Dialogue Over Time

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A video game opinion podcast with three friends.

DOT#14 - Loosey Goosey
Yesterday at 6:16 AM

The boys talk about CD Projekt Red, PS3 and Vita Stores, some wild Tetris news as well as dive in to their love of mini-games. Also Chris is jaded.

DOT#13 - I Prefer the Term Inexpensive

The boys talk about Bioshock 4, Twitch and it's unique place in society, choose their starters, and debate the intricate nature of Mario.

DOT#12 - Transition Me

The boys discuss a digital E3, some tabletop gaming news, and the nuances of video game preservation

DOT#11 - Sometimes I Sell Dreams

The boys talk about Outriders, Square Enix Presents, and rank the heck out of some video game classes!

DOT#10 - Strategy is Not a Pigeon

The boys talk about all the crazy news from Nintendo, Sony, and more. As well as pit video game genres against each other to the death. Yeet!

DOT#9 - What else do you have to do?

The boys discuss the opening ceremonies of Blizzcon, the most recent Nintendo Direct and reminisce about Arcades.

DOT#8 - Elder Millennials

The boys discuss the recent happenings with Gamestop, Konami and others as well as the merits and downfalls of side quests. Yeet!

DOT#7 - Transitions Are Fire

The boys talk about RE8, Open World Star Wars, transitions, and the value of a well kept grooming regiment.

DOT#6 - A Man Can Dream

The boys talk about some light news, what we are looking forward to in 2021 and the return of Console Wars!

We're taking the week off

DOT#5 - I maintain a Trello board

The boys review the game awards winners, Cyberpunks controversial launch, and review their 2020 in games.

DOT#4- Drink the Crumbs

The boys break down their votes for the Game Awards, make their case for their own video game, and other exciting gaming news.

DOT#3 - Barrens Chat

The boys talk about AMD launches, the pros and cons of Early Access, and all of the games they have been playing - old and new.

DOT#2 - This is Podracing!

The boys talk about the PS5, Nintendo's most recent showcase, debate the merits of PS2 vs Gamecube, and much more.

DOT #1 - Line Friends Are Forever

The boys discuss their thoughts on PS5's recently previewed UI, rumors of a Mass Effect remaster, their favorite game launches and much more in this first episode of Dialogue Over Time.

Episode 00 - We Are Starting a Podcast!

We are starting a podcast!