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Jason Rantz is Seattle’s fresh, contemporary conservative voice. Young and urban, passionate and bold, Rantz is outnumbered by the Progressive chorus, yet refuses to ignore the conservative principles at the core of America’s greatness. Prolific on-air and online, Rantz knows he’s outnumbered in Seattle, but he’s never shy to be outspoken about it.

Hour 3 - Time to take back our communities
Today at 1:03 AM

The Monologue: Seattle Schools is failing your kids, they have no plan to bus your kids to school, Liv Finne with Washington Policy Center discusses. The Monologue: No one wants Patty Murray to seek re-election, Caleb Heimlich, WA GOP Chairman says what Washington needs in place of Patty Murray.  \\ DOJ wants to crack down on Ghost Guns, Dave Workman with the Second Amendment Foundation discusses what can and can’t be done with 3-D printed weapons. \\ David Horowitz discusses his new book, The Enemy Within, and The Last Rantz See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Ksama Sawant settles an ethics violation
Today at 12:07 AM

What’s Trending: CDC says 40% of the population has a pandemic-related mental health issue, Democrat policies are making it worse, Michelle Obama is worried for her daughters being treated differently because they are black, a new Georgia sports law will allow universities to take a cut of player’s endorsement money and distribute to other players, and Rantz believes that according to “top baby names” your kids will be nerds, perpetually old-fashioned, and/or fat. \\ Big Local: Eastern Washington University announced students will not be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Hundreds of vaccine appointments left unfilled at Tacoma Dome. \\ Kshama S...

Hour 1 - Bellingham's interesting school board president
Yesterday at 11:05 PM

What’s Trending: Bellingham School Board president runs an “all-ages sex shop” and is a sex coach, and DK Metcalf took last at an Olympic qualifying track and field event. \\ Fauci and the Former FDA chief says that indoor restrictions may ease up soon. \\ Elon Musk becomes the latest host of SNL. See for privacy information.

Rantz Rewind! April 4, 2016
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant talks to Rantz at length about the scary over-budget utilities billing project \\ Rantz gets featured on NBC Nightly News to talk about heroin safe zones \\ Not everyone is supportive of the new SODO basketball arena   See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - More vaccine mandates?
Last Saturday at 1:05 AM

What’s Trending: Tacoma Rainiers begin vaccine passports, Former Attorney General Rob McKenna weighs in on mandated and optional vaccines, petition calls for Jay Inslee to reopen the state on June 15th, Washington Hospitality Association CEO Anthony Anton joins the show to discuss. \\ Former Secretary of State Dr. Robert Gates discusses Secretary of Defense vs Secretary of State  \\ Chief Steve Mylett discusses what Bellevue PD is doing to recruit officers  See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - No police in Bellevue School District
Last Saturday at 12:11 AM

What’s Trending: The city of Seattle is trying to bribe college students to get vaccinated, and a bear was spotted in Sammamish. \\ Big Local: Bellevue School District pulls police from campuses, Swastikas found as Edmonds park. Any marches in support of Jews this weekend? Nope. \\ Carolyn Scott, a woman from Colorado, feels that she was discriminated by Southwest Airlines.   See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - A Petition to reopen WA
Last Friday at 11:05 PM

What’s Trending: A petition calls for Jay Inslee to reopen the state on June 15th, we were told hospitals were at crisis levels a couple of weeks ago when they weren’t… today? They’ve dropped in half, and the Army allows females to now wear ponytails. \\ Jamele Hill says that black athletes paid the biggest price from the pandemic. \\  The left’s latest virtue signal, saying “birthing people” rather than “women” or “mother.” See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Is censorship the new norm?
Last Friday at 1:05 AM

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier discusses vetoing the grocery store hazard pay legislation, and House Minority Leader JT Wilcox discusses Kshama Sawant's rent control proposal. \\ Abagail Schrier, author of Irreversible Damage, nearly had her book pulled from Amazon after internal complaints from employees \\ Constitutional Attorney and Newsweek Opinion editor Josh Hammer stops by to discuss Ron DeSantis's new election bill  See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - White people walking on the sidewalk is racist
Last Friday at 12:06 AM

