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Episode Nine: Magnum Opus

This episode of Nevermore Podcast dives into the Magnum Opus and the issues surrounding creating your masterpiece.

Episode Eight: Holiday Episode

Episode Eight: The Victorian Christmas explores morality tales in Dickens and the many connections to holiday traditions that bind authors together.

Episode Six: Horror

Episode Six: Horror/Thriller, our favorite/least favorite scary books/movies. This episode contains strong language. [Rated R]

Episode Five: Steampunk

Episode Five: Steampunk, how does this form of reconstruction help us in writing?

Episode Four: Erotica

Episode Four: Erotica. This episode contains strong language, including anatomical body names. RATED R

Episode Three: Books to Movies

Episode Three: the book to movie adaptation, how it fairs in terms of execution, the issues surrounding translation of literature, and discussing realistic expectations for authors.

Episode Two: FairyTales Part Three

Episode Two: the third part of the three-part series on fairytales, we wrap it up and bring it all full circle with the fairytales that we love most and why? What is it about these stories that still entertain us?

Episode Two: Fairytales Part Two

Episode Two-second part of the three-part series on Fairytales

Episode Two: FairyTales Part One

Episode Two of the podcast, a three-part series on fairytales. Dive into the stories that have us bound in a spell as the sisters discuss their meaning and hidden connections.

Episode One: Interview with Damsels & Dice

Episode One-Interview with Kailey Bray of Damsels & Dice, and Everything Nice. In our kick-off episode, we get to interview one of our favorite princesses to explore the concept of modernizing fairytales and the return of tabletop RPG.