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A podcast made by teens, for teens, talking to some of the biggest names in tech and exploring the world of AI & Ethics from the perspective of a young adult

AI and Cybersecurity: exploring the virtual battle between hackers and consumers, with Abhishek Iyer

Have you been a victim of cybercrimes? Have you received any phishing emails in the past year? If so, you are not the only one. In 2020, 241,342 complaints on phishing and related attacks were reported to the IC3. This number increased by around 110% from the previous year. So how can we maintain safe communication and data storage as hacking techniques become ever more advanced?

In Ep. 14, Abhishek Iyer, Head of Product Marketing at Armorblox, explains how natural language understanding can be used to prevent targeted email attacks. He also speaks with us about life in a startup, and...

AI and Banking: the future of finance, with Claire Calmejane

The rise of Fintech has accelerated dramatically in the past 5 years, leading to rapid change and innovation in the banking sector in a way never seen before. In this episode, Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer at Societe Generale, talks about how banks can use AI to improve customer experience, financial literacy, and cater to all generations – changing the landscape for all. With this in mind, there have been huge developments in banking services, resulting in new structures such as Neobanks, who are changing the way we think, invest, and deposit our money. 

We hope you enjoy Ep.13! Let...

AI and Mastercard: the future of fintech and the fight against fraud, with Rohit Chauhan and Laura Quevedo

How can AI help us to fight fraud? Is AI the next electricity? Did you know the pandemic accelerated the worldwide shift to e-commerce by 5 years? Today we’re speaking with two leading figures in AI at Mastercard, Rohit Chauhan, Executive VP of AI and Laura Quevedo, Executive VP. From algorithms which enable payments and prevent fraud, to ones which identify skills gaps in HR, to those which partially automate customer support, AI is being used to save time and improve efficiency across the entire company. In this episode we speak about this strategy, and about how AI is be...

AI and Storytelling: combining data science and DNA, with Dr Ahna Girshick

What is the relationship between AI and humans? How can we use data science to explore our family history? How can data science allow us to collaborate with musicians and artists we’ll never meet? Today we’re speaking with Dr Ahna Girshick about her previous job at Ancestry, and her lifelong passion for combining STEM with humanities and the arts to tell stories. We hope you enjoy Ep.11!

AI and ML at IQVIA: Exploring patient data privacy and utility, with Dr Rachel Li

How can data help us diagnose rare diseases?  How do we standardise healthcare data from across the world? What is the future of the digital hospital? For today’s episode, we spoke to  Dr Rachel Li, who is a Machine Learning Engineer at Privacy Analytics, an IQVIA Company who provide data anonymisation services and software for organisations in the healthcare industry. We discuss her experiences as a female computer scientist, and the future of data in healthcare, exploring how it can revolutionise both medical research, and patient experience. We hope you enjoy Ep.10!

Girls in AI 2021 Global Hackathon Episode! Meet the Organisers, and Teens in AI Founder and CEO Elena Sinel

Happy International Women’s Day from the whole Teens in AI Podcast Team. To celebrate International Women’s Day, at Teens in AI we are currently holding our annual Global Girls in AI hackathon across 25 countries, with over 1000 participants, 150 speakers, and 500 mentors and organisers. The Lead Organisers really are the glue of this event, without them it just would not be possible to get so many young people from so many different backgrounds learning about AI. So for this special episode we talked to 5 of them, and the Founder and CEO of Teens in AI, Elena, to find out a li...

AI and Literature: the future of text and technology, with Professor Dennis Tenen

In Ep.8, we are joined by Professor Dennis Tenen, associate professor of comparative literature at Columbia University, to consider the relationship between text and technology. From the story-writing algorithms of the Ancient Greeks, to the power of bots today to debunk vaccine rumours, we explore how this relationship is becoming ever more ingrained in our lives. Could a bot win a Nobel Prize? Write your essays for you? And would you take your three favourite books to a desert island, or a bot that would endlessly write new books for you? We hope you enjoy! 

AI and TeachFX: voice recognition in teaching, with Zach Crago

In Ep.7 we’re talking to Zach Crago, Co-Creator and Head of Partnerships at Teach FX, about the use of voice recognition AI. TeachFX uses this tool to give teachers immediate statistical feedback on student engagement in their lessons, enabling them to change their teaching methods to benefit student outcomes. We discuss the future of technology in education, of voice recognition in the wider world, and the significant role teachers play in our lives.

AI and Sports Analytics: the world of Infosys, with Corey Glickman

In Ep.6 we are joined by Corey Glickman, Global Head of Sustainability and Design Consulting Services at Infosys. We discuss problem solving, how data is changing the way we play and consume sport, innovation in response to Covid-19, and embracing what technology enables us to do. Enjoy!

