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By: Carl Anthony | Gareth Nock | Scott Kelly | Aliya Ladha

The We As... podcast is a place for great conversations, topics and stories from people just like you and me. This podcast is focused on changing the world, one conversation at a time. Each episode features a new guest and along with their four hosts, they explore raw, honest, vulnerable and fun subjects all in an effort to Start Talking. If you crave truth, compassion, understanding and real life stories...and want to be entertained, you've come to the right place!

Step into your greatness with Mia Jerritt
Yesterday at 5:00 AM

Today Gareth is Joined by Mia Jerritt, a life coach , wife and mom based in B.C, Canada.
 Gareth and Mia take a deep dive into the world of Ontological Coaching, the being vs the doing! This one has so many insights and a whole load of laughs!!
Mia brings 30 years of insight and wisdom to the world of coaching. Her background in health and fitness, and her skills as a successful business owner, allow her to speak from a place of knowledge and experience.
Connect with Mia here:

Beyond Status quo.... you can have it all!
Last Monday at 5:00 AM

On today's episode Aliya is joined today by Taslim Vastani.
Taslim, is a proud mama of 2, focusing on bringing her dreams to life while teaching her kids the art of the possible; that with hard work, the right support system always pushing you to see beyond the status quo - you really can have it all!  She deeply believes that a glass ceiling exists only if you believe it does and that representation at all levels matters. She is also learning that life isn’t perfect - we are not perfect; every day is a c...

Drive your truck into a tree and end it all.
Last Friday at 5:00 AM

Coach Cary Kish talks about the day he sat in his parked truck and contemplated ending it all by driving full speed into a tree. That was his moment of rock bottom and from there he has built a career around making sure other men and women are never in the position he was.
Connect on Instagram:

Visit Online:
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#suicide #mensgroup #vulnerable...

What Is Good Leadership?

Scott is joined today by Iggy Perillo. Iggy is a leadership Educator and Coach and founder of the company WSL Leadership.
In the episode we discuss Fixed vs Growth Mindset, Assumed Consensus and Followership skills.

Follow Iggy on Instagram: @wslleadership
Online: http://www.wslleadership.com

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 # #podcaster #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women#leadership
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Gangs, prison, homelessness & the death of a child........ it's time to know grief!

Gareth is joined by Tony Lynch, an incredible man with an incredible story!
Tony has quite literally been through it ALL and he is here to tell the story, buckle up this episode is a wild ride!
Tony runs a Non-Profit, Memories Of Us, support people with lose and grief through community and support!
Connect with Tony here:
Website: https://www.memories2.org/about
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/griefsupportformen/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/memor.ies4us/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPu50lpj8uIg09E6...

He walked the length of AFRICA..... and then cycled across Canada!!!

On today's episode Gareth is joined by Mario Rigby, an adventure explorer, author, speaker, and former professional track and field athlete based in Toronto, ON.
Mario talks us through the journey of hardships and joys during his 12000 kilometre walk through Africa! We find out what drives him, inspires him and what he is up to next!!
Mario is currently in the final stages of prep for The Caicos Challenge, starting April 1st - he will be running, swimming, hiking, kayaking and cycling throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.  This event is o...

We As...Fireside. Choose your words

Carl, Scott and Gareth officially welcome the newest member of the WE AS family; Aliya Ladha. We are so thrilled to have her join us as her unique and profound perspective will aid in changing the world, one conversation at a time.
This is our first instalment of a monthly series called WE AS...Fireside. Each month a different host will provide a subject for discussion and we will converse head to head in true Fireside manor.

For this months Fireside we discuss how critical it is to ensure the conversations we have internally, align w...

Men Against Mountains...

Carl is joined by Mel Bradley; creator and curator of Men Against Mountains. She built a community for men who strive to open up, be vulnerable and take a step closer to becoming the best version of themselves. This was an exceptional conversation helping to gain valuable insight into a woman's passion and commitment to men's mental health.
Connect on Instagram:
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#suicide #mensgroup #vulnerable...

Empowering Women's Success with Bianca Riemer

On today's episode, Scott is joined by Bianca Riemer. At 15, she was chased out of her house by her father with a shotgun.  In her adult life, she became one of the most highly respected and ranked stock speculator in Europe. Even with that success, she still felt treated like that young girl running from her father. Bianca discusses how she is now a women's leadership coach and certified Hypnotherapist.

