Two People One Podcast

13 Episodes

By: Slayer's Barracks

Welcome to the official podcast of Slayer's Barracks! Slayer and Nomad began the podcast on July 24th, 2021 with Episode 1. In November 2021, Nomad announced he would be stepping down from Two People One Podcast due to schedule conflicts. In the same month, Slayer announced that William, his good friend, would join as Co-Host of Two People One Podcast. Slayer and William now lead the insanity filled podcast. Episodes release throughout the month, 8AM EST.

TPOP: Episode #11: Recruit, Ft. Ian Jewell (not episode 9 ian)
Last Saturday at 1:00 PM

What's this? 3 back to back guest features? Even I didn't think this would happen. Join Slayer, Cree, and the latest Barracks Content Creator, Ian, and join them for an insanity filled episode!

Labeled Explicit for mentions of some adult things 

TPOP: Episode #10: Astral Desolation, Ft. Baltwaz
Last Thursday at 1:00 PM

SUPRISE! Another guest feature! This time, we sit down with Baltwaz and talk twitch, his solo project, and go off the rails once more in another insane episode of Two People One Podcast!

TPOP: Episode #9: Winter Society, Ft. Ian of The Winter Society

MORE GUESTS! HAPPY LISTENERS! SUCH INNOVAITION! Join Slayer with a new guest to start out the first guest feature episode of 2022! 

TPOP: Episode #8: Troubled Mind

As much as we get insane and stupid on TPOP, it's time to get serious. Slayer and William sit down for a discussion on Anxiety, depression, and others. 

You are not alone. You never are. Down below is a number list of what you can call to help yourself.  

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
Mental Health/Anxiety hotline: 866-903-3787
National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663

Tagged as explicit for heaviness of content. 

TPOP: Episode #7: New Beginnings

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The TPOP gang is back in action and better than ever! Many new episodes will release in 2022! For now... welcome... to a new era of TPOP, and insanity. 

TPOP: Christmas Special

A quick episode from Slayer and William for Christmas. Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

Two People One Podcast: Episode #6: Hell Breaks Loose

After a month of radio silence, Slayer takes the mic once more with a new Co-Host for the insanity podcast! Get to learn who this new Co-host is, go back to the roots of TPOP, and learn where TPOP will go in the future in the long awaited episode 6!

TPOP Episode #5.5: Transmission Incoming

After a month of silence, Slayer opens up on where Two People One Podcast has been , whats changed, and what you will see in the future for TPOP.  New Episodes in November, we promise. 

TPOP Episode 5: Rising Star Ft. Dreeft

In this episode, Nomad takes the lead on TPOP, with Slayer on the side due to audio issues. Plus, Our first featured guest join us this episode! Dreeft, a Minecraft YouTuber, has recently gone wild for a documentary he made on a Mr.Beast challenge, and we sat down and interviewed him on multiple things. 

Topics For the Episode:
GPU Market
Mr. Beast Video
You have A Million Dollars. What do you get?
Favorite Food
Games you are Excited For
Halo Infinite Beta
Final Words

TPOP Episode #4: Reunion

The long awaited return of the insane duo is finally here! Catch up with Nomad and Slayer on the latest episode of TPOP!

Explicit warning for dark jokes

TPOP Episode 3: Pure Insanity

In the latest installment of the Slayer and Nomad saga, Slayer and Nomad discuss recent movie trailers, tell their 3 favorite games of all time, ask each other two questions, talk about the back to school season, and give an update on future episodes of TPOP.

Two People One Podcast #2: The Madness Endures

In the new episode of Two People One Podcast, Nomad and Slayer talk about Halo Infinite Tech previews, give their thoughts on Assassins Creed Vahalla, review the East blue saga of One Piece, and talk about the new Battlefield Portal mode. They also invited guests to speak for the first time. 

Explicit warning for some dark jokes made.

Two People One Podcast Episode 1

nomad and slayer begin the journey of a new podcast