AI and Climate Change: the future of water, with Dr Fadji Maina

In Ep.5 we welcome Dr Fadji Maina, hydrologist at NASA, who spoke to us about the power of AI to help us predict the future of climate change, particularly in relation to water. Tune in to also hear her own inspirational story about her journey to becoming the first Nigerien woman to work for NASA, and her belief in the power of hope. 

L'Oréal and AI, the future of beauty with Lubomira Rochet

How can AI help us when we are overwhelmed by choice? Or when salons across the world closed during the COVID-19 pandemic? How can AI encourage us to express ourselves? To learn more about how technology is reshaping the beauty industry, listen to today's episode with Lubomira Rochet, Chief Digital Officer at L'Oréal. We hope you enjoy Ep 4!

The Internet of Skills and 5G: the Democratisation of Technology? With Professor Mischa Dohler

Tune in for this week’s episode, where we are joined by the incredible Professor Mischa Dohler, Professor at King's College London, Fellow of IEEE/RAEng/RSA/IET and Cofounder of Worldsensing/Movingbeans/SiriusInsight. Topics include the Internet of Skills, global democratisation of technology through 5G and 6G and the confluence of music and technology.

Empathetic AI, Digital Afterlives and Douglas Adams, with Robbie Stamp

Join us for our second episode of 2021 as we speak to the incredible Robbie Stamp, CEO of Bioss International, Chairman of, TedX speaker and member of the BSI Standing Committee on AI. Tune in as we discuss a variety of topics, including whether AI has the potential to feel emotions like empathy, homeotechniensis and the possibility of a digital afterlife.

The Future of Super Intelligent Robotics, with David Hanson: Conscious and Autonomous?

Welcome to Episode 1 of our brand new series!

Tune in as we discuss a variety of topics with David Hanson, Founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, including regulation over the development of human-like forms in machines, Sophia’s controversial Saudi Arabian Citizenship and whether creating a conscious and autonomous “intelligent machine” is necessary to survive the challenges of our time.

AI and Neurodiversity: How One Empowers the Other

Welcome to Ep 9!   Our amazing guest is Yonah Welker, Innovator and Founder of the Yonah Fund   We discuss the challenges and potentials of the future of how a truly neurodiverse tech industry can empower AI    For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

AI in Business and the Business of AI

Welcome to Ep 8!   Our amazing guest is Susan Etlinger, an Industry Analyst with Altimeter Group   We discuss the problems with the business model of AI and the role of AI in business and advertising    For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

AI and the Criminal Justice System: Fairness, Justice & Crime

Welcome to Ep 7!   Our amazing guest is Renée Cummings, Data Activist in Residence at the University of Virginia   We discuss her exciting new research, facial recognition technology, reform, bias and more.   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

Black History Month: Bias, Advice and Global Collaboration

Welcome to Ep 6!   Our amazing guest is Kate Kallot, Head of Emerging Areas at NVIDIA   We discuss the importance of Black History Month, global collaboration, fighting racial biases and advice and resources   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

Talking with Teens: Hopes, Fears & Ideas

Welcome back!


In this episode we talk to some of the incredible teens from the Ada Lovelace Hackathon 2020. We discuss the future of AI, their projects, the challenges they face and so much more.

For more information and regular updates, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

Politics, Privacy & Bias

Welcome to Ep 4!   Our amazing guests is Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director at Deloitte and Privacy and Ethics specialist   We discuss the role of AI in politics, privacy and social media and more!   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

Careers Advice & the Future of AI

Welcome to Ep 2!   Our amazing guests are Professor Rose Luckin, Director of EDUCATE and Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL, Carly Kind, Director of the Ada Lovelace Institute and Elena Sinel, Teens In AI Founder.    We discuss the future of AI, advice for teens interested in tech and so much more!   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

AI in Healthcare & the Fight Against COVID

Welcome to Ep 3!   We discuss the role and relative success of AI in the fight against COVID, the ethics of AI taking over roles in healthcare, and potential unemployment in the healthcare industry.   Our amazing guest is Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI at NHSX. I am also joined by my co-host, Anisah.   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

The A-Level Algorithm and the Role of AI in Education.

Welcome to Ep 1!!   Our amazing guests are Professor Rose Luckin, Director of EDUCATE and Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL and Carly Kind, Director of the Ada Lovelace Institute.    We discuss bias in the A-Level Algorithm and UK school system, the potential of AI in education and much more.   For more information, follow us on twitter @TeensInAIPod

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