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The TF Metals Report Podcast is an educational podcast investigating the world of gold, silver, commodities, and currencies. New podcasts are published almost daily, while special Access-to-Access (A2A) interviews with leading experts come out usually once a week. Take a listen and learn how these topics will impact our economy and monetary policies in both the near and long-term!

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Thursday Conversation - DenverDave Kranzler

Our old pal, DenverDave, stopped by earlier today to discuss the current parallels to 2008 and how this is all impacting the precious metals. You should be sure to have a listen! And the timing of this podcast couldn't be better. Yes, the POSX is soaring while the euro is tanking but is this solely due to Fed and ECB policy or is there something more complicated lurking behind the curtain? See...

Your Holiday Jackass

It can't be the U.S. Independence Day weekend without fireworks, apple pie and The Jackass. So here you go. An hour of mostly-uninterrupted Jackass consciousness for your holiday listening pleasure. So what do Jim and I discuss here at the mid-point of 2022? To be honest, I don't really remember. It all comes at you so fast and furious that it's not easy to keep up. Jim's got that big old brain...

SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on Starr Peak Mining from CEO, Johnathan More

We first introduced you to Starr Peak Mining last August and, like nearly every other mining company, the months since have not been kind to its shares. But sometimes, indiscriminate selling presents opportunity and, with that in mind, it seemed a good idea to take another look at this company. Before we begin, it might be a good idea to review the podcast from last summer when we first spoke...

SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on GoldMining, Inc. from CEO, Alastair Still

It has been a very difficult two months for the precious metals and the mining shares. However, I'm confident that things will soon change as global central banks are forced to resume debt monetization and rate cuts. If I'm right about that, then there are a few mining companies that present incredible bargains at these current prices and GoldMining Inc would certainly seem to be one of them...

SPECIAL PODCAST: Arthur Halleran, CEO of Trillion Energy

Almost all of our CEO interviews involve leaders in the precious metals sector. However, when Kerry Lutz asked me to consider a natural gas company, I decided to give it a look. I'm glad I did and I think you'll be glad, too. The guest today is Art Halleran, the CEO of a natural gas producer called Trillion Energy. As you know, the Ukraine War has led to soaring natural gas prices across Europe...

Thursday Conversation - Larry Lepard

Larry Lepard is a Boston-based money manager and sound money advocate. He's also a longtime member of this site, going back to The Watchtower days so I think it's safe to say that you're going to enjoy this podcast. Larry's day job is a money manager at Equity Management Associates in Boston. You can learn more about Larry and the services his firm offers by visiting their website . Larry is also...

TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 29

Your host has had enough and next week promises to be very, very busy with the May FOMC and your latest BLSBS. So let's call it a week a little earlier than usual. And I've had enough of today. As has been the recent norm, the PMs rallied in London on physical demand and then were smashed on Comex through paper supply. The farce has become comical and it's increasingly difficult to take it...

Thursday Conversation - John Adams

Our friend and fellow Turdite, John Adams, has been missing in action and keeping a low profile these past few months. However, that does not mean that he hasn't been doing his part to help unravel and expose the global fractional reserve and digital derivative pricing scheme. So it's good to hear from John again. As you may know, he lives Sydney so he is keenly wired in to the Australian bullion...

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 27

The stage is set for a very interesting end of the week and month. And then, of course, next week brings the May FOMC so there's definitely no shortage of topics to discuss today. But all that really matters is how lousy the PMs and miners have been for six days running. It stinks, sucks and angers. But it also clears the deck for another stab higher and, as you know, I'm sitting on some dry...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 26

Oooohhhh. Well, things are starting to get pretty interesting. The S&P went out at its low of the day and below 4200. This sets up a very interesting Wednesday so please take the time to listen to this podcast. For today, we try to cram as much as possible into twenty minutes and before my voice gives out. We start with these two links:

SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on Altaley Mining from CEO, Ralph Shearing

