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A couple brothers talking about the Dads. A podcast about the San Diego Padres and baseball.

57 - Padres Down Bad, How Can We Fix It?
Last Wednesday at 12:52 AM

Padres are down bad and we have the most important podcast discussion of the Padres 2021 Season and at no point do we talk about Titanic.

56 - Week 23 Recap
Last Saturday at 12:54 AM

Brothers discuss the last week in Padres baseball.

55 - Are the Padres Back? - Hosmer Conundrum

Brothers discus whether the Padres are back and what the Padres shall we do with Eric Hosmer.

54 - Week 22 Recap

Brothers discuss last week of Padres baseball.

53 - Bullpen Worries, Lake Elsinore Storm, The Thumbs Down Mets

Brothers discuss the recent Padres bullpen woes, James' visit to the Lake Elsinore Storm, and we talk about the wild Mets / Javy Baez / Thumbs Down story.

52 - Week 21 Recap + Rothschild Fired + Season Outlook

Brothers discuss previous week in Padres baseball, Larry Rothschild Firing, and what we expect about the rest of the season.

51 - Week 20 Recap

The Brothers discuss the last very sad week of Padres baseball.

50 - The Padres Get No Hit (We Have Feelings)

The Brothers discuss getting No Hit by the 2021 Arizona Diamondbacks. We have feelings and they aren't good feelings.

49 - Week 19 Recap

The Brothers discuss the previous week in Padres baseball.

48 - Padres Playoff Picture, Tatis Outfield, Hosmer Staying Hot + More

The Brothers discuss the Padres Playoff Picture, Tatis in the Outfield, Hosmer Staying Hot and the experimental Electronic Catcher / Pitcher Sign device.

47 - Week 18 Recap

The Brothers discuss and recap the last week in Padres baseball.

46 - Tatis Injury And What It Means for 2021

The Brothers discuss the expensive shoulder of Tatis Jr, how it might affect the Padres 2021 season and our thoughts on what could happen the rest of the year.

45 - 2021 Deadline Review + Marisnick trade

Brothers discuss the Jake Marisnick acquisition from the Cubs and review / react to the 2021 Padres Trade Deadline.

44 - Padres acquire Daniel Hudson

The Brother react and discuss the new Padres player Daniel Hudson.

Padres send: Mason Thompson

Nationals send: Daniel Hudson

43 - Week 17 Recap

The Brothers discuss the past week of Padres baseball.

42 - Who Will The Padres Trade, Doug Eddings Game, Umpire Stats

Brothers discuss trade rumors and who we think the padres should replace. We also discuss The Doug Eddings Game and update the fans on our umpire stats.

UE examples (via baseball savant):

Called strikeouts on balls out of the zone

Walks on ball in the strike zone

Bases load walks on strikes

41 - Padres acquire Adam Frazier

The Brothers react to the newly acquired Padres, Adam Frazier. 

Full deal:

Pirates Send: Cash, Adam Frazier

Padres Send: Michell Miliano, Tucupita Marcano, Jake Suwinski

(Emergency episode where we try out a new remote recording method, sorry for the lower quality.)

40 - Week 16 Recap

Brothers discuss the past week in Padres baseball.

39 - The DC Game, Birth Year / High School World Series Fun, Trade Talk

The Brothers start off with a serious discussion about the DC game, played a game based on a viral baseball tweet and had some trade talk.

38 - Week 16 Recap, Trade Rumors

Brothers recap the Rockies series and discuss trade rumors.

37 - All Star Game / Derby, All Time Joey & James Team

Brothers discuss the All Star game, the Home Run derby and then they battle head to head to see who can create the best Joey or James team in baseball history.

36 - Week 15 Recap

Brothers discuss another week in Padres baseball.

35 - All Stars, James Gets Mad, Will Preller Trade Soon

Brothers discuss Padres all stars, James gets mad at Joey for delaying their James / Joey fantasy team, and what we think about Preller making a move before the all star game.

34 - Week 14 Recap

The brothers recap another week in Padres baseball.

33 - Padres 2021 Mid-Season Review

The brothers have a mid-season review of the 2021 Padres.

32 - Week 12 Recap

Brothers recap another (great) week in Padres baseball.

31 - Feeling Good, Padres All Stars, UE / UIR

The brother discuss feeling good about the Padres, why we think Manny and Cronenworth should be all stars, update rules on our umpire stats, and we talk about going to games that are sold-out.

30 - Week 11 Recap

Brothers recap another (sad) week in Padres baseball.

29 - Padres Offensive Slump, New Sticky Rules, New Umpire Stat (UIR)

Brothers discuss the often offensive offense of the 2021 San Diego Padres, begrudgingly talk about new sticky rules and they spitball and discuss a new Umpire Stat.

28 | Week 10 Recap

The brother discuss the last week in Padres baseball.

27 | Sticky Stuff 3, Weathers, All Star Padres, Marvel Baseball Movie

The brothers had to discuss more sticky substances news (go to 16:30 to skip the sticky talk), how we love Weathers, who we think is going to the All Star game, and our ideal Marvel superhero baseball team.

26 | Week 9 Recap

The brothers recap another week of Padres baseball.

25 | Padres 2021 So Far, Tatis, Tingler, More Sticky Stuff, Surprises in MLB

The brother discuss how they are feeling about 2021 Padres season so far, how Tatis is still unbelievable, Tingler, more sticky stuff on baseball rumblings and stuff that surprises us in the MLB so far this year.

24 | Week 8 Recap

The brothers discuss this past week of Padres baseball.

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23 | 9 straight Ws, Tatis Still Good, Swag Chain, 6 Man Rotation, MLB Offense

The brothers discuss 9 straight Ws, how Tatis is still good, the Swag Chain, 6 Man Rotation and the increasing (!?) MLB Offense.

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22 | Week 7 Recap

The brothers recap a perfect week in Padres baseball.

21 | The Punch, Manny's slide, The Yermin Fiasco

The brothers are back to discuss the punch, the Manny slide nothingburger, and the Yermin Mercedes / Tony La Russa fiasco.

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20 | Week 6 Recap

James and Joey recap this past week in Padres baseball. They also discuss Hot Dogs.

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18 | Week 5 Recap

James and Joey recap this past week in Padres baseball.

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17 | Injuries, MLB's Bad Offense, Favorite Padres Moments of April

The Brothers discuss Padres and MLB injuries, how Joey was once mistaken for Justin Timberlake, how MLB has seen lower offense, and we go over some of our favorite April moments for the Padres.

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