Messages Of Love With Genette Brush

40 Episodes

By: Genette Brush

Guidance, Scripture, Prayer, Words of Encouragement. Tips and tools to develop trusting your Inner Guidance. Your Intuition & Heart. Developing the daily practice of Listening To YOUR BODY, AND using LOVE as a tool to transform every area of your life.

Conscious Connections
Yesterday at 6:34 PM

There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships.

Come To Me
Yesterday at 5:27 PM

Scripture / guidance / reflection

Surrender to Wonder and Awe
Yesterday at 5:12 PM

When Things Are Not Going Your Way
Yesterday at 5:10 PM

Scripture / Guidance

Dearest You
Yesterday at 4:56 PM

Sunday Morning Psalms
Yesterday at 4:52 PM

Psalm 92 … Stir Emotions of Thanksgiving/Sunday Prayer. Psalm 150 … Morning prayer / When you feel grateful.

Last Saturday at 9:43 PM

Merging your guidance from your angelic teachers to help you love yourself

The Best Life
Last Saturday at 9:38 PM

Surrender Your Ego
Last Saturday at 9:38 PM

My Face Is Shining Upon You
Last Saturday at 9:30 PM

Daily Scripture

Dearest You
Last Saturday at 9:26 PM

Against The Grain 2
Last Friday at 4:21 PM


Against The Grain 1
Last Friday at 4:21 PM


Surrender Your Belief in Scarcity
Last Friday at 4:07 PM

Let Me Bless You
Last Friday at 4:02 PM

Daily Scripture & Rant * Please note rant contains explicit language *

You Are Fully Known
Last Friday at 3:43 PM


Dearest You
Last Friday at 3:43 PM

Friday Morning Psalms
Last Friday at 3:24 PM

Psalm 96… Reinforced spiritual strength. Psalm 150… Morning prayer/when you feel grateful

Relax The Hold Of Darkness And Be At Cause
Last Thursday at 5:09 PM

Guidance / Healing

Thursday Morning Psalms
Last Thursday at 4:54 PM

Psalm 67 … attract friends/eliminate discontent and frustration. Psalm 150 … The morning prayer, when you feel grateful

All Things Are Possible
Last Thursday at 4:49 PM

Scripture, guidance

Try To View Each Day
Last Thursday at 4:39 PM

Scripture, encouragement

Surrender Stress
Last Thursday at 4:31 PM

Dear You
Last Thursday at 4:28 PM


Wednesday Evening Psalms
Last Thursday at 4:34 AM

Psalm 33 & Psalm 70

Messages Of Love
Last Thursday at 12:31 AM

Recorded Live 01.12.22 

Free Will/ Balance / Unity

Balance ❤️
Last Wednesday at 4:45 PM

Living in the moment and allowing the future to unfold naturally from your own wisdom.

Inner Trust
Last Wednesday at 4:39 PM

Guidance / Healing

Let Me Prepare You
Last Wednesday at 4:24 PM

Daily Scripture / Guidance

Surrender Resentments
Last Wednesday at 4:14 PM

Do Not Be Terrified Or Discouraged
Last Wednesday at 4:08 PM

Daily Scripture / self reflection / slight rant

Dearest You
Last Wednesday at 3:47 PM

Guidance / encouragement

Wednesday Morning Psalms
Last Wednesday at 3:43 PM

Psalm 47… Find love each and every day/encourage pleasure, joy and happiness. Psalm 150… The morning prayer / when you feel grateful.

Tuesday Evening Psalms
Last Wednesday at 4:47 AM

Psalm 123 Receive kindness from all persons Psalm 70 Nightly Prayer. A good nights rest is in store for those who pray this before retiring. Also repels those with wicked intentions.

Divine Guidance
Last Wednesday at 4:44 AM

Opening your heart to love through direct experience with God and the angelic kingdom

Spirals Of Manifestation
Last Wednesday at 4:42 AM

Guidance / Healing

There Is A Time For Everything
Last Tuesday at 5:26 PM

Scripture / Guidance / ❤️

Surrender Denial
Last Tuesday at 5:15 PM

Trust Me
Last Tuesday at 5:08 PM

Daily Scripture / Guidance

Dearest You
Last Tuesday at 5:00 PM

Encouragement / Guidance