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By: Aaron Back

With many CIO, CFO and other business technology professionals faced with mounting pressures to define the business, process or customer value around technology and cloud investments, this podcast will help put things into context, break down tough issues and have listeners walking away with actionable insights. Back @ IT is not scripted nor is it staged, instead it is a free flow that considers the why and how of using technology solutions to make or save money for a business.

Humans Plus AI - Impacting The Future Of Work
Last Friday at 2:36 PM

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence has infiltrated society and how we work today. Many of the business applications and social media apps we use are infused with AI in some way. This has changed our expectations of app interactions and outcomes which impacts our decision-making process.

Additionally, we are seeing investments by major companies in industry clouds to streamlining the unique experience in these verticals. AI will continue to be infused into these solutions which will shape the future of the business applications experience.

In this “Back @ IT” episode, I am joined by Cem Dilmegani, Foun...

Back @ IT: Office of Finance - Exceeding Expectations with Solver QuickStart

Over the past several months, companies were forced to shift their technology strategies and which applications they would invest in. For some companies, this was a struggle as the solutions available were difficult or took too long to implement. 

By keeping a pulse on the needs of organizations, Solver developed a solution that is easy to implement and can produce results in one day. Solver’s QuickStart solution coupled with Dynamics 365 Business Central surfaces important data that the Office of Finance needs for critical decision-making. 

In this special episode of “Back @ IT” for the Dynamic Communit...

Back @ IT: Accelerating Time To Value with Solver QuickStart

The pandemic forced many companies to evaluate their processes, technology, and people and make drastic changes. As a result, technology came to the forefront to help solve many challenges and fill critical gaps.

In spite of all of this, Solver stepped up to the plate to develop a truly remarkable solution in the mid-market and SMB space. Solver’s QuickStart solution for Business Central has time to value that is amazing. Not only is it faster than the out-of-the-box Business Central capabilities, but provides powerful analytics, customizable options, and much more.

In this “Back @ IT” episode, Tad Re...

Back @ IT: The Revolutionary Impact Of Low-Code No-Code

Low-code/No-code tools have been on quite a journey. They started off as just a shiny new toy for tech-savvy business users and evolved into full-fledged, robust applications for both citizen developers and pro developers to utilize. 
In this “Back @ IT” episode for the @Dynamic Communities DAC News Desk, I’ll dive into the low-code/no-code arena and explore the evolution, the contention, and the collaboration.

Highlights:00:31: The low-code/no-code market will continue to grow with projections of $187 billion by 2030.
01:53: What does low-code/no-code mean and how did it get started?
 03:10: Who are some of the play...

Back @ IT: What Innovations Are Happening In Healthcare Tech?

With the rapid pace of change in technology today, it’s refreshing to hear the impacts that tech is having in the healthcare space. Technology really came to the forefront during the pandemic and was an enabler to truly remarkable experiences with patients and medical professionals.
In this special “Back @ IT” episode for the Dynamic Communities DAC News Desk, I’m joined by Paul Swider, Chief Philanthropy Officer for RealActivity and Directory of Philanthropy for the Boston Healthcare Technology Group. We dive into all aspects of healthcare technology from early days and the tech foundations to AI-driven chatbots to the pati...

Back @ IT: Is Computer Vision Tech Ready For Prime Time?

#ArtificialIntelligence image recognition technology has seen some great strides in the past couple of years. This brings a level of excitement to what the future holds for AI-assisted technology.
In this “Back @ IT” episode for the @Dynamic Communities DAC News Desk, I’ll explore some great examples of where #computervision is being utilized, some pros and cons, and things to consider if you are looking to leverage AI tools like this.

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Back @ IT: Addressing The Common Myths of RPA

With the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the past couple of years, it has spurred quite a few myths as to what RPA can or cannot do.
In this “Back @ IT” episode for the Dynamic Communities DAC News Desk, I’ll dispel some of these myths and give you insights into what’s really happening.
00:55: You have decided to implement RPA...So, what’s next?02:26: Myth Number 1: RPA will kill jobs.04:00: Myth Number 2: RPA is only for very large enterprise companies.05:08: Myth Number 3: RPA can only be used for simple tasks.06:13: Myth Number 4: RPA will never make mista...

Back @ IT: Building A Future with Digital Transformation

In this special episode, Lipi Sarkar joins me to chat about building a future through digital transformation, and the people and industries impacted.

Back @ IT: Are SMBs Ready For Robotic Process Automation?

With the explosion of RPA in the past few years, many SMBs are still holding out adopting this technology. So, then what areas should SMBs consider?

Back @ IT: How Are You Engaging With Distracted Consumers?

