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By: Beowulf Rochlen

Daily highlights from The Rick Ungar Show

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 03-04-21
Yesterday at 12:05 AM

Andrea Young discusses the new restrictions on voting access that would impact Black voters. Then, Philip Bump discusses cancel culture and Dr. Seuss.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 03-03-21
Last Thursday at 12:05 AM

Have we made progress since the murder of George Floyd? Rick speaks with Professor Cornell Brooks. Then, Ioan Grillo discusses his newest book, "Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels."

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 03-02-21
Last Wednesday at 12:05 AM

Rick and Raphael Cohen discuss Biden rejoining the Iran nuclear deal

Rick Ungar Show Bonus Highlight 03-02-21
Last Tuesday at 5:45 PM

Is the Republican party coming to an end? Rick speaks with Professor Tom Nichols.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 03-01-21
Last Tuesday at 12:05 AM

What's next for Republicans after "repeal and replace?" Rick and Joanne Kenen discuss the health care agenda.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-26-21

Today on the Rick Ungar Show: The Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that Democrats' proposed minimum wage hike cannot be included in a COVID-19 relief bill. Extra time for your calls, and then Beowulf Rochlen reports on Lady Gaga's bulldogs.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-25-21

How did Postmaster General DeJoy interfere with the 2020 presidential election? Rick speaks with Lisa Graves.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-24-21

Rick and Congressman Lee H. Hamilton discuss the prospect of a 9/11-style commission on the January 6th Capitol attack. Then, cult expert Dr. Steven Hassan discusses the rising crisis of cult disinformation.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-23-21

Rick and Jonathan Cohn discuss the greatest benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Rick Ungar Show Bonus Highlight 02-22-21

Rick speaks with Kevin Conway about the discrimination lawsuit filed against McDonald's.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-22-21

Rick speaks with Matt Ford about how the Voting Rights Act could be challenged by the Supreme Court. Then, Erika Hayasaki discusses how Amazon e-commerce has impacted the economy.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-19-21

Rick talks with Frank Sharry about the Biden Administration's proposed changes to immigration law, and the week in review with John Fugelsang.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-18-21

Rick and Maya King discuss the long-anticipated reparations bill and whether or not it will be adopted by the Biden Administration.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-17-21

Rick Ungar speaks with Rick Tyler about Trump's impeachment fallout. Then a look at Israel's unconventional methods of coping with the pandemic.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-16-21

Alex Shephard joins to discuss the recent fall of the Lincoln Project. And later, the lengths one woman will go to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-15-21

Jennifer Holdsworth weighs in on Trump's acquittal. Then, Dr. Devon Price discusses their new book "Laziness Does Not Exist."

The Rick Ungar Show Daily Podcast 02-12-21

Rick speaks with Kyle Cheney about this week's impeachment trial. Then, the week in review with John Fugelsang and Beowulf Rochlen talks high profile zoom flubs.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-11-21

Should we abolish the debt ceiling? Harvard Economics professor Jason Furman weighs in. Then, Manuel Roig-Franzia takes a look at Trump's relationship with Palm Beach.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-10-21

Dr. Aaron Bernstein discusses a Harvard Study that 1 in 5 deaths are linked to fossil fuel air pollution. Then, Linguistics Professor Ed Batistella discusses the art of apologizing, and how Marjorie Taylor Greene failed to hit the mark.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-09-21

Rick speaks with American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten about reopening schools.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-08-21

Brad Bannon explains why AOC and Marjorie Taylor Greene are not comparable.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-05-21

Today on the Rick Ungar Show:  Mitt Romney proposes a child care benefit for most American families.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-04-21

Rick speaks with Matt Ford about how Trump's presidency could have been worse.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-03-21

Who is Aleksei Navalny and why is he a threat to Putin? Rick and Professor Michael McFaul discuss.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-02-21

Rick speaks with Adam Cancryn about the vaccine roll-out

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 02-01-21

Rick and Charles Payne discuss GameStop, Reddit and the stock market.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-29-21

Today on the Rick Ungar Show: Parkland survivor David Hogg demands Q-Anon supporter Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene be booted from the House Education Committee after a video of her calling him a 'coward' is revealed.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-28-21

Rick speaks with Erin Sikorsky about Biden's executive order to battle climate change.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-27-21

Is the national debt the problem we're led to believe it is? Rick speaks with economist Stephanie Kelton.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-26-21

Rick and Zeke Stokes discuss Biden lifting the transgender military ban.

Rick Ungar Bonus Highlight 01-25-21

Rick speaks with VoteRiders founder Kathleen Unger about new voting restrictions

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-25-21

Can we draw similarities between the Civil War and today? Rick speaks with professor David Blight

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-22-21

Rick speaks with Joe Grogan about the state of the GOP, the last days of the Trump Presidency and how the vaccination distribution should be handled.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-21-21

Rick speaks with Philip Bump about Biden's first 100 days.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-20-21

Rick and Michael Steele discuss Biden's inauguration.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-19-21

Rick speaks with Professor Mark Osler about Trump's recent pardons.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-15-20

Today on the Rick Ungar Show:  January 6, 2021 was not the first attempted coup in the United States.  We learn about attempts to unseat FDR.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-14-21

Rick speaks with Reid Wilson about what it was like at the Capitol on January 6th.

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-13-21

Rick Tyler joins the show to discuss Trump's impeachment

Rick Ungar Show Highlight 01-12-21

One of America's largest talk-radio companies is instructing conservative hosts to end election fraud rhetoric. Why? Michael Harrison discusses.