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By: Dan Newman, Alycia Angle

The 20/20 Perspective is about making failure fun. We show you how to be a successful failure through the stories of people going through failure and how their perspectives have changed. Through the hosts Dan and Alycia, their 20+ years of experience are leveraged to look for opportunities to turn lemons into lemonade and share those tasty treats with the world. They’ve honed the art of dissecting failures and finding ways for others to do the same. Thanks to No BS! Brass Band for the bangin' show music. Check them out at

Fail Like You've Never Failed Before
Yesterday at 8:00 AM

High-achievers and ambitious career climbers, this one’s for you.

Today we’re sitting down with Margo Sobel, a junior at Brandeis University, the Learn to Scale Intern of the Year, and recovering high-achiever. As someone starting out her career after an upbringing centered around academic and career achievement, Margo is in the thick of identifying how to experience the world in ways that’s not 100% about excellence, but to develop an appreciation for non-linear paths to happiness.

Resilience and Failure: A Conversation with Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

Having faced difficulty, resilient leaders and people can be inoculated against fear and the perceived repercussions of failure, allowing them to see hope instead of hindrance, and possibility instead of problems.

It’s an age old take, coming back after failure, and standing up one more time than we fall down. But now, it has a name – Adversity Quotient (AQ): The inability to be deterred by failure. Perhaps it’s not IQ or EQ, but the ability to persevere, despite the odds, to acknowledge fear, setbacks, and failure, and forge onward. This is the stuff of true succes...

Spring Clean Your Career (Live)

With vaccines rolling out and the world reopening, you might be questioning if your current normal is the “right” normal. Today on the podcast, we’re talking about red flags, roadblocks, and U-turns with career choices.

It’s time to re-examine your relationship with work.

It’s time to allow yourself to say, “This isn’t right for me anymore.”

It’s time to Spring Clean your career.

My Father Is a Failure Too (Live)

If you thought change was hard, take a 39-year tech veteran, of which 15 years were spent serving in a global role leading a Fortune 100 company through mergers and acquisitions, and failed in his efforts to switch retirees to GMail.

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Sprinkle in some fun stories of Dan as a kid, Charlie as a scab, and Alycia as a third wheel, and you've got a very special episode of the 20/20 Perspective.

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Season 3 Debut- Done vs Right (Live)

A brand new way of experiencing the 20/20 Perspective! Watch the video of this live episode here on Facebook.

This week we are talking about how failure scares us from getting things done. Hear how the Oogie-Boogie Failure Monster keeps you from taking action. From a cafe in New Orleans to CHANGING THE NAME OF THE PODCAST, we're pushing for momentum rather than meditation.

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Season 2 Finale

We interviewed eight guests over the season and to make it snackably-failuretastic, we condensed their stories and our takeaways into this Season Finale. At the end of the episode we have several suggestions so you can apply some new methods to fail more effectively.


Thanks to all our guests that made Season 2 a success:

Nina HuntemannRosie HunterElliott MasieBethany HaleChip BakerBrendan NeumannZach HandleLisa ConcepcionAND YOU THE LISTENERS, YOU'RE THE BESTEST


Divine Failure (Lisa's Story)

Do you know your Love Language?

On this episode, our guest’s love language is GIFTs. And boy does she have gifts for you inside the episode and free take aways, not only about romantic love in relationships but self love too. 

Lisa Concepcion walks us through her journey of failing in love in her 20s which inspired her to form her business as a Certified Professional LoveLife Strategist Coach and Founder of 

In this episode we’ll talk about:

Abundance vs scarcity mindsetManifesting the life you want and deserveKnowing when t...

Who Wants To Be A Fail-lionaire? (Zach's Story)

Are you ready to play ‘who wants to be a fail-lionaire?’

In this episode, our guest had the chance to fulfill his childhood dream of being on a game show when he won a ticket to the hot seat on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Zach Handler talks with us about his performance standing in the arena of the popular TV game show and not achieving his own expectations...and then having to bear this shame for a year, alone. His story is about a dream becoming a disappointing reality, failing to live up to his o...

Higher Stakes (Brendan's Story)

What would you do if failure weren’t an option? Would you be a tid bit riskier?

Brendan was trucking along in a good corporate job when his fear of future failure compelled him to make a change. Concerned that he wasn't taking full advantage of his training as a PhD psychologist, Brendan started taking bigger risks and eventually left the corporate grind to start his own business.

On this episode, Brendan Neuman walks us through his story of using creativity to take risks and mitigate the effects of a future failure. And he knows a...

Failure Is Not An Option (Chip's Story)

Chip Baker is an educator, author, speaker, and podcaster. More importantly, he is an optimist. In this episode, Chip walks us through his journey of retaking a critical exam to obtain his certification as a special education teacher. According to Chip, failure isn’t an option. He shares tips on how he stays hyper focused on his goals, self reflects, and gets better at saying “no” to the options that don’t align with his goals. It’s not always about doing more with less, it’s doing less about more. 

From Chip’s perspective, how you handle failure...

Failure Isn't The Final (Bethany's Story)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Bethany Hale lived out her dream of attending Columbia University for her MBA while balancing a part time job and all the change that comes with moving to a new city. In this episode, Bethany walks us through the highs and the lows of her business school experience from traveling to foreign places and working on interesting projects to struggling through a core course and failing the final exam.

Bethany demonstrates that despite the effort you put forward, the failed outcome can be inevitable.


Several Exciting Chapters of Failure (Elliott's Story)

Elliott Masie is a successful Broadway Producer and head of the MASIE Learning Center, but that wasn’t always the case. After Elliott failed at his first job of being an employee, he accepted the feedback from his boss as fuel to pursue his talents in positive ways.  

