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By: Hayden Shearman

Your weekly running workout. A dose of running inspiration, guidance, entertainment and community—sharing in the joys and challenges of running with a community of TempoFit runners from all over the world! This 15-minute weekly podcast will guide you through the what, the why and the how of each week's running workout. It's 15 minutes because that's the minimum time we recommend people jog for their warm up. So listen as you run and hear about the workout you'll be doing that week. We also recommend you do some dynamic stretches and warm up drills before diving into the workout as we...

Time Under Tension Pt.2
Last Monday at 4:23 AM

Continuing our series on broken tempo runs, this week we add 25% more time to the session—ramping up your opportunity to get stronger and go faster for longer. WHAT? Time Under Tension Pt.23x 10mins @ Lactate Threshold Pace (your 1-hour race pace)2-3mins jog recoveryTerrain: Flat, measurable pathway. A broken tempo run is a good way[...]

Time Under Tension Pt.1

With the New Year comes a new series of workouts where we’re taking the traditional tempo run and breaking it into segments to allow for more time at threshold to develop that ability to go faster for longer. WHAT? Time Under Tension Pt.1 3x 8mins @ Lactate Threshold Pace (your 1-hour race pace) 2mins jog[...]

The 2022 Special

Happy New Year! To celebrate 2022, we’re doing a workout this week perfectly suited for the occasion with two 20-minute tempo runs and then a final 2-minute blast off: 20-20-2! WHAT? The 20-20-2 2x [20-minute tempo run @ half marathon pace, 5min jog] 2 minutes at your 3k race pace Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or[...]

Holidays Challenge

It’s the holidays and the final workout of the year, so why not do the most brutal fitness challenge from the year all over again!!?? If it’s your second time doing this session, can you beat your previous time? If it’s your first time, how close can you get to your 5k PB? WHAT? Holidays[...]

Countdown to Christmas Pt.2

Last week we did a 4-3-2-1 fartlek; this week it’s 5-4-3-2-1 twice over. So a little more endurance and, with it, a little more fun to bring in the festive season! WHAT? Fartlek Countdown to Christmas Pt.2 2 sets of: 5-4-3-2-1 minutes @ speeds of your choosing 1 minute jog recoveries Terrain: Undulating trails or[...]

Countdown to Christmas Pt.1

This workout is as easy as 4-3-2-1, twice over. Do it fast. Do it cruisy. You choose. The one rule for this session, though, is have FUN! WHAT? Fartlek Countdown to Christmas Pt.1 2 sets of: 4-3-2-1 minutes @ speeds of your choosing 1 minute jog recoveries Terrain: Undulating trails or flat, measurable pathway (you[...]

What Doesn't Kill You Pt.3

Up for a challenge this week? This running-meets-calisthenics will BURN!!! WHAT? What doesn’t kill you … Pt. 3 5 non-stop sets of: 20 squats, 10 press ups, 5 burpees 1k as fast as you can Terrain: Flat measurable path or running track This workout challenge is a 5k but interspersing burpees, press ups and squats[...]

What Doesn't Kill You ... Pt.2

We’re one week out from our calisthenics-meets-running challenge and this is the perfect workout to tune up both running legs and press up arms! WHAT? What doesn’t kill you … Pt. 2 5 sets of: [20 squats, 10 press ups, 5 burpees 3mins @ your 5k race effort] 2mins jog or active recoveries Terrain: Flat[...]

What Doesn't Kill You ... Pt.1

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger … right?! Well, this series of workouts will definitely test out that theory as we work our way up to an epic running-meets-calisthenics workout challenge in three weeks’ time. WHAT? What doesn’t kill you … Pt. 1 5 sets of: [20 squats, 10 press ups, 5 burpees 2mins[...]

10x 400 - You Choose the Toppings

This workout is the ultimate homemade pizza of workouts where we give you the base and you decide the toppings. Will it be meaty? Maybe a little spicy? Or will it be a chilled out Hawaiian?! WHAT? YOU CHOOSE THE TOPPINGS 10x 400m @ between 5k and mile race pace 400m jog recoveries Terrain: Flat[...]

Let's get your fire started!

What better way to celebrate 111 episodes of the podcast than a workout like 11x 1 minute!? And aside from another numerically pleasing session, why would we want to do a session like this? Read on … WHAT? THE FIRESTARTER 11x 1 minute @ 5k race effort up to mile race effort 1 minute jog[...]

How to Love Hills Pt.4

This is our final workout in the series of short-fast hill reps designed to give us the physical and mental tools to love running hills. On this occasion we use the hills as a stimulus to create great running technique and power before doing short bursts of tempo running. WHAT? HOW TO LOVE HILLS: PART[...]

