Redefining Hustle

30 Episodes

By: Ashlea

The podcast for people who want to live a life they desire without the burnout. Ashlea is a life coach and energy healer, clearing blocks to help people live their best life.

Taking a Break
Last Friday at 12:00 AM

Taking a lil break whilst I recover from burnout.

I’ll be back soon! 

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29: When should you manifest?

If you’re confused about when you should manifest, this episode is for you! 

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28: Human Design + Manifesting - Interview With Christy Avis

In this podcast interview with Christy Avis we dive into how you can utalise your human design type in business and manifestation. 

This interview is jam packed with juicy information and so fascinating to listen to. 

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How I Manifested My Apartment

My partner and I were told by a financial advisor, 3 banks and a broker that it was unlikely that we would be approved for a loan.

I recorded this episode in the apartment we were told we wouldn’t get. 

In this ep I chat about the things I did to manifest our place.

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26: Massage therapist to multiple 6 figure coach

In this podcast interview Britt shares with us how she went from a massage therapist to multiple 6 figure coach in under 2 years. She also opens up about her struggles with confidence and how she tapped into her psychic abilities. 

This episode is filled with some serious magic and wisdom.

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24: Treat yourself vs self sabotage, breaking money ceilings, money triggers

When buying a robot vacuum triggers you, you make a podcast episode about it right? 😂

In this ep I chat about expanding your nervous system, upleveling, triggers, breaking money ceilings and so much more. 

The reality is that to get to the next level you need to go outside of your comfort zone. 

As mentioned in the episode I have launched “The Wealthy Woman”, a mastermind for women who want to heal their relationship with money.

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24: Women are more likely to get breast cancer then become a billionaire. WTF

I recently learnt that women are statistically more likely to get breast cancer  then become a billionaire. What the fuck.

This is why I am so passionate about helping women feel empowered with money.

We need to stop tiptoeing around the topic of money. Money is important and it’s important that you feel good about it.

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23: Pleasure, Money, Orgasm, Freedom with Sarah D’angelo

22: 5 Things You Can Do To Heal Your Relationship With Money

In this episode I share with you 5 things you can do today to heal your relationship with money.  How money shows up in your life doesn’t change until you change how you feel about money and these tips are going to help you heal your relationship. 

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21: Speed Up Your Manifestations

In this weeks episode I chat about ways you can actually speed your manifestations and some reasons why they might not be happening yet.

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20: My Story

I thought it was about time I dive deep and share my story, I have always spoken about my background here and there but wanted it all in one space.

I go over what it was like growing up without a dad, moving to Queensland, grief and everything in between that has gotten me to where I am today.

My goal in sharing this is to connect with you, I hope you feel like you know me a bit better.

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19: Quitting My Corporate Job And What Helped My Business Grow

Hello my loves!!! such an exciting episode today, this is recorded on my second last day at my corporate job and I go into the process of quitting. I touch on the things that helped me quit and become full time in my business and how to move through fear. 

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18: Changing Your Energy When Something Shitty Happens

In this podcast ep I talk about the importance of being able to pivot when something shitty happens, being able to zoom out and see what’s really going on. A lot of the time our ego takes over and tells us every limiting belief under the sun and if you’re unable to tap out of that fear will end up ruling your life.

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17: Body Dysmorphia, Innerchild, Ego, etc - Interview with Shoana

In this episode Shoana and I chat about everything from being atheist and then talking to spirits, body dysmorphia, ego, inner child and everything in between. This episode is jammed packed with so much juice.

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16: How To Work With The Moon

In this weeks ep I chat about the power of working with the moon. What you can do to work with the new and full moon and how this amplifies your manifestations.

As mentioned I already have a free “How to Work With the Moon” mini guide linked below.

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15: Rapid Manifestation

The other day I wrote down in my journal that I wanted to call in a woman to sign up with Elevate, less than 12 hours later I got a message from someone asking for a payment plan.

Your manifestations don’t have to take time, they don’t have to be in the distant future, you get to have what your desire NOW.

It gets to happen quickly and it gets to be better than you ever imagined.

