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By: Brian Cameron

Come on a journey with host, Brian Cameron, as we clasp hands and take the leap into financial freedom and wonderment. Bitcoin Summer is a Bitcoin-centric, investment and financial education podcast. Bi-weekly Bitcoin news updates, investment fundamental analysis, and in depth technology how-to’s. Come for the knowledge, stay for the sunny weather! LFG!

015 - Lightning Basics
Last Tuesday at 3:08 AM

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I open a channel to beef up liquidity to and from El Salvador to make it stronger and more fluid. Good time to do it with fees still depressed!

Also, today I cover the basics of Lightning Network and the new developments surrounding the space that will catapult BTC adoption across the globe:

-Layer 1 and Layer 2 of Bitcoin, and a preview into Layer 3
-Best features of the Lightning Network: Instant, inexpensive, and private
-How the Lightning actually works

014 - Self-Custody

·      Everyone has their own Bitcoin journey, but my hope is that all our journeys lead to self-custody

·      1st consideration is financial security and privacy.  These are the cornerstones to true self-sovereignty.  Not to get all doomsday, but financial isolation, currency debasement, and other social control tools are typically a dictator’s most powerful weapon against a free and fair people.

·      2nd consideration is exchange risk. like Mount Gox in 2013, which lost $460 million worth of Bitcoin, or 850,000 bitcoin (equivalent to $4...

013 - Path to Plan B

• How could enough capital possibly be placed into the market to reach the S2F and S2FX ($100k-288k, respectively) price levels?
• A deep look at Bitcoin market cap per USD invested metric. Compiled by Willy Woo: • How much capital will it take to climb back to $1 trillion market cap? to $100k BTC (S2F)? to $288k BTC (S2FX)?
• What would certain catalysts do to the price of Bitcoin? More S&P 500 treasury announcements, bank customer and fintech user adoption, company dollar cost averaging, etc.
• De-monetization of gold in the form of go...

012 - Banking Trojan Horse

NYDIG IS A SLEEPER BITCOIN BULL: quietly onboarding banks, credit unions, and fintech all across the US

On this episode, Brian covers NYDIG's quiet Trojan Horsing of Bitcoin to banking institutions across the United States.

-Central bank digital currencies are going to strip away the banking business leaving them with no choice but to adopt an alternative asset class, namely, Bitcoin
-Analysis of a Frank Chaparro interview of Patrick Sells, head of bank solutions at NYDIG, on his podcast, The Scoop.
-NYDIG's partnership with NCR, the #1 global software provider for retail...

011 - Time Horizon

·      Don’t invest money that you’re not willing to lose.  What does that even mean?

·      Time horizon – it’s a different length for different needs for that particular allocation of money…so with retirement money, for instance, your time horizon is the longest – we break down the cash flow management side of investing – but, we talk about LONG time horizon here on the show

·      Price vs. value – why we need to separate these concepts

-Strike is now the CHEAPEST...

010 - Onboarding

Brian and J do a deep dive into some of the hardest, and easiest, aspects of onboarding friends and family.

·      How do you talk to your friends and family about Bitcoin?

·      Retirement and investment implications

·      How giving the gift of Bitcoin can turn people into long term hodlers—maybe

·      Bitcoin getting lumped in with all the alt-coins

·      Becoming your own bank and getting used to the...

009 - Value to Bitcoin, 2 of 2

Brian and J discuss:
·      Previous halving breakdowns

·      Where we are in comparison 115 days after previous halvings

·      Follow along this episode with: The Halving Tracker

·      Price predictions for 2021 (that we made in May-June)

·      What could give us a much healthier rise for Bitcoin and possibly create a super-cycle

·      Why Amazon payments in BTC doesn’t matter to Bitcoin, but will def...

008 - Value to Bitcoin, 1 of 2

Brian and J have a 2-part discussion about Brian’s journey from the value investment world to finding Bitcoin

What we cover:

-Where was the investment bargains when the COVID threatened the stock market?