How to Love Hills Pt.3

This week we continue our focus of quality-over-quantity in hill reps, but we’re introducing some accelerations to switch over to beast mode for the close of each rep. WHAT? HOW TO LOVE HILLS: PART 3 6x 45-second uphill efforts (w/ first 30s steady, final 10s fast) 2-3mins jog recoveries Terrain: Moderate hill. Gear-changing workouts are[...]

Workout of the Week: 108 – How to Love Hills Pt.2

Want to get faster? Get stronger? Run smoother? Hills are the answer to many of these questions and this week continue our series of quality-over-quantity hill reps where mastery is the goal, not exhaustion. WHAT? HOW TO LOVE HILLS: PART 2 3 sets of: 15, 30 & 45-second uphill efforts (w/ respective effort levels of[...]

How to Love Hills Pt. 1

For the next four weeks, come on a journey to discover a new love for running hills! We’ll be doing short, sharp hill reps with plenty of recovery to develop technique, power and overall improve our emotional relationships with going vertical!  WHAT? HOW TO LOVE HILLS: PART 1 3 sets of: 2×15-second strides uphill 1×15-second[...]

Hilly Fartlek

It’s time to let yourself loose in the trails and hills! This fartlek workout is designed to free you up to get stronger on the verticals. WHAT? HILLY FARTLEK 6x4mins @ your 1-hour race effort w/ 2min recovery jogs Terrain: Undulating hills. Hunt some hills today. But nothing too mountainous. Ideal would be uphill and[...]

Progression Fartlek

This fartlek session starts slow and long and finishes fast and short. It can be adapted whatever training cycle you’re in and is fun, free and also numerically pleasing! WHAT? PROGRESSION FARTLEK 16mins, 8, 4, 2, 1, 30s, 15s (getting faster as you go) w/ 2min recovery jogs Terrain: Undulating trails w/ somewhere flat for[...]

Strides & Tempo #4

Ready to go long? Ready to prove to yourself that you can still run strong, fast and confident even on tired legs? This week’s workout is tough but massively rewarding and energising. WHAT? STRIDES & TEMPO #4 3x30s strides w/ 90s jogs 35mins @ lactate threshold (your 1-hour race pace) 3x30s strides w/ 90s jogs[...]

Strides & Tempo #3

In the words of early 90s rapper Vanilla Ice, “Stop, collaborate and listen!” That’s what we’re doing with the strides thrown into break up this pretty meaty workout. WHAT? STRIDES & TEMPO #3 Two sets of: [3x30s strides w/ 90s jogs 15mins @ lactate threshold (your 1-hour race pace)] Recoveries: 3-minute jogs between sets Terrain:[...]

Strides & Tempo #2

, Last week we introduced a new workout series that artfully combines strides with tempo runs. This week creates a sandwich situation with the short, fast bursts of quality running as the bread and a big meaty filling of a tempo run in the middle. WHAT? STRIDES & TEMPO #2 2x30s strides 25mins @ lactate[...]

Strides & Tempo #1

This week we kick off a new workout series that builds on the craft of running fast and smooth while also building endurance long haul engines from a heavy dose of threshold training. WHAT? STRIDES & TEMPO #1 3x20s strides (100s jog recoveries) 20mins @ lactate threshold (your 1-hour race pace) Terrain: A flat and[...]

The 100

We’ve made it to Episode #100 of the Workout of the Week podcast and what better way to celebrate than with 10x 1k and 100 burpees!?!?!? Are you up for the challenge? WHAT? THE 100 10 sets of:– 10 burpees– 1k @ marathon race pace– 1-2 mins recovery jog Terrain: A flat and measurable pathway.[...]

The Steady State Sandwich

This is Episode #99 of the Workout of the Week podcast so brace yourself for a workout with a whole heap of nines in it! WHAT? THE STEADY STATE SANDWICH 9mins @ 1-hour race pace 9x1min @ 5k race pace (1min jogs) 9mins @ 1-hour race pace 3mins jog recovery between each block Terrain: Either[...]

Recovery Workout

Inspired by the Olympics and wanting to run fast? Tired from the late nights watching athletics? This fartlek workout can be adapted to suit any end of the intensity spectrum : recovery or flat out. WHAT? RECOVERY FARTLEK 3x 3mins 3x 2mins 3x 1mins 3x 30 seconds All at a speed of your choosing 1min[...]

The Olympic

Feeling the Olympic vibes?!! This workout will definitely get you in the zone for the Games as you run every distance track race! WHAT? THE OLYMPIC 10k easy, 5k @ half marathon pace 1.5k & 800m @ 5k pace 400 & 200m @ 1500m pace 100m fast As much recovery as needed Terrain: Measurable pathway.[...]

Mixed Fartlek

We’ve got an epic Olympic-themed workout for ya next week. But this week, we do a bridging session to connect the dots between the Mona Fartleks we have been doing and the big Olympic session to come. WHAT? Mixed Fartlek Session Block 1: 2mins, 1.5mins, 1min, 30secs (60secs jog recoveries) Block 2: 20mins steady Block[...]

