40 Episodes

By: Cliff Cadet

When The Hunt Calls is an opportunity for listeners to join an aspiring bowhunter on a journey to becoming a seasoned hunter. Each week, listeners can “eavesdrop” on conversations between Cliff and a guest who’s willing to share their knowledge and skills with him AND the hunting community.

Ep.57: Looking For A Repeat
Last Saturday at 2:01 AM

Just a quick share about what I’m looking forward to this coming spring turkey season. SHOW NOTES: OnX Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com *Also available for all iOS and Android mobile devices. AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflictorbroadheads.com Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com

Ep.56: Virtue Signaling

Just a little rant. Agree or disagree.

Ep.55: Catching Up With Shaq Kennedy

This episode, I welcome back Shaq Kennedy...an aspiring bowhunter from the Bronx. I catch up with Shaq and learn how his season went and his plans this coming spring. SHOW NOTES: AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflictorbroadheads.com Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com OnX: https://www.onxmaps.com

Ep.54: “Urban Archery” with Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips is a bowhunter and one half of the duo that hosts the “Hang & Hunt” podcast. I met Billy last year and learned a lot in the short time we spoke. *You can follow Billy on Instagram as @_williamphillups_ You can listen to the “Hang & Hunt” podcast wherever podcasts are available. - on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hang-and-hunt-podcast/id1555848961 PARTNERS Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflictorbroadheads.com OnX Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com *The OnX Hunt App is available for all iOS and Android devices.

Ep.53: “The New Yorker” with Sean Lundy

Sean Lundy is a hunter and member of the Drury Outdoors crew. You can see him on the Outdoor Channel as a cast member of the show Critical Mass. But did you know he’s also a New Yorker? On this episode of WHEN THE HUNT CALLS, he and I talk about his hunting experiences in New York and how he transitioned to living and hunting in the Midwest. SHOW NOTES: - You can follow Sean on Instagram as @seanlundy_druryoutdoors - Also check him out as a cast member of the show “Critical Mass” on the Outdoor Channel UANYC Turkey...

Ep.52: “3 Does, 1 Buck” with Antonio Marsh

This episode welcomes back Antonio Marsh. Coming off an unprecedented deer hunting season, I had to get him on the podcast again to share his story. You can follow Antonio and his family on Instagram as @huntingwiththemarshs SHOW NOTES: Learn more about Hunt To Eat’s Veteran’s Turkey Camp here...: https://hunttoeat.com/pages/veterans-turkey-camp ...and DONATE to the Veteran’s Hunt Camp via Fund The First here: https://fundthefirst.com/campaign/vets-into-the-outdoors-4c5f8k My Outdoor Life essay: https://www.outdoorlife.com/story/hunting/urban-hunting/ Onx Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com/hunt/app AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflic...

Ep.51: Choppin’ It Up With A.J. DeRosa

A.J. DeRosa is a hunter, author (“Urban Deer Complex” & “Urban Deer Complex 2.0”), and founder/creator of Northwoods Collective. He’s also my guest on this episode of WHEN THE HUNT CALLS. https://projectupland.com

Ep.50: “Happy Anniversary” with Emrah Oruc

This episode, I’m joined by Emrah Oruc...host of The Bowhunting Soul podcast. Listen in as we talk about his most recent hunting season, taking on a side hustle, and “celebrating” our anniversary. *You can listen to The Bowhunting Soul podcast... ...on Apple podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bowhunting-soul/id1455803917 ...on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3niQZl7s1iYI2m3jeYMmHg?si=kYn7clw1TviYRxS26d5NdQ

Ep.49: “Down...But Not Out”

It’s back. I mean...I’m back. Better yet...the show is back! Lol...either way...join me as I share what I’ve been up to the last few months and recap my 2020 hunting season.

Ep.48: “A Few Of My Favorite Things”

Not sure what to get the bowhunter in your life for Christmas. Join me as I share what gear I use and what’s on my “wish list” for this holiday season. Maybe it’ll inspire some gift ideas. SHOW NOTES: “Bowhunting on a Budget: The Bare Minimum Gear List” (article on Bowhunting 360): https://bowhunting360.com/2020/11/10/bowhunting-on-a-budget-the-bare-minimum-gear-list/ OnX: https://www.onxmaps.com Nor’ Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflictorbroadheads.com Elite Archery: https://www.elitearchery.com Sights - HHA (bow sight): https://www.hhasports.com - EZ V Sight: https://ezvsight.com Easton Archery (arrows): www.eastonarchery...