What’s Trending: A Fife company is offering $500 bucks to employees who get vaccinated, and student journalist at Northwestern University claims that the way white people walk on sidewalks is racist. \\ Big Local: Crazy Olympia man goes to war over a tree, local firefighters helped a 91 year old Gig Harbor woman cut her lawn, Rantz turns it into a negative story because he has a rotten soul. \\ A first grade teacher in Bellingham teaches her class about transgenderism without parental permission. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Needle exchange on school property
Last Thursday at 11:05 PM

What’s Trending: Local experts believe that COVID is likely to stay long term, Public Health’s needle exchange program is making visits to the homeless encampments on Seattle School property, King County Council puts off vote on a proposal to ban facial recognition technology, County Councilmember Kathy Lambert weighs in, and the FDA may authorize vaccinations for those 12 years and older. \\ More universities are requiring students to get the vaccine, but ultimately, this should be a personal choice made be each individual. \\ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill that does not allow local governments to defund the police. See omny...

Hour 3 - KCPOG Calls for Sherriff Johanknecht to Resign
Last Thursday at 1:09 AM

What’s Trending: Inslee being scared and intimidated by politics over the actual Covid numbers, Bellevue Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhaus discusses potential rollbacks in the city of Bellevue, Inslee does not recognize the impact of his decisions on restaurant business, controversy over wearing masks outside versus inside,  and Senior Editor Robby Soave discusses some of the latest CDC guidance. \\ King County Police Officers Guild Mike Mansanarez is calling for the resignation of King County Sherriff Mitzi Johanknecht  \\ Fire Attorney Adam Steinbaugh discusses a lawsuit between a professor and Linfield University,     See for privacy information.

Hour 2- Derek Chauvin's attorney files motion for a new trial. Trail attorney Anne Bremner breaks it down.
Last Thursday at 12:05 AM

What’s Trending: SPD Chief Adrian Diaz called Seattle a safe city, Derek Chauvin's attorney files motion for a new trial. Trail attorney Anne Bremner breaks it down.\\  Big Local: Many questioning Inslee’s logic on vaccinations and county phases, Numbers not being given on vaccinations in order to go forward with herd immunity \\  Have you seen those Well-Health Safety Seals? It feels scammy. Rantz investigated for FOX News Primetime See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Rantz gets punchy
Last Wednesday at 11:05 PM

What’s Trending: Pierce county executive plans to veto ordinance granting $4/hour hazard pay for grocery store workers, Seattle University district restaurant was closed for violating Covid restrictions, and a handgun drawn at a Diner in Louisville at BLM protestors who swarmed restaurant. \\ Punchy Rantz goes at it with Inslee’s office \\ Vaccine passports are here, will they expand? See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - King Inslee
Last Wednesday at 1:05 AM

What’s Trending: The rollback announcement turned into a pause, Inslee says counties like that he has power, Snohomish County Councilmember Nate Nehring would rather decisions be made on the county level, when will Inslee relinquish power?  Will it be when we reach enough vaccinations? Sen Chris Gildon (R-Puyallup) joins the show to discuss. \\ Rep. Jesse Young (R-Gig Harbor) discusses Inslee’s plan to segregate vaccinated people. \\ Former police officer Steve Pomper discusses the call for Sheriff Johanknecht to resign.   See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Repeat federal offenses
Last Wednesday at 12:05 AM

What’s Trending: A mail theft in West Seattle gets arrested repeatedly, and Amazon does not give in to a book ban after uproar from employees. \\ Big Local: A serial crow killer is on the loose in Mountlake Terrace, and Sea-Tac rolls out no touch technology to getting your boarding pass. \\ Kent Mayor Dana Ralph discusses what the future hold after Inslee’s ‘pause’ in phases.   See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Put on pause

