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On The Is For Podcast Danger and Sarge with Monster break down the alphabet of nerd culture: video games, movies, toys, books, and whatever else comes up. Sometimes we get distracted

The Is For Podcast: Q Is For Quinten Part 3
Last Thursday at 3:00 PM

On this episode of The Is For Podcast, Danger and Monster discuss the next block of 3 Tarantino movies. Why is Quentin Tarantino so great? His use of objects, names, characters, time inversions, locations, themes,  and camera shots has made him one of the world's most revered writer/directors. We talk about his use of and the response to violence, historical accuracy, and his use of that nasty 6 letter word.

The Is For Podcast: P Is For Pee Wee

I know you are, but what am I? Monster takes Danger and Sarge down the twisted road that is Pee Wee. Nobody quite knew what they were getting when Pee-wee’s Big Adventure came out in 1985. Tim Burton was still an unknown, Danny Elfman was essentially a first-time film composer, and Paul Reubens’ now-iconic 98-pound manchild. The Man Childs of this show have fun talking and reliving the Playhouse and the Big Adventure. 

The Is For Podcast: O Is For Old Episodes Revisited

We take a look back at a few of the older episodes and talk about what has been going on and updates for them.

The Is For Podcast: ”N is for Nickola Tesla”

With Monster missing, Sarge and Danger talk about Tesla, his inventions, and decide is there any truth to his death machines. Make sure you drop us a line by searching Danger and Sarge on all your social media platforms and let us know what you think!!

The Is For Podcast: M Is For Mars Attacks

YIKES! They've Landed! A fleet of Martian spacecraft surrounds the world's major cities and the only hope for humanity is Danger talking Mars Attacks with Sarge and Monster! we discuss how they did not do as translated and  "come in peace." We all agree that this modern day 50 schlock deserves more attention than it got.

The Is For Podcast: L Is For Lego

Sit back and listen as Sarge walks us through some of the history of the plastic construction bricks that are manufactured in, Denmark, the games, and the nostrils they find.

The Is For Podcast: K Is For Kramer

Who was Philip Taylor Kramer and why is he someone we want to talk about on this show? Monster leads Danger through his history, how he connects to some strange people and places, and where he went.

The Is For Podcast: J Is For Jonesville Monster

Sarge is on vacation and Danger and Monster dive into the Jonesville Monster and discuss if it was really the menace that it was claimed to be.

The Is For Podcast ”I is for Interstellar”

Sarge gets science-y-ish with the Lads as he talks about the concepts of interstellar travel. Will this be the next Back to the Future? We will let you all decide!!

The Is For Podcast: H Is For Hellraiser

"Every Drop Of Blood You Spill Puts More Flesh On My Bones." Monster talks about how Hellraiser is wrong, right, and what it was supposed to be.

The Is For Podcast: G is for Grimms Fairytales

Ever wonder where Disney got the ideas for some of their blockbuster movies? Sarge knows the truth and you will too! You will learn things that you wish you could forget. Don't believe me? Ask Danger and Monster!!

The Is For Podcast: F Is For F Is For From Dusk Till Dawn

Is it one movie? Is it two? Why the feet? And how do you reload this thing? The boys dive into the movie that made that went green instead of red for the MPAA. 

The Is For Podcast: E Is For Earthworm Jim

Groovy. Wee doggie. Cheater! Grab your Pocket Rocket and join the boys as they take a look back at the game that had the best character names, meaningless plot, and still makes us laugh.

The Is For Podcast ” D is for Dumb, Dangerous, and Awesome Military Ideas”

On this episode, Sarge, Danger, Monster, and ,special guest, Mrs. Sarge discuss weaponized Vespas, shoulder fired nukes, and dispensing freedom as fast as possible. Join in the fun and make sure you drop us a line at facebook.com/dangersarge

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 13: Monster’s Top Ten Albums of 2022

On the finale of this season of Monster’s Midnight Musings, Monster takes us through a journey of the new albums he revisited most in 2022. Tune in and hopefully discover some new artists to check out. Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 


The Is For Podcast: C Is For Captain Planet

Captain Planet, he's our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero, well not to zero. Danger and Monster dive deep into why Captain Planet but never really figure out what is behind the green mullet.



Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 12: The Callisto Protocol

Monster finally gets a PS5 and the first game he plays all the way through is a survival horror title. Imagine that! Monster gives his thoughts on the most recent horror title from the original creators of Dead Space. Is it Scary good, or scary bad? Let’s find out!  Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Is For Podcast: B Is For Beavis and But-head

Monster makes Danger and Sarge recall old memories of the two who loved fire and hated school.