Ep.47: Jack Of All Trades with Alex Middleton

My guest, this episode, is Alex Middleton. Another fellow NY’er, Alex is a dog trainer, guide, hunter...essentially...a lover of all things outdoors and has served as mentor/guide to Brandon (my guest on the last episode). Listen in as we discuss his many skills and experiences. SHOW NOTES: Alex can be found on Instagram as @zerofeetpersecond and his website is: http://zerofeetpersecondsports.com AFFLICTOR Broadheads: https://afflictorbroadheads.com OnX: https://www.onxmaps.com Nor’ Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com

Ep.46: “Straight Outta’ Brooklyn” with Brandon Ramos

Fellow NY’er, Brandon Ramos, is a martial arts practitioner, an archery instructor, AND bowhunter. He joins me for this episode of WHEN THE HUNT CALLS to discuss his bowhunting journey and most recent (and first) deer harvest. SHOW NOTES: Brandon, and his friends, can be found on Instagram as... - Brandon: @bramos_archery - Alex: @zerofeetpersecond - Ralph: @franco.knives - Aidan: @aidanoutside Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com OnX Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com

Ep.45: Long Island Babes & Bucks

Jacqueline Molina, Marissa Estatio, and Julia Weisenberg are the confounders of Long Island Babes & Bucks; a group designed to bring women hunters and anglers together. Rookie and veteran. Young and old. Near and far. Long Island Babes and Bucks are all about empowering women in the outdoors. SHOW NOTES You can find everyone on Instagram as... - LIBB: @longislandbabesandbucks - Jacquline Molina: @jmolina319 - Julia Weisenberg: @julia_c_romanchuk - Marissa Estatio: @li_bowhuntress On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/longislandbabesandbucks/ Article in NY Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/06/nyregion/deer-hunting.html

Ep.44: Hunter In The Bronx with Shaq Kennedy

Shaq Kennedy is an aspiring hunter from the Bronx, NYC. He’s got his gear. He’s got his tags. He’s even got his practice in. All he wants now...is to venture out into the woods in his first hunt. SHOW NOTES: You can find Shaq on Instagram as: @hey_full_time_grind Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com OnX Hunt: https://www.onxmaps.com

Ep.43: Two Days Down & Many Left To Hunt

This episode’s guest is yours truly. Just wanted to take a moment and recount what the first two days of deer hunting have been like. SHOW NOTES: Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com OnX Hunt: https://www.onxmaps.com

Ep.42: Wildlife Refuge Management with Xavier Cathey

Xavier Cathey is a wildlife refuge manager in Tennessee. Being raised to appreciate the outdoors, Xavier’s work has had him “wear many hats” and ultimately lead to the career he’s in now. Join us as we talk about his work, raising his daughters to enjoy the outdoors, and his most recent hunting trip in Idaho. SHOW NOTES: - Xavier can be found on Instagram as @tnsc_outdoors - His podcast, “The North South Connection Outdoors” is available on just about every platform. Here is Apple Podcasts link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-north-south-connection-outdoors/id1522218651 As mentioned in the beginnin...

Ep.41: Saddle Hunting with Adrian Wilson

Over the last year, I’ve watched as saddle hunting has grown in popularity. But apparently, saddle hunting isn’t really new. My guest, Adrian Wilson, is a passionate saddle hunter and a rep for TETHRD. Listen to our conversation as I learn more about saddle hunting and what’s making it so popular. SHOW NOTES: If you’d like more info regarding saddle hunting... - Adrian can be found on Instagram as @bigasports - TETHRD is on Instagram as @tethrdnatioN TETHRD website: https://tethrdnation.com TETHRD YouTube: https://youtu.be/s2uVr6lkhM0 Nor’ Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com OnX H...

