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Jason Rantz is Seattle’s fresh, contemporary conservative voice. Young and urban, passionate and bold, Rantz is outnumbered by the Progressive chorus, yet refuses to ignore the conservative principles at the core of America’s greatness. Prolific on-air and online, Rantz knows he’s outnumbered in Seattle, but he’s never shy to be outspoken about it.

Rantz Rewind! August 3rd, 2015
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

HOUR 3 9:00 Rantz says Gravity Payments CEO is finding out that your business doesn't make much money when you pay some of your employees more than they're worth.  USA Today says 1000's of innocent bystanders have been killed in high speed chases.  Rantz points out the title is misleading, blaming cops. \\ Josh Kerns explains that no, the Ship Canal Bridge is not falling. \\ Idaho huntress, Sabrina Corgatelli, speaks out.  Rantz does not buy her comments. See for privacy information.

Hour 3- John Lott, Biden crusade against guns ignores fact
Last Saturday at 1:10 AM

The Monologue: A look at campaign spending in the race for Mayor of Seattle. The Interview: David Olsen, Peninsula School Board President, discusses his district passing a vote to oppose CRT. \\ The Monologue: State Attorney General draft policy warns staff to get vaccinated or be fired \\ Sen John Braun responds to a policy from the AG that may lead to employees being fired if they are not vaccinated. \\ LongForm: John Lott, investigative reporter, finds that President Biden's crusade against guns ignores a basic fact: about 92 percent of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms. \\ The Quick Hit: Lawmakers push...

Hour 2 - Sit Down with Mayor Matta
Last Saturday at 12:15 AM

What’s Trending: WA Claims we’re in a 5th wave of COVID as public health officials warn we should go back to stricter mandates, Hunter Biden’s art scandal leads to Rantz giving some additional perspective on the sale of his pieces \\ Big Local: Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta says he’s the victim of a white supremacy attack with Nazi imagery. But he’s not. It wasn’t Nazi imagery -- it was communist imagery. Will he apologize?  See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Biden's latest push for Gun Control
Last Friday at 1:10 AM

The Monologue: Vancouver CM hands out illicit drugs The Interview: Hanna Scott on the new inspector general report on policing during the protests in Seattle.\\ The Monologue: Delta variant cases are on the rise in Washington along with demand for COVID testing.\ \ Dave Workman, SAF, discusses Biden's latest push for gun control\ \  LongForm: \ \ The Quick Hit: Rantz went on America’s Newsroom to discuss democrat policies leading to overdose surge. See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Meghan McCain vs. Sen. Schumer
Last Friday at 12:10 AM

What’s Trending: Local police share concerns over the new reform and Alki residents are fed up with electric scooters. \\ Big Local: Tacoma gym is complaining about the homeless encampment, and WSU’s football coach says he won’t get the vaccine.  \\ Meghan McCain Grills Sen. Schumer for Being ‘Too Silent’ on Anti-Semitism   See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Vancouver councilor distributes heroin
Last Thursday at 11:10 PM

What’s Trending: Flu season is bringing high COVID testing numbers to Seattle, crime at homeless camps continues, Sheriff’s sign a letter together to protect citizen’s constitutional rights, \ \ Biden hints at banning hand guns during his town hall last night.  \ A Vancouver councilor distributes heroin purchased on ‘dark web.’ Is Seattle next? See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - American Marxism
Last Thursday at 1:10 AM

The Monologue: Bill Gates buys COVID testing company and it’s a giant money grab. The Interview: Chris Sullivan on new toll prices coming to 99 and the Narrow’s Bridge. The Monologue: USWNT protested the anthem at the Olympics before an embarrassing loss. The Interview: Ann Davison on her run for Seattle City Attorney. \\ LongForm: Mark Levin explains why it’s not too late to fight against American Marxism. \\  The Quick Hit: Mets announcers slams fans for being on their phone during the game.The Last Rantz: Don’t miss the importance of the Seattle City Attorney’s race. See omnystudio.c...