The Mona Fartlek w/ Floats

After two weeks of doing versions of the famous Mona Fartlek, this week we’re rounding off the series with what is probably the most famous of all its variations. Get ready for a lung and leg burner!  WHAT? The Mona Fartlek w/ Floats 2x 90 seconds 4x 60 seconds 4x 30 seconds 4x 15 seconds[...]

The Modified Mona Fartlek

Last week we introduced a famous fartlek workout invented by Aussie distance running legend Steve Moneghetti. This week we introduce a couple of tweaks to the Mona Fartlek that make both more endurance focused and more speed orientated. WHAT? The Modified Mona Fartlek 3x 90 seconds 4x 60 seconds 3x 30 seconds 2x 15 seconds[...]

The Mona Fartlek

This is a famous workout created by legendary Australian distance runner Steve Moneghetti. It combines the freedom of a fartlek session with the speed of shorter reps and the intensity of minimal recovery. It’s what lead Mona to four Olympics, 4th at World Cross in 1989 and a bronze at the World Marathon Champs in[...]

5k Pace Intervals #4

Get fast and gutsy with this fun workout that combines 200s with 1k reps. One’s great for developing technique and smooth mechanics and the other is great for bringing out that inner work-horse mentality.  WHAT? 5k Pace Intervals 3x 200m @ your mile race pace 4x 1k @ your 5k race pace 3x 200m @[...]

5k Pace Intervals #3

Here we go! 1k reps and lots of them! This workout is designed to give your body plenty of time on your feet running at 5k pace, so you can get all those great adaptations to speed and intensity that come with it. WHAT? 5k Pace Intervals 6x 1k @ your 5k race pace 2[...]

Workout of the Week: 090 - 5k Pace Intervals #2

There’s something special about running at 5k pace. It’s demanding on the legs, the lungs and the mind … and it’s also loads of fun! WHAT? 5k Pace Intervals 6x 3 minutes @ your 5k race pace 1-2 minutes jog recovery Terrain: Flat, measurable pathway or running track The 3-minute intervals are just approximate, so[...]

5k Pace Intervals #1

There’s something special about running at 5k pace. It’s demanding on the legs, the lungs and the mind … and it’s also loads of fun and leaves you feeling pumped for the rest of the day. This week we kick off a new series of 5k paced workouts.  WHAT? 5k Pace Intervals 6x 2 minutes[...]

Hill Reps Part 2

You wanted hills and here they are!!! This is the climax to our hill series. Give it a whirl and be sure to let us know how it goes! Tag us in on @runtempofit (FB & IG). WHAT? Hill Reps 5x 2 minutes uphill @ 5k race effort Jog back down very easily for your[...]

Hill Reps

Here we go!!! Bring on the hills!!! This workout is equally a lung burner and a leg burner. Give it a whirl to stoke that inner fire for running fast and strong. WHAT? Hill Reps 6x 1 minute uphill @ 3k race effort Jog back down very easily for your recoveries Terrain: Mild-to-moderately steep hill[...]

Hill Strides & Tempos

This workout is one of my all-time favourites. It combines the intensity of the hills with the grind of a tempo run … twice over! WHAT? Hill Strides & Tempo Runs 2 sets of: 3x 30sec uphill strides 10mins @ your lactate threshold pace (a.k.a 1-hour race pace) 5mins recovery jog between sets Terrain: Mild-to-moderately[...]

Hill Strides + K-Reps

For the next four weeks it’s all about “more hills, more thrills”! But don’t worry, we’re easing you into it with this mixed session of hill strides and 1k reps. WHAT? Hills & Reps 3 sets of: 2x 15sec uphill strides 1k @ your 5k race pace 3-4mins recovery jogs between sets Terrain: Moderately steep,[...]

Fartlek Session #3

Hit the trails, hit the hills and get those wheels ready to move! This fartlek workout is three sets of progressively faster, but shorter, efforts that give you the freedom to explore paces from 10k steady up to mile effort speed. WHAT? Fartlek Session 3 sets of: 3min, 2min, 1min, 30secs @ 10k to mile[...]

Fartlek Session #2

This workout is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Well, it’s 3x 1, 2, 3 to be precise, but it’s another fun and free-spirited fartlek session. So find your favourite trails and let’s go get those wheels moving! WHAT? Fartlek Session 3 sets of: 1min, 2min, 3min @ about your 5k-10k race effort 1min recovery[...]

Fartlek Session

This week we’re tackling one of the most popular and enjoyable fartlek workouts on the planet. Find some beautiful undulating trails, ditch the GPS, and enjoy running free! WHAT? Fartlek Session 6x 3mins @ one-hour race effort (approx.) 2min recovery jogs Terrain: Scenic, undulating trails. The beauty of fartlek training is the opportunity to let[...]