Laughter of Dragons The One Ring 1e RPG

33 Episodes

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Actual Play for The One Ring 1st Edition. The group are playing through the Laughter of Dragons published adventure book. Light-hearted in places, but with the heft that Middle Earth deserves.

33 Here Lies Loftar
Last Monday at 8:50 PM

Sirk manages to make a dinner party seem like a dinner funeral.

Loftar has a close call with a glass of water, but immediately orders an ale.

Torg's potential new pay raise has him considering putting on heirs.

A well-intentioned plan goes to complete shite, Loremaster gets all the XP.


32 The Politics of Pickled Root
Last Sunday at 8:50 PM

Loftar presents a First Printing Black Lotus to the assembled dwarven nerds, or Dwerds.

Torg tries his hand at rabblerousing, having successfully managed the local humans so well.

Sirk wants to hear more about the Oakenshield Funeral House Party.


31 Iron Hills, Over Dale

Torg begins to realize that the fates of Men and Dwarves are much more aligned than he previously assumed.

Loremaster sneaks a pilot episode of Sirksky & Torg into the regular broadcast of Loftar Investigates.

If you are playing the Battle of the Five Armies drinking game at home, you are well hammered by now.

Sirk’s agile mind chafes at the dwarven Brotherhood’s waterfall methodology.

And the Company are shocked to find a trader in their midst...


30 Thank You for Smoking

The Second Edition rules feel like a new pair of underwear, perhaps a bit snug and unfamiliar yet fresh and purpose-built.

The Journey sees Loftar crafting macaroni art to map out a clear path whilst Torg bandies with Dalish Maintenance & Repair.

The party debates a heavy stroke versus a heavy blow, but the whole matter leaves Sirk unsatisfied.


29 Alpha Dragons

28 Draw Three Cards

A lengthy Fellowship Phase produces a wide variety of results, including: Torg’s first steps at a great and personal transformation, or Torg Reform. The creation of the Little Loftar Urban ...

27 Reduce Your Threat by Five

Torg’s purposefully pointed pipe pontificating persuades perfectly. A chance for Sirk of the Blue Mountains to show his quality. Loftar continues to push for a Veterans of the Battle of ...

26 Bloodbath and Beyond

No one excitedly cries ‘The Vultures Are Coming!’ Torland, noble warrior of Erebor and father of three, meets his fate. Loftar literally carries the weight of the party on his ...

25 Distinct Lack of Pipeweed

The party expresses concern at the page count of the current adventure, worried that 2nd Edition will overtake them before journey’s end. Sirk purloins an original copy of Ringmaking For ...

24 Domi Arigato

Sirk realizes he could have let the captive dwarves dig a little bit longer before rescuing them, though the coordinated work does bring back fond memories of child labor for ...

23 To Donkeys Deep

A clever ambush leaves Torg face to face with an old nemesis-adjacent enemy, the Dude from Dale. The unlikely dwarf of the Blue Mountains can be found Sirk-ling his prey ...

22 Ends on a Clifford Hanger

Loftar reluctantly dons the investigator cap without drinking, but manages to catch the trail of Domi. Sirk carefully monitors Torg’s smoking habit to the point of letting him run out ...

21 Fog on the Burrow Downs

A possible word scramble of Loftar is Ol’ Fart. Sirk recalls the tale of Cheeks McFlappin. Torg pokes a pipe into an open wound. Loremaster’s new NPC is desperate to ...

20 Back in the New Dwarf Groove

And some rules that should not have been forgotten were lost… Loremaster introduces new hair-based NPC to rave reviews. Torg and Sirk help a farmer find his true calling as ...

Don't Stop Aggrievin'

The Needle Pricks are back! Sirk misinterprets a message to ‘make sure they see Bard from Dale’ as ‘make sure they be barred from Dale’. Loremaster delicately indicates the party ...

Girion My Wayward Son

Having done the proper research (reSirkch?), the party has located the whereabouts of the missing dwarf. Torg is offered a king’s bounty, but holds out for Bard’s Breakfast Buffet. Balin ...

Word to Your Mother

The Company meets a legendary dwarf, who seems to recall Loftar spending a bit too much time faffing about during the Battle of the Five Armies. Torg humbly asks for ...

Requiem for a Sponger

The party trades the Lonely Mountain for the Shifty City upon hearing of an old friend’s(?) death. A whiff of orc prompts a hasty investigation, in which Loftar begrudgingly drinks ...

Worst Christmas Episode Ever

Cast lavishes loyal fans with praise, and rightfully so. Episode 16 will be in the far flung future, leaving loyal fans devastated just in time for the holidays. Having got ...

Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

The treachery undone, the Company stumbles upward through an audience with the King Under The Mountain. The duplicitous Lord Gunvar attempts to implicate the heroes, but King Dain can smell ...

An Uncomfortable Evening with Loftar

Sirk discovers an unexpected privy as Torg struggles with technology. Loftar attempts a diplo-mattock solution amidst the wanton manslaughter. Sirk turns the tables on their would-be betrayers, quite literally unleashing ...

Tonight We Dine in Dale

Loftar entertains an indecent proposal. Torg doesn’t put out on the first date. Sirk desperately tries to give someone the bird. Doombunny

Where's the singing?

Loftar Investigates! Drunk Edition

For anyone that doesn’t know quite what to expect from these gents, a recap: Torg pretends to support a DWEXIT from the Dalelands. The legendary Balin needs heroes to help ...

Huzzah for the Needle Pricks

The Real Ent Wives of Middle Earth

The Untitled Episode

No Longo With Us

Sirk mouths a careless whisper to a locked door. Torg goes halvsies with Longo. Loftar can’t spell slaughter without laughter. Clovis splits. Torg and Kelda share a heartfelt moment that ...

The Fellowship of the Followers

Sirk ruminates over the condition of Loftar’s junk. Loremaster introduces a powerful new female voice and a flatulent dwarf enters the scene. Torg smokes weed for several hours whilst ‘networking’. ...

Bang 'Em Against Some Rocks

An old woman reminisces about bumping uglies. Sirk explains the delicate nature of libraries, concerning blood and feces. Torg makes a savvy deal which places his companions in the path ...

A Kink Unmasked

The company thoroughly poke through the remains of orcs and ruins, revealing Loftar’s orc-killing fetish. A shadow of the past creeps back into the lands, and there is a growing ...

All Roads Lead to Ruin(s)

Loftar catches up to a group of orcs, ruining their day. But not before the orc arrows ruined Torg’s shirt. The Loremaster ruins all of Sirk’s fun. No mention of ...

Putting the Dwarf Before the Cart

Travellers on the road become companions when they encounter a broken cart in the city of Dale. A hobbit, an old woman and some ruffians shed light on a growing ...