The Chris & Kerry Show

40 Episodes

By: Chris Scott & Kerry Lambert

Just a couple of Alberta guys seeking the truth.

230927 Alberta Prosperity Webinar: Media Manipulation And The Information War
Today at 4:12 PM

Join Kerry and Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science as they discuss propaganda, media manipulation and the information war towards Climate Change and other government and private influenced agendas.Sept 27, 2023

230930 Chris and Shawn Buckley from the National Citizen’s Inquiry
Today at 3:34 AM

Chris & Shawn discuss the NCI interim report and their recommendations to government across the country. You can view the interim report here -https://nationalcitizensinquiry.caPlease tag your MLA or otherwise send them a link to this podcast. Share it to your groups, if you can. Just get this info out as far and wide as you can!You can see Chris’s testimony here - is the NCI? (Taken from their web page)"A Citizen-Led Inquiry Into Canada’s COVID-19 ResponseCanada’s federal and provincial governments’ COVID-19 policies were unprecedented. These interventions into Canadians’ lives, our...

230926 Chris with Tanner Hnidey
Last Wednesday at 5:35 PM

Let's talk Alberta Pension Plan! And other things.The provincial government just released a report regarding what an Alberta Pension Plan would look like for Alberta. An AB pension plan is one of the things I want to see, an area of jurisdiction in which we have a constitutional right to, brought back to Alberta. You hear the word "sovereignty" a lot these days. That word means the ability to chart your own course. Alberta needs that as we are severely underrepresented in Ottawa and our values are not respected within Confederation.Sept 26, 2023

230924 Chris Has The Mic

Chris talks about solutions and the TWO class action lawsuits happening: For vaccine injuries against Pfizer; and for businesses that were affected by the mandates against the Government of Alberta.On Saturday, Sept 30, Chris will have Shawn Buckley from the National Citizen’s Inquiry on the LIVE to talk about the interim report and how the government should FULL STOP do not administer any more any more of this particular vaccine until it can be determined what is happening. And that you should be sending this information to your government representatives.Sept 24, 2023

230923 Chris sans Kerry with David Parker, Take Back Alberta

Chris and David Parker discuss events with Alberta Prosperity Project and Take Back Alberta and what’s similar between the two groups. And to promote the TBA event with Dr. James Lindsay on Oct 2 in Edmonton and Oct 3 in Calgary. Sept 23, 2023

230920 Kerry Has The Mic

Kerry attends the 1MillionMarch4Children protest in Calgary on Sept 20 and shows the speeches and march and discusses why the protest is there in the first place.Sept 20, 2023

230920 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: 1MillionMarch4Children Rebroadcast and Debrief

This is a rebroadcast of the Sept 17 webinar Leave Our Kids Alone with Mahmoud Mourra, as well as a LIVE portion at the end to discuss how the Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton rallies went with Kerry, Chris and Patricia Atlantic Strong.Sept 20, 2023

230919 Chris & Kerry Sue the Government and are on the Lavigne Show

Chris Scott & Rebecca Ingram (from the Ingram Case that Justice Romaine’s ruling that the CMOH orders were ultra vires) have launched a Class Action Law Suit against the Alberta Government for any business owners that have suffered financial hardship during the COVID lockdowns.Chris & Kerry are also on the Lavigne Show discussing the case and how their friendship started and their plan to save Alberta.Sept 19, 2023

230917 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Leave Our Kids Alone!

Join us for a discussion with Mahmoud Mourra, Kerry Lambert, and Chris Scott about the 1 Million March 4 Children ad the #LeaveOurKidsAlone movement.Sept 17, 2023

230914 Chris Has The Mic

Chris has some things to say.Sept 14, 2023

230913 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Unschooling Our Kids & Rejecting Indoctrination

Join us for a discussion with Tasha Fishman, Kerry Lambert, and Christopher Scott about pushing back against indoctrination through uUnschooling our Kids.Sept 13, 2023

230907 Pre BIBLES & BULLS

230907 Pre BIBLES Chickens & Bulls! Chris & Kerry announce Chicken Scramble at the Bibles & Bulls event on Sunday, Sept 10. And discuss what’s happening at Bibles & Bulls this year in Bashaw at the Bashaw Ag Grounds.Sept 7, 2023& BULLS

230906 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Trapped in Housing Hell: Why Are Home Prices So High?

