Real Journeys of Success with Rob Elliott

33 Episodes

By: Robert Elliott

This podcast is dedicated to sharing the real stories of success of ordinary people who backed themselves when other didn't and made a real difference in business and life.

Looking at the world through a Lens- Noah Mittman

Have you ever wondered how a film maker looks at the world, very differently to you and me. Add to this one who owns his own film company and uses his knowledge to coach people on how to bring their skills and content to life through online courses and you have this awesome episode from a different perspective. One for the free spirits and those who are willing to back themselves. Contact Noah at and all your usual social media platforms

Pigeonholing yourself in your career is a mistake- Phillip Silverstone

A native of London, Phillip now lives in Philadelphia since 1977. A Emmy nominated presenter, wine importer an eye for fashion he has worked with world famous actors and musicians. These days he has a reputation for being one of the best interviewers in the United States hosting his own live show interviewing A List guests weekly. He has proven to many that you should never pigeonhole yourself in any career and never be afraid to be a rebel and walk against the crowd. One of his mantras is "All The World is A Stage" The Silverstone Collection - https://youtube...

Developing Leaders at All Levels with Faswilla Sampson

Faswilla Sampson is an author and certified coach specializing in personal leadership and organizational development for non-profit and small to mid-size businesses. Faswilla believes that for any organization to be truly impactful in the 21st century requires developing leaders at all levels of an organisation.

Creating a Legacy of Excellence through Leadership with Glenn Daniels

Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author, TedX Speaker, Publisher and Corporate Coach Glenn Daniels shares his journey from being a radio announcer in his early days to coaching and training leaders around the world and helping people create a legacy they are proud of. ,essential leadership skills podcast.

Welcome to The Real Journeys of Success Podcast

All about our podcast what you will hear, enjoy and have a groovy day.

Communicating Through Change with Alicia Sedgwick

This weeks episode is with the amazing Guru of Communication herself, Alicia Sedgwick where we hear her story from being a lawyer in London to a talent manager for the BBC and now teaching Communication in Monaco. A captivating lady with a life story to match and some brilliant lessons around communicating in todays society. ,

How to be a Author using life's lessons - Simon King

Simon King is the author of more than 30 books, spanning 5 series and writes from a place of hard experience in maximum security prisons to what life has thrown at him. His books are thriilers in the true sense and his journey is just as exciting.

Launching new products and ideas in 2021 with Philippe Guichard

In this episode we meet Philippe Guichard, an award-winning, international Industrial Designer with over 25 years of experience. He has launched numerous successful products – a feat, which is also helped by his background in mechanical engineering. In 2013 he founded his Melbourne design studio, D2 Design and Development. Today he helps the brightest minds bring the latest idea or product to reality. ,

Viewing the world from behind a microphone - Nathan Garrison

This weeks episode is a little different as I interview a fellow podcaster from Georgia USA where we discuss all things Covid, Business and family during the pandemic, leadership and what lays ahead. A very different view from what the mainstream media is sharing.

Overcome Procrastination in Business with Eric Twiggs

This weeks episode is with Eric Twiggs, Business Coach and author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination. The Discipline of Now has been recognized as a Global Top Ten Finalist For The 2020 Author Elite Awards in the category of Best Self Help Book. His journey from realising he hated his job to becoming a leader in his field is a great lesson in self belief. Catch his podcast The 30 minute hour on spotify. Web

How to inspire business leaders to be better - Angel Ribo

It takes an unique individual to work with tops CEOs from around the world. Angel RIBO, known as The CEO Confidant, is an Influencer, International TV Host, Public Speaker, CEO Consultant, Board Member, and Philanthropist.In the last 21 years, Angel has empowered more than 1,500 CEOs in 33 different countries and uses his influence to inspire others to give back. If you are a leader or want to be then this is one interview you should not miss.

Public Speaking tips for Managers & Executives with Brenden Kumarasamy

self confessed nerd at school to one of Canada's top executive public speaking coaches and owner of Master Talk Brenden gives an insight in to how he began his journey and the mistakes many people make around public speaking. Bring your notebook along you will need it. catch him on his youtube channel Mastertalk and at

Alfred Zaccagnino CEO H2One Sanitizer, Business can make difference to the world.

