The Half Cut Podcast

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By: Christopher

Three best friends chat about news, pop culture, sports and the world around them. All while having a few pints! They have influential guests, hilarious conversations and much more.

Wild Card Weekend & Mourning Bob Saget
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

Bob Saget is found dead in his hotel room at age 65.  The boys mourn the loss of a comedy legend.  
Smash or Pass this week is responsible gambling?  The results will have you seeking the nearest church basement.  
This weekend is the NFL wildcard weekend.  Six teams compete for a playoff spot.  Tune in to hear the boys picks for the six games that are happening.  
Locally to St. Marys; the Kinsmen complete their Christmas Tree Pick up weekend.   Also, The Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame's King Diamond is vandalized causing $2000 - $3000 dollars worth of damag...

Sunwing's Midflight Multiverse Madness

The Boys welcome special guest, Mike Wallace, co-host of the Multiverse of Badness podcast.  He will be adding an American perspective to the show this week, out of his home base of Nashville, Tennessee.  
Were looking back as we reach the one year Anniversary for the American insurrection in Washington caused by Donald Trump.  
Ontario, Canada is now on lockdown #4.  In this week's Smash or Pass, our listeners vote on Country music.  the results will have you reprogramming your rock and roll radio stations in your vehicles.  
Antonio Brown of the Buccaneers football team, walks...

Liberal Satan Juice

The Guys rib Swarty about his reading of How The Grinch Stole Christmas over the holidays on his social media.  Swarty also gets an ancestry DNA kit for Christmas.  Pat gets a bunch of concert experiences and Anthony gets soap for his balls. 
The World Juniors get cut due to a C word outbreak.  
Trump gets booed on the Bill Oriley show.  
The James Webb telescope has been launched into space.  They have a live YouTube.  Don't worry, the boys are here to debunk the skunk. 
Guilty!  Ghislaine Maxwell is found guilty for her roll...

The Man Who Sold His Life

The NHL won't be sending any players to the 2022 Beijing Olympics.  China has already made threats for ditching their Olympics.  
Pat makes a major bet that's going to span 14 years.  Which plater and sport did he put the bet on?  
Smash or Pass this week - Elf on the Shelf?  The results will leave you boxing up the little man for good. 
Our top news story this week - Merry Christmas from Apple AirTag.  Their software allows stalkers to track their victims.  
Social Media dummies - The first man to sell shares o...

Down With Santa Claus - Christmas Special

Anthony sings us a Newfie Christmas Carol.  Pat actually starts his Christmas shopping early, but buys something for himself.  
Smash or pass this week is CFL.  The boys reflect on the Grey Cup (Canadian Super Bowl) and the half time performance by the Arkells.  
Swarty surfs Redit to find heart warming Christmas stories, but comes across a disgruntled employee who doesnt want to chip in for his CEO's Christmas gift.  Also, if you had the ability to end a Christmas tradition, which one would you choose?  Get rid of Santa, gift giving and elf on a shel...

Bring Back Bullying

What did you want to be as a child?  The boys open up the show with this deep conversation.  
Chris Sky gets arrested again at a Build A Bear dressed as Santa Claus.  
Swarty's wife plays Hide the Meat. 
Smash or Pass this week is the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  The results will have you searching for the meaning of life.  
The guys discuss the worlds biggest weed brownie baked on National Brownie Day.  
Instagram introduces a new feature called "take a break" from social media.  The boys give their unique t...

Arkells Vs R. Kells

The boys start the show with a complaint from R. Kells towards the Canadian Band, Arkells.  Apparently he doesn't want them to use his likeness as their band name when they perform the half time show at the Grey Cup. 
Swarty Talks about the St. Marys Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade.  Santa didn't make it to the end of the parade route due to unforeseen weather.   
Swarty and Anthony have shaven off their moustaches to finish up Movember.  Did they make their target raising money for Prostate Cancer and Men's Mental Health.  

NASA, Hallmark Movies and Mustaches...Oh My!

