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By: D'Aun Ferguson

Houston focused sports talk and National Major Sports talk coming from two of the realest Americans.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 14
Today at 3:23 AM

It's episode 14 and we will be doing a recap on the NFL Week 1, Don't forget about my Houston Texans as well, We will talk about the predictions for NFL Week 2 and College Football Predictions for week 3. What is the future of the big 12? What is the Rockets stirring up in there trade pot? Keep it all here and find out by listening to STWD!

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 13

This episode was recorded live on facebook follow the page @STWDLIVE

We covered the NFL Predictions, Cowboys Vs Buccaneers, College Football Predictions, Houston Texans Updates, and Houston Astros Updates.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 12

Get ready for the fight of century! Tell Jake Paul to set up a fight with me! In this episode I will be covering the HOUSTON TEXANS, Dallas Cowboys roster changes, College Football AP Top 25 schedule, The Houston Area College Football Team games of the week, and The Houston Astros. Last but not least I will cover the Jake Paul and Tyrone Woodley Fight.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 11

In this episode we're talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars and Trevor Lawrence, Jameis Winston qb battle down in the bayou, Justin Fields possible QB1 position, Kahlil Mack and the Raiders? Tedddy Bridgewater winning the position in Denver, Haskins making one last showcase, Carson Wentz getting 100%, JJ Watt progressing, and so much more Texans news. We also are talking about Damian Lillard and where Ben Simmons may be going. We can never forget baseball, boxing, and soccer. We are covering it all!

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 10

It's episode 10 from the realest of them all D~Raww and in this episode I will cover the NFL divisional predictions and NBA playoff predictions Houston Texans preseason, Houston Astros, and Houston Rockets Schedule. Hit the line and join the show 281-909-4727

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 9

In this episode We Are Back Together Again! We will cover the NFL preseason games of Thursday 8/12/21, The NBA summer league/Houston Rockets, Trevor Lawrence Vs Minshew in the QB duel for the Jaguars, PSG and Messi, Tyreek Hill Challenge, Dak Prescott and much much more.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 8

In this episode I covered the NFL preseason Hall of Fame Game, Josh Allen Contract, NFL Madden rating Quarterbacks, NBA News about the LA Lakers, MLB News on the Houston Astros, Simone Biles, and Olympic Events. Also there will be two guest appearances in this episode.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 7

In this episode of STWD I covered the latest moves in the MLB, Houston Texans, Randall Cobb trade, Latest NFL News, NBA Free Agency, USA Mens Soccer, Olympics Track and Field, and Simone Biles Return. Call in and leave a message or text us at 281-909-4727.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 6

Subjects around this episode are based on the Olympics, Simone Biles, Deshaun Watson Allegations, Trading Watson, Randall Cobb and Aaron Rogers, Houston Rockets Draft and disgruntled prospects. Call and leave a message or text us at 281-909-4727

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 5

In this video the 2 realest Americans of Sports Talk covers the preseason MVP, NFL Comeback Player of the Year, NFL Covid Outbreak Rules, Deandre Hopkins, NBA Draft, NHL Seattle Kraken Expansion, and The Big 12.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 4

Today I am covering the finals game 6, Blaine Gabbert vs Kaepernick, Deshaun Trade and update, Deion Sanders, Russell Westbrook trade proposal and Lillard Trade Proposal, Evan Gattis response to Astros cheating.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 3

2 of the realest American Sports Talkers come together to deliver you all the Hot news focused on Houston Sports and National Sports News. This Episode we cover the top 10 NBA Players, Kevin Durant, HBCU Support, NFL, Richard Sherman, and Connor Mcgregor. Listen to STWD Episode 2 here!!! --- Beat Provided By Produced By White Hot ---

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 2

In this episode I cover the NBA finals game 3, Houston Astros series against the Yankees, Deshaun Watson, and Possible Dame Lillard Trade.

Sports Talk With D~Raww Episode 1