What’s Trending: Inslee did not rollback any counties, instead, he issued a pause, a teacher gets pulled over for using her phone while driving, she then goes off on a racist rant against the Latino police officer. \\ King County Detention dramatically lowers standards for 'equity' hires \\ CIA recruitment video riles up social media See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - COVID rollbacks are on the way

What’s Trending: Covid rollbacks on the way tomorrow, Sultan Mayor Russell Wiita discusses how small cities will cope with the rollbacks, Chimacum High School bribes kids into getting vaccines, and a Father of a student is upset with the bribery joins the show.  \\ Ashe Short (Senior Editor at the Daily Wire) on why Biden gets away with another broken promise on reopening schools \\  Caitlyn Jenner opposes boys who are trans playing sports on girls' teams in school, and Tiana Lowe (Washington Examiner) discuss how Caitlyn Jenner blows the minds of progressives  See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - UW mandates vaccine

What’s Trending: Chocolati Cafe employee who refused service to an officer is out of a job, and new earthquake early warning system goes into effect this week \\ Big Local: The Smith Avenue homeless community has disappeared after the city passes the no sit ordinance, and a Pierce County man says his mother died of cancer, but the death certificate from the hospital says COVID \\ UW is the next university to mandate vaccines. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - A high school bribes students to get vaccinated

What’s Trending: Experts say that herd immunity is unlikely, restaurant owners are worried about phase 2 rollback, during te May Day riots, a driver drives through radicals, police/prison abolitionists were then mad that the driver wasn’t arrested, and Chimacum High School bribes kids into getting vaccines. \\ Washington’s rural housing market is booming. \\ A Snohomish asbestos testing company got hit with a one-thousand-percent increase in unemployment taxes -- only to discover it was a mistake on Employment Security's part. KIRO Radio’s Nicole Jennings explains. See for privacy information.

Rantz Rewind! May 12, 2015

Washington Environmentalists protesting Shell Oil, don't actually care about the environment says Rantz \\ The new $60 tab fee, said to support public transportation, will actually make it worse \\ The F-Starbucks sign "artist" speaks to a blogger, but never really answers 'why?'  Rantz refuses to call this vandalism art. \\ A wife shoots at her husband, mad because he hasn't been doing chores around the house since having surgery, Rantz says it's understandable, and KING 5 doesn't want you to become the 2nd person ever to be killed by a bear in Washington See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Inslee's special treatment

What’s Trending: Inslee wants to give special treatment to vaccinated people, Chicago doing Vax passports, State Senator Doug Erickson (R-Ferndale) discusses vaccine mandates, May Day is tomorrow, SPD Sgt. Randy Huserik on preparations for tomorrow, Democrats ignored the law and passed cap gains tax, and Maxford Nelsen (Freedom Foundation) joins the show to discuss the capital gains tax.  \\ King County Councilmember Regan Dunn discusses a dozen WA counties poised to roll back phase  \\ Jarrod Sessler is running against Dan Newhouse in WA-04. We talk immigration.  See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Jordan Kimball on cancel culture

What’s Trending: A recap of Biden’s speech last night, more bad COVID theater, RNC Regional Communications Director Keith Schipper on last night’s Biden speech, Twitter allows “Uncle Tim” to trend for multiple hours, and Alan Dershowitz (Case Against the New Censorship) weighs in on how Big Tech influences -- and silences -- the news \\ Charlie Kirk coming to town at a new venue, and Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball came out as a conservative, joined Turning Point USA, and got attacked for it. Plus, we talk cancel culture and who is the sketchiest contestant from the show. \\ PLU...