The boys discuss  the new Team Canada Hockey Jerseys for the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.  Anthony and Swarty show off their mustache's progress.  They're raising money for Movember.  Please help make Cancer and Mental Health history by visiting to make a donation to The Half Cut Podcast team. 
Smash or Pass this week is Hallmark Movies.  The results will leave you going for popcorn.  NASA is about to launch a test mission of an asteroid deflecting spacecraft.  The boys chime in with their two cents on this week's top news...

Bitcoin Blues

Swarty makes the newspaper again.  Pat takes his daughters to see Clifford the Big Red Dog and has to remortgage his house to pay for the snacks. 
The boys are super close to reaching their Movember fundraiser goal.
 Smash or Pass - Face Tattoo's.  The results will leave you calling your tattoo artist to book an  appointment. 
A Hamilton teen is charged with a theft of $46 million in bitcoin via a cyber attack.  You'll cringe when you find out how he gets caught. 
To top off the...

Untitled Episode

The boys remember and appreciate our troops both past and present on Remembrance Day.
Swarty has difficulties at the local Canadian Tire.  All over a gift for his wife for Christmas.  Pat starts playing "old man hockey" after taking a few years off. 
The Kinsmen Club of St. Marys receives a "Strong as Stone" award from the town, signed by our mayor.  They were also nominated for a business excellence award by the Stratford Chamber of Commerce. 
Anthony and Swarty show off their moustache progress.  They're raising male prostate awareness and me...

Davidson's Peter and the Movember Mystery Tour

Pat takes his kids trick or treating in a terrifying neighborhood and lives to tell about it.  Swarty gets a COVID rapid test after he gets a common cold and panics.  Swarty and Anyhony grow a mo for Movember.  You can make a donation to The Half Cut's Movember team at - You can keep up with their progress on social media.
The first snow fall of the season hits and people forget how to drive. 
Aaron Rogers lies about being vaccinated to his team mates in the NFL and gets COVI...

Heebee Jeebees - Halloween Special

The boys got caught playing with a Ouija Board and paid the consequences.    We lost the original footage and audio of this week's Halloween special.   Anthony and Swarty take the reigns to bring you a super-duper spooktacular special!
First, Swarty's son, Nolan is six months old already.  What?!
This Week's Smash or Pass:  Black Licorice.  The results will have you spitting for months.
Nasa backs UFO's and goes public with so much unexplained activity that people have been asking about for years. 
Finally, Ant and Swarty share some pe...

Evander Kane - Canada's Sweet Heart

Anthony makes a huge announcement!
A guy gets Trump tattooed on his forehead and the gents roast him.  Swarty gets snow tires and lives to tell about it.  Pat goes for Christmas pics with the family.  Smash or Pass this week: Is it acceptable to put Christmas lights up before December 1st?
Pat gives us the low down on the NHL's all star, Evander Kane's mile long rap sheet.  We finish off the show by discussing the recent murder of Gabby Petito and the FBI reporting they have found the remains of Brian Laun...

Beam Me Up, Bezos!

Swarty takes his family to Blue Mountain for the weekend and witnesses a domestic dispute.  Pat and Swarty meet for lunch.  The boys chat about their favourite Thanksgiving meals. 
This week's smash or pass:  Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister.
Our top news story tells the tale of William Shatner blasting off into space at 90 years old.  we discuss if we're Star Treck or Star Wars fans.  The conversation morphs into a chat about curling for some reason.  We change it up on the reg, that's why.  All this and more on...

McMaster Bo-Blaster

This week Urban Meyer gets himself into some hot water.  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp shut down for seven hours, costing Zuckerberg billions of dollars.  Let the conspiracy theories commence. 
Trudeau goes surfing instead of keeping his obligations to the indigenous people for the first indigenous holiday for truth and reconciliation.  McMaster University students in Hamilton, Ontario are in hot water after 5000 students gathered for a fake homecoming. 
To top it all off, Anthony shares a story of him and Pat from the good old days.  Swarty talk about his college living arrangements. 
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When you're mad, poop on it.