Online: http://www.bianca-template.com
Instagram @biancariemer

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Nutrition, anxiety and emotion regulation with Dr Lisa

Today Dr Lisa Tabrizi joins the show for an great chat with Gareth! Stress, anxiety, emotion regulation, sleep and pain management are all on the agenda for this one!!
Lisa is also the co-creator of the Hope Approach program with Ryan Kasperowitsch, former guest of the show - we find out a little bit more about the amazing work they are doing during the episode!
Lisa is a  Naturopathic Doctor based in Hamilton, Ontario. You can find all Lisa's contact details below and find out more about her clinic!
Website: https://d...

The Man Coach

James Boardman is a former Marine who lost his purpose and his reason for living. While standing on the edge of his own existence, he had a catharsis, went for a run and has not stopped to look back ever since.
Connect on Instagram:
Visit The Man Coach online:
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#suicide #mensgroup #vulnerable #grief #journey #podcaster #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth...

Son, Sit Down...It's Time to Have "The Talk"

Scott is joined today by Natasja Visser, Family Coach, Councillor and Psychologist. 

Her clinic and program is called LetSEXplain. We talk about at what age should you have "The Talk" with your kids. And much more.

Find Natasja: https://www.letsexplain.org
Instagram: @letsexplain
Email: natasja@letsexplain.org

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Are you a Boulder Man?

Jason Henderson talks us through The Boulder Man and what his organization does to help men around the world. You are not alone and suicide shouldn't be what you contemplate.
Connect on Instagram:
Visit The Boulder Man online:
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#suicide #mensgroup #vulnerable #grief #journey #podcaster #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women #theboulderman #children #dad #fatherhood #open...

Legacy, the clock is ticking! with Tommy Gentleman

Today, Tommy Gentleman joins the show and an amazing conversation is ahead of you!
Tommy and Gareth take a deep dive into sibling lose and grief and how this journey lead, in part to Tommy delivering an amazing Ted Talk on Legacy! Raw and empower to say the lease.....
Tommy is a husband, father based in the UK. He is the CEO of Tide 55, author and speaker!
Find Tommy here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tommygentleman/?hl=en
Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com...

Living Amazingly with Mindy Henderson

On today's episode, Scott is joined by Mindy Henderson. Mindy is a motivational speaker, a podcaster, writer, singer and an adoptive parent who took on the Chinese Government. All while living life in a wheelchair.

Mindy truly is an inspirational story of the fact that you can do anything no matter your obstacles!

Find Mindy online at: http://www.mindyhendersonspeaks.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindyhendersonspeaks.com
Podcast: https://truthaboutthingsthatsuck.buzzsprout.com

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Know your passion...know your future.

On today's episode Carl is joined by Alessandra Moretti.
Alessandra is the Founder of an incredible organization called Raising Artists. We discuss the link between artistic expression and children and how connected the two are to a better and brighter future for us all.
Connect with Raising Artists on Instagram:

Visit Raising Artists website

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Craig Harper...my mind is like a dog with 3 dicks!

On today's episode of the show Carl & Gareth are joined by Craig Harper.
Craig Harper is one of Australia’s leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance, resilience, self-management, leadership, corporate change, communication, stress management, addiction and personal transformation.
His podcast 'The You Project' is rated in the top 10 podcasts in Australia!
Craig talks about the genesis of his podcast, perspective and his communication style!!
You're in for laughs, cathartic moments and raw language.... buckle up!!
Find Craig Here:

Normalizing Borderline Personality Disorder!

On today's episode Gareth is joined by Michelle Ryder.
Gareth and Michelle discuss borderline personality disorder and dialectical behaviour therapy to help curb side effects!
Connect with Michelle on Instagram:
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#borderlinepersonalitydisorder #dialecticalbehaviourtherapy #mentalhelth #bipolar #fitness #fitnessindustry #dancing #dance #anxiety #radicalacceptance #perfectionism #STOPpractise #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women
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It all starts with community.

Carl and Scott chat with Andrew Elsdon, Founder of Backyard 505. Have a listen and please consider subscribing.
How important is community and can socializing strengthen it? 
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#mentalhelth #anxiety #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women #starttalking #backyard505 #backyard #friendship #change
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Changing 22 A Day to Zero

Scott welcomes Spec. Joushua Maria & PFC Dallas Hernandez, two active duty members of the US Army and Hosts of the Podcast Extra Duty.
Joushua and Dallas discuss their time in the military, how hosting a Podcast has helped other service members deal with PTSD and depression. They even share stories of their own personal struggles with addiction and depression.
Follow the Podcast at : Extra Duty
IG: https://www.instagram.com/extra_duty/
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Empowering differently-abled people to live more independent lives!