-Bitcoin’s scarcity statistics

-How the halvings (or halvenings) work and why the protocol leads to supply strangulation and NgU (number go up) technology

-Brief energy discussion


-Strike is now the CHEAPEST way to buy Bitcoin and here is how you do it:
  1. Get Strike app...

007 - Investment Series #2: Market Cap, 2 of 2

·      A talk about Bitcoin’s valuation based on Plan B’s s2F and s2fx (Check out the article), and halving price movement analysis by Ecoinometrics (Subscribe to their Substack!). 

·      How Bitcoin will be more scarce (from supply side) than gold and what that means for Stock-to-flow valuation

·      Margin of safety and building in investing mistakes into the price you are willing to pay

·      Separating your mindset away from price and towards...

006 - Invest Series #1 - Market Cap, 1 of 2

·      What is a market cap? How can we use market cap to help us invest? 

·      How to use market cap to compare different assets across all asset classes and value companies, bitcoin, etc.

·      Why the market cap in, say, AMC, is a diagnosis for a sick market.

·      Market cap of Bitcoin?

·      How long it took other stocks to reach a 1 trillion market cap

· ...

005 - Invest Series #0 - Debt

We are an onion here at Bitcoin Summer, but instead of peeling back the layers, we are starting from the core and adding them. We are all the onion core, and in order to help explain Bitcoin from an investment angle, we need to start with investment fundamentals. We can’t dive head first into investing, without paying down ALL of our bad debt. Hence, in our investment fundamental series here at Bitcoin Summer, we are starting our discussion at 0. Zero bad debt.

So, if there’s bad debt, that implies there is good debt. What is good...

004 - Intro to Bitcoin, 4 of 4

Intro to Bitcoin, The final installment!!

What’s included in this episode:

-The halving

-Being patient while learning Bitcoin

-What are the Bitcoin miners up to?

-What are your options while being boring and holding your stack?

-Tax implications of selling or trading your Bitcoin

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-Visit and check them all...

003 - Intro to Bitcoin, 3 of 4

In this episode we cover:

-The decentralized public ledger system

-The difference between technical and on-chain analysis

-Transactions, quick settlement, lightning network, and why it's better than banks and brokerage settlement

-Applepay/Googlepay implications for Bitcoin. When will Bitcoin functionality begin? Why haven't they put BTC on their balance sheets?

Big thanks to the show’s first sponsor Node Nook!
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002 - Intro to Bitcoin, pt. 2 of 4

Intro to Bitcoin, Part 2 of 4 - broken money, broken gold

In this episode, Brian and J talk about:
-1 BTC=1 BTC, why an arbitrary measurement of USD is troublesome when you have a broken measuring stick
-Why Bitcoin is better and more efficient than gold
-Why gold led Brian to Bitcoin
-Chill and Zen. Snakes and Alligators. Lazy money

001 - Intro to Bitcoin, pt. 1 of 4

1st installment of Brian’s Bitcoin Brief.  A chat about Jack Mallers’ Strike app announcement and what that means for the payments market.  Also, an explanation about the recent, historic difficulty adjustment and what that means for the price, if anything. If you would like to watch the video version of the news brief, watch it on YouTube:

Intro to Bitcoin, Part 1 of 4: discussion on the basics of Bitcoin.  Included in this installment is a surface-level dive:
-Excerpts from Jason Williams’ book: Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With

Ep000 - The Pilot

Let’s go back to the place where it ALL started! The pilot episode of the show that everyone has been talking about. Read the accompanying blog post, if you’re new here, but if not, welcome back!

Episode content:

-J, Bitcoin Summer producer, and Brian, your host have a wide-ranging discussion on the ORIGIN STORY of Bitcoin Summer and the reason Brian HAD to make this podcast

-Why it’s a great time to start a Bitcoin Podcast

-Brian’s background in investments—how the 2008 crash shaped his thesis

-Why ha...

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