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Allan Bell of SportsLine on 3HL
Yesterday at 10:58 PM

Allan Bell of talks sports gambling on 3HL: Betting March Madness, the surprise of Watt to Arizona, a look at the Preds, betting NASCAR, odds on the lost kangaroo being found in Alabama + more.

Jim Wyatt of on 3HL
Yesterday at 10:12 PM

Jim Wyatt of talks Titans on 3HL: JJ Watts high price tag, the Titans possibly going down the Clowney path again, the use of the franchise tag + more.

3HL 3-2-21 Hour One: Jim Wyatt + Dawn is terrified
Yesterday at 10:01 PM

Jim Wyatt checks in to talk Titans + Dawn is...terrified. Check out the hour one podcast to find out why.

Andy Staples (@Andy_Staples) joins @JMartandRamon
Yesterday at 9:37 PM

Andy Staples of The Athletic ranks the SEC football jobs, and the top spot may surprise you. Plus, Tennessee is ranked pretty low. Andy also gives us his "THAT Guy" recommendations.

JMart and Ramon Hour Four 3-2-21: Andy Staples, "THAT Girl", Old Retails Stores
Yesterday at 9:16 PM

The bachelorette WOO girls continue to dominate the "THAT Girl" Twitter poll. Plus, the guys catch up with Andy Staples of The Athletic. The crew also reminisce about their favorite retail stores that have either closed or are dying off. (Ex. Radio Shack)

Blaine & Mickey Hour Three 03-02-21
Yesterday at 9:03 PM

Blaine and Mickey talk football as Coach Mac joins the show. A dig into the draft prospects and more in Hour Three.

Blaine & Mickey Hour Two 03-02-21
Yesterday at 9:01 PM

Andrew Brandt joins to talk about the business side of the NFL offseason. That and more in Hour Two of Blaine & Mickey.

Blaine & Mickey Hour One 03-02-2021
Yesterday at 8:58 PM

How soon will we see full stadiums again? NFL headlines with John McClain, Big Kat Bryant lands at UCF, and more on Blaine and Mickey Hour One.

Coach Dave McGinnis on Blaine and Mickey
Yesterday at 8:51 PM

Coach Mac talks Titans headlines and looks ahead to the draft with Blaine and Mickey.

Jeremy Fowler (@JFowlerESPN) joins @JMartandRamon
Yesterday at 8:45 PM

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN says JJ Watt-to-Arizona did come as a "surprise". He also talks about Bud Dupree and how he remains a top free agency target despite the torn ACL. Fowler also explains how the Titans are an "enigma" in the marketplace, and gives his thoughts on the Deshaun Watson situation.

JMart and Ramon Hour Three 3-2-21: Jeremy Fowler, #DupreeWatch, "THAT Girl"
Yesterday at 8:34 PM

With JJ Watt gone to Arizona, Jason and Ramon sound the alarm for (Bud) #DupreeWatch. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler joins the show to talk Watt, Dupree, free agency, and more. Plus, it's Day Two, Hour Three of "THAT Girl" shenanigans, and they only get more savage!

JMart and Ramon Hour Two 3-2-21: JJ Watt to Arizona, "THAT Girl", Gaming Consoles, and Nike Scandal
Yesterday at 8:23 PM

Jason and Ramon give their thoughts about JJ Watt's move to the NFC and the Arizona Cardinals. Plus, even more ratchetness with "THAT Girl". The guys also discuss their favorite gaming consoles and the scandal involving a high-ranking Nike executive.

JMart and Ramon Hour One 3-2-21: JJ Watt...To Arizona?, "THAT Girl"
Yesterday at 8:13 PM

Jason and Ramon react to JJ Watt joining the Arizona Cardinals. Was it really just about the money all along? Does he make the Cardinals a Super Bowl contender? Plus, it's Day Two of "THAT Girl" and the bachelorette WOO girls are getting the votes!

