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Ryan Dinse and Greg Canavan on New Money
Yesterday at 12:24 AM

The Changing Global Financial System & New Money Rules with Ryan Dinse and Greg Canavan.
Lachlann Tierney sits down with Editorial Director Greg Canavan and Editor Ryan Dinse to discuss how crypto fits into the global financial system, which they argue became irreparably broken during the GFC. They also discuss a new project they've been working on for the better part of the last year.

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Chris Brophy of Hiremii on Automated Labour Forces

I sit down for a chat with Chris Brophy of Hiremii — a soon to be listed ASX company that focuses on the automation of labour forces. The company is looking to disrupt the recruitment industry, and it's a fascinating chat. Have a listen!

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Decentralized Water with Andreas Kroell of De.Mem Ltd

Lachlann talks to Andreas Kroell of De.Mem Ltd [ASX:DEM] about decentralised water purification and nanofiltration membranes. He then talks to Selva Freigedo of New Energy Investor about recent action in the renewables space after Scott Morrison indicated Australia will go for net zero emissions by 2050.

Paul Hyslop of Zoono Ltd [ASX:ZNO]

Lachlann talks to Paul Hyslop of Zoono Group Ltd [ASX:ZNO] about their COVID-19 killing products and the partnerships they have built with major corporations like Microsoft, Amazon and airline companies like Qantas.

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Adam Bacon on Hydrogen Power

Hydrogen power is increasingly on the agenda for governments and investors alike. Lachlann Tierney discusses the current and future state of the hydrogen market with Adam Bacon of Ebony Energy which was recently acquired by Hexagon Energy Materials Ltd [ASX:HXG].

Paul Cronin of Adriatic Metals on Industrial and Precious Metals

In this episode of The Money Morning podcast, Lachlann discusses all things resources with Adriatic Metals Plc [ASX:ADT] Managing Director and CEO Paul Cronin. Adriatic Metals has a polymetalic project in Bosnia and Herzogovina and the two talk about the outlook for industrial metals, precious metals and EV battery materials like nickel.

Angus Muffatti of Agtuary on The Future of Farming

In this episode of the Money Morning Podcast, Lachlann Tierney discusses the future of farming with the CEO of Agtuary, Angus Muffatti. Agtuary is an Australian start-up that uses satellite imagery and machine learning to smooth out the financial planning of farms.


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Leigh Travers of Digital X Ltd on Bitcoin and Crypto

Money Morning and Exponential Stock Investor analyst Lachlann Tierney and DigitalX Ltd [ASX:DCC] Executive Director Leigh Travers discuss Elon Musk and Tesla’s recent impact on the bitcoin price. The two discuss a range of topics in the world of cryptocurrencies, including monetary policy, institutional sentiment, as well as what DigitalX Ltd is doing to capitalise on trends within the market

DigitalX Limited (ASX: DCC) is a technology and investment company focused on blockchain consulting, digital asset funds management, and RegTech. DigitalX’s consulting division designs and develops blockchain technology applications for business and enterprise organizations. Thro...