In this episode, Elliott describes his philosophy on accepting the chapters of life as they are. When we get to a fork in the road, we can become stuck on what we’re “supposed to do” or what’s the “right next move.” Elliott has a different perspective. He explains that li...

Gone AWOL (Rosie's Story)

Dr. Rosie Hunter left the civilian world to become a clinical psychologist in the US. Army, serving in the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade and earning a Bronze Star Medal. That journey, however, had a chapter of traumatic failure before she even left US soil as she was reported as AWOL and ripped out of her residency.

In this story, Rosie leads us through her journey that left her questioning her identity and psychology skills while experiencing mind games, shame, and confusion.

Rosie would like to add a special note of appreciation to the following people...

Learning is Hard (Nina's Story)

Dr. Nina Huntemann was a top-rated university professor, on the path to tenure, with an enrollment waitlist for her courses. After years of living on this high, she realized her repeat students hadn't learned the foundations from their initial courses with Nina. 

In this episode, Nina walks us through her journey of reinventing her identity as a professor from being well-liked and fun to challenging and tough (and still fun!). Nina's redefinition of what it meant to be a teacher led her on quest to help her students achieve true long-lasting learning while gaining a new perspective o...

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Season 2 Teaser

We've been interviewing many failures these past few months to gear up for Season 2 of the 20/20 Perspective. We have stories from the private sector to the battlefields of Afghanistan,  all reliving mistakes from the past and the perspectives they've gained from their failures.


Stay tuned, fellow failures.

Season 1 Finale - Special Treat

Thank you for listening to Season 1 of The 20/20 Perspective and sharing and listening to juicy failures. As a special treat to you lovely listeners, we have compiled themes and actionable takeaways from all the guests this season that you can use to make your failures more successful.

If you want to share your failure or would like 1:1 coaching on how to be a successful failure, email us at:


Go forth fellow failures and keep failing!

A Dollar Short (Jessica's Story)

On this episode, we’re going to relive the experience of trusting, falling in love, and marrying the wrong person.

This story of failure has important takeaways for those of us who have experienced narcissistic sociopaths in our lives, (or the crazies we are bound to encounter in our future).

Our savvy guest has a real life story of psychological manipulation from the person she trusted most, her now ex husband. 

Follow Jessica on social media:

Instagram: @jcavs02

Facebook: @cavett02

Something Way Funnier Than Petrochemical Engineering (Charles' Story)

Charles Pettitt is a man who has made a profession out of making people laugh as an Actor, Writer, and comedian.

You can catch him on his YouTube channel “Cigarette Sandwich.” I personally recommend the "Banksy Unmasked” episode for a quick laugh out loud.

On this episode, Charles walks us through his journey of becoming a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer, which is clearly quite opposite of being a comedian. He describes his whole life plan as a fail while bringing lessons learned and humor to listeners.

You can find more about Charles here:


Childhood Slavery (Frank's Story)

Frank Pobutkiewicz connected with a crew of high schoolers at a pitch competition that had developed an innovative product. To help them get off the ground, Frank entered into a business arrangement that seemed great: he would help them turn their idea into a business. What started as a wildfire Kickstarter campaign turned into an eventual legal quagmire, getting accused of childhood slavery, and almost shuttering his All American Model UN business.

Connect with Frank on LinkedIn. 

When You Get Everything And It's Terrible (Danielle's Story)

Danielle Marquis got the opportunity build a team at a fast-growing startup. She was given the blessing to hire everyone and everything she needed to build out a sales operations team...but failed to manage her boss, her ambition, and her own limits.

Danielle Marquis is the Vice President of Revenue Operations of Zappi, a platform that helps brands run consumer testing through all stages of advertising and innovation development. 


You can find out more about Danielle on LinkedIn.

Getting Strangled (Alycia's Story)

A person cannot be a failure. A failure is an event. During Alycia’s first job, she experienced a series of failures that resulted into the whole year in this role being one big, massive failure. Throughout her failures, she experienced workplace threats of violence, feeling lost and questioning her identity, and Sunday Scaries (anxiety) that lasted all week long. She used her failures to put a process in place of self discovery that helped her find purpose and live her truth.

Alycia Angle is an expert in Perspective Shifting. She is widely recognized for her experience co...

Failed the Game (Dan's Story)

Dan Newman built a board game with the intent to help students who struggle with time management. What he found was that games about how to get an A in chemistry or math was not nearly as compelling as actually studying to get good grades. Through the game design process, he learned quite a bit about failure, marketing, engagement, and ultimately, what fun a failure can be.

Learn more about Dan on LinkedIn and check out his business Learn to Scale to see how he took his board game failure and eventually turned it into a business...

The Space Between the Notes (Nano's Story)

Nano Wheedan is not your average pizza guy. 

He’s the former managing partner and 1st employee of the well-known pizza joint in Austin, TX known as Home Slice Pizza. He transformed Home Slice from a mom and pop shop to a 3 location, 250-employee Austin institution. 

He’s lesser known around town for his music degree from Harvard, and self-proclaimed “failed” rock star status. 

In this episode, he’s going to take us back to where his dream of creating and performing music took a turn to a personal identity crisis.

His story is...

Season One Teaser of the 2020 Perspective

You're a failure...and that's ok!

We're failures too.

Welcome to the season opener to the 2020 Perspective where we show you how to be a successful failure.



Led by Dan and Alycia, two learning and development nerds who had a blast chatting with people at a barbeque and then realized: stories about failure needed to be told. In this season, prepare to experience unpolished and unvarnished failure.

Learn more at Learn to Scale and Perspectives 2020


Thanks to No BS! Brass Band for the ban...