Mitchy by Nature

40 Episodes

By: Mitchell Anton MacEachern

Join Mitchell Anton MacEachern, a philosopher, polymath, and cultural critic, as he riffs about morality, decision-making, psychedelics, spirituality, critical thinking, and what it means to live a meaningful life.

Io Sono Spiacente, Emotions Versus Information, and More on My Definition of Love
Yesterday at 6:00 PM

Emotions feel more valuable than information, but information is more valuable than emotions. 

Narrow Perspective, the Long View, and Holding Yourself Back
Last Friday at 10:00 PM

On a long enough timeline, everything changes. 

Resistance, Anti-Conscience, and the Fear of Success
Last Wednesday at 1:00 AM

You make it. That's how it's made. 

The Longview, Impending Change, and How Fear Works

The more you develop the areas where you are weak, the stronger you become. 

Violence, Art, and Evolution

Is art merely captured attention capturing attention?

Identity, Anonymity, and Getting a Job

If you don't take what is available, you'll quickly run out of options. 

Silent Hill, Fear, and Amusement Parks

The only way out of it is in through it. 

Identity, Cap the Bubbles, and Floor the Crises

To "identify" with something is to "claim ownership over it".

Being Grateful, Depression, and Getting Carried Away

I want to apologize for my cavalier attitude regarding some sombre stuff. I am sorry. I will be more mindful going forward.

I also want to apologize for the minor technical difficulties that popped up at the end of the podcast.

Breaking Up, Thinking Out Loud, and Mental Spiral Part Two - Part Two

When you are in a mental spiral, try your best not to make any decisions. Just be patient.

Breaking Up, Thinking Out Loud, and Mental Spiral Part Two - Part One

Just because something feels good, doesn't mean it is good for you. 

Propaganda, A Lot of F-Bombs, and Why Commercials are so Stupid

Stop listening to people you've never met and who don't give a f*ck about you. 

Wearing a Hat, Data Pools, and Is Social Media Making the World Worse?

What would you do if you had the power of invisibility? 

Working Out, Self-Development, and Why Pain is So Useful

No pain, no gain!

Bamboo Flute Music, The Deceiver, and Selling Me the Wonderful Day

If it wasn't a waste of your time and money, you'd never hear about it.

The Past, Petals, and How Etymology Works.

Who would have thought?

Inventing Reality, the Earth is Alive, and the Gift of Journaling

We became because the Earth was. 

Home, Yawning, and What Is It Like to Be an Infant?

After all the pain and fear and confusion, you're left with peace. 

Mental Spirals, Dead End Decisions, and a Mind on Fire

I don't want to do this, but I did.

Afraid of Heights, Identity, and When Do You Talk Shit About Yourself?

If something scares you, but also interests you and/or excites you, you need to try it. 

Shant Should, Mr Mill, and Self-Reflection in Action

I didn't plan on catching my own ignorance in action, but there ya go.

Horcruxing, Identity, and a Whole Lot of Swearing

F*ckn technology!

Ancient Sparta, Self-Development, and Almost Going to Toronto

Well I'm glad I didn't go that way.

Inspiration, Etymology, and Love at First Sight

That lady is washing her car in the rain!

Boredom, Driving, and Getting Gas Part 2

Boredom is the theatre that reveals our truth to our mind. 

Boredom, Driving, and Getting Gas Part 1

What is attention if not a pain threshold? 

Culture, Happiness, and Trees

Words are not what they point at. A cat is not a cat. Our word cat merely calls our attention to the fundamental mystery we call a cat. Don't cling to words. Don't mistake the finger pointing for the moon. 

Driving, Neutral Awareness, and What is an Identity?

You are it. How do I know? Well, I don't know for sure. But, with that said, if you think about it, we can reverse engineer how we got here. And if we go back far enough, we get to the source of us all - the Big Bang. You are ever single yesterday that ever occurred, you simply need to sit still and wonder about it all. If you do, I bet you'll soon realize that you are it.

Dichotomies, the Hunter Analogy, and the Goal-Oriented Spirit

Remember: Don't forget

Suffering, Evolution, and Dinosaurs

Meaningful suffering is what gets you where you want to go. Meaningless suffering is what keeps you where you are.

Meaningful suffering feels like "the burn" of lifting weights or going for a run. It's the discomfort that goes along with our consciously moving towards our goals. The pain of repeated mistakes - the symptoms of which are eerily close to the Seven Deadly Sins - feels a lot milder compared to the pain of growth. And that's why we so often fail to recognize it. It feels like a desire...

