Uriah Jokes Podcast

40 Episodes

By: Uriah Wesman

Uriah Jokes Podcast is hosted and produced by comedian Uriah Wesman. The podcast is a satirical comedy based in a reality where nothing is real, and everything is an opportunity for jokes. Still, everyone knows that the world may exist, but if not, this podcast does. New episodes are uploaded every Monday to Thursday.

UJP #135| Card Counting Jokers
Last Tuesday at 5:00 PM

Uriah Jokes Podcast Ep. 135

Telling jokes is a gamble. New episodes every Monday - Thursday  

UJP #134| The Last Supper I’ll Ever Take The Family To
Last Monday at 5:00 PM

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast Ep.135, Uriah jokes about coronavirus, California, movies & taking the family out for dinner for the first and only time. New episodes of the Uriah Jokes Podcast every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #133| Fox News Comedy Show Audition & Funny Jokes

In the 133 episodes of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, Uriah jokes about the Fox News open mic show, having conspiracist theorist relatives,  and a movie review of Big Fat Liar. Woah, what an episode. New episodes every Monday - Thursday. The Video version of the show available via Youtube and is a completely different experience.    

Being Chased By A Poltergeist For National Beer Day

Uriah Jokes Podcast Episode 132. Uriah tells jokes on a podcast that goes into your ears that you listen to. Like why the hell do I need to explain this. New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

Uriah Jokes About NYC, Feeding The Birds & Dating During The Pandemic

It's all about the confusing jokes riddled with spelling errors and laughter from ghosts. New episode every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #130| A Lot Of New & Old Jokes Monday

Uriah Jokes about easter, growing up, parent's beliefs, and more! New episodes every Monday - Thursday  

Why Be A Fool Today When Everyday Exists

Happy April Fools Day! 

UJP #128| Last Episode Went Too Far, Jokes & Honest Thief Movie Review

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes podcast, Uriah apologizes for his last video going too far about narrating a cat's life, roller coasters, dating, roller coasters, and jokes. New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #127| Late Stage Catipalism

Another 100% improvised unwritten episode that spends way too much time talking to a cat. New episodes every Monday - Thursday  

UJP #126| I Made A Cat’s Life Interesting During Uriah’s Quarantine

Uriah Jokes Podcast Epiosde 126 
The Wesman family held a deal with the sacred owl gods. The only problem is the cat ate the owls.  Uriah is back with over a year in quarantine living with owls. Things just go downhill from here. Available and encouraged which the video version via Youtube. New episodes Monday - Thursday.  

Uriah On Joe Christianson's Podcast Joke Quest 200

Joe Christianson set off on a quest to find the perfect joke in this new podcast. Along the metaphorical way, they are aided by a slew of expert comedians. Will they discover this Holy Grail of hilarity or quit cuz podcasts are hard?

The episode is with Joe Christianson, Uriah Wesman & Nathan Smesrud.

Catch a new episode of Joke Quest 200 by looking up the title where podcasts are, ya moron. 

New Netflix Doc Has A Pun In The Title. It Must be SEArious!

Uriah Jokes Podcast episode 125 has more new jokes!
With a new Netflix Seaspiracy review and much more non-depressing stuff to joke about, including Mars, the planet. New episodes every Monday - Thursday

No Survival Skills, But I Can Make Fun Of You While Your Working

Uriah Jokes About fun facts akes some theories about global warming and declares that he has no survival skills. New episode every Monday - Thursday

UJP #123 |Ahhhh, We Got Jokes

Uriah Jokes podcast continues to have episodes with jokes to make you laugh and even with some fun facts to add to more info in your brain that's neither needed nor wanted. New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #122| Saving An Owl's Life With Jokes

Uriah Jokes podcast Ep.122 Uriah Jokses. It's in the title, ya moron. 

UJP #121| Even A Mouse Isn't Scared Of Me

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast Uriah Jokes about waking up to a mouse staring at him for the last week, coronavirus jokes, more jokes,s, and more jokes. New Uriah Jokes Podcast every Monday - Thursday

UJP #120| How To Survive Post- Pandemic Dinner Party

Uriah Jokes about dinner parties, drugs, vegans & gives the life hack to make a dinner party worth your time. New episodes every Monday - Thursday. Video versions available via Uriah Wesman.com or Uriah Wesman Youtube. 

UJP #119| Dairy Free Noir Jokes

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes podcast, Uriah rants about morons explaining too much stuff on how-to Youtube videos.  Following jokes, jokes, and more jokes. New episode every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #118| Killing Daylight Saving Time With Jokes

Comedian and host Uriah Wesman of the Uriah Jokes Podcast jokes about everything from daylight saving time and one of them may just make you laugh.  New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #117| Just A Bunch Of Jokes

This episode contains everything you want, a bunch of jokes. 

UJP #116| WAD: Weather On Demand

In this special satirical episode comedian, Uriah Wesman is getting back at a weather forecaster for ruining his marriage.  This includes a new app where you can control the weather from the palm of your hand with the new Weather On Demand App. 

UJP #115| Uriah’s New NFT Is The FOMO To Your YOLO

Uriah Goes full Digital. 

UJP #114| Using The Internet To Prove The Internet Wrong

Comedian Uriah Wesman takes a personalty career quiz by Career addict to prove to the internet that he should be a comedian using the only thing the internet listens to, the internet.  

1,000 Subscribers Celebration Episode

Uriah goes back in time and tells the story of how he started comedy and the journey that continues to lead him to a roller coaster of unpredictability.  Thank you for 1,000 subscribers and all your supports‚ÄĒexciting things in store.  Follow and subscribe for more!