Ep.40: Daddy’s Little Girl with Madison Cadet

My guest this episode is Madison Cadet. Madi is one of my three children and my only girl. Except for the gear she sees me lugging in/out of our apartment and the stuff she hears me talk about sometimes, she really doesn’t know much about hunting. But after I killed my first turkey back in May...she was the only one, in my family, to partake in the meal. Now since her little brother was my very first guest on the podcast, I figured that Madi and I were long overdue for a little “heart to heart” talk. SHOW N...

Ep.39: All In The Family with Randy Kyrk & Chris Beltran

Randy Kyrk is a NYPD detective, avid bowhunter, and a representative the NY Bowhunters organization. His brother-in-law, Christopher Beltran, is a new bowhunter heading out into the woods...this Fall...for his first hunt ever. Listen in as I talk with them both about their hunting experience and what their hopes are for this coming deer season. SHOW NOTES: You can find Randy and Chris on Instagram as: - @kyrks.hunt - @chrisbeltran91 If you’re interested in learning more about the organization New York Bowhunters, visit: http://newyorkbowhunters.com Partners: Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com onX Hunt App...

Ep.38: Arrow Efficiency with Rob Neilson

Rob Neilson is the president of the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation; a nonprofit organization whose goal is “to provide the bowhunter with the information to achieve the highest possible success rate and reduce the wound/non-recovery rate of big game to the lowest level possible.” So in the episode, Rob and I discuss arrows, F.O.C., and broadheads. SHOW NOTES: The Ashby Bowhunting Foundation (as well as all the information Rob and I discussed) can be found online: https://www.ashbybowhunting.org Partners - Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com - OnX Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com

BONUS EP: Talking The GAOA with Land Tawney

The Great American Outdoors Act was finally passed recently and does a great deal, financially, for many public lands. But what happens next? During this bonus episode, I talk about that with CEO and President of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Land Tawney.

Ep.37: Introducing NYBHA’s Virtual Learn To Hunt Series with Matt Corcoran

Matt Corcoran is the Region 1 Event Coordinator for New York State’s chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. He’s also a fellow New Yorker...being specifically from Long Island. He joins me, this episode, to discuss NYBHA’s upcoming event...the Virtual Learn To Hunt series. SHOW NOTES: To sign up for the upcoming NYBHA Virtual Learn To Hunt series, just visit: https://www.backcountryhunters.org/ny_virtual_learn_to_hunt_series_ep_1 To become a member of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, visit: https://www.backcountryhunters.org/join Nor’Easter Game Calls: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com onX Hunt App: https://www.onxmaps.com

Ep.36: The Right Fit with Hannah Marcom

Hannah Marcom is a hunter from Texas who gives “unbiased and unsponsored” reviews on women’s hunting clothing. Her reviews shed a light on the struggles that many women hunters have in finding hunting clothes that fit. Join us as we discuss her hunting adventures and her campaign to help women, everywhere, find the right gear. SHOW NOTES: *Hannah can be found on Instagram as @hannah.the.plus.size.hunter If you’re from out of state and are planning on hunting in NY, here’s the link to find out if your state is in the “COVID-19 Travel Advisory”: https://corona...

Ep.35: Another Day Of Scouting

This episode, I share how my second day of scouting went. Point of interest...while it was my second day scouting, it was my first day scouting alone. Listen in as I share my thoughts on what I saw. SHOW NOTES OnX Hunt can be found online at https://www.onxmaps.com and is available for both the App & Google Play stores Nor’Easter Game Calls can be found online at https://nor-eastergamecalls.com

Ep.34: Waterfowl Hunting with Luis Lao

Luis Lao is an accomplished waterfowl and deer hunter from The Boogie Down Bronx, NYC. In this episode, he and I speak about his love of waterfowl hunting, being a hunter from NYC, and his story of hunting his target buck. SHOW NOTES: - To purchase your hunting licenses/permits for NYS online, click on this link to DECALS (DEC Automated Licensing System): https://decals.licensing.east.kalkomey.com You can find Luis... - on Instagram: @loving_waterfowlhunting and @huntingnewyorkoutdoors - on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg7wzsQds_uScu1kVolkJMQ ***Urban Archery NYC gear is now available online...