Hour 2 - Texas Dems are heroes
Last Thursday at 12:10 AM

The delta variant is being framed in a suspicious way, Texas democrats spread COVID-19 all through Washington D.C., one of the Texas Dems brags about being a hero, and McCarthy yanks all GOP picks from Jan. 6 committee. \\  Big Local: Neighbors of Mount Lake Terrace have no clue about a work release program coming to their neighborhood, Blue Origin brings jobs to Kent, and Point Roberts business struggling thanks to closed border. \\  Evictions slowed during the pandemic according to a study from UW.   See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Seattle's race for Mayor
Last Wednesday at 11:10 PM

What’s Trending: Experts push for Washingtonians to mask up again, Bill Gates buys COVID testing company and it’s a giant money grab, more homeless men arrested after being caught throwing rocks at vehicles on I-90, and the head of WSDOT flexes his wokeness.\ Seattle Deputy Mayor Casey Sixkiller supports sweeps, wants to hire more cops, and thinks the last thing the city needs is a councilmember (former or present) to be Mayor. He makes the case for why he should be mayor of Seattle. \ Tampa is a great example of what Seattle could be, and Casey Sixkiller could brin...

Hour 3 - Young Conservative movement
Last Wednesday at 1:10 AM

The Interview: Turning Points USA’s Charlie Kirk on the power of the young conservative movement \\ The Interview: Winner #2 in Jason’s content to deliver a monologue on the radio: Mia Hahn \\ LongForm:  Benny Johnson on the Texas Dems becoming super spreaders and Big Tech’s assault on free speech \\ The Quick Hit: United Airlines will halt flights form Everett’s Paine Field airport later this year. The Last Rantz: TPUSA proves that the future of the GOP is in good hands. See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Seattle's race for city attorney
Last Wednesday at 12:10 AM

What’s Trending:  Keep an on the race for Seattle City Attorney, experts continue to push for masks in schools for teachers and students\\ Big Local: Family speaks out after Tacoma homicide\\ Brandon Tatum, founder of the Tatum Report, discusses policing.     See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Rising Covid concers
Last Tuesday at 11:15 PM

What’s Trending: More people are concerned over recent covid-19 numbers rising, Joy Reid is an idiot, wokeness at Seattle’s Art Museum, and Amazon to end COVID-19 testing program in its facilities \\ Rep. Cat Cammack (R-FL) on the drug overdose surge \\ Winner #1 in Jason’s content to deliver a monologue on the radio: Jason Stauffer   See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Stories from Inside the Black Bloc
Last Tuesday at 1:10 AM

The Interview: Rep Lauren Boebert on fighting for freedoms in Cuba and US. The Interview: Josh Hammer on the rise of anti-Semitism in the Democrat party \\ LongForm: Jack Posobiec, senior editor of Human Events, and author of The Antifa: Stories from Inside the Black Bloc \\ The Quick Hit: The left is taking vaccinations way too far. The Last Rantz: Student Action Summit shows you just how engaged young people can be in politics. See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Cruising back to Seattle
Last Tuesday at 12:05 AM

What’s Trending: Cruises come back to the Seattle economy, more rock throwing incidents on I-90, and Pete Hegseth discusses the wokification of the Left. \\ Big Local: Tacoma sees two homicides over the weekend, and a Milton megachurch is being criticized before it is constructed \\ Rep Andy Biggs on the drug crisis and election integrity See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Leading mayoral candidate doesn't pay his full rent

What’s Trending: Exclusive: Leading mayoral candidate hasn’t paid his full rent in over a year, and Tomi Lahren joins the show to discuss COVID madness. \\ Dan Bongino on two threats: Antifa and big tech censorship \\ What should the game plan be to mitigate heat waves? See for privacy information.