In this episode I chat about tapping into the energy of rapid manifestation, what it feel...

14: Healing Your Relationship With Money

Tapping into abundance is a choice that you get to make, it’s an energy and frequency.

It’s got nothing to do with the money you make or how well you can save. 

When you take responsibility and de-condition your money beliefs it starts showing up in ways you can’t imagine.

14: Being Chronically Busy and Setting Boundaries

In today's ep I go into detail about how setting boundaries is the key to your time management. 

Stop doing things you don't want to do so you can start to do the things you do. 

You are a better friend, partner and colleague when you have strong boundaries. It allows you to be giving from a full cup instead of empty 

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12: Investing in yourself isn’t selfish

Investing in yourself and doing the work isn’t just for you. Shadow work, working on limiting beliefs, changing your subconscious impacts every single area of your life.

In today’s ep I chat about how doing the work has impacted my relationship with my partner. I used to be snappy, passive aggressive and unkind, now I can communicate my needs effectively and in a productive way.

Doing the work isn’t selfish, it allows you to become a better partner, friend, colleague and family member.

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11: How Manifesting Actually Works

Do you hear the spiritual community say things like “raise your vibration” “match the frequency of your desires”, “use the new moon to manifest”, and think what the f are they talking about?!?!

In this episode I break down what manifestation actually is and the 3 pillars that you need to start living the life you have always wanted.

This episode is for anyone that’s new  manifesting, think it’s just about positive thoughts or their manifestations aren’t working.

I also have a free guide on how to manifest with the moon that breaks it down...

10: Self Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs

Often we think that upleveling and stepping into your dream life is only going to feel good, this simply isn’t true.

When you are living a life you haven’t before fear, ego, limiting beliefs are going to come up. You aren’t going to be scared of where you’re currently at so fear isn’t always a bad sign.

In this ep I dive deep into what limiting beliefs and self sabotage is, why it isn’t bad and how to move through it. 

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9: Coaches Are Too Expensive

Today’s episode I cover why the excuse of “I can’t afford a coach” is bullshit. What true transformation looks like and everything in between.

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8: Having an Abundant Mindset When You Don’t Have Enough Money

In this podcast ep we chat about how to have an abundant mindset when you don’t have enough money.

It can be tough to shift your money mindset if when you feel like you already don’t have enough.

Just saying you desire more money isn’t enough, you vibration around money has to change for any shifts to happen.

In this ep I give you practical action steps that help shift your energy around money.

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7: Investing In Yourself When You Don’t Have “Enough” Money

In this episode we chat about the energy of investing in a soul aligned coach and making long lasting change. 

What are saying to the universe when you don’t invest in yourself? 

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6: Working Hard Out of Alignment vs Ego

There is a misconception in the spiritual/personal development world that everything is easy and in flow.

In today’s ep I chat about the difference between working hard out of alignment and working hard out of ego.

I also go into the difference between saying no out of ego and no from an empowered space.

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5: Are You Making Excuses or Making Moves

Are your excuses holding you back and keeping you stuck? 

Start taking responsibility for your life and start to truly live the life you desire.

In this episode we go over how your excuses are keeping you stuck and what you need to do to change that. 

I have 7x 30 min 1:1 spaces available until the end of 09/03/2021. It’s time to change your life. Book in today 👇👇

4: Money Trauma

Money trauma impacts you in ways you don’t even know.

In this ep I share my journey with money and how I went from believing that people I didn’t know had access to my money to finding money everywhere. 

This ep is to inspire you to know that whatever your money story is, it can be healed.

3: Finding Your Passion

In this episode we chat about how to find you passion. 

What steps you can take today to get closer to the career path you are meant to be in. 

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2: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

Starting a business can be tough, I want to share the 10 things I wish I knew before starting a business. 

From practical tips to personal development, this ep has bunch of helpful things you can start implementing in your business today. 

1: You Don't Have to Hustle to Live The Life You Desire.

In this podcast ep we discuss why burnout is inevitable when you hustle.

We talk about the feminine and masculine needs along with how money is energy.

I hope you enjoy this episode, make sure to come hang out with me on insta.