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Join Mirage! as he talks about games, movies, and other things that interests him!

TSP S3 EP #14: Spark the Electric Jester

Ever wondered what would happen if you were to take Sonic the Hedgehog, Ristar, Kirby, and Megaman X? and merge the four together into one character? Well, you get Spark! That being said, lets dive into Spark the Electric Jester!

PS: We'd also like to apologize for the last podcast we did where we mentioned everything being too difficult for us. We realized that we needed to just sort of put less effort into the audio mixing, cause after talking to some people.... it was pretty clear on what we needed to do.

TSP Update

We apologize for not uploading an episode sooner, but this is something we genuinely need to get off our chest. Because if we don't, things will end up getting worse for all of us, whether its the viewers/listeners, the content creators, whoever. 

TSP S3 EP #13: Major Magnet

Join us as we talk about the Journey that Marvin Major goes through to get the 5 pieces of his cape back to reassemble it, and unknowingly saves the world! As we'll be diving into the wonderful, and divine realm of Major Magnet!

TSP S3 EP #12: Splatoon 2

We're back with another round of Splatoon as we're diving into the game's sequel! Get your Splat Dualies, and start shootin' cause this episode is gonna be quite the spectacle!

TSP S3 EP #11: Wii U Menu

Surprisingly enough, we're finally going to put an end to the Nintendo Menu series with the Wii U! (unless there's much more to talk about the switch than we anticipated.)

TSP S3 EP #10: Splatoon 1

You ready to dive in, turn into a Squid, and pull out your Splattershot? Cause on today's episode, we're gonna be covering Splatoon 1!


TSP S3 EP #9: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Ready to be frozen in a block of ice for a thousand years, and thaw out for some more Donkey Kong? Cause this time around, we're taking a look at Tropical Freeze! 

But that's not all! We have a special treat for you all that's becoming a mainstay for the rest of the series! You'll take notice to it as soon as you start listening to it!

TSP S3 EP #8: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Its time to go bonkers for bananas, because we're going to be taking a look at Donkey Kong Country Returns!

(We also apologize it took a bit longer than expected to get this episode out and ready! there were some things that were going on.)

TSP S3 EP #7: Mario Super Sluggers

On today's episode, we're covering the very last of the Mario Marathon! (Unless there's some extra pieces of Mario content we'd like to visit later on.) Mario isn't playing Basketball, he isn't driving in a Kart, and he certainly isn't playing Soccer, he's doing Baseball! We're covering Mario Super Sluggers!

TSP S3 EP #6: Mario Party

We told you guys before, we weren't done with Mario! And in today's episode, we'll be discussing Mario Party this time around! That's right! The fun and games still aren't over yet!

TSP S3 EP #5: Mario All Stars

We're still not done yet! We've still got 5 more main-line Mario games to discuss! AND EVEN THEN, WE STILL WON'T BE DONE!

TSP S3 EP #4: Mario Odyssey

With another installment of the 3d Mario series, comes Mario Odyssey. And as the subtitle says, you can indeed posess people with Mario's new Cap/Ghost friend, Cappy!

TSP S3 EP #3: Mario 3D World

We're FAR from done with this Mario marathon, because we've still got ways to go until we feel as though we've covered everything! Anyway, as the title says, we're going over 3D World this time around!

TSP S3 EP #2: Mario Galaxy

Did you really think we'd only cover 64, and Sunshine, and end it there? Well you're wrong! Cause we're back again with Mario Galaxy!

TSP S3 EP #1: 3DS Menu

Oh, you thought we were just gonna do the Wii, did ya? Well fortunately, or unfortunately for you, we're back for another round of Pre-installed Nintendo content!

TSP Season 2 Episode #25: Wii Menu

So, you guys remember all of those funny and cool channels that would come pre-installed inside of your Wii? Well, We're gonna talk about that today!

TSP Season 2 Episode #24: Cuphead

This time around, we're going to be discussing the game that's been worked on ever since 2010, and has that iconic Rubberhose Artstyle. Its.... CUPHEAD! This is a game that's genuinely been a blast for Burner/Koma and i to enjoy!

TSP Season 2 Episode #23: SRB2 Revisited Pt3

Last time, we spoke about the 2nd half of the game with its remaining stages! Now we're here to talk about the bonus content!

TSP Season 2 Episode #22: SRB2 Revisited Pt2

Welcome back to the revisit! In the last episode, we discussed the first 4 zones. This time around, we're gonna talk about the final set of zones in the entire game!

TSP Season 2 Episode #22: SRB2 Revisited Pt1

What's this? A revisit? Why yes! We're taking another look at Sonic Robo Blast 2 once again! But this time, it isn't just with 1 person. Its also far more in depth than it ever was before!

TSP Season 2 Episode #21: SA2 Chao Garden

Get ready to be hit with a WAVE of nostalgia as we head back in to Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, as we talk about the Chao Garden! 

TSP Season 2 Episode #20: Sonic Battle

Get ready to Punch, Kick, and Break your way through the wall, cause here comes Sonic Battle! That's right! The second Sonic fighting game ever officially released!

TSP Season 2 Episode #19: Treasure Island

I'm VERY sorry for it taking so long, my Co-Host, Burner had some things going on with his life that prevented me from being able to work on the episode any sooner than it actually came out.... 