Love, Littering, and the Velveteen Rabbit

"Love is what is left over when everything good is gone."

Becoming "Real", as the Skin Horse from the Velveteen Rabbit put it, hurts. That's because it is an effort. When we first fall in love with someone, we fall in love with the potential for more. As we experience our new partner's beauty, we also experience their shortcomings and pains. If we would rather not be present with them when they are suffering, or if we do not want to allow their sufferings to influence...

Facts, Ideas, and the Scientific Method

The word "science" is Greek for "knowledge" and/or "learning". Our ideas - especially those ideas we feel overly emotional about - are opportunities to learn something new about ourselves. When we explore our ideas, or test our ideas out on the world, we are being "scientific". To have ideas that we hold on to so much that we feel threatened if they are threatened, are not real. Our emotions - especially rage or sorrow - point at areas where we can grow. But if we don't investigate these...

Utilitarianism, Hockey Teams, and a New Political Paradigm

Blocking a shot that leads to a broken rib, which incapacitates a player indefinitely so that they miss out on playing anymore towards their team's championship run, is considered heroic. A person who loses their job for standing up against corrupt management is considered brave. A peacekeeper who jumps on a grenade to save innocent lives becomes a legend. What have all three of these examples got in common? They're utilitarian; they're examples of the greater good.  

Utilitarianism isn't intrinsically good or bad. It is a very successful ideology, a...

Mitchy By Mondays, Utilitarianism, and Being Human

When we talk about vaccines, what we are really talking about isn't science vs anti-science, vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers, the majority vs the minority, or any other false dichotomy. What we're talking about are human beings. What is deeply saddening is that human beings (just like you and me) are the target of much heated slander these days. Have we forgotten already what this kind of conduct leads to? When the leader of our country says that he has "no sympathy for people who don't want to get vaccinated", what he is...

Rain, Ubuntu, and Self-Reflection in Action

I, Mitchell Anton MacEachern, am not right. I am seeking the truth. Being right and seeking the truth are two totally different things. The most important difference between them is that seeking the truth doesn't make me right. Part of the journey of seeking the truth is to honestly self-reflect on the truth-seeking that we do. I can see now, especially after listening to my podcasts (with a critical and open mind) that I have a performative aspect to my personality, and that this aspect feels wrong to me (it shows up in my relationship to music...

Cuts to Education, Language, and an Argument for the Arts

Art may very well be a universal language. By that I mean, art may help the individual unpack their private felt experience. Aren't we "at a loss for words" when we are struck by overwhelming beauty (and terror)? Doesn't something similar happen when we see incredible works of art? Doesn't a painting "say a thousand words"? Doesn't a song "take our breath away" and render us "speechless"? Well, this is probably because art - more than language; better than language - conveys meaningful...

Teamwork, Being Polite, and Grains of Sand

Authentically representing ourselves to the world does two things: It lightens the load we carry throughout our lives - because a fabricated identity weighs on our soul, so to speak - and it provides useful information to both ourselves and those people whom we engage with. By that I mean, when we share our truth, both ourselves and those around us gain a clearer and more accurate version of us. Why do this? Well, ask yourself this question: What's better to have during a crisis, useful or useless information?

Crazy Hair, Metta, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I wanted to change it up and share with you a cute and insightful little book. In it are various quotes from the author of the Little Prince, Mr Saint-Exupéry. I unpack the beautiful quotes, as well as explore concepts we've already talked about, like decision-making, love, and meaningful vs meaningless suffering.

Haunted Houses, Seven Deadly Sins, and Decision-Making as a Skill

The Seven Deadly Sins are (in no particular order):


You're probably at least semi-aware of these. Well, they're "sins" because they "miss the mark" (that's where our word "sin" comes from, the Greek word for an arrow missing the target). If we keep missing the mark, we will feel disenfranchised, and probably take it out on the world via one of the Deadly Sins. The solution is simultaneously the easiest...

Flashing Lights, Theology, and What the F*k is Trust?

Being afraid does not make you right. Being sad does not make you right. Being angry does not make you right. Being around people who agree with you does not make you right. Actively seeking out contrary evidence - essentially proving yourself wrong - ironically gets you the closest to being "right". Why? Because, if your beliefs can stand up to the scrutiny of other ideas, you can trust your beliefs more. Trust is the gift of critical thinking. By analyzing ourselves and our idea(l)s, we gain perspective and clarity. It's like building...