Not Changing A Thing. Welcome To The Mind Of Uriah

Thanks to a Youtuber Penguinz0 for putting me on the map. They always said if you put your head down, grind out sets to audiences without an audience at 2 am that one day all that work will pay off by a Youtuber of an online culture I don't even understand. Now enjoy episode number 112 of the Uriah Jokes Podcast. Thanks for watching

Uriah Jokes With A Guest #111|Unbelievable Ranch Dating Stories

In this #111 episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, Uriah goes into a vault that was unlocked and found this interview with comedian Fiona Reid about ranches dating, joke, comedy, cows,  & more. 

Crystal Pines

From comedian Uriah Wesman, who brought you the groundbreaking podcast Uriah Jokes Podcast. He brings another confusing story straight from Uriah's mind. Follow an aspiring comedian as he travels to Saline, Washington, after receiving a mysterious email berating him for choosing to be a stand-up comedian. With a warning him never to enter the town.  Part One begins with Uriah doing his normal confusing narrating, with jokes, observations that are relatable to anyone with a sense of humor and low expectations.

Uriah Jokes Podcast Ep. 109 - Words That Make Sentences

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, words become sentences that become a podcast with cats, dogs & the best royalty-free music a small amount of money can buy. 

UJP #108| Robbing A Bank On The Way To Job Interview

In this episode #108 of the Uriah Jokes podcast, Uriah talks the news. Including Dogecoin, walking 1,000 miles for love, walking 9 miles for a vaccine & a true story of a man who robbed a bank on the way to a job interview.  New episodes of the Uriah Jokes podcast every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #107| Getting A Therapist To Help With Dating Profile

Episode #107 with guest Fiona Reid. We talk about dating, bad dates, and crazy news reporters. New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #106| High-Speed Koala Car Chase Ends In Senate Run

In the 106th episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, Uriah talks about a true story with minor details changes for comedic purposes about a Kola going for a joy ride in Australia, causing a 5 car pile-up.  Gambling in the age of coronavirus & top 3 pick-up lines if you're trying to pick up Uriah Wesman. New episodes every Monday - Thursday. Video version is available via Uriah Wesman Comedy Youtube & the official website of Uriah Wesman, which is also the only Uriah Wesman. Making it the best/ most popular website never to be visited on the world wide...

UJP #105| Reality Is, Doge Needs To Be My Future

The stress of host Uriah  Wesman investing his employee's funds all in Dogecoin begins to boil over as today's guest storms off. Plus jokes about how reality no longer exists and making money during Tax time. New episodes of the Uriah Jokes Podcast every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #104| Every Day Is Like Yesterday

EPISODE #104 Of Uriah Jokes Podcast with Fiona Reid.  The groundhog day, we're all living. It is getting a little worse for Uriah once he realizes that he's editing the name interview for the past week. Now forget all of that. This episode is full of jokes, information that you never asked for, and of course, jokes. New episode every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #103|Alien Abduction, Psychedelics, Drugs & Jokes

In this 3rd episode with Comedian Fiona Reid, we're talking about getting abducted by aliens. We're talking about drugs that make you think you're an alien. We're talking about living on a ranch that may be a weed field that may be an alien that may be the best podcast episode of the last 2 minutes. 

UJP #102 | Witness The REAL Miracle Of Life Sitcom Here

Uriah Jokes Podcast continues to joke with Comedian Fiona Reid. In this jam-packed episode, we joke about coronavirus, unplugging people‚Äôs fridges, jokes  & going full detail on how a horse miracle happens on the Ranch Of Miracles. This episode makes podcast history by the first podcast ever to show the gift of Jesus Christ unedited for your enjoyment. Video version recommended and available via Youtube & Uriah Wesman Comedy website. 

UJP #101 With Fiona Reid |Dark Doge Cat Jokes

Episode #101 - Uriah Jokes with guest/comedian/farmer/person Fiona Reid about dark jokes, coronavirus, cats that look like Danny Devito, and more.  Video version available via Youtube & Uriah Wesman Website.  

UJP #100| Figure Out What This Is About On Your Own

100TH EPISODE - In this monster-sized episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, the host tells the story of a town without internet, TV, or Phone. If you don't leave the town by 18, you can never leave.  A town is full of mystery, intrigue, plot holes, confusing dialogue, and jokes.  A lot of confusing jokes.  
Follow Timmy until he turns his name to Willz. Willz is a reporter for the Daily Paper. The pressure is on. The town is created in Uriah's mind. The story is confusing. If you understand what's going on you're smarter than...

UJP #99| Real Meme Motivation From A 1800s Manor

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes podcast, Uriah rants about motivational Instagram posts by offering some of his own inspiration with the trademarked royalty-free music wrapping everything in an incoherent rant.  If you're looking for a podcast heavily influenced by movie soundtracks and telling a story via music, then this is a podcast for you. 

Uriah Jokes With A Guest #98| Uriah For Mayor, Laser Beams Control Our Minds

In this episode of the Uriah Jokes podcast, Uriah continues to joke with comedian  Maximillian Robert Lockwood, askes hilarious questions that only scratch the surface of the itch of knowledge that was cracked in the eggs far of Russian bots for may.  New episodes every Monday - Thursday 

UJP #97| Live By The Doge. Die By The Pump & Dump

In this 97th episode of the Uriah Jokes Podcast, Uriah rants about losing money in a pump and dump. Getting high and then buying a crypto supply. Uriah explores his days of getting catfished on Myspace. Uriah also officially endorsed Doge as the cryptocurrency of the future. Just based on the bog.  New episodes every Monday - Thursday