We're Here, We're Queer ! (All Things LGBTQIA+)

11 Episodes

By: Patrick Ferguson

A queer safe space! I'm Patrick and this podcast will explore everything to do with the LGBTQIA+/human experience, from embarrassing tales to coming out stories, from experiences with bullying, to the latest in queer news and pop culture. Because the world can never be too gay, right? Contact - wereherewerequeerpodcast@gmail.com

Our Final Episode

Thank you to anyone that has listened and enjoyed this podcast! Catch ya on the flip side❤️🌈

Insult to Injury - Episode 10

Anybody else tired of the obvious insults directed toward to the LGBTQIA+ community? I honestly think people need to be a little more creative with their words. Homophobic attitudes and comments may be an eye roll to me but they still effect other queer people, especially young kids very differently and very deeply and that's what we touch on this week. Happy Listening❤️🌈

God Is A Woman! Episode 9

So March 8th was International Women's Day! And naturally I had to talk about how incredible they are! From my own family to Lady Gaga, women have been a huge influence and had a major impact on me since I was young. They are some of the most resilient and powerful people I know, so this episode is dedicated to all of the fabulous women out there. Happy International Women's Day! And Happy Listening❤️🌈

Have I Got News For You! Episode 8

Similar to the TV show, we're talking about some of the latest news stories and headlines that have caught my attention lately. From an 81 person orgy to more exciting new studies in HIV treatment. Do you like to be up to date on LGBTQIA news? I think the more we know about our community the better😊 Happy Listening! ❤️🌈

Gays On Film! Episode 7

'Cause 'Girls On Film'... Get it? In episode 7 we talk about some of the biggest TV shows and films that have had a significant impact on me as a gay man, or it's the storytelling I've fallen in love or a character that I've related to. We also talk about representation for the queer community within the film industry. Happy Listening!❤️🌈

Question, Don't Tell Me What You Think About Me - Episode 6

This week we're chatting about the random things that consume my brain when I'm awake at midnight. We touch on Drag Race, dating, the hereonormative traditions put on us from a young age and the constant questioning of our life choices, which I hope someone out there can relate to. Happy listening ❤️🌈

Let's Talk Mental Health - Episode 5

This week I wanted to discuss mental health. I talk frankly about my own personal experience with anxiety and depression, the importance of continuing the conversation on mental health and how the LGBTQIA+ community are exponentially more likely to suffer from similar issues due to how we are treated and looked at by society.
 A serious but important conversation.❤️🌈

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LGBT History Month - Episode 4

It's LGBTQ+ History Month! So this week I wanted to talk about some key points and events throughout queer history that shaped where we are today!🌈❤️ Listen on Apple, Spotify or YouTube💜

My Coming Out Story - Episode 3

This week I wanted to share my coming out story, because no matter what your experience, how easy or difficult it may be to come out - our stories should always be told. I also touch on how important it is for us to continue the fight, especially for the trans community. 

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It's A Sin & Jojo Siwa! Episode 2

Welcome to the We're Here, We're Queer Podcast! In our first official episode we discuss Jojo Siwa's coming out, the new Channel 4 miniseries 'It's A Sin' and the latest developments in HIV treatment.

Who is She? - An Introduction! Episode 1

Our First Episode is an introduction to me, Patrick and what this podcast is all about. And it's all about LGBTQIA+ life, from bullying experiences to embarrassing storytimes! Enjoy!