Unfiltered Curiosity

22 Episodes

By: Joie Picazo, Colin Pryor, Anuar Huizar

Exploring a wide range of subjects through an unfiltered lens, three friends banter their way through curious topics.

Meditation Nation

The gang talks about the history of meditation, how it's not just for hippies anymore, and discuss their personal experiences.

Be Our Guest: An American Education

Join Unfiltered Curiosity for their first guest speaker as the crew learns of a different American experience.

Season 2: New Year, Same Crew, Some Fresh Hot Takes on Politics

The gangs first episode of 2021 kicks off with a discussion of the state of US politics. Topics include, the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th, President Biden's slew of executive orders, and where we might go from here.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

The gang shares scary stories and talk about their perspectives on the paranormal.

To Live Is To Buy

The crew discusses the impact of consumerism and materialism on individuals and society as a whole.

Macabre and Muderbilia

The crew dives into a discussion on the fascination with the macabre and the obsession with serial killers.

To Infinity and Beyond

The gang explores the final frontier! The conversation revolves around theories and questions about outer space and our role in the universe.

Thou Shalt Not Worship

The 3 amigos discuss the nature and influence of celebrity adulation. They dive into how celebrity worship has penetrated our culture and daily lives.

We Don't Need No Education

The crew explores the education system and how children are being taught in our schools. Colin shares his own experience as a teacher.

US Imperialism

The gang digs into US militarism and its impact on social, economic and political facets.


Everyday Addictions

Join the 3 amigos as they delve into addiction. With first hand experience in addiction treatment, the conversation centers on the concept and how it affects people's lives.

Cancel Culture

The crew goes down the rabbit hole of cancel culture. They discuss how it has been used and how it has worked and failed. 

Conspiring Minds Think Alike

Follow the gang down the rabbit hole that may go to deep or not deep enough. #iwannabelieve

Environmental Discord

The gang discusses the validity of climate change and the importance of reconnecting to our natural environment.

Drunk Doomsday

Drunken shenanigans with the crew as they discuss not only surviving but thriving in a post apocalyptic world.

Pharmaceuticals: The Prescribed Predicament

The amigos dive into a conversation about pharmaceuticals and how prescription medications impact society and individuals

Altered States Of Consciousness

The homies explore different methods to achieve altered states of consciousness.

Self Expansion

The gang discusses practical applications for self expansion.

(Anti) Social Media

The gang discusses the pitfalls of social media.

Religion: A Tool

Exploring the role of religion in society.

New podcast. Who dis?

An introduction to the hosts of Unfiltered Curiosity, Anuar, Colin & Joie. Listen as they share a little about themselves and how the idea of this podcast came together.