Andrew Brandt (@AndrewBrandt) on Blaine & Mickey
Yesterday at 7:54 PM

Andrew Brandt of the Monday Morning Quarterback and the Business of Sports podcast talks salaries and the business behind the NFL's headlines with Blaine and Mickey.

John McClain talks NFL headlines on Blaine & Mickey
Yesterday at 7:01 PM

Blaine and Mickey talk all of the NFL headlines, including JJ Watt's decision to sign with Arizona and Deshaun Watson's future, with John McClain.

3-2-21 11 AM Hour with Nick Kayal and Braden Gall
Yesterday at 6:36 PM

Nick and Braden talk Titans offseason, they cover NFL headlines with Matt Lombardo of @FanSided, and recap the day's big stories.

3-2-21 10 AM Hour with Nick Kayal and Braden Gall
Yesterday at 5:19 PM

Nick and Braden react to J.J. Watt's decision to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. They also discuss college football and whether or not non-SEC fans will become uninterested in the same old same old. Furthermore, who can challenge Alabama in the SEC? In the third segment, we talk Vols with Trey Wallace.

3HL 3-1-21 Hour Three: Bama QB commit Ty Simpson joins the show
Yesterday at 12:19 AM

New Bama commitment Ty Simpson chats about why he chose the Crimson Tide + much more in hour three.

5 star QB Ty Simpson details his Alabama decision on 3HL
Last Monday at 11:48 PM

5 star QB Ty Simpson details his decision to commit to Alabama, his relationship with Bill O’Brien, expectations, why he thinks Josh Heupel will turn things around for the Vols + more.

3HL 3-1-21 Hour Two: Buck Reising talks Titans + Slay goes in on Vols hoops
Last Monday at 11:32 PM

AtoZ's Buck Reising talks Titans, guest host Ron Slay goes in on Vols hoops + our reaction to JJ Watt heading to Arizona.

3HL 3-1-21 Hour One: VFL Tyler Smith + Rhett Bryan
Last Monday at 11:29 PM

Former Vol Tyler Smith talks Vols hoops, Rhett Bryan checks in to hit the Titans headlines + much more with Dawn and guest host Ron Slay in hour one on Monday.

VFL Ron Slay goes IN on Tennessee Basketball
Last Monday at 11:02 PM

VFL Ron Slay goes IN on the Tennessee Basketball program on 104.5 The Zone.

Buck Reising of A to Z Sports talks Titans on 3HL
Last Monday at 10:55 PM

Buck Reising of talks Titans: remaining pass rushers, Derrick Henry’s load management & how to build a contender under this year’s cap, JJ Watt's new home + more.

Rhett Bryan of Titans talks Titans on 3HL
Last Monday at 10:37 PM

Rhett Bryan talks Titans on 3HL: Free Agency and Draft, JJ Watt to Arizona, PLUS info on Titans Radio’s Draft coverage coming up in a few weeks on 104.5 The Zone.

JMart and Ramon Hour Four 3-1-21: "THAT Girl", @Josh_Ward, Tiger Tribute
Last Monday at 10:00 PM

"THAT Girl" continues dominating the show, as Jason and Ramon are in awe of the fam's response. Plus, Josh Ward of The Sports Animal in Knoxville talks BasketVOLS, Ty Simpson, and more. Finally, the guys comment on the tribute to Tiger that took place during the final round of Sunday's WGC event.

VFL Tyler Smith talks Vols Hoops on 3HL
Last Monday at 9:51 PM

VFL Tyler Smith talks Tennessee Basketball on 104.5 The Zone: Rick Barnes, leadership, not pushing the ball + more on the Vols.

JMart and Ramon Hour Three: "THAT Girl", Dave McGinnis
Last Monday at 9:51 PM

"THAT Girl" goes off the rails, as the fam storms Twitter with ideas, jokes, and suggestions! Also, during his weekly visit, Coach Dave McGinnis of Titans Radio warns JMart and Ramon about this sensitive subject matter and cautions to proceed "very carefully".