Rantz Rewind! June 2, 2015

Complaints are rolling in because 15 Now Tacoma signature gatherers are getting too pushy. \\ SPD is also garnering complaints, but Rantz says it’s not the fault of police officers.\\ Caught Stealin’ (from Seattle’s Morning News with Dave Ross): pot holes that tweet. \\ A Dave Chihuly employee stole $3 million worth of glass sculptures. Rantz says the real crime is treating Dave Chihuly like a real artist.   See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Biden and Facebook

Guest Host Paul Gallant The Monologue: Richard Sherman saga continues with new video of the incident. The Interview: Dave Wyman discusses some of the possibilities of Richard Sherman’s future in the NFL. The Monologue: Drug overdose deaths in 2020 hit highest number ever recorded. The Interview: Hanna Scott discusses what is being done to put a halt to the drug overdose crisis locally. \\ LongForm: RNC Director Danielle Alvarez discusses some of the protests against communism in Cuba. \\ The Quick Hit: The Biden administration vs. Facebook. The Last Rantz: Rise up against Cuba. See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Now is not the time for encouragement

Guest Host Paul Gallant What’s Trending: A horrible plan to remove the homeless camp near Broadview-Thompson K-8, a stabbing on 3rd ave leaves a man in the hospital and the suspect still on the loose, Dr. Fauci wants three year olds to wear masks because they cannot get vaccinated, a bunch of nerds at MIT think we are on pace for a societal collapse, and Jay Inslee makes a push for the border to open \\ Big Local: Gig Harbor home shooting raises questions about when is a homeowner justified to use deadly force, a Spokane woman got fired from he...

Hour 1 - Woke Sharks

Guest Host Paul Gallant What’s Trending: Ignorant things said about Cuba fascinates Paul, and Jen Psaki goes head to head with Peter Doocey at a press conference over the Biden Administration censoring speech on Facebook. \\ More arrests made and more action is being taken against people throwing objects at cars from overpasses. \\ Joe Biden claims that Facebook is killing people, and sharks are going woke. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Get youth involved

The Monologue: An update on the Richard Sherman arrest. The Interview: Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney on the impact of new law that bans police chases in most circumstances. \\ The Monologue: More red flags for Suzi LeVine.  The Interview: Jesse Jensen on how he’ll differentiate himself from the other Republican candidate in WA-08. /LongForm: FOX Nation host and investigative reporter Lara Logan on how big tech is taking advantage of our willingness to ditch privacy rights. \\ The Quick Hit: A Tri-Cities man has a 'controversial' run in with the police. The Last Rantz: It’s important to get youth invol...

Hour 2 - Bioreactor facility

What’s Trending: Inslee calls Trump supporters a “bioreactor facility” spreading COVID, Washington’s plastic bag ban to take effect after over a year of delays, and KING5 wants you to starve the deer in order to save them \\ Big Local: A little girl gets the birthday parade of a lifetime. \\ A State Rep. in Minnesota tells a police officer that he was pulled over for driving while black. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - 5th grade lesson mirrors Hamas propaganda.

What’s Trending: Drug overdose deaths climb higher than ever, and a man is on the run after being suspected for arson and assault. \\ Anti-Semitic 5th grade lesson claims Israel stole its land, mirrors Hamas propaganda. \\ The White House and Facebook admit to teaming up to censor speech. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - New rules on use of force

The Monologue: Pete Hegseth embarrassed a Texas Democrat. The Interview: Gates McGavick, RNC Director of Strategic Communications discusses POTUS’ trip to Philly and voting rights. \\ The Monologue: Facial recognition gets banned at SeaTac airport. \\ The Interview: Erik Finman discusses The Freedom Phone, a new Device that Will Change Political Discourse in America. \\ LongForm: Sedro-Woolley Police Chief Lin Tucker discusses the restrictions on use of force for police officers. \\ The Quick Hit: Keith Olbermann spews hot garbage from his mouth. The Last Rantz: Think about the way you use technology.   See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Richard Sherman arrested

What’s Trending: The department of corrections is working on closing prisons, mother of CHOP shooting victim speaks out after the shooter was finally arrested, and Richard Sherman was arrested last night in King County. \\ Big Local: A Federal Way family looks for answers after a shooting leaves their mother dead, and a man in Kenmore gets arrested for stripping bark off of trees. \\ Joy Reid continues to show she is a dumb dumb. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Chris Reykdal joins the show!

