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Two-Headed Podsters who've perfected the FF Championship Formula with Stats+Facts+WW. Listen and start winning NOW We'll discussing Fantasy Football rankings, strategies, and analytics to help you bring that trophy home. Weekly match-ups, player discussions, salivating fantasy statistics will keep you ahead of the curve on structuring a championship team. Follow us as we journey into the 2020 NFL regular season and BEYOND!

We love TE's!

Tightends is a position of mystery every year. We don't analyze the top TE choices but discuss options that are going in the mid rounds. The discussion goes deep into yearly stats and how each player will benefit your fantasy team. 

Run It BACK!

Tune in to find out which non-stud RB will boom this year. We review all rookies and first year starters that will bring value to your team in the mid-late rounds.

Get your Quarter-back this year!

Sklep and Shahan breakdown this years fantasy QB battles and which QB is best suited for your team. They discuss QBs that are on the rise and which QB will fall to the dumpster. Tune in to find out who you should draft this year to lead your team to a championship. 

NFL Draft + Rookie Fantasy Options

We analyze this years picks and determine which players will have immediate fantasy impact. There are also plenty of mystery players and gems that we highlight to help make it easier to win this years championship. 

2021 Official Mock Draft

Learn which draft prospects your teams pick when Shahan and I play GM. We discuss the biggest needs for each team and why we think our selection will be a game changer. 

Free Agency 2k21

Today we discuss the big offseason signings, trades and cuts. Find out which teams won and lost this offseason. Our fact driven episodes rolls into the exciting 2021 NFL Draft.

AFC Free Agency

Explore the AFC and find out which players each team is targeting. We talk about cap space, cuts, trades and NFL news. 

NFC Free Agency

Taking a deep dive into the NFC salary cap and where we think the top free agents will land. 

2020 Conclusion + Big Game Prediction

We discuss our 2020 predications along with which players BOOMed/ BUSTed and suprised us. Listen along to hear our thoughts of the big game this sunday.

Fantasy Playoffs: Heads Up and Down

Its the start of playoffs, find out which players we love and hate this week! Get yourself into the championship by tuning in!

Turkeys Up , Foes Down Edition

Tune in to find out which players we love and hate this week. Grab our facts and stats and plug them into your lineups this week to get you ready for the playoffs.

Week 12 Waiver Wire Show

Find out which players you should pick up off the waivers this week. Only a few weeks left and each addition and win is crucial to you winning the championship. 

Week 11: HeadsUp and HeadsDown

Find out which players we are high/low on! 

Waiver Wire Show: Week 11

Find out players we love and hate for Week 11. It's a week to week challenge moving forward, find your way to the championship by picking one of our key player(s) this week. 

Week 10 Heads Up and Down

Find out which players have favorable matchups this week and which players are doomed! Tune in NOW

Week 10 Wavy Wire

Find out which players have value during our Week 10 waiver wire show! There is still plenty of weeks left in fantasy, pick up one of our studs to win your matchup. 

Week 9 Heads Up and Down

Week 9 players that will thrive or fail! Find out who you should start and sit this week. 

Week 9 Waiver Wire Show

Find out which players you should add this week! 

Week 9 Waiver Wire Show

Turn your team around by picking up one of our Waiver Wire options. There is still a ton of talent to be talked about so TUNE IN NOW! 

Week 8: Heads Up and Down

We are half-way done with the season...find out which players we love and hate this week. Our discussions are around players we think will thrive based off fantasy matchups or will fall due to team obstacles. 

Waiver Wire Week 8

We discuss the best QB, WR, RB, TE and Defensive options as we battle injures and bye weeks. Tune in to find out which options will win you week 8 and the championship. 

Week 7: Heads UP and down

Week 6 is in the books! We are looking forward to presenting you with top starts and sits in week 7. Included in this week episodes are injures, news and fantasy secrets. 

Week 6 Heads up and Down

Dive deep into our week 6 favorite matchups. Find out which players we love and hate! 

Week 6 Waiver Wire Show

We discuss the best waiver options that will help improve your fantasy lineups along with positional matchups that will BOOM you to victory.

Week 4 Fantasy Heads Up/Down

We discuss week 4 fantasy value and which matchups we favor this week. CoVid has postponed a game already this year so, find out which players you should start and sit. 

Week 3 Matchups + Sleepers

We review the TNF matchup as well as discuss players we love and hate this week. 

Week 3 Waiver Wire + TNF

Week 2 Fantasy Focus

Find out which players will boom or bust this week in our Heads up and Heads down segment. We are also introducing "Shaking our Heads" and "Heads over Heels" players that we both agree will either perform well or flop. You need to take Fantasy Football one week at a time so TUNE in to find out which players will win you your weekly matchup. 

Waiver Wire Week 1 + TNF Matchup

Need to find value on the waiver wire to replace duds or injuries? Tune in this week to find fantasy options for your team. TNF is discussed and find which players we love or hate in the Bengals vs. Browns matchup. 

Fantasy Kickoff Week 1

Week 1 will have its ups and downs but so will fantasy. Tune in to find out which players you should start and which players you should sit in our Heads Up and Heads Down segment. 

TNF + Week 1 Match-ups part 1

TNF kicks off with Houston vs. Kansas City. Learn which players will thrive during the first game of the year. Tune in further to hear about the first part of this Sundays match-ups. Fantasy value will be found and lost in our Heads up/ Heads down segment. 


Need to find a reliable handcuff during times of uncertainty? Tune in to find out who we think will shine if COVID hits a star RB. 

Dolphins Breakdown ft. DolphinsTalk

Insider information on what to look forward too in 2020. We talk camp battles, offseason moves, and what the future looks like for the Miami Dolphins. 


Best sleepers for the 2020 season right at the palm of your hands! 

Mid-Tier RB's you need to DRAFT

Finding an RB gem is tough especially in a pass-happy league...Let us provide you with the best mid-tier RB options to allow your team to reach the promised land. 

Fantasy Basics Toolkit

Always wanted to learn how to play fantasy football but you weren't sure how to get started? Well, here's the perfect episode for you. We describe how to start a league, fantasy football rules, types of leagues, prizes, and how to win your first championship. Tune in to find out how to get things rolling. Its never too late to enjoy Fantasy Football!

Out with the old, in with the AFC East

Looking into this division there's tons of new talent everywhere. Tom Brady has left the division which now allows for another QB to reign supreme. The Bills stand-out to many as the front runner but will the Dolphins surprise the division? Which team has the biggest question marks going into the 2020 season? Tune in and find out.

NFC South Breakdown

Visit the NFC south where Carolina changes their identity and the others look to take there respected spots at the top of the division. Falcons add veteran talent on offense and defense while the Saints retain a majority of their roster. How will the Bucs respond to the addition of Tom Brady and company in Tampa? Find out all the answers by tuning in. 

Fantasy Focus: AFC North

Big Ben is back in action which means Steelers and co. should rise to the occasion. It won't take much time to determine if Juju is a boom or bust candidate. The young Bengals have firepower but will Burrow help Mixon's value? As talented as the Browns roster is can their relevance help you win this year? Fantasy powerhouse Ravens should continue to shine but will Dobbins step into a significant role? We answer these questions for you to help guide you to Fantasy gold! 

Moving towards the AFC North!

The talented AFC North has made major improvements this offseason which will make it more challenging for the Ravens to repeat. Find out why the Browns will make a push towards the number one spot and why the Steelers have the capability of stealing the reign from both teams. Bengals find their guy in Joe Burrow but is he our favorite Bengals player in 2020? Tune in now to find out!