Anthony shares his thoughts on National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.  We also celebrate National Podcast Day.  Nolan gets baptized  and the guys are sad they didn't get an invite.
Also, the boys introduce a new segment called Smash or Pass.  Their poll, lays vs ruffles leaves you in the wake of the listeners decision making. 
They also share some good news segments.  Swarty shares a headline boasting a Guinness World record for largest charcuterie board.  Anthony basks in the glory of someone donating a tiny home to a homeless man.  Pat's closing headline...

The Non Essentials

Pat's rejected at a big city dump after he does home renovations.  Swarty celebrates his fourth wedding anniversary.  Canada votes and gets a liberal minority government.  The gents have a healthy discussion about Ontario's vaccine passport.  Biden implements a law stating businesses with over 100 employees must be vaccinated. Then we talk about our top five potato chip flavors!
We also welcome Ryan Leaman.  He's the owner of Broken Rail Brewing Company in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada.   He fills us in on what's happening at the brewery, in the make up interv...

McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly

Wendel gets neutered.  Swarty loses all his stuff at the party we had at Broken Rail Brewing last week.  The owner actually reviews his security footage to help track it down.  Who had it?  The culprit will surprise you. 
Comedy legend, Norm McDonald, loses his battle with cancer.   We pay tribute to his career.
Also, Connor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly get into an altercation at the VMA awards on the red carpet.
Our special guest tonight is Randy Burk, owner of Randy's Print Shop in London, Ontario, Canada.
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Live at Broken Rail Brewing!

The boys are live at Broken Rail Brewing Co in St. Marys, Ontario, Canada!  It's the first time they've done the show in front of a live audience.  Anthony and Pat make the trip to the Stonetown to make this happen!  We interview Big Daddy Bacon.  he's the food truck on location while we were doing our show.  He was a top ten finalist on MasterChef Canada.  He talks about his experience and what to expect from his food truck in the near future. 
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Justin's Election Erection

This week the boys give Swarty a hard time about what they find in his YouTube browsing history. 
Save the date - Saturday, September 11 we will be recording the podcast on location at Broken Rail Brewing in St. Marys from 3-5pm. 
We also delve into Canadian politics.  It's federal election time.  We educate our listening audience on the Canadian election process as well as giving the info on our choices and what each party is offering to the voters of our great country. 
You don't want to miss this one! ...

To Sort or Not To Sort...That is the Question.

Pat rants about the Carolina Hurricanes striking back at the Montreal Canadians.  They signed an outrageous deal to put them over their salary cap.  Swarty brags about his new vehicle...just a little bit.  Anthony quits his job to become a full time podcaster.  Save the date for our big "Sumer's End Show" from Broken Rail Brewing Co.  The boys layout the format for their first in-person show with an audience. 
The poll sorts out which of our listeners sort their laundry.  The results will leave you spin drying.  The kid from the Nirvana Nevermin...

Cart Narcs: Not All Hero's Wear Capes!

This week the boys drop a huge announcement!  It's monumental!  You wont want to miss out on what they've got planned.  Do our listeners enjoy camping or cottaging more ?  The results to this week's will have you throwing your tents out to upgrade for something more exquisite.
We also welcome Agent Sebastian from Cart Narcs.  He spends his days fighting laziness in parking lots all across the USA.   Lazy Bones is at a critical mass in the US Nation.  Cart Narcs are here to save the day and to make sure ca...

Shotgun, Bang! What's up with that thang?

Pat goes to Canada's Wonderland, goes on his favorite roller coaster and lives to tell about it.  He also hits up an Arkell's concert.  Anthony tours South-Western Ontario making stops in St. Marys and Meaford.  While Anthony was in town, Swarty shotguns a tallboy and fails.  Afterwards, Swarty makes a big decision.   Also, would you rather eat at a Ikea or Costco Food Court?  Our poll this week will leave you standing in line for seconds. 
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Half Cut History - Transformers: We Interviewed Neil Ross - Voice of Bone Crusher!