What’s Trending: SeaTac arson suspect faced involuntary commitment hours earlier, fear of new law may have played role, and even Frasier is abandoning Seattle. \\ Chris Reykdal explains why anti-Semitic lesson was given to teachers and when he pulled it; and debates CRT, which he claims isn’t being taught. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Defund CM Lisa Herbold

The Monologue: Defund CM Lisa Herbold smears Seattle cops cleared of wrongdoing, wants more investigation.The Interview: Josh Phillip, investigative reporter, discusses his documentary "America Rewritten: What the World Would Lose if the US Constitution Was Erased" \\ The Monologue: New York Dems accuse Chick-Fil-A of discrimination and find themselves on a slippery slope. \\ The Interview: Keith Schipper, RNC Western Regional Communications Director, discusses the MLB All-Star game being moved to Colorado from Atlanta due to political motivation. LongForm: King County councilmember Regan Dunn wants the county to set standards on cleaning up homeless encampments. The Quick Hit: UW wants volunteers fo...

Hour 2 - Former Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany

What’s Trending: A local doctor gets put on the no fly list, andFormer press secretary Kayleigh McEnany weighs in on the contrived controversy over the Texas voter integrity bill \\  Big Local: Olympia homeless camp gets swept, and experts try to predict smoke season in Washington. \\ Fauci believes that the risk of the J&J shot is worth it for everyone, despite the science. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Office of Equity's woke employees

What’s Trending: Survey by Office of Equity suggests WA state employees are expected to become left-wing, anti-racist activists to pursue fringe political policies, and Texas Democrats flee the state to avoid voting on election integrity bill. \\ Bellevue police chief Steve Mylett explains why he’s leaving the city for Akron, OH \\ Dave Ross’ serious gaslighting. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Final hour from CPAC

What’s Trending: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on the “peaceful” riots and why the Left hates her so much, Jason gives a speech on the mainstage at CPAC and RNC’s Paris Denard on how to bring communities together to push for conservative policies \\ CA Gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner on her run for governor, media smears, and if she feels supported by the party \\ Congressional candidate Joe Kent reacts to strong polling against Jamie Herrera Beutler  See for privacy information.

Hour 2 from CPAC!

What’s Trending: Dr. Ben Carson on whether or not BLM actually thinks black lives matter, and Senator Bill Haggerty on ways to spur the American economy \\ Big Local: Former Acting Homeland Security Director Chad Wolf on the crisis at the border and whether or not white supremacy truly is the biggest threat facing the country \\ Congressman Andy Biggs addresses the Left’s wayward drift See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Jason Rantz Show takes on CPAC

What’s Trending: Jason gives a speech on the mainstage at CPAC, and Senator Marsha Blackburn on CRT and her feud with insufferable Taylor Swift. \\ Former WI Governor and current Young America’s Foundation president Scott Walker weighs in on critical race theory and college loan forgiveness \\ Former Acting US Attorney General Matt Whitaker on tackling race-based discrimination and political violence See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Fighting discrimination with more discrimination

The Monologue: Virginia parents believe that CRT is 'fighting discrimination with more discrimination.' The Interview: Ashley Varner, Freedom Foundation, on the dangers of teachers instructing CRT even though it is against the law in some states. The Monologue: Seattle Public Schools still has a homeless encampment on their hands. The Interview: Tiffany Smiley, US Senate candidate, gives an update on her campaign against Patty Murray. \\ LongForm: Jason Rantz joins the show to discuss Kshama Sawant, the OPA investigation, and CPAC. \\ The Quick Hit: Wokescolds at Spotify are angry that Joe Rogan’s podcast is streamed on their platform.  The Las...