Ep.33: NYS 2020-21 Hunting Seasons

Interested in hunting New York State? Listen in as I share info regarding hunter safety courses, hunting seasons, and game available to hunt. SHOW NOTES: - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC): https://www.dec.ny.gov - NY Hunter Safety Course (online): https://www.hunter-ed.com/newyork/?campaignid=132811339&adgroupid=15408609379&keyword=hunter%20safety%20course%20ny&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6575BRCQARIsAMp-ksPRPEP8Pue4wp0ij0oWPjUkP1xUu80qwxcItVATRv7VQNV8Qdzi9RAaAmZdEALw_wcB - NY Bowhunter Safety Course (online): https://www.bowhunter-ed.com/?campaignid=406248247&adgroupid=26010499447&keyword=%2Bbowhunting%20%2Bcourse&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6575BRCQARIsAMp-ksPhLAykSy592ZqaTkzG_78BkcvkLSCZ2XWSCSnNi02woWVXcjB3nq4aAkUYEALw_wcB - NYS 2020-21 Hunting Seasons...

Ep.32: Choosing Your First Bow with AJ Iaquinta

AJ Iaquinta is a dope archery/hunting content creator. His content covers things like reviews of archery gear, arrow and bow builds. Listen in as I talk with him about how he comes up with his content, his most recent experience at the Total Archery Challenge, AND he shares some advice on how to choose your first bow. SHOW NOTES: AJ can be found... - on Instagram as @knightsoftheaoex - on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/knightsoftheapex - Online: https://knightsoftheapex.com >>> If you’re interested in purchasing Urban Archery NYC merchandise, just visit: https://teespring.com/stores/urbanarcherynyc < No...

Ep.31: Randy Newberg, Hunter

Randy Newberg is an avid public land hunter...quite possibly...THE public land hunter. You may know him from his show Leupold’s “Fresh Tracks” and/or his podcasts “Hunt Talk Radio” and “Elk Talk”. I know him simply as the hunter who took a chance and used his platform to spread a message back on June 2nd. On this episode of WHEN THE HUNT CALLS, Randy and I talk about his hunting life, his dad, and his thoughts on the thing(s) we all have in common. SHOW NOTES: You can find Randy... - On Instagram as @randynewberghunter - On YouTube: ht...

Ep.30: A Day Of Scouting

In this episode of WHEN THE HUNT CALLS, I’m touching on the app I’m using for e-scouting, my ideas for looking for deer sign, and what my first day of scouting in the field was like. SHOW NOTES: *If you’re interested in learning more about Angle Fly Preserve, visit the website: https://www.somerslandtrust.org/visit-angle-fly

Ep.29: Mark Buzzell, Nor’Easter Game Calls

WARNING: This episode is technologically challenged. That’s the only way I can describe the audio quality. BUT...I challenge you to look pass my tech issues and focus on the quality of my guest and our interview. My guest this episode is Mark Buzzell, owner of Nor’Easter Game Calls and MAB Custom Knives. His game calls AND knives are pretty much art pieces and I challenge to prove me wrong. SHOW NOTES *You can see Mark at work via his Instagram accounts: @noreastergamecalls @mabcustomeknives **Nor’Easter Game Calls website: https://nor-eastergamecalls.com ***MAB Custom Knives website: https://www.mabcus...

Ep.28: OnX Hunt with Jared Larsen

Jared Larsen is an avid outdoorsman AND a marketing specialist with onX. In this episode, he shares his hunting experiences and answers my questions about some of the features that the onX Hunt app offers. SHOW NOTES: *Jared Larsen can be found on Instagram as @jaredclarsen & @onxhunt **If you have any questions, Jared can be reached via email: jared.larsen@onxmaps.com ***The onX Hunt app is available in the Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/onx-hunt-1-gps-hunting-map/id672902340 Info regarding the Archery Trade Association: - Website - https://archerytrade.org - ATA Instagram: @archerytrade_ - Aaron...

