Stuff I Can't Tell My Parents

36 Episodes

By: Beau Hufford, Elle Fishwick, Sht Show Media

A raw, honest and vulnerable discussion about those intimate and embarrassing questions you might not be able to ask the people closest to you. A 17 year old girl talks candidly with her lifelong family friend who just happens to be a 45 year old man. Get ready for all the hilarious moments that get created when two different generations help discuss and learn everything they know nothing about. Hosted by Elle Fishwick and Beau Hufford

When Is The Right Time To Do The Wrong Stuff

The title says it all and we talk about getting dirty with all the interesting, scary and wonderful things we want to try before its too late.

Home Away From Home

Elle and Beau discuss what it means to call someplace home after being away for so long.  

Rushing Into Everything

Elle tackles week two of college and is still trying to find her place.

College: Week One

Elle embarks on the next phase of being an adult and is so excited about whats to come.  Beau feels massively old knowing it wasn't just yesterday he was in college.  Get ready for a jam packed episode of new beginnings.  Bare with us on the audio, It's our first remote episode!!!

Boy Crazy And The Hatred Of Pets

Elle has a growing urge to put her dancing shoes on and finds that more than one people are taking notice.  Then Beau and Elle discuss the love and hatred of dogs.

Use Your Nice Words

What's the worst thing anyone has ever said to you and what's the worst thing you've ever said?  Elle and Beau get into this week and remember all the trash they've thrown and received.

College Might Not Be For Me

Elle visits the campus of her future college and realizes she might not be ready for this new chapter.  Beau remembers his experience in college and reinventing himself.

Parental Guidance

What is it to be a parent?  Do you want kids or even like them?  Elle and Beau break art all down and challenge their imaginary parenting skills.

Takin' A Break

We took a break and went out and did so much stuff we can't tell our parents.  But we can tell you.

When You Know, You Know.

Elle asks about marriage, family and when is the right time.  Then we have very special guests in the form of Elle's brother who just so happened to get married recently.

Taking Your Own Advice

Elle and Beau give each other advice both for the present and in the future.  Elle also has to look at where she's at and where she wants to be.  The mirror is clean and ready for reflection this week.

A-Holes Unite

Elle and Beau come in hot this week with a couple call outs and a tear down of what it means to be honest, to be kind and to be a straight up a-hole.  The energy is thick this week so strap in and put your adult ears on cause we have stuff to talk about.

The Last Dance

Elle is coming to the end of the road with school and friends.  As she prepares for prom, she has questions about the future and whether it gets any better than this.  Beau has so many questions and a couple answers.  Put on your prom dress and let's slow dance through all the vulnerability together.

Friends Till The End

What makes a good friend? Beau and Elle take a look into what it takes to build a friendship that is mutually beneficial, how to sustain it and how every friendship evolves.

The Notorious GOD

Elle and Beau dive into the questioning of Religion, God, Heaven and Hell. We get to see the differences of faith and religion and where each of us stand.

All Lies On Me

Lies, fibs, same thing…kind of. Elle and Beau jump into the deep waters that lying can cause and how we struggled in our own ponds.

Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name

Beau and Elle discuss the struggles and impacts on people shaming us. We get to dive into ways we’ve changed and developed because of the influence of others shame.  

How The Grinch Stole Innocence

Elle and Beau rapid fire crazy stories with special guest Macey. From poop to porn we laugh about all the nutty stuff going on in our lives. 

Crazy In A Relationship

Are any of us really crazy? Elle questions Beau on his experiences with crazy girlfriends and what makes us crazy in relationships. Elle shares some crazy girlfriend experiences of her own! 

Rages For The Ages

It's party time and we discuss going hard with consumption but then the conversation flips and we get into all kinds of topics.

Beauty Is A Beast

Elle questions Beau on what he thinks the value of beauty is in our society. We look into how beauty plays a role in so many aspects that we often don’t even realize.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Elle and Beau dig into the meaning of happiness.

The Delightful Curse Of Social Media

We love it.  We hate it.  It's addicting and destructive and it's never going away so we decided to dive in and talk social media and all that goes along with it.  Elle and Beau jump in and the age gap creates a compelling conversation.

This One Goes Out To All The Rejects

Elle needs advice on how to deal with rejection and Beau has had plenty of opportunities to learn from it.  We dive into what we learn from success and failure and how that makes us better.

Drinking In The Bushes

Elle starts off sore from some body modifications in the form of piercing and ponders if tattoos are in her future.  Then Beau and Elle get into the nitty gritty of drinking, overdoing it and what it's like to wake up in the bushes.

The Most Embarrassing Ever!

Elle wants to know what the most embarrassing moment for Beau was but she might not have the appetite for it.  We discuss self love, image, bullying and how important good support systems are.

The Scoop On Poop

Things get a little crappy this week and Elle and Beau end up talking about all sorts of dark material.  We also get talking to some friends about a less than exciting release.  Come for the poop, stay for the messy aftermath.

Evolving Relationships

As Elle manages her time, she wonders how much do relationships actually change throughout time and Beau has a lot to say on the matter.

I Don't Want To Be Here

Elle is having a hard time balancing life, friends, relationships and family.  Beau gives his best advise on how to manage time and get what you want.

College Or Travel

Elle is having a dilemma about whether she should jump straight into college after high school and have the college experience or travel the world and soak in culture.  With Beau's background in doing both, he's got some suggestions.

Rumors, Lies, And The Honest Truth

Elle shares a personal story of how rumors can spread like wildfire and wreak havoc in the process.  Beau remembers a time when association made him guilty for something he never even knew happened.  We can't make this up.

Day One Evil Isn't Good

Elle and Beau talk about the idea of good and evil and if some people are just born this way.  We've got a lot of questions about it and we do our best to tear it apart.

Taking Anxiety To The Dance

Elle is freaking out about the upcoming dance and hats the nervousness and anxiety to prove it.  Beau tries to calm her nerves and get to the bottom of whats really going on.

Are You Afraid Of Being Alone?

Elle wants to know how to deal with her ongoing FOMO and wonders if Beau can handle all of his alone time without losing his mind.

Quit Crying Old Man

Elle wants to know if adult men are able to emote and Beau does his best to hold back the tears.  

Put A Sock On The Door!

In our first episode, Elle walks in on her parents doing the nasty and is forever imprinted with the image.  Beau tries to not think too visually about it and we call on our good friend Meryl to tell a similar experience too!