Join us for a discussion with Tanner Hinder, Kerry lambert, and Chris Scott about economics and the housing market in Alberta and across Canada.Sept 6, 2023

230831 Chris Has The Mic

Chris talks about what his acquittal means to him. Was it what he was expecting? And offers some solutions for all Albertans.August 30, 2023

230830 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Countering Government Overreach & Global Agendas

Join us for a discussion with Jason Lavigne, Kerry Lambert, and Christopher Scott about the state of freedom in Alberta and the importance of independent journalism.Aug 30, 2023

230828 Acquitted BUT!… Out of the frying pan into the fire!

Chris says todays acquittal was great. I no longer have THIS portion of grey cloud over my head, in which I was under the threat of huge fines and prosecution. The real battle lies ahead in the near distance. We've been alerted to the potential storm, the potential impacts to our rights, freedoms and privileges. Now it's time to act. Do you all realize that we live constantly under threat of having our rights stripped from us, by bureaucrats , with little to no accountability for them? I have a problem with that and so should you.Chris & Kerry are joined...

230824 Chris & Kerry

Do you want the good news first or the sad news? Actually, it's angry news. Maybe some people think both are angry. Or both sad. We don't know. But we'll discuss Chris's court case as well as the death of Sheila Annette Lewis and what it means for all Albertans and Canadians.Aug 24, 2023

230823 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: How You Can Change The Future of Alberta

Join us for a discussion with Kerry Lambert, Christopher Scott and Dennis Modry, about how we can push APP's proposed policies and values forward in Alberta.August 23, 2023

230816 APP Webinar Chris at the National Citizens Inquiry in May 2023

Kerry replays the NCI episode with Chris Scott giving testimony about how he and his business at the Whistle Stop Cafe were affected by the COVID mandates and how he was treated by fellow Canadians.August 16, 2023

230815 The BIG Announcement!

Chris & Kerry have a BIG Announcement to share!Chris & Kerry Productions presents the 2nd Annual BIBLES & BULLS Rodeo at the Bashaw Ag Grounds in Bashaw, Alberta, Fri Sept 8 to Sun Sept 10.Chris & Kerry discuss the rodeo and concert event and what they hope to accomplish with it.

230809 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar - Talking Back Our Freedom with TBOF Roy Beyer

Join us for a discussion with Kerry Lambert, Christopher School and Roy Beyer about Taking Back Our Freedom's mission to bring unity, truth, and justice back to Canada.www.tbof.comAugust 9, 2023

230806 Chris Has The Mic

Chris talks about 42 million tires burning in Kuwait, prosperity in Alberta and not agreeing with everyone on everything.August 6, 2023

230805 Chris Has The Mic

Chris is out at the campfire at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta and talks about the illegal CMOH orders and the government halting the renewables program.Aug 5, 2023

270802 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar - We may have won this round, but we better get off the ropes!

Join us for a discussion with Jeffrey Rath, Leighton Grey and Christopher Scott about Justice B.E. Romaine's recent findings that COVID measures violated the Public Health Act.Read Jeffrey Rath's latest substack, "THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ILLEGAL HINSHAW ORDERS" at 2, 2023

270731 Chris & Kerry with Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath

The BIGGEST , most AWESOME news for FREEDOM!They did it! They showed that our rights and freedoms were violated, and the court ruled in favour of our Charter Rights. WOW!Chris & Kerry with lawyers Leighton Grey & Jeffrey Rath about their landmark case in which the Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s Health (CMOH) Orders were ruled unconstitutional and illegal. And the implications of the ruling going forward.July 31, 2023

230727 Chris & Jasper

The Dutch Parliamant has collapsed. For the THIRD TIME. What exactly is going on?July 27, 2023

