40 Episodes

By: Lynne Brown

If you have ever considered becoming more, doing more, and having more this is for you. Join the GRITTY Women Global Movement. It’s not about reaching the goal, but who you become in the process! Sister, grab some GRIT and become all you were created to be!

ep #113 Ever felt like Dorothy on the Yellow brick road?
Last Wednesday at 6:57 PM

i can relate to Dorothy on the yellow brick road, been there done that, but there is a faster way to FREEDOM

ep #112 Who is writing your script ? Is it you? You sure?

for the first half of my life I wasn't aware that the script I was reading, I didn't write. I was living life based on the opinions of well meaning people. And then, I took action, and everything began to change.

ep #111 What about you? how you gonna finish the next 90 ish days?

ok GRITTY SIsters, this is that time of year, that we can really get spun up in caramel apples and candy corn, and then somehow wake up in January wondering what this next 90 days we are going to get our gritty on...find out today about our gritty mindset & wellness challenge..i think you would agree, health maters

ep #110 Your MIND finds what it looks for: GOT JOY?

instead of fighting the old, during this Season of Re-Set, create something is an idea...

ep #109 Not gonna lie, my heart feels heavy today , anybody??

anybody feeling the heaviness....covid, sadness, loss, change, evacuees , hopefully today's podcast will encourage you

ep #108 I am throwing this out there

do you want to make a difference, doing something that makes a difference at a time that makes a difference?

ep #107 I'm not gonna lie, last week was...surreal.

after returning home from a dream vacay, life showed up

ep # 106 So this just happened!!!

your enough is have mastered skills that you can transform into a digital are a few hacks that got me there

ep # 105 STOP circling & climb the dang mountain

ok, so i circled the mountain for the first half of my are a few hacks....not short cuts, but a few tools to give you the power to pivot

ep #104 would you burn your boat?

are you waiting for the perfect time to start? what if your past learning models could propel you into action?

ep #103 How to GRIT your JOY back

how to navigate through the gap of GRIEF...

ep #102 Anxiety and Sleep Hacks...

check out a few of my 10 Sleep Hacks from my Sleeping like a Pro Masterclass. And a few tips on eliminating anxiety. Listen in and if you like it, please share with a friend. 

I never dreamed I could SLEEP

for 10 years my sleep has been sporadic ...and then Holly called.....

EP #100 Growth & Resilience with Lynne Brown and Daniela Nica

Knowledge is power and studying provides you with opportunity, it doesn't always give us courage. Determination to take action gives you courage.

ep #99 Putting all your eggs in One Basket

#easter #messymiddle #cross #hope #peace

What distractions? look at that squirrel......

Distractions? What distraction? Oh, look at that squirrel.....anybody?

ep #97 What about Y O U?

question: what do you want the rest of your life to look like?

ep #96 you are worth more than your maybes

it's time for you to bet on you

ep #95 not your typical Valentine Message

how you show up for yourself matters. You gotta love yourself. All of you.

ep #94 How I got my JOY back Hack

We are hearing more and more , "I am overwhelmed, stressed, anxious". Take a deep breath and listen in. We are glad you are here. Now if you are looking for the perfect people tribe, this isn't it. I think you are going to like it here. I believe in you. Welcome to the GRITTYSISTERSQUAD

ep #93 How to slow the rush of HURRY

finding rest

ep #92 Change comes in 1 of 2 Ways

Everything is changing. That's a guarantee. Listen in and see if you can relate. Thanks for tuning in to our podcast.

EP #91 GRITTY is Amazing with Lynne Brown and Stephanie A. Wynn

You don't have to wait for someone else to tell you that you are amazing, beautiful or strong. YOU ARE YOU!

EP # 90 God's Love can Help Us Be Gritty: Lynne Brown speaks with Aniskha Johnson

We are uniquely perfect and even when we experience trauma as a child we can still have a voice.

EP #89 GRITTY Music Memories with Lynne Brown and Krista Garrett

We have emotions tied with the songs that we sing and listen too.

EP #88 Increase Your Gritty Mind with Corinne Zuleger

Children go through trauma, how do we help their brains get Gritty?

EP #87 Getting Gritty about our Bodies with Lynne Brown and Samantha Dench

How do you take care of yourself and love our bodies while being Gritty?

EP #86 Let's get GRITTY with our Pets! Lynne Brown and Mensa Mutts

We even have to get Gritty with our pets!

EP #85 Are You Being Nudged to BE GRITTY? Lynne Brown with Najiva Timothee

We have to make time for our dreams and take the leap. We all need a system to achieve what we desire.

EP #84 Get Gritty about Safety with Lynne Brown and Victoria Metal

We all have a right to be safe and feel secure in what we do. Victoria Metal tells us her journey of pain to pleasure.

EP #83 Be a GRITTY PARENT with Lynne Brown and Dana Baker-Williams

Gritty parents need to set the tone for their children, even when they are having a panic attack. Let' learn how to be inspired and deal.

EP #82 Get GRITTY Regardless of being a Man or a Woman Lynne Brown with Lyn Fernie

We are not limited by preconceived notions of what we are capable of achieving based on our sex. When we are GRITTY we work our guts out don't let stress get you. There is a better way to travel along the journey. You gotta be You!

EP #81 We Can Be Gritty at Any Age with Lynne Brown and Laura Rubin

We don't always have to go, go, go... let's learn how to pivot while we get GRITTY.

EP #80 Get GRITTY with your Budget with Lynne Brown and Charissa Quade

Let's not beat around the bush about money. Rather, let's get real honest with one another with Charissa Quade

EP #79 Lynne Brown Gets Focused and Strategic with Jennifer Major

Jump in with a plan to build your resilience.

EP #78 Lynne Brown and Caroline Connor Learn about the Fruit of the Vine

Did you ever want to know more about the fruit of the vine?

EP # 77 Get Gritty with a Jolt of Energy

We all want a Jolt of Energy in our Lives. Lynne Brown interviews the woman who knows just how to do add that to our GRITTY lives.

EP#76 Take the World in Your Hands with Lynne Brown and Sarah Rose

Do you have a strategy and a target you want to hit? We all need a plan.

EP # 75 Lynne Brown with Michelle Burkhard Get Real About PATTERNS and Habits that Help

What if we believed we were perfect in design and believed that we had the answer for what we need in the moment.

EP # 74 Lynne Brown and Sydney want you to DROP the IDEA of PERFECTION

Being Gritty is letting go of perfectionism and being able to get it done, even when we are creative.