With a decline in attention spans over the past few years, what can be done to engage with consumers to grab their attention?

Back @ IT: Industries Are Feeling The Impact of RPA

Different industries are feeling the impacts of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and are reaping the rewards. What things can we learn from these industries?

Back @ IT: The Purchasing Power of the Informed Consumer

An informed consumer is more powerful than ever before when it comes to purchases. Do you have content in the right places to impact those purchases?

Back @ IT: Can Businesses Survive In A Third-Party Cookieless World?

Customers are more informed today than ever before. But more than being informed, people gravitate to a personalized experience. How is AR impacting this?

Back @ IT: The Practical Realities of the Augmented Customer

Customers are more informed today than ever before. But more than being informed, people gravitate to a personalized experience. How is AR impacting this?

Back @ IT: The "Why" of Automation - Why Is Automation Critical For Digital Transformation Success?

Any digital transformation effort will require automation to succeed today. So, what's holding you back? Take a listen and think about automation differently.

Back @ IT: The "Where" of Automation

Surprisingly, many organizations think automation is all about the cloud. Scattered workloads need effective automation delivered through a hybrid mindset.

Back @ IT: The "When" of Automation

Knowing when to implement or scale your automation is crucial to its success. Poor timing can have negative impacts downstream. So, when should you automate?

Back @ IT: The "What" of Automation

Should something be automated or not? Just because you have the tools available to automate things, not everything should be automated.

Back @ IT: The “Who” of Automation

Even though automation bots are here, it doesn't mean people are going away. People are still critical to automation. But what type of people are needed?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Are New Tech Innovations Serving the Food and Beverage Industry?

We all impact the Food and Beverage industry in our own way as consumers or directly working in the industry. But, how did tech impact the industry?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Are Things Really Adding Up for FinTech?

Brick and mortar banks took a hit from the pandemic and from digital banks in 2020. So, how is FinTech shaping up today and what's the bottom line?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Is Hospitality Staying “Stuck” or Is It Moving On?

The hospitality industry took a huge hit in 2020, but it looks to be rebounding with new contactless services powered by AI. What's the impact on you?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Is Retail Buying Into New Tech Advances?

The retail experience has transformed in a short time. Also, consumer expectations have changed, but has your business? What areas do you need to focus on?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - What’s Driving Tech in Transportation?

Is tech driving the transportation industry or is the industry driving the tech? Listen in as I unpack this topic, and look at the people factor as well.

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Checking The Pulse of Tech in Healthcare

Healthcare and tech seem to go hand in hand, but there are still blockers. Listen in as I highlight tech advanced in healthcare and roadblocks to get past.

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - Education And Tech Get Schooled

The education industry took a hit during the pandemic. Many struggled to roll out effective learning tools. So, what can we learn from this on both sides?

Back @ IT: Industry Impacts - The Tech, The People, and You

How does tech impact industries and what's the impact of industries on tech? This series will explore The Tech, The People, and The Impact on You.

Back @ IT: Business Process Automation Series Summary

Wow! A lot was covered in this series: BPA, Workflow Tools, AP Automation, RPA, AI, NLP, ML, Chatbots and more! Check out this highlight summary.

Back @ IT: Exploring Business Process Automation and Chatting About Chatbots

With consumer retail spend through chatbots reaching $142 billion by 2024, what impact do chatbots have in your organization? Help or hindrance?

Back @ IT: Exploring Business Process Automation and the Impacts of Natural Language Processing

NLP is a powerful tool...if used with purpose towards actionable outcomes. In this episode, I examine natural language processing and what it means for you.

Back @ IT: Exploring Business Process Automation and the Breakdown of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not just a fancy buzzword. It truly has practical applications for your business. Listen in as I breakdown ML and what it means to you.

Back @ IT: Exploring Business Process Automation and Automating Analytics

It took a while, but automated analytics is here. But you need to understand some areas of impact. Listen in as I unpack these areas and cautionary items.

Back @ It: Exploring Business Process Automation asking "Are Bots Taking Over?"

The F.U.D. effect is real and should be addressed if you are implementing RPA. In this episode, I'll address this and a new term you should know regarding RPA

Back @ It: Exploring Business Process Automation and Automating Your AP

AP Automation category is going to continue growing. The question is: Have you implemented an AP Automation solution or strategy within your company?

Back @ IT: Exploring Business Process Automation and Powerful Workflow Tools

Workflow tools abound in many different flavors and choosing the right one can be difficult. What tools do you have in place? Are they effective?

Back @ It: Exploring Business Process Automation and How It Impacts You

The Business Process Automation arena is a big area to explore. but I will break this down during this multi-part series. Join me as I start this journey exploring best practices, areas to automate, and tools to leverage.