Since it's the middle of summer, life gets busy.  This week we take a look back at some Half Cut History.
We had the pleasure of interviewing the great, Neil Ross in Season Three.  You'll remember him from his roll as the voice of Bone Crusher in the American TV Show, Transformers.  
He's also worked on memorable fan favorites such as Back To The Future, Metal Gear Solid 3, The Tom and Jerry Show, Be Cool Scooby Doo, Mass Effect,  Kung Fu Panda,  The Avengers, Ninja Gaiden, Doom 3, Spider Man, Call of Duty...

Climate Change...Never Heard of Her.

This week Swarty divulges which T-shirts he would wear when he is given a social quiz by Pat.  We discuss a few items that have been removed from the Costco shelves and food court menu over the last few years.
In our poll this week, Pat reveals which is better:  Peameal Bacon or Regular Bacon.  The results will have your mouth watering.
Anthony reminisces about the Zeller's department store restaurants.  Then to top it all off, the boys discuss climate change and the extreme weather we've seen around the world in recent months and...

Billionaire Space Jam

Swarty brings the wrong lunch to work and gets ribbed by Pat and Anthony when they find out what was in his lunch pail.  Pat reminisces about the glory days of tailgating before a football game.  Love Island goes up against Big Brother in our poll this week.  The results will floor you.  We fact check the Tokyo Olympics rumor mill that athletes were given anti sex beds to sleep in while there.  We also put our spin on the billionaire Space Race - Bezos, Branson and Musk - who all have their eyes set on the stars,  Which rocket...

Into The Blue, With Special Guest: Tyler Fitzpatrick

This week, Swarty almost gets scammed by an email.  Pat is addicted to the new reality show, Love Island.  Kraft Dinner is releasing a KD flavoured Ice Cream for Mac and Cheese Day. Cooers releases a special edition of their beer called Champions Ice, made with the ice from the Tampa Bay Lightening playoff ice.   Which would our listeners rather stay in:  A hotel/motel or an Air B&B?  The results will astound you.  Were joined by special guest, Tyler Fitzpatrick.  A singer, song writer and all around musician.  On the cusp of releasing his third EP, he thoug...

Kings Among Sports

This week we show off our sports knowledge.  We talk about the NCAA,  The NHL and the Euro Cup. 
Also, Pat has a hard time readjusting to society, when he has an incident at a local grocery store.  Our dad shoe bracket continues with New Balance vs Nike.  The results will shock you! Swarty's son gets his lip tie and tongue tie taken care of.  Anthony gets a hair cut.  All this and more on this week's hilarious episode.
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Free The Catholics

This week Anthony's dog passes away.  Swarty gets screwed by Amazon.   Pat makes a social mistake at a department store. 
Bill Cosby gets out of jail, but Britney Spears is still not free? 
Are Crocks an acceptable form of footwear?  The results of our poll will surprise you. 
Anthony educates us on a terrible tragedy, when the bodies of over 1000 indigenous children are found in unmarked graves at residential schools across Canada.  Then, we discuss if we should reform Canada Day due to the shocking discovery. 
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Time Travelling Busch Drinkers

This week Swarty loses a bet to Pat on a debate about Bill C-10.  The boys go back in time to their top 5 time travel destinations.  Busch defeats PBR in our poll...Find out why.  Finally, The Boss wont allow Canadians into his Broadway show if they have this vaccine that's not approved by the CDC. 
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The Pat Came Back

Pat is back! While he was gone, he went camping while recovering from Bell's Palsy.¬† Anthony came to St. Marys to help the Kinsmen build the kayak shack. Adventures ensued. This week we talk about sayings we use as dads in a new segment called ‚ÄúDadult‚ÄĚ Our poll this week What's worse: Farmers tan or tank top tans? The results are shocking! The guys give their comeuppance to a dad from Virginia who made his last child support payment by dumping 80,000 pennies in her family's front lawn from a utility trailer. Swarty tells a har...

