25 Episodes

By: Jeremy aka thegamehunter09

Jeremy aka thegamehunter09 on youtube and Jacque aka spearandmagichelmet talk primarily about My Hero Academia and goof around. Recently we have also include other anime in the vein of Dragon Prince and others.

Anime4ALL Podcast Season 2 | Golem

Well Jacque hit this right on the head didn't he?

Anime4ALL Podcast Season 2 | Rens Change

Well....did NOT see this Coming!

Anime4ALL Season 2 Podcast | Dark Tournament

Man these fights keep getting darker and darker.

Anime4ALL Podcast Season 2 | Iron Yoh

Lyserg...what happened to you?

Anime4ALL Podcast | Chocolove's Origin

well....thats a wrap!

Anime4All Podcast | Choclove?.....Really?

Lets keep channeling that shaminic power!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | MyHero Finale

Well this was unexpected!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Origins

Well things got serious in a short amount of time

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Twice the Man

Twice is unleashed on humanity. OH NO that can't be good for the environment.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Opinions"

We all have'em but it depends whether they make an jerk out of you or me?

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "My Villian Academia"

The Next Major Arc Starts.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Shirakumo"

Poor Eraser Head

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Atonement"

We discuss the ATONEMENT of Endeavour and whether he is doing the right thing.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "My Uraraka and Ren Taos Choice"

We do the deepest dive we have ever done on Shaman King but we do discuss my Hero in-depth as well. We are trying to find ways for feedback to be accumulated. Till then here's my twitter:

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "What I can do Now"

We go hardcore on speculation related to My Hero Academia!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Shaman King Sentral"

We dedicate this episode to shaman king and we discuss in depth alot of German Lore. Thanks for listening.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Endeavour Agency Arc"

We just talk about My hero this podcast. Enjoy!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Prep for Next Arc"

We talk about this episode what is being set up for probably a great story coming up!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Tournaments End and Begin"

We talk more My Hero Academia and Shaman King this time!

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "Win to Save People"

We talk about just about everything but how awesome Bakugo is. Blame Jacque. lol

We also include the last two episodes of Shaman King we watched.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "A Draw"

Ida really pushed himself this episode I tell ya. We go live every monday on my twitch channel.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "My Yaoyorozu"

We discuss the ups and downs of the newest epsiode of My Hero Academia. Also we acknowledge the other platforms we now live on for podcasting.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | "My Hero and Shaman King"

We discuss the My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 6 and the new anime on the block Shaman King (2021) episodes 1 and 2/ We usually live each monday discussing the latest episodes.

Anime4All Podcast Season 2 | Episode 2 "Tsyu is the Star"

We review the next slate of episodes we watched and talk about theories and complaints along the way.

Anime4ALL Season 2 | My Hero is Back!

This is a podcast where me and my friend Jacque Bouchard talk anime/cartoons for an hour or so. We delve in season 5 of My Hero Academia episode 1 and 2.