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 11: The Munsters (2022)

On M is for The Munsters, the guys discussed their predictions for the new Rob Zombie reboot of The Munsters. Monster gives his thoughts and opinions. Was his predictions correct? Is it a dumpster fire? Tune in and let Monster tell you all about it!  Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Is For Podcast ” A is for Attributes, Alignments, and the Death of WOTC”

To start Season 4, Sarge talks with the boys about about OGL 1.1, Wizards of the Coast power play, community rebellions, and discuss our limited knowledge on intellectual rights. Follow us on twitter @dangersarge 

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Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 10: Doom

Monster wasn’t available to join Danger and Sarge on their Quake episode, but if he had, he would have spent the majority of his time screaming incoherently about how much he loves Doom and thinks Doom is so much better than Quake. Instead of ruining an Is For episode, Monster has decided to gush over his love for the Doom franchise here. Get ready to Rip and Tear baby! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 9: Horror For Children

Monster often talks about his mini monsters and their love for Halloweeny vibes. On this week’s episode, Monster will take us on a journey into the world of horror geared specifically for young children. Does Disney Jr. have shows staring vampires and werewolves!? You bet they do! Should you let your mini monsters check them out? Tune in and find out! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 8: Guillermo del Toro

Is del Toro one of the greatest horror directors around, or is he a pretty average filmmaker who just got lucky a couple of times? Monster will weigh in as well as give some recommendations on some del Toro movies you should check out. Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 7: The Monster Squad

When the Is For Podcast discussed the Goonies, Monster couldn’t resist screaming about his love of The Monster Squad. Tune in to hear why this movie is so near and dear to his heart as well as some cool behind the scenes info on the film. Goonies may never die, but Wolfman has nards! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 6: The Animated Hobbit Movie

The Is For Podcast had a pretty thorough discussion on The Hobbit live action films. However, Monster has a different Hobbit film to talk about that you may have forgotten even existed. Is it worth revisiting? Only one way to find out! Tune in! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 5: Podcasts

A host of a podcast, discussing other podcasts on his very own podcast!? How meta! Monster fills us in on what podcasts he thinks you should check out. After listening to all The Is For episodes first of course! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Christmas Special

Danger, Monster, and Sarge round out the end of Season 3 and the year with a Special! Who's more special then us right? Tune in as we talk Christmas Movies, Simpson episodes, Danger made a Hallmark Game, we unwrap presents, and Sarge Continues the Christmas Tradition. Want to see the Video? Head to Facebook.com/dangersarge 

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 4: Horror Shorts

In his never-ending pursuit to devour more horror content, Monster goes down the rabbit hole of horror shorts. Can a horror film that clocks in at under ten minutes really be that scary? Absolutely! Tune in and find out which ones you should check out…unless you’re too scared of course! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Is For Podcast: Z Is For Zodiac Killer

The case has been described as the most famous unsolved murder case in American history. It became a fixture of popular culture and inspired amateur detectives to attempt to solve it and on the Season 3 final episode Danger and Sarge follow Monster as we recount it all.

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 3: Gamebreax

Episode 3: Gamebreax. In addition to having a wealth of knowledge on several irrelevant topics, Monster is also a musician. Gamebreax is a nerdcore hip hop band that Monster plays guitar with. To find out exactly what Nerdcore is, and why it should be your new favorite musical genre, tune in! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Is For Podcast: Y Is For Weird Al Yankovic

Listen as we reflect on the life and times of Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic. The music industry was not prepared for him but we show how he belongs there.

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 2: The Talisman

Episode 2: The Talisman and Black House. Two of the most prolific horror writers of all time (Stephen King and Peter Straub) join forces to write two novels following the adventures of Jack Sawyer; a rock star detective with the ability to flip between worlds. Are these books good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Could an adaptation be in the works? Listen to learn more! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com 

The Is For Podcast: X is for X-Men part2

Sarge and the crew continue talking about the X-Men movies, games, and shows. Does Sarge make it through his notes? Will Danger continue to cut off Monster? Will Monster get to vent about New Mutants? Find out in this exciting episode of the Is For Podcast.

Monster’s Midnight Musings: Episode 1: The Haunting

Episode 1: The Haunting. Welcome back to Monster’s Midnight Musings. On the first episode of season two, Monster goes deep on the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson; “The Haunting of Hill House,” as well as the 1963 film adaptation; “The Haunting.”  Once considered peak horror, do these classics still hold up by today’s standards? Tune in and find out! Intro Music from https://www.zapsplat.com  

The Is For Podcast: X is for X-Men part 1

What's the worst movie franchise in existence? If you thought X-Men, you might be right. Or are you? Join Sarge and the gang as they talk comics, movies, and shows. 

The Is For Podcast: W Is For Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Are you going to take the tunnel to Toontown? Judge Doom rolls out a barrel of the dip as we talk this live action animated piece of film history. Danger, Sarge, and Monster try to retell the story behind the movie. 

The Is For Podcast: V is for Vampires

Monster educates Danger on the history of vampires. Who portrayed the best on screen? What story borrowed what detail? Do vampires shimmer in the sun? 

The Is For Podcast: U is for Unsolved

The man on the grassy knoll? Bullets that can bend space and time? Marilyn Monroe? How are all these things connected? Find out on this exciting episode of the Is For Podcast!

The Is For Podcast: T Is For TMNT 1990 Movie

We take the cover off a manhole, jump into the sewers and talk the 1990 movie that started us all on a new path of wanting to be ninjas. Really only if we could be turtles too.

The Is For Podcast: S is for Sequels Better Than the Original

Do you like the second or third movie better than the first? Do you get confused with prequels? What movie is a sequel to which movie in the MCU? WE DON'T KNOW EITHER! Monster acts as a guide and part time referee needed to break up fights with Danger and Sarge. Monster puts Danger in Time Out for a cool down.