Ep.27: Be A Hunting Ninja with Lance Krueger

Lance Krueger is a professional wildlife photographer. His photos have “blessed” the covers of many hunting magazines and chances are you’ve seen his work. Join me, this episode, as I pick Lance’s brain and learn how he’s able to get in so close to the animals he photographs. SHOW NOTES: You can find Lance on social media: - on Instagram as @lance_krueger - On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lance.krueger.3 If you’ve seen Lance’s work and are interested in purchasing any, you can visit his website at: https://www.lance-krueger.com/shop

Ep.26: “Black Men Outdoors” with Greg Curtis

Greg Curtis is the creator of “Black Men Outdoors”...an Instagram account dedicated to “spreading positive images and connecting men of color in a field where we are underrepresented”. SHOW NOTES: - You can find Greg’s content on Instagram as @blackmenoutdoors

Ep.25: Discussing Hunter’s Blend with Mike Swartzentruber

Mike Swartzentruber is one-third of the trio that makes up the owners of Hunter’s Blend Coffee. This episode, he and I discuss his hunting experience and the story behind Hunter’s Blend. SHOW NOTES: *You can find Mike on Instagram as @huntersblend **And if you’re interested in trying out Hunter’s Blend coffee, you can visit their website: https://www.huntersblendcoffee.com

Ep.24: Hunting Florida with Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly is one half of the duo that makes up Down2TheNock_Outdoors. This episode, Kevin joins me and shares what it’s like to hunt down in Nature Coast, Florida. SHOW NOTES You can find Kevin, and his partner Dave,... - on Instagram: @down2thenock_outdoors (Kevin) and @dave9_4 (Dave) - on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT2ynS_IpCoToLPOHJLcUYw

Ep.23: Hunting Makes Good People with Trent Cole

Trent Cole is a retired NFL star (who I was not a fan of because I’m a NY Giants fan...lol) who, for the last few years, has turned his love of hunting into the awesome hunting show....”Blitz TV”. Listen in on our conversation as we discuss his love of hunting and how it honestly makes “good people”. SHOW NOTES: - Trent Cole’s “Blitz TV” airs on The Sportsman Channel (Check your local cable/dish provider for air dates & times). - Trent can be found on Instagram: @colebuck58 , @blitz_tv , and @blitztvfishing

Ep.22: Family Hunting with Antonio Marsh

This episode, my guest is husband, father, and avid hunter Antonio Marsh. We sit down and talk about not only HIS hunting successes...but those of his wife and daughter as well. SHOW NOTES: You can find awesome content consisting of Antonio and his family on Instagram as @huntingwiththemarshs

Ep.21: Isaac Aleman a.k.a. “Mule Deer Jesus”

Join me, this episode, as I speak with Isaac Aleman. We touch on his hunting experiences, his son growing up in the sport of hunting, and how he got the nickname...”Mule Deer Jesus”. SHOW NOTES: You can find Isaac... - on Instagram as @isaac.aleman AND @shedloco If you’re interested in purchasing any of the gear I mention in the opening of the podcast, you can find it all at the following websites: Bow-Elite Archery: https://www.elitearchery.com Sight-HHA Sports: https://www.hhasports.com/optimizer-lite/ Rest-Quality Archery Designs: https://www.qadinc.com Release-Trufire: https://www.feradyne.com/trufir...

Ep.20: Making Bowstrings with Jill Oliveria

This episode finds me speaking with Jill Oliveria, owner/operator of Wicked Twisted Bowstrings AND Trader Jan’s Archery Pro Shop. Join us as we discuss making bowstrings and even touch on being a woman in a male-dominated industry. SHOW NOTES Jill can be found... - on Instagram, @wicked_twisted_bowstrings AND @bowpro78 - on the internet, www.wickedtwistedbowstrings.com AND www.traderjans.com

Ep.19: Shed Hunting with Trevor Berwick

My guest, this episode, is Trevor Berwick...avid outdoorsman and cohost of The Outdoor Drive Podcast. Fresh off a moose shed hunt, I talk with Trev about what shed hunting entails, it’s appeal, and the result of his most recent hunt. SHOW NOTES You can find Trev... - on Instagram as @ct_trev and @theoutdoordrivepodcast - on https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorDrivePodcast The Outdoor Drive Podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-outdoor-drive-podcast/id1498500086