Today Gareth is joined by Michael Hynard.
Michael's relationship to disability is deeply personal: In 1996 his then 1 year old daughter Siobhan was diagnosed, amongst other conditions with Cerebral Palsy. His own family experience inspired Mike to start the FAM™ (Functional Adaptive Movement) based in Auckland, NZ.
Gareth & Michael discuss the journey from growing up in South Africa, competing internationally for your Country and founding FAM™ in New Zealand!
..........Mindset, Diversity, Work Ethic and much more!
Connect with Micheal here:
Website: https://www.functionaladaptivemovement.com/
Instagram: https://www...

Cancer, Colitis & Leadership through a pandemic..... a true story of resiliency!

On today's episode Gareth is joined by Aliya Ladha, as they co-host an amazing conversation with Ravi Singh.
 Real Estate, Leadership, battling colitis and surviving cancer..... this episode has got it all!!
Connect with Ravi, Here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ravisinghremax/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ravisingh5
Connexus Group Real Estate:
Website: http://www.connexusgroup.ca/
 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/connexusgroup/
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Mount Kilimanjaro aint got nothing on Verna Powers!

Today on the show Gareth is joined by Verna Powers!
Verna is an amazing woman with a evolution like no other!
An abusive childhood and working as an electrician in  a male dominant world lead to feeling like an imposter........ however this didn't hold Verna back she went on to competing in many , amazing physical feats, finding her voice and a overcoming limiting beliefs!.... this is a conversation you definitely want to tune in to!   
Connect with Verna here:

Getting Hit With Basketballs Up Against a Wall

Scott is joined by Podcaster, non-profit owner and mother of three Ashley Brewer..

Ashley had a story book childhood with two great parents and a supportive community. That is until something happened to her in College that drastically changed the course of her life.  Ashley also talks about one of the things no parent ever wants to have to live through and that is the loss of a child. She did come out of it on top and she is no longer the girl up against the wall getting basketballs thrown at her.


The Man Behind The Deadlift with Jordan Shallow

Gareth is joined by Jordan Shallow aka The Muscle Doc!
Jordan is a Performance Coach, Chiropractor and Educator!
Gareth & Jordan discuss life, values and all thing 'behind fitness', be sure to tune and learn some valuable life lessons!
Find & Connect with Jordan:
Pre-Script Education:

Anything is possible if you don't eat the dirty doughnuts.

Carl is joined by Jenifer Merifield, Personal Excellence Mentor and Coach.
Listen right to the end and hear Jenifer in action as she completely calls Carl on some shit.

Jenifer Merifield Website

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From Sheriff to Inmate #692-183

Carl is joined by Kyle Overmyer, the youngest Sheriff ever in Ohio County who through addiction, became know simply as Inmate #692-183.
You think you know how your life will unfold? You think you know that you have a handle on your day to day? You think you know your lies won't catch up with you? Have a listen to Kyle's story.
"Be the best possible version of yourself you can be!"
#Podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women #prison #jail #police #sheriff #addiction #sanctuary...

My Breast Cancer Created My Business!!

On today's show Gareth is joined by Shannon Burrows, a Cancer Exercise Specialist, Lifestyle & Health Coach! Shannon is also a breast cancer survivor!
Gareth and Shannon discuss health, well-being, mindset and how having breast cancer,  and surviving helped guide the path to Shannon living her passion and 'changing the world one, S.M.I.L.E at a time'
Find Shannon Here:
Website: https://www.shannonburrows.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breastcancerhealthandwellnessgroup
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannonmburrows/
Podcast: https://bustinoutofbreastcancer.buzzsprout.com/<...

A Sunbeam Dancing Through Life

Today Scott is joined by Paul Galloro. They talk about being a Yoga instructor, how Paul got started with  his amazing podcast and his job as a Metaphysical Minister.

Where to Find Paul:
Hear-To-Heart - https://anchor.fm/paulgalloro
Come Alive! - https://anchor.fm/comealivepodcast (trailer drops February 11 and then biweekly episodes to follow)

Website: paulgalloro.com

Facebook: fb.com/paulgalloro

Instagram: instagram.com/paulgalloro

#Podcast #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women #yoga #mataphysicalminister

Are you a content creator? Noah Mittman can help!

On today's episode, Scott is joined by online coach and creator Noah Mittman. They discuss being and presenting yourself for online courses as the best you can be.

Contact Noah: noah@snowmanfilms.net
Facebook: Noah Mittman
Instagram: @snowmanfilms

"Be the best possible version of yourself you can be!"
#Podcast #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women #snowmanfilms
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Resilience, Perseverance, Passion...... Talking GRIT with Aliya Ladha

On today's episode Aliya Ladha is back to co-host, by popular demand!!
Join Aliya and Gareth as they discuss GRIT.  Digging into mindset, perseverance, hard work and not quitting!!
Connect with Aliya on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aliya.ladha
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#Podcast #podcast #starttalking #surroundyourself #bethepebble #mentalhealth #conversations #community #foreveryone #men #women 
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The Unshakable Man

Join Carl and Chris Wilson, Founder of The Unshakable Man as they discuss mindset, breathing and emotional resilience. 
Check them out and follow this link.