Hour 2 - A Seattle business refuses to serve SPD officers

What’s Trending: A Seattle business refuses to serve SPD officers, Seattle lawyer Daniel Sheed refers to Tim Scott as “Django Unchained”, and Nancy Pelosi thinks George Floyd was assassinated and lynched. \\ Big Local: Unusual COVID testing sites surface in Snohomish County, and Whatcom county looks like they are headed backward. \\ Benji Backer (president of American Conservation Coalition) on Biden’s bad climate change pitch and what conservatives are offering  See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Tim Scott gets attacked by the left

What’s Trending: Tim Scott’s speech last night was everything that America needs, the left reacts in a disgusting way, the author of “Girl, stop apologizing” gets attacked online for having a nanny, is she going to apologize? \\ Washington business owners fear of another shut down by Inslee. \\ Joe Biden says last night that most cops are good cops, and Rantz went on Tucker last night to discuss the police exodus. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Seattle school with encampment went on lockdown over a firearm sighting

What’s Trending: Seattle school with encampment went on lockdown over a firearm sighting, Ryle Goodrich is a parent of a kid at Broadview-Thompson K-8 and he weighs in on what happened, and Justin Bieber gets accused of cultural appropriation for donning dreadlocks. \\ King County Prosecutor reveals homicides and shootings continue to increase, and Spokane Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich explains how he’s taking advantage of the exodus of Seattle officers -- he’s got billboards op recruiting cops from Seattle, Portland, and Denver \\ Paris Denard (RNC national spokesperson) helps preview tonight’s Biden address (if you need to cut for time, cut...

Hour 2 - Seattle Times bans words for social justice

What’s Trending: Seattle Times ‘inclusive’ group bans ‘justice system,’ ‘inmate’ for social justice, and even CNN calls out the Biden administration for fumbling the push for vaccines. \\ Big Local: Puyallup builds parklets for it’s businesses, and Vancouver bar is giving away free jell-o shots for vaccinated people. \\ Trevor Noah and Ted Cruz duke it out on twitter.  See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Inslee considers a rollback for King County

What’s Trending: Inslee is considering a rollback to Phase 2 in King County, WSU mandating vaccines, Joy Reid jogs outside with TWO masks, there were 17 fraudulent ballots in King County from the 2020 election, and Bumbershoot 2021 gets canceled officially. \\ An Auburn doordash driver feels like he is the victim of a hate crime. \\ A student’s vulgar Snapchat leads to a Supreme Court case. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Socialist millionaires

What’s Trending: The two Socialists on the Seattle City Council are collectively worth over $3.5 million, and Motion Church senior pastor Roger Archer discusses canceling the Charlie Kirk event due to threats from Antifa. \\ Rose McGown compared the left to a cult on Fox News last night. \\ Constitutional attorney Josh Hammer explains what’s on the line as the Supreme Court agrees to hear a major gun rights appeal on conceal carry See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Woke madness from CNN and a former soccer player

What’s Trending: CNN comes to the defense of a public health officer to signal their virtue, and a woke soccer ties banning transgender athletes in sports with white supremacy. \\ Big Local: Redmond camp will require masks for some stupid reason, and good and bad news in Snohomish County on COVID. \\ A return to life as normal. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - Chief Adrian Diaz discuss the mass exodus

What’s Trending: The CDC says it is okay to wear masks outside if you are vaccinated, Sen Joe Nguyen announces that he is running for King County Executive, and some states look into new ways to set pot policy by its amount of THC. \\ Interim Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz reacts to the mass exodus of police and the outing of the officers who purportedly attended the Trump rally in D.C. \\ Where is the accountability? See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Antifa ruins a Charlie Kirk's Puyallup event

What’s Trending: Parents voice concerns over the homeless camps outside of Seattle K-8 school, a state of emergency gets declared in Elizabeth City after body cam footage gets shown to the family of Andrew Brown Jr., Flip Flop Fauci is back at it again, and the worst song in the history of music. \\ Charlie Kirk had his event canceled in Puyallup due to Antifa threats. He explains what happened \\ Rep. Drew Stokesbary, R-Auburn, on the truly awful budget the Democrats passed over the weekend, plus a reaction to Democrats effectively legalizing drugs  See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Bad Faith Activists