Bell's Palsy and the Infinite Sadness

Today Anthony and Swarty share the information regarding Pat's Strange Disease in Part 1 of 2 "Strange Disease" episodes.
We also chat about the surprising results of our Poll:  Who's easier to deal with, Babies or Teenagers?  The results will surprise you. 
Ontario is opening up again.  Swarty visits a brewery patio and Anthony is coming to town for a long over-due visit.  Also, Swarty celebrates his big 4-0 birthday and Anthony bitches about the results of the Habs/Jets series.   
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America VS Canada - Special Guest Host - Mike Wallace from Wack Brackets Podcast

What's going on?  What's the difference that drives us apart?  That's the big part of the discussion. 
Swarty gives his wife props for the progress of their child, Pat makes a surprising announcement.  Anthony gets his vaccine.  Mike Wallace, from the podcast Wack Brackets, sits in for Pat as our American Correspondent.  We chat about what's happenning on the other side of the border.  Also, The Toronto Maple Leafs lose in game 7 to the Montreal Canadians, a long time rival.  Canada is also trying to control our freedom of speech on the i...

Movie Soundtracks and Missing Co-Hosts

Swarty gets his vaccine and takes his cat to the vet.  Swarty and Anthony rap about the results of our poll:  Would you help a friend stage a fake wedding?   The results are shocking!  
Also, Anthony has a few choice words for Ron McLean and his homophobic slurs on Hockey Night in Canada.  To top it all off, Anthony and Swarty share their pics for the top five Movie Soundtracks, in their opinion.  

Fake Weddings and UFOs

This week the boys chat about fake Instagram weddings, getting back at ex's and the government coming clean about UFOs (kind of).  Also, we successfully predict the outcome of the Stanly Cup,  

Comedian, Rick Rowley: Beauty Sauce Podcast

Season 4 Season Premier is here!  Comedian, Rick Rowley makes a special appearance.   He's Hilarious and he loves the Toronto Maple Leafs!  He gives his take on COVID-19, Puck Bunnies and the NHL in general. 
Also, Swarty recovers from the 6 Spicy Ball Challenge from the legendary Johnny Scoville.  Pat, Swarty and Anthony talk s**t about Ben and JLO getting back together, Greyhound Bus Lines getting shut down and day drinking.  Season 4 has begun and it's hella-fun! 
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The Three Rocketeers - Mother's Day Special - Season Finale

Pat digs a garden and wags the jaw about a major NHL hockey fight.  A recent poll suggests all people who go on cruises are scum.  Anthony fears a recent Chinese rocket launch is a cover up for Armageddon.  Swarty tells tall tails of fatherhood and the boys discuss their all time favourite Top 5 tv/movie mothers.  All this and more in their Mother's Day Special.   Happy Season 3 Finale! 

Big Papa Swarty

Our host with most is now a dad! 
This week we talk about Swarty becoming a dad.
The poll: What is better Craft or Commercial Beer?
Picks for the shows we want to see rebooted!!
Last but not least a lively discussion about cruise boats and how it's the worst form of traveling
You don't want to miss it..

Covid-19: How Did We Get Here?

Don't run away from the show title!  Were not Fox or CNN.  
This week Pat declarers his love for Tim Horton's coffee.  Swarty takes glamour shots of his dad bod down by the river in preparation for his baby's arrival.   Anthony gives the provincial government a ribbing for their part in the pandemic.  We also talk about the George Floyd trial and the verdict is in...
You don't want to miss this outstanding episode! 

The Breakfast Club with Mike Wallace from Wack Brackets

This week Swarty sells his drums, Pat talks about Prince Phillip's funeral and Anthony doesn't like bacon.   The boys have a breakfast foods show down of epic proportions.  Our special guest, Mike Wallace from the Wack Brackets podcast explains why you should never squeeze an apple.  
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