Hour 2 - Closing the beach

What’s Trending: Alki beach is extended the early shut down of the beach, the West Seattle bridge is a total mystery, Inslee takes credit for bump in vaccination numbers among young people, being a landlord in Seattle must be awful, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will allow Cameron Kinley to attend Buccaneers minicamp. \\ Big Local: The Kraken plan on playing preseason games in Kent, Everett, and Spokane, rental properties in Spokane are sky high, but it is not the landlord’s fault, and a Marysville woman made Washington proud at the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. \\ Chet Hanks releas...

Hour 1 - Kshama signs her recall petition

What’s Trending: Biden to sign executive order targeting worker non-compete clauses, the latest from the CDC says no booster needed yet, the CDC also says that masks will not be needed in classrooms for vaccinated teacher and students, a follow up on the Sam’s Tavern shooting in Bellevue, and one of the victims from the rock throwing incident over I-5 speaks out. \\ Kshama Sawant wants her supporters to sign the recall petition against her. \\ Community leaders want the officers investigated by OPA to be fired. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Door to door vaccines

The Monologue: Support law enforcement officer, they need it now more than ever. The Interview: SPOG president Mike Solan says there may be some holes in the investigation from OPA. \\ The Monologue: Biden’s COVID adviser vows to go door to door with Biden’s vaccine plan. \\ The Interview: Former Trump OMB director Russ Vought discusses the overreach of the Biden administration \\ LongForm: Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) slams Biden’s COVID plan to boost vaccination rate to 70%. \\ The Quick Hit: We CAN wait to deal with all things Climate Change. Most people are in agreement that it needs to be touched o...

Hour 2 - Seattle Politian’s deem suburbs as racist

What’s Trending: OPA’s investigation may have some holes in it, Seattle Politian’s deem suburbs as racist, Tokyo went back into a state of emergency two weeks before the Olympics, and the left keeps pushing scare tactics for climate change. \\ Big Local: Bellevue PD Chief Mylett is leaving for another job in Ohio, King County purchases another homeless hotel, and some fiery incidents around the sound. \\ Liquor and wine consumption was the winner of the pandemic and unemployment claimants see some rule changes.  See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - OPA's investigation

Guest Host: Paul Gallant  What’s Trending: OPA releases information on their investigation against SPD officers at the capitol building, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot asks the White House for help with their rise in crime, and murder rates surge in Washington. \\ A parent destroys a school board when arguing against CRT. \\ Scammers go after the elderly. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Fighting censorship

Guest host: Paul Gallant  The Interview: Jesse Jensen on running for Washington’s 8th district against Kim Schrier. The Interview: Henry Bridger, manager for the recall sawant campaign, provides an update as they creep closer to their goal. \\ LongForm: Terry Schilling, President of the American Principles Project, discusses Trump Lawsuit against big tech \\ The Quick Hit: Why is anyone okay with censorship? The Last Rantz: Reporters continue to play victim.     See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Crime out of control

What’s Trending: Biden visits Chicago after a massive crime spree over the weekend, Seattle saw the deadliest June since 2008, Seattle might be getting it’s act together when it comes to homeless camps, and a man was arrested in NJ for a racist rant on his neighbors porch \\ Big Local: The Narrows Bridge may see a toll increase, Wilkeson is fighting a housing development plan, a Spokane man built a cannon in his garage, and a Federal Way man was challenging citizens to knife fights \\ Bad behavior on flights are being punished, and Seattle wants to increase parking. See omny...

Hour 1 - Emotional support axe

Guest Host: Paul Gallant What’s Trending: Trump announces that he is suing big tech for censorship, and the most Seattle story ever; a man breaks into an apartment with an axe \\ The Recall Kshama Sawant campaign is nearing its signature goal. \\ Jemele Hill claims that the Olympics are disproportionately impacting athletes of color. See for privacy information.