230726 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Canada's Covid: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic

Join us for a discussion with Marco Navarro-Genie, Dr. Dennis Modry, and Kerry Lambert on Marco's new book "Canada's Covid: The Story of a Pandemic Moral Panic."haultain.orgJuly 26, 2023

230725 Chris Has The Mic

Is it really unbelievable? It is not.Chris talks about the Coutts 4 who are still being held in remand for 500+ days and their pre-trial in Lethbridge, where Kerry was in attendence.www.savethecouttsboys.comJuly 25, 2023

230724 Chris Has The Mic

So much news. So little time. The Sound of Freedom. $1,700,000,000,000.00 Forests on fire. Lives being lost. Man denied kidney transplant in Ontario due to COVID vax status- now dead. COVID booster uptake less than 8% of Canadians, yet we're not all dying? Was it really necessary to spend those billions promoting and purchasing the jab? Or building ArriveCan? Or millions spent developing a federal vaxpass? Just wait until you see what's coming, you ain't seen nothing yet!July 24, 2023

230719 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Sovereignty: How we lost it and how we can get it back

Kerry Lambert and Chris Scott discuss Alberta Sovereignty and the reasons for how we lost it and what we can do now and in the future to get it back.July 19, 2023

230706 Jasper in Canada

From Jasper:Jasper Smit from Holland and Chris took a plane to the beautiful town of Jasper in Alberta. A day full of surprises! It's always helpful to have good friends. On July 4, 2023, a 4-person plane was ready to fly in 1.5 hours to the town of Jasper. A breathtaking location in the Rocky Mountains between the mountains with snow peaks and a turquoise blue river.After lunch they flew back and Jasper CSTV spoke at an #APP Alberta Prosperity Project meeting by invitation. This was broadcast via a live stream on Facebook. Watch the stream here.

230630 Jasper in Canada

Promo Videos of Jasper Smit from Common Sense TV from the Netherlands coming to Canada and at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror, Alberta. 30, 2023

230705 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: What’s Happening in the Netherlands?

Jasper Smit travelled across the pond to visit Canada and discusses with Chris & Kerry what's happening in Europe, and why it's important that we pay attention. The policies being pushed on the people in the Netherlands are very similar, if not identical to those coming to Canada. And yet, another reason why we need to stand up as the province of Alberta and say NO to a federal government that will not respect our sovereign jurisdiction over our own future. July 5, 2023

230704 Jasper at Alberta Prosperity Project Ponoka Chapter

Chris & Kerry and Jasper at the APP Ponoka Chapter meeting discussing what’s happening in the Netherlands and what’s coming to Canada.July 4, 2023

230628 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: End Equalization NOW! And unleash Alberta's prosperity

Join us for a discussion with Jeffrey Rath and Chris Scott on how Alberta can end equalization and why it would make Alberta the most prosperous place in the world.June 28, 2023

230623 Chris Has The Mic

Chris was named as the interim-CEO of the Alberta Prosperity Project and he has some things to say about that.June 23, 2023

230620 Kerry Has The Mic

At the Coutts Boys pre-trial at the Lethbridge Provincial Courthouse.Fundraising at www.grannymackay.caJune 21, 2023

230621 Alberta Prosperity Project Webinar: Q&A from APP Members Meeting in Bowden AB June 17 2023

Kerry and Dr. Dennis Modry answer questions from the APP Members meeting in Bowden June 17. Discussions on benefits of independence as well as a the new APP Board and direction and what Kerry’s been doing for the past month.June 21, 2023

230612 Kerry Has The Mic

At the Coutts Boys trial at the Lethbridge Provincial Courthouse. Interviews with people attending standing in unity with the boys as well as Granny-Margaret Mackay who is leading the fundraising and social media awareness of them being held without bail.June 12, 2023

230529 Chris Has The Mic ELECTION DAY

Chris is LIVE and goes through the Alberta Election Day results as it happens and gives commentary.May 29, 2023