JMart and Ramon Hour Two 3-1-21: #WattWatch, "THAT Girl"
Last Monday at 9:42 PM

Jason and Ramon update everyone on (JJ) #WattWatch (before Watt chose Arizona). Plus, it was "THAT Guy" last week, so it is "THAT Girl" this week, and the guys tread very lightly on the topic. But, the fam goes all in!

JMart and Ramon Hour One 3-1-21: BasketVOLS, Ty Simpson to 'Bama, Pruitt Problems
Last Monday at 9:24 PM

Jason and Ramon react to yet another Vols basketball loss that sees Rick Barnes's Vols in a tailspin. Plus, the guys discuss highly-rated in-state prospect Ty Simpson committing to Alabama, and Ramon goes into even more detail about Jeremy Pruitt's troubled tenure at UT.

Blaine and Mickey 3-1-21 Hour Three: Talking Vols with Josh Ward
Last Monday at 9:04 PM

Josh Ward of WNML talks Vols recruiting, coaching staff, hoops struggles and more.

Blaine and Mickey 3-1-21 Hour Two: Titans draft prospects with Chad Forbes + Manziel/Gordon playing again
Last Monday at 9:03 PM

Diving into Titans draft prospects and other NFL FA storylines with Chad Forbes, and how Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon are playing football again.

Blaine and Mickey 3-1-21 Hour One: JJ Watt to Arizona + Mike Rodak
Last Monday at 9:03 PM

Blaine and Mickey reflect on JJ Watt to the Cardinals, talk Alabama hoops/football with Mike Rodak of

WNML's Josh Ward talks Vols with Blaine + Mickey
Last Monday at 8:48 PM

Josh Ward joins the show to discuss Ty Simpson's commitment, Tennessee rounding out its defensive coaching staff, current struggles on the hardwood, and the early success of UT baseball.

Chad Forbes talks JJ Watt, Titans draft prospects, free agency and more with Blaine + Mickey
Last Monday at 7:48 PM

Blaine and Mickey chat with Chad Forbes to get his take on JJ Watt's move to Arizona, who the Titans should have their eyes on in the upcoming draft, free agency storylines around the league, and much more.

Mike Rodak of talks Bama hoops/football with Blaine + Mickey
Last Monday at 7:29 PM

Alabama beat writer Mike Rodak joins Blaine and Mickey to discuss Alabama basketball's journey to an SEC title in Nate Oats' second season, Crimson Tide players in the draft, and more.

3-1-21 11 AM Hour with Nick and Braden
Last Monday at 7:12 PM

An announcer’s impact on whether you watch a broadcast + Dan Dakich controversy + JJ Watt’s destination

3-1-21 10 AM Hour with Nick and Braden
Last Monday at 7:07 PM

Nick and Braden talk Vol Hoops, is Rick Barnes underachieving? Also a discussion about the greatest CFB QBs of all time.

DeAngelo Williams (@DeAngeloRB) joins @JMartandRamon
Last Sunday at 6:04 PM

Memphis Tigers legend and former Pro Bowl running back DeAngelo Williams provides one of the most memorable interviews in the show's history. D-Will tells stories of his ex-Steelers teammate, Ramon. Plus, he says Derrick Henry should have been the league MVP, is not a big fan of Ryan Tannehill, and adds that the Carolina Panthers would NOT be a good fit for Deshaun Watson.

JMart and Ramon Hour Four 2-26-21: "THAT Guy", DeAngelo Williams, Chuck in Gallatin redux
Last Sunday at 5:46 PM

Jason and Ramon continue with more "THAT Guy" reactions and submissions. Plus, Memphis Tigers legend and former Pro Bowl running back DeAngelo Williams joins the show with some SCORCHING takes and plenty of ratchetness. Also, for those that had missed it earlier in the show, the guys re-live the greatness of Chuck in Gallatin.

Big Orange Sunday 02-28-2021
Last Sunday at 3:07 PM

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