome Which team had the most disappointing season? Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans, or Chicago Bulls? Did ex-Suns starter Mikal Bridges' deserve to be a Most Improved Player award finalist? Should Suns move on from Chris Paul if they don't win the '23 Finals? Short review of New Jersey's greatest hip hop artists

Can Suns Make It Through The Wild West To The Finals?

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Why Suns fans can rejoice about the Dallas Mavericks not going to the playoffs Who would be the better first round opponent, Pt. 2 (Clippers or Warriors)? Should Suns sign a veteran big (i.e. DeMarcus Cousins) to replace the their top shotblocker Bismack Biyombo for an insider enforcer? Review of trash talkin in 2023 women's basketball, NCAA tournament

Why Phoenix Suns need to stop complaining about free throw disparities

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Suns' free throw disparity complaints, what has made them lose five of their last six games? Which Suns players are likely to step up on offense and defense with Devin Booker continuing his 30-point games? Would you rather have Suns face Clippers or Warriors in the 2023 playoffs' first round? NCAA men's basketball head coaching carousel after national tournament losses

Kevin Durant's out but here's what he provides to Suns

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Mr. ORNG discusses him coaching his alma mater Peoria High School boys basketball team to its first ever Arizona 4A conference state title on 3/2/23. Discussion about Kevin Durant's first three performances for Suns and what he provides for the Suns offense before he sprained his ankle on 3/8/23. Is Devin Booker and Kevin Durant already the best NBA duo?

Phoenix Suns' greatest players additions from trades before Kevin Durant

Discussion of the greatest Suns players besides Durant, Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, Charlie Scott, Tom Chambers, Kevin Johnson, and more added to their roster from trades and free agency.

Will the Suns have buyer's remorse after trading for Durant, and seeing the younger Mikal Bridges continues to play at an All-Star level in Brooklyn?

How does winning the Slam Dunk Contest help Mac McClung's brand as a new member of the 76ers?

Why was the All-Star Game so slowly played? A look at low incentives for players who already have their endorsement deals...

Who Might Be Moved By Suns Before Feb. 9 Trade Deadline?

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Will Deandre Ayton be traded from the Suns? Who else from their roster might be on the trading block, and who should they acquire? Cam Johnson's impact on the Suns offense and defense in his expected return after missing 37 games from his knee injury at home vs. Brooklyn Nets on Jan. 19 The 1992-93 Phoenix Suns team which made the NBA Finals that season will reunite and be honored at Footprint Center on Jan. 21 when Suns host...

Mat Ishbia Could Thrive As New Suns Owner, NBA Christmas Games

Former Suns player Cedric Ceballos, Suns beat writer Dana Scott from azcentral, Suns super fan Mr. ORNG (aka Dr. Battillo) also discuss the storyline of the five Christmas games and which will be the most important:

Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warriors Phoenix Suns at Denver Nuggets Follow @cedceballos @PHXMRONG and @iam_DanaScott on Twitter.

Why are Suns in a dark spot? Should Brittney Griner play in WNBA again?

How Suns went from the Western conference's first-place spot to fourth after their losses to the Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, New Orleans Pelicans (one in an 11-point loss, and the second of a back-to-back within a weekend), and Houston Rockets. Unwritten rules: Did some of the Suns have a right to be mad at Zion Williamson's 360 windmill dunk in the closing seconds of Pelicans' 128-117 home win? Chris Paul's inconsistency since his return on Dec. 7 vs. Celtics after missing 15 games. The return of Brittney Griner to Phoenix after nearly one year in Russian detainment. Should she play for Phoenix Mercury...

It's crazy that Devin Booker still isn't in MVP conversation after scoring 50 points vs Bulls

Ceballos discusses the origins of his collaborative rap single "Ya Don't Stop" featuring former NBA player Dana Barros, rap legends Grand Puba and Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Diamond D and A.G. from the B-Ball's Best Kept Secret compilation album released in 1994. Ceballos details his blindfolded 1992 NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner Why isn't Suns' Devin Booker in the early MVP conversation despite the Suns being shorthanded and first place in the Western conference? Breaking down the NBA's best duos this season besides Booker and Deandre Ayton Ceballos reveals what it takes to score 50 points like himself in 1994 with the...

Former Suns forward Cedric Ceballos joins The Inferno as co-host to discuss Suns, Lakers

Free throw disparity between Suns and their opponents How can Suns avoid 8-7 record after 7-1 start Impact of Cam Johnson's absence from knee injury Ceballos discusses being traded from Suns to Lakers in 1994, All-Star appearance in '95 Devin Booker's comment about defying light-skinned Black stereotype of being soft

Suns Figuring Out Their Depth In Preseason

What went wrong for Suns in their preseason home-opening upset loss to NBL's Adelaide 36ers Who will step up to fill the physical and defensive presence that soon-to-be traded Jae Crowder provided as their starting power forward? How Suns bounced back to beat rival Lakers in their second preseason game in Las Vegas Why Ish Wainwright needs to be the "Jae Crowder 2.0" he's been wanting to emulate since the 2021-22 season Who will be new key role players from the Suns bench How should Suns organization moves forward to find new majority owner after the Robert Sarver fallout Monty Williams...

The Kevin Durant trade talks proved Phoenix Suns' power for 2022-23 season

Why the nixed summer-long Kevin Durant trade talks between Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets was a moral victory for the Suns Where Deandre Ayton will stand with the team after this summer's trade talks and four-year max deal he signed in July to stay in Phoenix Suns celebrating 30th anniversary of their 1992-93 season "sunburst" uniforms for the 2022-23 season; which were the best and worst Suns jerseys in team history Which Suns role players should be watched the most at training camp? Follow on Twitter:

-- azfamily channel's @MarkMcClune, watch his Extra Point sports nightly show @azfamily at 10:30p...

