5 Episodes

By: Tyree Smith

HEY GUYS! Welcome to my podcast called TyreeRionTalks, this a space where banter and seriousness submerges together all the time. Catch me here talking about many relevant and irrelevant topics but having fun doing so. Enjoy and Thanks for Watching! ❤️

"MMA Changed My Life" | TYREERIONTALKS EP.05 | Tyree Rion ft Rai Parry
Last Thursday at 6:00 PM

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Topics in the podcast include:

🎙Social Media Impact 🎙Anime 🎙Women Behaviour and Tendencies 🎙MMA and Fighting

"Do Girls Mature Earlier Than Boys?" | TYREERIONTALKS EP.04 | Tyree Rion ft Cocosash

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Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1EpfL75X4W3ayw?si=c10ae28c7a98407e

Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/tyreeriontalks/id1585899081

Topics on this podcast include:

🎙The Modern...

"I Woke Up With My Gucci Shoes & Belt Nowhere To Be Seen | TYREERIONTALKS EP.03 | Tyree Rion ft Rich & Friends

This episode consists of getting into a heated discussions regarding whether we believe its love or loyalty which keeps a strong relationship together also the women today on social media (influencers) and debating the stereotype and stigma attached to them. We also discuss gang and street crime and our shared experiences surrounding that.

"Imagine Not Being Able To Trust Your Friend" | TYREERIONTALKS EP.02 | Tyree Rion ft Markell Clarke

This episode consists of me & Markell Clarke discussing and exploring the various mentalities and approaches to life as we delve into our experiences on how life has treated us as two black young men growing up. Experiences consisting of University experiences, friendships and relationships. As always thank you for listening and I hope you can enjoy my second episode of TYREERIONTALKS! ❤️

"The benefits of a submissive woman"| TYREERIONTALKS EP.01| Tyree Rion ft Joel & Nathenial

This episode includes a range of emotions as we go into depth about many current and relevant topics in contemporary society which includes the 'modern day' woman, religion and just how life is lived but still including the element of banter and stupidity.

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