We first discovered Altaley Mining in October of last year. It's an interesting company but I didn't take a position in it back then. However, after this update, I'm ready to pull the trigger. Let's start by taking you back to October of 2021. Our first introduction to Altaley came from David Rhodes, who sits on the company's board of directors. Here's a link to that podcast if you want to go...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 25

The week begins with some crazy volatility and it will likely continue this way all through Friday. We've got some thoughts on how this might all play out from here as the May FOMC comes over the horizon so please take some time to give this podcast a listen. For today, a general discussion of the day that was and a mention of this link:

SPECIAL PODCAST: A Uranium Update from Scott Melbye, CEO of Uranium Royalty Corp.

It hasn't just been a crazy week in the precious metals miners, the uranium stocks have been hard hit, too. On the surface, this makes zero fundamental sense so I tracked down Scott Melbye today in order to get an explanation. Again, Scott is CEO of Uranium Royalty Corp. I'm a shareholder and Scott has been a guest on these podcasts before. Here are two links: This from February of 2021: https://...

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, April 21

It was a lousy day but, for once, it wasn't just us. It was lousy everywhere! The bond market was down. The general stock market was down. The energy sector was down even though crude oil was up. And, of course, the mining shares got hammered even though CDG finished the day down just a few bucks. Tomorrow promises to be a very interesting final day of the week. No links today. Just an Omi-...

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 20

It was has now become the pattern, the precious metals and mining shares bounced back today from their early-week beatings. Can they continue to recover into Friday? We'll see. We're first going to have to deal with Chief Goon Powell on Thursday. For today, yours truly is a bit under the weather so I tried to cobble this together in some sort of sensible fashion. You can decide if I was...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 19

Right on cue, massive selling of Comex paper kicked in today. This was blamed, of course, on comments made yesterday by Goon Bullard regarding the coming fed funds rate hikes. Isn't it interesting that those comments had no impact on stonks, though. Oh my gosh. It's all such a scam. For the fourth week in a row, a Monday-Tuesday punch has hammered the shares lower and today's price smash comes...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 18

The began almost identically to the previous two. A surge of optimism over the weekend led to a bout of early buying. However, that soon faded prices retreated, leading to a reversal in the shares, too. However, by the end of the last two weeks, prices have been higher. So perhaps we'll get a repeat of that, too? Time will tell. For today, no links. Just a lengthy general discussion that includes...

SPECIAL PODCAST: An Update on York Harbour Metals from CEO, Andrew Lee

It was just two months ago that we last spoke with Andrew Lee regarding his company, York Harbour Metals. I've since become a shareholder so I thought it would be good to get another update today. The last time we spoke, Andrew and I were joined by Bruce Durham, the executive chairman of the company. For background, here's the link to that discussion:

Hippity, Hoppity, Jackass On His Way

It's a market holiday weekend so you know what that means.... So, as per tradition, here is an update from our old friend, The Golden Jackass himself, Jim Willie. It's always fun to venture off the beaten path when Jim stops by and his particular brand of out-of-the-box thinking and looks over the horizon can be very helpful in these volatile times. For today's call, I asked Jim to focus upon the...

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, April 14

The week draws to a premature end as the US markets are closed tomorrow in observance of the Good Friday holiday. So let's wrap things up and check the charts in order to mentally prepare for the weeks ahead. For today, there's a lot to talk about but not a lot of time. So after a general discussion of how the day went and, more importantly, how it ended, we discuss first the items below: And...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 12

It was a busy day as US price inflation soared to its highest level in decades. This is not a problem that simple monetary policy can fix but you know that The Fed will try, anyway. If you'd like to read a summary of where we are and where we're headed, see this link from ZH: And please follow along as we assess today's...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 11

The week began as a near mirror image to last Monday. The Comex metals were slammed shortly after the NYSE open and then The Monolith took over and shoved the mining shares lower, too. However and unlike last Monday, prices were at least able to recover some of those losses and now we're poised for a volatile CPI Tuesday. For today, just a recap of the day's events and a discussion of the markets...

TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 8

The week ends on an uptick and a positive resolution to the pennant/base in Comex Digital Gold. So what happens next? Maybe a rally next week? We'll see. What we know for certain is that the week will be busy with all sorts of US inflation data. Please give this a podcast a listen so that you're ready when things get going again on Sunday. For today, these links:

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, April 7

As we head toward Friday, both Comex digital metals are slightly in the green and up on the week. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows? Did anyone know what today would bring? In these unprecedented times, we simply need to take each day at a time. To that end, check these links for some of the important items of the day:

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 6

The March FOMC minutes have come and gone and they've left the price of Comex Digital Gold completely unchanged on the week thus far. So do we have a shot at a rally into week end? It was another crazy day across all markets as a former Fed Goon, Horseface Dudley, basically stated that The Fed wants to create a reverse wealth effect by killing the stonk market. Can you even believe that? Crazy...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 5

For the second consecutive day, the silver price was smashed on Comex and, unlike yesterday, today it took Comex gold along for the ride. The reason give was some utter nonsense spewed forth by Goon Braindead. Oh, well. Whatever. I will choose to live in reality and use the lower prices to once again add to my stack. So, anyway, all was well and fine until Goon Braindead grabbed an open mic and...

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 4

It was a somewhat frustrating day where trading was dominated by a deliberately manipulative smash in Comex Digital Silver that appeared shortly after the NYSE open. As if often the case, the hammering of silver led to a dumping of shares and now we begin the week with losses after what had been a positive close back on Friday. So, for today, just a recap of the day's frustration and a look at...

TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 1

It what seemed like an April Fools joke, the week ended with a downward dump in the Comex metals but an upward pump in the mining shares. What the heck? Come on in and let's talk about it. For today, just a summary of the day and week that was. We focus much of the general discussion on the bond market and the yield curve but we also mention this link:

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, March 31

It was an odd day of trading as almost everything sold off in the last hour before the quarterly close. So what will tomorrow bring? More of the same or a reversal of today's flows? And what about the BLSBS? Come on in and let's talk about it. Today was dominated by the latest PETUS plan to release some the US strategic petroleum reserves. Was this bullish or bearish for energy? Was this...

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, March 30

With just one day to go before the end of the first quarter, PM prices rallied today and appear poised to paint very nice candles onto the monthly and quarterly charts. But the week is far from over. Tomorrow brings a host of economic data as well as LBMA option expiration. Friday, of course, brings the latest BLSBS. So buckle in and be ready for more volatility. For today, a discussion of these...

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, March 29

A day that began with a smash actually ended with a bounce. Combine that with some stellar performance out of the mining sector and suddenly we have an interesting setup for the remainder of the week. For today, a discussion of the day's events and the links and tweet below.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, March 28

It was a very busy start to what will be a volatile and challenging week so come on in and have a listen to your daily podcast summary. For today, we try to make some sense of all the we saw...from soaring stonks to smashing Comex gold. The yield curve is now flat and very nearly inverted as stonks focus on rate cuts to come while CDG gets smashed on rate hikes to come. It's maddening. We try to...

TFMR Podcast - Saturday, March 26

It was a surprisingly good week so let's wrap it up with this summary podcast and then get ready for another very busy week to come. And what made it a surprisingly good week? Consider that we exited last week getting our tails kicked and driven backward from above $2000 in Comex gold. This week then brought a massive dump in the bond market, a selloff in the TIP (higher real rates) and a rally...

Thursday (Friday) Conversation - Keith Neumeyer

As you know, Keith Neumeyer is President and CEO of First Majestic Silver. He's also a longtime friend of TFMR but someone we've not had a chance to record with for over a year so please take some time today or over the weekend to give this podcast a listen. First of all, you should know that First Majestic has been a primary holding of mine for years. Keith does a great job, he's a tireless...