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By: The Rena Hundert Show

A show where I, Rena Hundert, will explore a theme that's been on my mind each week. It begins with a deep dive into subconscious musings, and then continues with conversational gabbing filled with stories, jokes, bits, trips and tricks. Join the movement! It's going to be fun.

Last Sunday at 10:00 AM

Why is fear so scary? How do we get rid of it, can we?

Being a Good Person

How do we decide if we're good people? In this episode we explore various ways of looking at this question, and why I decided I'm not as good a person as I thought I was, and that's okay.


How do we deal with rejection?

Fake It 'til You Make It

Is being fake a bad thing, a useful tool, and is it maybe both?

Being the Weird One

Terminally unique, the weird one, or are we all more alike than we'd like to be?

Selling Out

Being a sell out, do we love it, do we hate it? And why is it both.

The Past

Looking back, and what's the point of it all

Gimme a Break

Why does rest get such a bad rep

Alone Together

The social unsociability of us

Magical Thinking

What is magic and how can it help us? Is it healthy? Honestly, I have no idea.

The Stories I Tell Myself To Not Give Up

These are the stories I tell myself from my past when I feel like giving up

In the beginning...

New thoughts for a new year