This episodes guest was raised in one of America's toughest cities, told he would never make it and watched as close friends departed before their time. He went on to be a talented air traffic controller, CEO of Samarian Group who specialise in private equity and financial advisory services and is now the founder and CEO of H@One Hand Santisers with its unique , buy one , give one back into communities to promote clean and healthy hands. His story is truly inspiring and proves that we are all in charge of our own destiny and where you grew up does...

Parul Agrawal, smashing glass ceilings all over the world by being a successful woman of Indian Heritage,

Parul Agrawal started her study in India and from a rough start , excelled and moved to the USA, started a family, achieved double degrees in Engineering and is now a international speaker and author. Her journey is amazing and a true inspiration to women all over the world about staying true to themselves while achieving huge success.

The world economy through the eyes of a New Yorker in London- Peter Plaut

Peter Plaut is a banker , father, real estate investor and a leader in his field. He tells us about his journey on a roller coaster of business and personal dealings to living in London and where he sees the world economy heading.

Meet a modern day Sherlock Holmes - Andy Kay- Private Investigator to the stars

Have you ever wondered how the stars find out who is following them or leaking information, how businesses have their records stolen or if it is really that easy to steal someone's identity. Private investigators have come a long way since relying on snitches or bribes, today it is as much about hi tech as it is footwork.

Can a Model Make it in Hollywood- Eugenia Kuzmina

International model, actress and comedian Eugenia Kuzmina chats about her journey from food lines in Russia to the bright lights of Hollywood. Never one to take herself too seriously it has enabled her to become a true triple threat in the industry while still raising her family.

The Business of being a Charity - KIm Jacobs AM - Camp Quality

Running a charity today is no different to running any business , in todays interview we talk about the challenges business have and how they can apply to a charity. Some great pearls of wisdom from one of Australia's leading business minds

Can being a Chef spice up your life? Chef Ryan Rondeno

A personal chef to the stars who's passion for food is legendary in Los Angeles and is now spreading around the world. From his roots in New Orleans he has wowed even the toughest pallet to create a reputation of creating dishes full of bold flavor yet simple enough for home cooks to try and copy. Catch his latest designs at podcast is guaranteed to make you hungry.

Can the US Army train you for Hollywood - Cheyenne Rae Hernandez

A great story from small beginnings to the Army and then on to Hollywood , who thought those lessons learnt plus a sheer determination to succeed would propel this young actress on to the big screen.

Surviving the Live Music Industry-Pat Drummond

Join us for part 2 of our interview with Australian music legend and true survivor of the live music industry as we hear tails from the road and how he got to play some of Australia"s most iconic venues.

How business can survive during tough times- Glen Craigie-Real Estate

Running a business is a challenge at the best of times let alone in real estate, throw in a Pandemic ,a growing agency and you have a story that needs to be told.

Can Music heal the soul? - Adam Thompson

Adam Thompson the full on front man for Chocolate Starfish is also a businessman, songwriter ,performer and much more. The story behind his musical journey is totally inspirational.

Can a ultra marathon runner change humanity?

Pat Farmer is a Author, Speaker, Ultra Marathon Runner and former politician who has dedicated his life to improving humanity one step at a time.

Can being a good listener equal success

Rob Doorey is a Radio Announcer, Auctioneer and MC who has learnt and taught the skill of effective listening.

Female Leadership is a tough gig.

Debbie Roberts is a Leader was created through experience and resilience in the challenging world of community service and business

Jon Summers, Paramedic, Youth Worker, IVF Champion

This episode is all about being true to yourself and tackling life's journey as it happens.

Pat Drummond, Songwriter, Singer, Poet, Entertainer

Hear the story behind the music, behind the man, a true survivor of the industry who has written songs from folk, country and good old fashion yarns that have entertained everyone across Australia.

Julie Sebalj, Mum, Entrepreneur , Travel Expert

Life throws us all curve balls , Julie shows us how to hit them out of the park and lead a successful life

Rowan Gregson, Entrepreneur

A great story of how a small business and a commitment to customer service took on the big end of town and won.

Mr Ivan Slavich, CEO Soldier On Australia

Using his corporate skills for a greater good we hear some great leadership tips and a passion for helping others.

Reza Bilimoria, Economist, Cricket Tragic, Mentor

A fantastic success story that starts in India, moves to Australia and with determination has great success and shows the importance of giving back.

From Sydney to Egypt

Meet Dr Olivier Rochecouste PHD Macquarie and his journey to discover the wonders of Egypt while living on the outskirts of Sydney.