What’s Trending: A super woke virtue signal took place in Renton over the weekend, and Mike Solan (SPOG president) on the mass exodus continuing \\  Big Local: Spokane activists push bad faith arguments, and Olympia is needlessly proposing a cap on short-term rental properties. \\ The Oscars were awful, like really awful. See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - 66 more officers leave SPD

What’s Trending: 66 more officers leave Seattle Police Department, NYPD has a 75% increase in retirements, and Washington Dems effectively legalized drugs over the weekend. \\ Puyallup Pastor cancels Charlie Kirk event over threats of violence from antifa, and Ted Wheeler says they will unmask antifa. \\ LeBron’s stupid tweet leads to an officer’s hilarious TikTok in response. See for privacy information.

Rantz Rewind! November 29, 2018

What's Trending: Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about the Russia deal \\ Seattle approves budget for waterfront upgrades \\ More sea lions found shot and killed in Puget Sound \\  MSNBC’s Katy Tur got distracted on the air when a congressman blew his nose on camera \\ 2012 Halloween robber back in jail a month after inspirational speech to students \\ Tacoma Dome sports museum closing \\ Lacey marijuana store in hot water with regulators over ‘free samples’ See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Ted Cruz calls out Stacey Abrams

What’s Trending: Inslee says we are in a fourth wave, An Oregon woman died after getting the J&J vaccine, Andrew Yang tokenizes the LGBT community, and Cori Bush is still a dum-dum. \\ Rep Brad Klippert (R-Kennewick) discusses a bad compromise on an anti-police bill. \\ Twitter does some great PR work for Stacey Abrams.   See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Angst over gun violence

What’s Trending: Families are feeling angst due to rising gun violence in Seattle, vaccine equity is a joke from the left, and Rantz tackled his exclusive report on vaccine scheduling racism in WA on Varney and Company. \\ Big Local: Renton Police report the department’s largest drug bust to date, and Marysville teachers vote ‘no confidence’ in their school board. \\ King County could be first in nation to ban government use of facial recognition technology  See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - A fourth COVID wave

What’s Trending: Lawmakers want elected officials to be the ones to OK police to use tear gas, and Washington is in a fourth wave of COVID, how will you handle it?\\ Gov. Jay Inslee has formally directed state Attorney General Bob Ferguson to open an investigation into Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, and Cori Bush dishonestly accuses America of stereotyping all black people. \\ Paul Krugman says the GOP made up riots over the summer. See for privacy information.

Hour 3 - Loren Culp is running for congress

What’s Trending: Neighbor at Columbus shooting said cops had no choice, and Quill Robinson (Vice President of Government Affairs for the American Conservation Coalition) discusses the Republican-backed environmental bills that, unlike AOC’s Green New Deal, are serious, innovative, and actually help the environment without killing our economy \\ Loren Culp announced he’s running for congress to challenge Rep. Dan Newhouse. He joins the show to discuss the campaign. \\ A Lt. Governor rips dems for tokenizing him.   See for privacy information.

Hour 2 - Shots fired at homeless encampment

What’s Trending: A shooting happens at a homeless encampment in Seattle, Seafair is going to disappoint people for the 71st year in a row, and State Senator Chris Gildon on the passage of the capital gains tax in the House. Now it goes to the Senate. But can it be stopped? \\ Big Local: Bremerton votes in favor of body cams for their police department, and the Tacoma Dome becomes a mass vaccination site. \\ Amazon rolls out a ’pay-by-palm’ system See for privacy information.

Hour 1 - DOH lets providers deny vaccines to white people for equity

What’s Trending: WA Dept of Health lets providers deny vaccines to white people for equity, and Snohomish County businesses horrified at the prospects of rolling back to Phase 2. \\ Joy Behar has the most idiotic idea for how police can handle violent calls. \\ Dems are still trying to push for DC statehood. See for privacy information.