The Heather Hill Show

40 Episodes

By: Heather Hill

This show is about philosophy, art, art history, current topics, mysteries of the brain, rural living and whatever else comes to mind.

When You Accept....
Today at 12:32 AM

......that you are a slow sexually abused tortoise. Tales of Cervical Dystonia. Part 21.

New World History Facts
Yesterday at 11:46 PM

Get to know them. Change your perspective. Lessons. Here.

Yesterday at 10:25 PM

Who the hell are they? What the hell do they do? This and MORE!! AVAILABLE NOW!!!

George Gets Justice
Yesterday at 9:16 PM


Sofa Talks
Yesterday at 8:11 PM

Chatting with terroristic guinea pigs on the sofa.

The Art Show
Yesterday at 7:27 PM

Caspar the Friendly Ghost. Chatting with terrorists. Being a curator. Tea. Cookies.

When You Say There’s A Big War Coming
Yesterday at 6:56 PM

.....and people don’t believe you.

Complaints At The Station
Yesterday at 6:29 PM

Hockey night in Canada. Smoked ham. And so much more!

Critiquing The Pink Cloud
Yesterday at 6:25 PM

Thoughts. Theories.

Which Dump Are You Calling From?
Yesterday at 6:20 PM

Be specific.

I’m From Maine
Yesterday at 6:14 PM

I find Nazis fascinating. Again. I’m from Maine.

This Is Your Captain Speaking
Yesterday at 5:36 PM

An announcement.

The Angry Towel Heads In Lebanon
Yesterday at 5:13 PM


Seasons At The Dump
Yesterday at 4:01 PM

Idiots come and Idiots go but the Dump remains.....a Dump.

New Important People At The Dump
Yesterday at 3:35 PM

Overhauling Dump Culture after 30+ years.

Filling Out The Special Form
Yesterday at 3:14 PM

Dry cleaning. No milk. Exploding yachts. All of the spectacular happenings of the Dump.

Running The Dump Radio Station
Yesterday at 3:01 PM

Thoughts. Insights. Experiences.

Life At Concentration Camp 91
Yesterday at 2:43 PM

A detailed history spanning three decades.

Concentration Camp 917
Yesterday at 2:25 PM

An educational introduction. Extra super wicked special. From my Camp to Yours. You’re welcome!!

Sounds From The Dump
Yesterday at 2:09 PM

Because three catastrophes deserves extra special treatment. Special. From my Dump to Yours. Because your Dump is awesome too!!!

Caring About The Dump
Yesterday at 12:58 PM

A hot How To Manual.

Changing Policies At The Dump
Yesterday at 10:49 AM

Can it happen? How? When?

Will There Be 3 Holes?
Yesterday at 10:18 AM

A bus tour of the sites. Big plans.

Sophie Speaks
Last Monday at 11:08 PM

Should your guinea pig fight terrorism? This super hot topic and more. Available. Here.

New Trinkets Down At The Dump
Last Monday at 10:08 PM

Expanding. Modernizing. Updating. Bright. New. Shiny things. All down at The Dump.

What Can You Do With The Dump?
Last Monday at 9:32 PM

What can you do WITHOUT The Dump? This existential question and more.

The Fine Art Of Manicuring The Dump
Last Monday at 9:00 PM

A detailed history. Here. Super ultra wicked conspiracy crypto special.

The Pentagon Whatever Thingy
Last Monday at 8:26 PM

Five Corners.....kinda a good place to avoid.

Who Runs This Dump?
Last Monday at 7:57 PM

Your answers. Here.

A Deck Of Cards
Last Monday at 7:24 PM

When men speak your language.

Explaining Sculpture To The Stereoblind
Last Monday at 7:21 PM

A manual.

When The Dump Calls About Ice Cream
Last Monday at 6:57 PM

What to do. An instructional booklet.

A Behavioral Assessment Of Dump Scavengers
Last Monday at 6:24 PM

Flea infested pigeons to majestic seagulls riding the methane gas fumes. A brief intro. Here.

Millions of Angry Mobs With Cameras
Last Monday at 5:42 PM

Imagine the limitless possibilities.....

An Art Historian Talks Race
Last Monday at 5:32 PM

Was it the White person with highlights of pink and orange or was it the richly deep Black person with rainbow hues of blue? Ya kinda gotta like be specific n stuff.

Last Monday at 5:17 PM

Fake money. An expensive car. Illegal drugs. Stay tuned for the SHOCKING CONCLUSION!!

New Revelations
Last Monday at 3:30 PM

Us vs Them. Black vs White. Terrorists vs Non Terrorists. It’s all clear to me now. (Spelling era not includes.) Whatever.

The Human Family
Last Monday at 2:57 PM

Controversy down at the White Anglo Saxon Purity Conference Center.

Mastering 3 Numbers
Last Monday at 2:40 PM

....while trying to manage five trillion.

The Spectacular Stenching Hole
Last Monday at 2:14 PM

.....down at the Dump.