#podcast #conversation #world #change #mindset #breath #emotion #mental #man #unshakableman #mentor #coach #bestversion #surroundyourself #weasstarttalking 

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Advocating for a Better Foster Care System with Steven Benedict

Steven Benedict is an Olympic Qualifier and winner of prestigious invitationals nationwide. His path to success is all the more remarkable given his early abusive childhood, a variety of unpredictable living conditions and eventually, the Foster Care System, which precipitously ended when his adopted parents both died prematurely. 

He recently released his new book “Good Morning SuperStar: Where Intentions Set The Tone But Habits Align You To Shine.” Proceeds from the book will benefit Adoption and Foster Care Charities. Please let me know if you can be of assistance in any way...

A white vibrator saved a black mans life!

Yeah you read that right...a white vibrator saved a black mans life. Listen to Carl and Chrispen Warner have a very honest conversation about racism, fatherhood and living in our world today.
#fitness #health #fatherhood #blackman #racism #daughter #son #school #community #podcast #conversation #changetheworld #world #honest #open #man #woman #future #fear #love #wife #husband #relationship
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Changing The Face Of Mental Health with Glenn Marsden

On today's show Carl & Gareth are joined by Glenn Marsden.
Glenn   is the founder of the International campaign ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ and the CEO of Glenn Marsden Enterprises.
We discuss Glenn's amazing work founding the 'Imperfectly Perfect Campaign' and how the global movement is changing face of mental health!
Find Glenn here:
Website: https://www.glennmarsden.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_glennmarsden/
Connect with the Imperfectly Perfect Campaign here:
Website: https://www.imperfectlyperfectcampaign.org/
Instagram: https://www...

Make Money, Sell Everything...Travel for Life

On today's episode, Scott talks with world traveller and well-known blogger & podcaster Gary Arndt. Gary tells us his incredible story of how he made a living in the dot.com industry and then decided to sell his house and travel the world...which he did for the next NINE YEARS.

Find Gary's Podcasts on Apple, Spotify and Google.

This week in Travel & Everthing-Everywhere Daily

Find Gary on Instagram @everythingeverywhere
On the Web: https://www.everthing-everywhere.com

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'Neurodiverse' It's Time To Learn Some New Words with Kimberly Van Ryn

On today's episode Gareth is joined by Kim Van Ryn!
The day Kim started working for a not for profit charity serving adults with developmental disabilities the game changed.
Kim and Gareth have an amazing conversation about adults with developmental differences and the lens in which the world views them!
We can all do more to educate ourselves and create belonging for EVERYONE!!
Connect with Kim and her amazing work below:

So you want to be a female sports broadcaster!

Today on the show Carl has an incredible conversation with Teresa Kruze; one of Canada's first female sports broadcasters. She worked her ass off and created a dream of a career. Then tragedy struck and her path changed. Please have a listen.

Visit Teresa's website at:
#conversation #mentalhealth #suicide #trauma #friendship #mother #father #tragedy #adversity #advocate #powerful #lifechanging #therapy  #starttalking #surroundyourself #podcast #podcaster #vulnerable #open #honest #raw #martinkruze #childabuse #sexualabuse #torontomapleleafs #olympics #tsn #markmessier
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tethr FU*K's with feelings!

Today on the show Carl and Gareth host Part 2 of getting to know the incredible team at tethr. We are joined by Matt Zerker, Co-Founder as well as Addison Brasil.
Mental health is critical to all of us and the team at Tethr created a  safe, barrier free online community designed to enable men to connect with other men to support each other through the ups and downs of life.
#conversation #mentalhealth #suicide #trauma #friendship #mother #father #tragedy #adversity #advocate #powerful #lifechanging #therapy #tethrformen  #starttalking #surroundyourself #podcast #podcaster #vulnerable #open #honest...

What's Your Resolution for 2021?!

On today's episode, Scott is joined  by Psychotherapist and friend of the show, Roxanne Francis.
We discuss the pitfalls of a new year's resolution and how to cope with the winter blues. We also discuss when the "winter blues" turn in to S.A.D. or Seasonal Affective Disorder .

Please check out Roxanne on her website http://www.francispsychotherapy.com or on Instagram @francispsychotherapy

#SAD #angermanagement #winterblues #psychotherapy #resolutions #newliferesolutions

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