Livemind Podcast

5 Episodes

By: Patrick Collins

A down-to-earth show about mindfulness, meditation, enlightenment, and related topics.

What’s happn’n

Seeing what it’s like to just check things out around you as if you’re unencumbered by the preoccupations of self.

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Movin ‘n doin stuff

The surprising power simple acts of gettin’ stuff done can have over even the thorniest of existential entanglements.

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Do you feel fragile?

Good, because you are. Not the you you really are mind you, but they you you think you are.

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The dog episode

Peppered by doorbell ‘n dogbark interruptions, an improvised treatise on spiritual things… and stuff.

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A rambling start

Hey, thanks for stopping by! This is the introductory episode to the Livemind podcast. Learn more at

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