But for your patience, I'm very happy to present to you this episode about Treasure Island! (Which is essentially a Five Nights at Freddy's Fangame about dark, mysterious, and shady things occurring on an abandoned Island within Disney Property known as Treasure Island.)

TSP Season 2 Episode #18: Lego Racers

Take Karts, Customization, and Lego Bricks, and you get Lego Racers! That's right! the racing game of everyone's childhood has finally made its way into the Saloon Podcast, and now we're here to talk about it!

TSP Season 2 Episode #17: Pokemon BDSP & Legends Arceus (Post Reveal)

Once again, we're late, i COMPLETELY understand! Anyway, we're here to dive back into the Sinnoh Region once more with Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends Arceus! (except with that game, we're going back to the past)

TSP Season 2 Episode #15: TSP Season 2 Episode #16: Scott Pilgrim Vs the World the Game

That's right! We're covering the game this time around, as mentioned previously in the Movie Episode!
(Sidenote, sorry it took me so long to get this out again, i had stuff to do.)

TSP Season 2 Episode #15: TSP Season 2 Episode #15: Thomas the Tank

On today's episode, we're going to be discussinggggg...... How Thomas the Tank Engine ended up being terrible, believe it or not! Over the years i've taken notice to how Thomas has regressed with each episode, and season because of the fact that Mattel took over. And we're gonna find out just how horrendous it is nowadays! 

TSP Season 2 Episode #14: Pokemon Sword & Shield

Once again, i'm very sorry for taking so long since the last episode. I had things to take care of. Anyway, we're here to talk about one of the most controversial Pokemon games within the franchise so far! Pokemon Sword and Shield! New Pokemon? Yup. New Galarian Forms? Yup. New.... Dynamax transformations...? Yeah, they've made quite a few good decisions, and quite a few.... Questionable ones, to say the least.

TSP Season 2 Episode #13: Pokemon Sun & Moon

Once again, i apologize for the agonizing LONG wait, really i do! I know its been quite a while since our last episode. The reason why it took so long was because of both Christmas, and personal issues that i was in the middle of trying to resolve. Anyways, Sun and Moon... The games that people forgot even existed. (To be frank, there really isn't that much good or bad to say about them.)

TSP Season 2 Episode #12: Pokemon X & Y

We SINCERELY apologize again for taking so long with this episode. Burner and I have gotten sidetracked with alot of personal things, so it ended up taking a little longer than expected. With that said though, welcome to the 5th part of our Pokemon Marathon! This time around, we're taking a look at gen 6! in Kalos!

TSP Season 2 Episode #11: Pokemon Black & White

I apologize for the LONG wait once again guys, i got sidetracked with life... (I'm also planning on taking a break around Christmas & New Years. After that, you guys won't need to wait any longer for another episode.) But anyways, this time around we're gonna be talking about the 5th Generation of Pokemon! That's right, the Unova Region! 

TSP Season 2 Episode #10: Scott Pilgrim Movie

Once again, i apologize for it taking so long to make another episode..... I had alot of stuff i had to take care of this time around, as we had to get another Maine Coon cat, fix my video card and hard drive issues, the list goes on and on. But i'm back now! so i should be good for the time being.

TSP Season 2 Episode #9: Pokemon DPP

I know... we're late AGAIN. We tried pushing it out earlier this time around, but there were alot of distractions and such throwing us off from getting this episode out. Anyways, we're talking about Gen 4 games! The generation that Mirage is currently trying to go through as of right now!

TSP Season 2 Episode #7: Pokemon RSE/ORAS

Once again, i do apologize for taking a little longer than i normally do. Instead of it being a result of a new cat though, i got sidetracked. Anyway! Pokemon RSE/ORAS! I grew up with these 3 titles, and love all of them to death! (This is yet another one that i've been meaning to cover too)

TSP Season 2 Episode #7: Pokemon GSC/HGS

Firstly, i just wanna apologize for this coming out SOOOO late... it's been very hectic dealing with a 3rd cat. They've been very affectionate and demanding of my attention. Anyways! Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, and HeartGold/Soulsilver! HOOO boy.... I've been meaning to cover Pokemon for a while, and for some reason, i just never got around to it until now, cause i was busy talking about other things i enjoyed, but here we are.

TSP Season 2 Episode #6: Techrax Tech Destruction

What is up guys! Techrax here, and i've got a new Iphone 11, and i'm- Okay, in all seriousness, the content in his videos are pretty much a mixed bag.

TSP Season 2 Episode #5: Inspector Gadget

Go, go Gadget Podcast! We're talking about Inspector Gadget this time! 

TSP Season 2 Episode #4: Minecraft Live 2020

Did you think we were done with all the Minecraft talk? Well think again, pal! We're diving into the recently revealed Minecraft 1.17 update!

TSP Season 2 Episode #3: How to Make a Fangame

(Real quick, i'd just like to address the fact that i recorded this a day before the 29th, which is my birthday. And i mention tomorrow near the end of the video somewhere, even though it's actually today now) So, you want to make a fangame, correct? Well, fear no more! Because Mirage in this episode goes over the things you should and shouldn't do when leading!

TSP Season 2 Episode #2: A life with Cats

Ever wondered if Mirage had Cats? or any kind of pet in general? Well tune in to find out!