Phoenix sports' top players Booker, Ayton, Murray get max deals

Comparison of Suns starting center and recent free agent Deandre Ayton's four-year, $133 million max deal to Kyler Murray's five-year, $230 million extension from Cardinals. Review of 2022 MLB All-Star Game Who will be the new face(s) of the WNBA after Phoenix Mercury's Diana Taurasi and Seattle Storm's Sue Bird retire?

Kevin Durant trade talks start one crazy summer in Phoenix, Suns in NBA Summer League

Co-hosts Dana Scott and Mr. ORNG dedicate this show in loving memory of Mr. ORNG's late mother and fellow Suns fan Carol Mead. She passed away on June 14.

Ep. 11 topics discussed:

Discussion about Mead's last wish obliged, buried wearing Devin Booker jersey How Kevin Durant trade talks affect Suns' roster, including Deandre Ayton for where he possibly could be if he's dealt in a sign-and-trade, and free agency market this summer. Review of Las Vegas Summer League's splendor for fans and team personnel, and Suns' 104-84 win over Lakers in their first of five games July 8...

Moves Suns can make to get into the 2022 draft

Possible teams to trade with and Suns players to give up from their roster to get into the draft. Mr. ORNG discusses his high school boys basketball team Peoria Panthers, who competed in the Section 7 basketball tournament at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. The azcentral Sports Awards at Arizona State's Gammage auditorium on June 11.

How will Phoenix Suns shine in the 2022 offseason after their Game 7 debacle?

Co-hosts Dana Scott and Mr ORNG (aka Patrick Battillo) discuss:

Breakdown of the Mavericks beating Suns in Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals. Should Suns re-sign their former No. 1 overall draft pick Deandre Ayton to a rookie max extension, sign-and-trade him, or let him walk as a restricted free agent?

Will the Suns win Game 7 vs. Mavericks?

What unraveled for the Suns in Game 6 for them to lose, 113-86, in Dallas? What adjustments should be made for Game 7 in Phoenix? Did Jokic deserve to win the MVP again? Follow @iam_DanaScott and @PHXMRORNG on Twitter

Which will be more entertaining playoff series? Suns-Mavericks or Warriors-Grizzlies?

Discussion about the Western Conference semifinals No. 1 Phoenix Suns vs. No. 4 Dallas Mavericks and No. 3 Golden State Warriors vs. No. 2 Memphis Grizzlies player and team performances in the playoff thus far Why it's weird Ja Morant won the 2022 Most Improved Player award

Will Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns Meet In West Finals?

Inferno co-hosts Dana Scott and Patrick Battillo (aka Suns superfan "MR. ORNG") discuss the Phoenix Suns and Memphis Grizzlies in the playoffs, and Ja Morant's impact leading Memphis to the NBA Western Conference's No. 2 seed with Grizzlies beat writer Shy Brown.

Are Memphis Grizzlies the Suns' biggest NBA title threat?

Topics in order:

Game reviews of North Carolina vs Duke in Final Four, UConn vs NC State in women's tournament Elite 8 Suns losing to Memphis Grizzlies on April 1 and Memphis having the NBA's second-best record behind Phoenix NBA Coach of the Year candidates besides Monty Williams UNC vs Kansas NCAA championship (this episode was recorded on April 4 before the game) Follow Dana Scott @iam_DanaScott and Patrick Battillo @PHXMRONRG on Twitter.

Episode 4: Suns arena's resident DJ Automatic talks Phoenix hip hop and hoops

DJ Automatic spinning at Suns home games since 2021 and the Phoenix hip hop market Suns' five-game win streak since losing to Toronto Raptors on March 11, and going 10-4 withtout March Madness/NCAA men's and women's college basketball tournament's first and second-round review Retirement of Jamal Crawford on March 21, 2022. Follow @DJAutomatic @iam_DanaScott and @PHXMRORNG on Twitter

Arizona High School Sportswriter's Roundtable

Five topics discussed:

Suns' performance since the 2022 All-Star Break Memories of Suns' Hall of Fame broadcaster Al McCoy following his 50th anniversary tribute at Footprint Center on March 2 Arizona high school boys and girls state championships review Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski's final home game at Cameron Indoor Stadium Phoenix Mercury star center Brittney Griner detained in Russia on drug smuggling charges Follow Dana Scott (@iam_DanaScott), Mr. ORNG (aka Peoria boys basketball head coach Patrick Battillo, @PHXMRORNG), Richard Obert (@azc_obert), Anthony Ray (@ArizonaPreps), and George Courtney III (@GC3ArizonaPreps) on Twitter.

The Inferno podcast Episode 2: Suns outlook after All-Star break

The Inferno co-hosts Dana Scott (@iam_DanaScott) and MR. ORNG (@PHXMRORNG) discuss how the Suns will move forward following the All-Star break without Chris Paul in the regular season's second half.

The Inferno Episode 1: Can Devin Booker Win All-Star MVP?

Episode 1 Topics:

How can Devin Booker win All-Star MVP? Best Phoenix Suns head coaches ranked Michael Jordan's 59th birthday tribute (review of the 1993 Suns vs. Bulls NBA Finals)
*Would Suns' 2021-22 season be considered a failure if they reach 70 wins without NBA title?